For Stephen Ross, the big splash could end up being Tebow

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As Peyton Manning gets closer to a decision about his future (hopefully, he’s not getting farther away from making up his mind), the Broncos remain extremely viable — especially with the Dolphins reportedly focusing on Matt Flynn and the Cardinals having to decide by 4:00 p.m. ET on Friday whether to keep Kevin Kolb on the roster and owe him $7 million as of Saturday.

If the Broncos land Manning, it’s highly likely that they’ll send Tim Tebow packing.

The only unknown is Tebow’s next destination.  While some self-styled professors of football have professed that the arrival of Chad Henne in Jacksonville closes the door on Tim returning to his hometown, the only thing that will remove the tarps is Tebowmania.  And the extra money coming from a truly sold out stadium would quickly recoup a wasted $3 million signing bonus on Henne.

But that’s not the only possible Florida destination for the former Gator.  If the Dolphins swing and miss on Manning (which necessarily will be the case if he signs with the Broncos) and also fail to secure the services of Flynn, the only way owner Stephen Ross can make a big splash in the short term would be to put his trust in Tebow.

Ross saw the power of Tebow last year, via that goofy University of Florida reunion that ended up being the coming-out party for the visiting team’s quarterback.  And while Tebow would possibly give ulcers to offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, let’s not forget that Sherman while at Texas A&M turned a part-time quarterback/part-time receiver into the hottest 2012 prospect not named Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.

Besides, Tebow’s impact on the locker room could be potent.  “Young man is blessed,” linebacker Karlos Dansby said last year.  “Young man has a special anointing on him.  And for God to show himself in that game the way He did, through the guy He did it through, it opened a lot of guys’ eyes on our team.  And it brought a lot of guys closer to God, so like I said, everything happens for a reason. . . .  My hat goes off to Tim.  And God working through him like that, it opened up a lot of eyes.”

While John Elway is trying his best to find an excuse to look away, the eyes of owner Stephen Ross would surely be wide open.  And he’s be seeing nothing but dollar signs.

95 responses to “For Stephen Ross, the big splash could end up being Tebow

  1. God always seems to be involved with the wins. Where was he in that Patriots game?

  2. If you think we as Dolphin fans are this stupid then I have some water front property in the Sahara Desert to sell you. Tebow won’t fill ANY seats but instead make more empty seats. We’re tired of being a side show & that’s all Tebow is. I HATE STEPHEN ROSS!!!

  3. If Manning signs with Denver. And Ross makes a big deal about wanting Tebow… and then Tebow goes to the Jaguars…

    Do you think Ross will FINALLY give up his quioxtic quest to make the Miami Heat Football Club that NOBODY but him is buying?

    How many years in a row now has he announced a desire to go after some big free agent only to have that free agent go somewhere else? He’s turning the Dolphins into a punchline.

  4. How awesome would it be if Manning went to Denver, Tebow got traded to Miami, they both make the playoffs, and Tebow shreds the Broncos secondary to knock them out of the playoffs.

    I would love to see this.

  5. Here’s one vote for Peyton Manning ending up any where but Denver, leaving John Elway & Co. searching for a QB not named Tebow.

  6. I will burn all of my dolphin shirts jersey’s and hats, start rooting for someone else and NEVER give one cent to go anywhere near that stadium if tebow goes to my beloved fins

  7. Bring back the Wildcat in Miami with Tim Tebow running it with Bush and company. I can see Tebow lined up at wide reciever now!!!!

  8. I would BURN my Dolphins jerseys. Granted, I only have Jason Taylor and Brandon Marshall jerseys, and both need to be replaced anyway, but I would burn them. I would burn them good. I don’t want that clown on my team.

  9. I’ve been a Dolphins fan for a long time.

    I’ve moved around different parts of the country and I always made sure I could get Direct TV everywhere I moved, specifically to watch the Fins.

    I now live in Miami and am a season ticket holder. I often don’t miss a single snap for the entire season. They are a little down on thier luck right now, but I still watch.

    However, if Tebow is their QB, I will stop watching until he is gone.

  10. I give Teebow credit. He works hard, he spending the off season working on his throwing. He is a special guy. I just hope it pays off next year. If it don’t, he going to have to find a new postion to start in this league.

  11. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I can promise that if Miami gets Tim Tebow, I will give up on them completely. I will never spend another dime on Dolphins merchandise and I will never go to another game. Stephen Ross is the worst thing that has ever happened to the team. He needs to go.

  12. If Peyton goes to Denver. Then Tebow is in Miami. Flynn in Seattle? Cleveland nobody. Darn. I hope Peyton goes anywhere but Denver.

  13. I want to amend my previous comments that Peyton is a perfect fit in Denver because he would be the de-facto O-coordinator, allowing Fox to ingore the offense completely and focus on defense. It has since occured to me that Fox has already been in a situation where he had an elite defense and a QB he trusted with his life – the 2003-05 Panthers. But that still didn’t stop Fox from ruling the offense with an iron fist, insisting on keeping a 1965 offense that threw a forward pass maybe once every 20 minutes. Everyone thinks the Wildcat was invented in Miami in ’08. It wasn’t. It was invented in Carolina in ’06. DeAngelo Williams was the point man, and it was used in the last game of the season against Atlanta, and the Falcons handled it about as well as the Pats did when Miami used it. When Dan Henning got fired here and went to Miami, he broke out the Wildcat again.

    Fox also once yelled at his O-coordinator Jeff Davidson, “stop throwing the f**king ball.”

    Fox & Manning will probably end the same way. Fox will get sick of Manning throwing the ball, Manning will ask Fox how many Super Bowl rings he has, and then all Hades will break loose.

  14. linebacker Karlos Dansby said last year. “Young man has a special anointing on him. And for God to show himself in that game the way He did, through the guy He did it through, it opened a lot of guys’ eyes on our team. And it brought a lot of guys closer to God”

    DO people honestly think God cares about football? Or helps one team (or guy) over the other. Does football have anything to do with God’s purpose?

    I do appreciate when guys give God credit, or thank God. But to think he has one guys back over the other in a game is just silly.

  15. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. I’m a Tebow hater, but will not specilate about anything until Manning is standing on the Dove Valley dais after signing with the Broncos.

  16. That’s about the only thing that could ever make me forswear my Dolphins. But it won’t happen.

    Tebow will go to a team with an established starter, or he’ll switch positions. Tebow may have a lot of supporters, but fans aren’t that dumb.

  17. It would be awesome if Steve Ross would sell the team, go back to NY, and start doing real estate full time again. And sell the team to someone who knows they are the owner and you have a GM and a coach for a reason so they can make those decisions.

  18. Hmm, if the Fins get Tebow at least maybe the continuous plagues that have hot the team since Marino retired. They would still have to get a QB of course……

  19. Poor Stephen Ross,no Fishet,no Manning,no Flynn.Thats a sign of a desperate owner trying to sell tickets with Tebow,who really is a backup QB long-term.Since Marino left there not the same.

  20. No way, I think if we fail to acquire Manning (which I believe we will), we’ll go after Flynn. If Flynn isn’t available we will look at Tannehill. No way we are going with Tebow as our solid starter.

    That bieng said, I could definetly see Ross going after him for ticket sales but I would hope Ireland (argh) and Philbin would talk him out of it….

  21. I think it is hilarious how every one and their mom knows that when the owner starts making football decisions the franchise goes backwards, but those rich morons still do it anyways…

  22. Ah, yes, Tebow.

    1. He isn’t coming to Jacksonville. Not now. Not ever. Never. Except as an opponent.

    2. I’d rather the Jaguars “wasted” $3 million on Henne than the much larger payout they’d have to spend to get Tebow, who’s stats were worse than Blaine Gabbert’s in 2011. Look it up.

    3. Funny how they guy’s religious beliefs are a source of mockery and mirth in a lot of places, but this site chooses to use another player’s positive comments on his religious faith as a reason he’d be great in the locker room. I’m all for that, but you need to be a good quarterback, too. Tebow isn’t.

    4. I have religious faith, too. I’m praying that he *does* end up in Miami. Then the Gator fans who want to see him so badly can drive down there to see him instead of wishing he was in Jacksonville. The Dolphins have a lot of seats to fill there, too.

    I remember, during the first Gulf War, that General Schwarzkopf would hold press conferences with video clips of buildings and bridges in Iraq being blown up by American bombers. One day, he introduced a clip by saying “Now you’re going to meet the luckiest man in Iraq.” He then showed a clip of a guy driving off the end of a bridge seconds before it was hit by a bomb.

    That was Tim Tebow in 2011. The Luckiest Quarterback in the NFL.

  23. Highly unlikely Joe Philbin would be inclined to endorse Tebow.

    Beyond that, prior to the Dolphins meeting with Manning it was widely assumed that wouldn’t occur either.

    No doubt this article will generate responses however.

  24. You are correct that Tebow would have an impact on the Dolphins lockerroom becuase he IS the most divisive player in the league.

  25. Considering the Phins have average receivers now, at least Tebow will complete at least 10 passes since there are no threats to go deep anyway!! Why doesn’t somebody step in and tell Ross he sucks as an owner?!!! This team is a laughing stock because nobody wants to come to Miami and play for this owner and GM.

  26. If the Broncos get Manning, I will be disgusted. Look, I’m a Broncos fan, and I understand why people think Tebow is such a bad quarterback. I wasn’t sold on Tebow at first either. But the kid led us to the playoffs, and beat the Steelers in one of his greatest performances yet. He’s young, he’s raw, and a little impatient. But he wants to win, and will do whatever it takes to reach that goal. Tebow deserves to be starting quarterback for the Broncos this year. He earned it, and that’s the simplest way I can put it. Say what you want about the kid, but he made Denver relevant again.

  27. lol.. and Dolphins fans think they can rag on the Jets. Good luck with all thaaaaat next year.

    They went from “Oh yeah! Peyton throwing to Marshall and Reggie Wayne! Super Bowl!” to..

    “Uh oh, Peyton might not be coming.. we can still get Flynn or trade up for Griffin! And we still have Marshall!” to..

    “Oh.. we just gave away Marshall and have no receivers. Oh, and Peyton isn’t coming…” to..

    “Tebow? Ummmm….”

  28. Look, Manning has had a week or more to decide on Arizona and or Denver and nada. Miami never was in it to begin with, they have no supporting casts.

    The Titans are the team and they probably are behing closed doors right now hammering out the contract. I would bet the farm its the Titans by 2 pm today.

  29. steve ross could be dead tomorrow and the media would still blame him for us not signing a player or coach

  30. This reminds me of when the pack got rid of Favre. At the time Rodgers was an unproven backup. Almost all the fair weather fans became jets fans. Love your team, embrace your players. Hopefully you fair weather fans get tebow.

  31. “God always seems to be involved with the wins. Where was he in that Patriots game?”

    God hates cheaters, and had money on the Giants that game!!!

  32. I guess it would be good for atleast getting rid of all the lowly dolphin fans, our fanbase has alot of excess baggage and perhaps tebows arrival would finally get them to jump ship, like they’ve been saying for the last 10 years.

  33. This makes no sense.

    First off, where are the reports Ross IS interested in Tebow?

    Second, Tannehill is highly touted because of his throwing ability.

    Third, since when does a running QB with VERY poor accuracy succeed in the WCO?

    Fourth, what type of morons do you think Dolphins fans are?

    As a Fins fan who flies down to see his team from Boston, I would NEVER go to another game under a Ross/Tebow regime. NEVER…

  34. When was the last time the dolphins won a playoff game? Tebow won one last year. ” I will burn my dolphins gear” Please, you should have done that a long time ago. Tebow would at least make dolphin games worth watching. He would be a good fit for the Dolphins because the don’t have any WR anyway. Stop crying because Manning wants nothing to do with your sorry franchise.

  35. For the love of GOD, no. Just no. My ideal plan, (if i were GM) Sign Flynn, Sign Winston, in the draft selected either Justin Blackmon, or Michael Floyd, fill a 2-3 rd pick with a DE/TE, Look for a “secret gem” WR in the 3rd Rd. Go for a OL/RT* later in the draft. Anyones better then Marc Columbo. And call it a day, and a good looking 2012.

  36. After reading most of these posts, it is clear to me that Dolphin fans are taking this article way to serious. I am not a huge Tebow fan, just do not understand all the hate.

  37. I’ve been a Dolphin fan more than 50 years. I previously wrote that the Dolphins should lock up Flynn because they may stuck with Tebow cuase manning aint coming.

    I didnt really mean it. It was a joke.

    I cant believe this.

    Now it turns out that Ross is a joke.He should get out of football sooner than later.

  38. Tebow a “big splash”? More like a giant thud. the guy is never going to be a real NFL QB. Last season was a fluke.

  39. sportsmeccabi says:
    Mar 16, 2012 9:06 AM
    How awesome would it be if Manning went to Denver, Tebow got traded to Miami, they both make the playoffs, and Tebow shreds the Broncos secondary to knock them out of the playoffs.

    I would love to see this.

     Is that you Karlos Dansby?

  40. Flynn’s in Seattle right now. He might get to meet Paul Allen, but probably not. He’s a busy man, and he doesn’t meddle in the teams personnel decisions.
    Flynn’s probably touring the most state of the art team facility in the league this morning, while his girlfriend is out house hunting.

    You all act like Flynn is just standing around waiting for an inept dolphins team to call him up.

    If he is only looking to cash in now, he may sign with the dolphins. If he wants to win football games, and be part of an up and coming young team, he’ll sign with Seattle.

    If I was him, I would avoid that circus in south beach, and sign with a team that has a chance to win something in the next couple of years.

  41. I’ve been a fin fan since 84′ ( 3yrs old) and if Ross brings in Tebow I will officially go to being a Lions/Eagles fan. Not kidding. I will ebay my collection of starter jackets.

  42. Tim Tebow is a good man. He has a heart that cares for people, and he does something with it. There are others like that, but they are rare. On the football side: Ya he isnt the greatest passer but what he does seem to possess is the ability to get the job done. The ability to lead. I can think of several NFL starters that I’d rather have Tebow than. For all my fellow Fin fans that say they will never watch a game again or buy a ticket….Adios amigos, your not true Dolphin fans. Its a marriage, for better for worse. When your a fan, your a fan for life! I understand now that there is a whole generation of football fans that didnt grow up watching the game on sunday and playing two hands in the street in as much as they grew up playing the franchise mode on EASports Madden.

  43. Manning isn’t going to play that much longer and Tebow needs time to develop as a passer. Having him learn from Manning would be great for his development. I can see why Elway wants a future Hall of Famer like Peyton, but I don’t see why they’re in such a hurry to get rid of the guy who led them to a playoff victory just a few months ago.

  44. Tebow goes to Fins? That is a nightmare scenario! As a Dolphin fan of 30+ years, I would be so ashamed of this organization that I would be forced to renounce my allegiance.

  45. Let me start by saying this is not about Peyton Manning. While he has been a great player he would have been only a band-aid for the Dolphins who need much more to be viable.

    I have been a Dolphins fan since I was a kid watching WoodStrock. I missed the great 70’s but loved Marino and the Dolphins ever since.

    If Tebow somehow ends up in Miami I will suspend my status as a Dolphin Fan until he is gone, even if they win a Superbowl.

    I fear all Dolphin Fans will suffer as we have an owner more interested in “celebrity”, “money” and an “event” then in football. However, all we have gotten is “embarrasment”, disapointment” and a “circus” as he tries unscuccessfully to fulfill his desires. He needs to realize that a football team fan base care more about WINNING then all the other crap. While footbal is a business to make money it has to be done by WINNING not all the other BS he is going for. The Dolphins are the new laughing stock of the NFL.

    Previous ownership was smart enough to realize that all those things mentioned above can be obtained through having a great team on the field. This guy is more interested in everything else.

    I can only hope he sells the team before all the proud history is gone.

  46. Tebow has played a total of 11-13 games in his NFL career. Give the guy a chance. Elway and others in the day were a lot worse. He would be a awesome tight end!

  47. Dolphins Tebow and Big Splash?….That would be more like one little rain drop falling from the sky on a sunny afternoon and not having any more raindrops fall.

  48. Hey Johninthewest, I would take Tebow for a TE or FB or evan an H-Back, just not a QB.

  49. Hey Johninthewest, I would take Tebow for a TE or FB or even an H-Back, just not a QB.

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