Holmgren gripes about Griffin trade

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Last week at this time, the Rams were working out a deal to send the second overall pick in the 2012 draft to the Redskins for the sixth overall selection plus two other first-round picks and a second-round pick.  The Browns were in the running for the pick that most likely will become the rights to Robert Griffin III, but in the end the Rams decided not to do business with the Browns.

Browns president Mike Holmgren isn’t happy that a franchise that was once headquartered in Cleveland dissed the team that currently plays there.  He seems to think it was an inside job by the Rams to steer the pick to the Redskins.

“Honestly, when it didn’t happen I think there are reasons that I can’t go into right now, but there is a very close relationship between the people getting the deal done and the people who offered.  And I’m not sure anything we offered would have been good enough. We were very, very aggressive and it didn’t work,” Holmgren said during a Thursday conference call for season-ticket holders, via Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland.  (With all the football players getting new jobs lately, I forgot to point out that Grossi has a new job, too — he’s back on the Browns beat with ESPN Cleveland, which to its tremendous credit wasn’t troubled by Grossi’s Twitter malfunction from late January.)

As Grossi explains it, Rams coach Jeff Fisher and Redskins coach Mike Shanahan have a friendship.  That friendship, in Holmgren’s view, ensured that the Redskins would get the pick.  (As a league source explains it, Holmgren may have been referring to Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen and Rams COO Kevin Demoff, who were colleagues and close friends with the Buccaneers.)

But while Holmgren claimed that the Browns made “every bit the offer” that the Rams accepted from the Redskins, Holmgren didn’t disclose the terms.  Was it three first-round picks and a second-round pick?  Or was it some other package that Holmgren believes the Rams should have regarded as equivalent?

Peter King of SI.com reports via Twitter that Rams G.M. Les Snead instructed teams to make their best offer.  The Redskins did and the Browns did.  Then, the Browns wanted to make another offer, but the Rams had already decided to accept what the Redskins had offered.

Holmgren’s comments seem misguided, for several reasons.

First, the Rams had the right to trade the pick to anyone to whom they wanted to trade the pick.  There are no rules in this regard apart from the two interested teams coming to a mutual agreement and the league providing its approval.

Second, absent specific disclosure by Holmgren of the offer that was made in response to the Rams’ request for the “best offer,” there’s simply no way to assess the validity of Holmgren’s complaint.

Third, if Holmgren knew the Redskins were at the table and knew that the relationships involved pointed to St. Louis doing the deal with D.C., why bother to even try?  Or, even better, why not offer more than what the Redskins were expected to put on the table?

Fourth, it wasn’t in the Rams’ interests to keep Griffin in the conference.  All things being equal, it made more sense to ship the pick to the AFC, since the Rams will now face Griffin at least once every three years, and possibly any year in the six-team NFC playoff field.  Thus, if it truly was a tie (and since Holmgren didn’t disclose the offer we don’t know that), the Rams would have been more inclined to trade Griffin to the Browns.

Fifth, the comments will do little to shore up the confidence of Colt McCoy, or to allow the team to sell whoever the starter may be in 2012 as the first choice.  The first choice was Griffin, and now everyone knows it.

Sixth, whining about the situation serves no purpose.  Browns fans won’t get mad at the Rams or the Redskins; they’ll assume that the failure to land Griffin is the latest new product rolling off the assembly line at the “factory of sadness.”

Seventh, Holmgren has surely benefited from his own friendships and relationships many more times than he has been burned by those maintained by others.  The Godfather of what once was known loosely as the Green Bay Mafia (Jon Gruden perhaps was Luca Brasi), Holmgren knows how to call in favors and/or throw his weight around when he needs to.

He’s frustrated primarily because he wasn’t able to do it this time.  He would have wise, in our view, to keep those frustrations to himself.

And with that I’ll officially withdraw my application for employment with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

173 responses to “Holmgren gripes about Griffin trade

  1. Well then, why doesn’t the NFL just decide to take another, oh say, 15,000,000 in cap from us…Just because…Right?

    Unreal…Holmgren, have you seen how bad we just got screwed? And now you claim this? Really? You think it is all about Jeff and his friendships? C’mon man!

  2. -Seahawk fans knew too well why Holmy made a better coach than a GM.

    You don’t hear anyone complaining when Holmy left town.


  3. Shut up Holmgren. You were cheap and you know it. You traded away from Julio Jones last year and you biffed on RGIII this year. I can’t speak for all Cleveland fans, but RGIII to Julio Jones for the next decade would have been pretty exciting. Instead they will get Colt McCoy to Greg Little. Awesome.

  4. Then why doesn’t he just get on the phone his buddy Andy Reid and offer three first rounders for mike Vick?

  5. He should be happy he didn’t give up what the Redskins gave up. They will probably be in position to take the next-big-thing next year and that will only cost them 1 pick. See what Mccoy has this year and take a qb next year, who knows you might not even have to draft one.

  6. Remember all that talk about the Browns thinking the price was too high blah blah blah? Sounds like he was too clever by half – he bluffed himself right out of a QB and now has sour grapes about it.

  7. There is no rule about this because its stupid. Self interest dictates that if a team is truly offered a “better” offer then one from a friend, they will take the “better” offer. NFL is huge business and there is no way a personal connection gets in the way of a transaction.
    Adam Smith and the concept of self-interest,yo. Read a book Big Show, you’re the former school teacher.

  8. Straight up, Holmgren…I’m embarrassed for you that you’d play that card.

    The ‘skins take enough flak for their poor offseason management so give them their due for stepping up and making it happen. Something you couldn’t do. Enjoy watching RG3 tear it up for the next decade +

  9. Mike be glad you didn’t make the deal because you would of traded are future and with no one to pass to and no o line outdid of Thomas and Mack he would be dead at the end of the season like what happen since the browns came back

  10. As a lifelong Redskins fan, if the Browns were willing to give up the same picks the Redskins did, then let them have it. Griffin will have to have a Cam Newton kind of year his first year and improve on it for the trade to be worth what they gave up.

  11. “Sixth, whining about the situation serves no purpose. Browns fans won’t get mad at the Rams or the Redskins; they’ll assume that the failure to land Griffin is the latest new product rolling of the assembly line at the “factory of sadness.””

    Umm that’s actually the exact opposite of the truth…

    The Browns fans that wanted RG3 felt like Cleveland didn’t do enough, but with this idea out there, we know that they tried as hard to get him, but basically couldn’t…

    Mike Polk better have that line Copyrighted…

  12. Calm down Holmgren, you should be happy. Tannehill will be a better pro QB than Griffin and you can just stay put and draft him.

    Of course, knowing the Browns they’ll probably take running back Trent Richardson while burning another year on Colt McCoy.

  13. It’s really nobody’s business but the Rams & Redskins as long as no rules were broken.

  14. Your third and fifth arguments aren’t really valid. Holmgren would have no reason to believe that factors other than money would be at play. Since they made a comparable bid and were denied, he has reasoned those other factors. Also, Browns fans have been constantly complaining that H&H “aren’t trying to win.” Obviously they are, and showing that they made a strong push for RG3 speaks to that.

    Oh, and there are several typos in your post…

  15. That is what I like to hear! I got a trade for you old man. Your 2 1st rounds this year and the first round for the next two years. If you are willing to make that trade, you can have RG3. Danny boy had the onions to make the trade and you didn’t. This is going to be one of those things that will hunt the Browns for a long, long time. HTTR!!!!!

  16. Shut up, Holmgren. Just go get some playmakers for Colt and let’s get on with it. And an OG, while you’re at it…

  17. Rogers new league of everyone gets a trophy is spilling over into the front office. Are all these guys turning into p#ssies? Everyone complains about everything. Can’t wait to hear a player/coach/gm or owner complain that the new Nike uniforms are hindering their teams perfomance.

  18. Waaaaaaah!!!! The officials cost us the superbowl. The Rams wouldn’t trade with us. Waaaah!!!! How about taking some credit for your fat comings as a lousy GM and over rated coach.

  19. Great piece, especially like the part about the godfather. As for the Browns, he probably tried to lowball the Rams, and so he got burned, deservedly so.

  20. What has happened to you Holmgren???????
    You were on top of the world! Thats what you get for going to Cleveland!!!!

  21. Wait for it…. the Browns miss out on Flynn and swap picks with the Vikings (along with #22) to secure Tannehill at #3.

    The Vikes still get Kalil and a the 22nd pick! I know, I’m dreaming, but stranger things have happened. 🙂

  22. Gotta forgive the horizontally challenged one. Holm-Gut has his own version of fuzzy math/draft value chart he’s using when talking about the Browns & Wash offers. It’s the same one he uses when he decides what to eat. On his chart. Half a subway oven roasted chicken sub has more calories then a double whopper with cheese and large fries from Burger King…..

  23. You blew it Holmgren. You only come up with this garbage because you realize you’re stuck now at QB.

    Try harder next time.

  24. Holmgren’s problem is he can only deal with people who have the same agent as he does – look at his hires. He exhibits a definite lack of ability and creativity as an executive.

  25. Ever get a good poker hand am try to slow play the competition to death? If no one antes, all you’re left with a bunch of cards with no value. but I didn’t run home to wife an try to explain to her how I almost hit the jackpot, but those other guys didn’t want to play.

  26. Most of you idiots that bag on Cleveland have never even been there. Dont be mad because real fans stick with their teams through thick and thin.

  27. The BLOCKBUSTER signing of Jaqua Parker has healed all in Cleveland. Next up; resigning Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards to upgrade the receivers!

  28. Sounds to me like he was appeasing the audience who was, if you remember, a conference call with season-ticket holders. The season ticket holders clearly wanted to know why they hadn’t made a better offer then the Rams and this excuse was his best way of making it sound like there was no way they could have won, when in reality they just weren’t willing to pay the price.

  29. If the Rams could have gotten as much as 3 1’s and a 3 from Cleveland they should have taken it. That would have GUARANTEED them either Blackmon or Khalil. Now they’ve got no shot at Khalil and will have to sweat it out for Blackmon, who will almost certainly go to Cleveland. So, I say there’s no way Cleveland’s offer was close.

  30. Browns, Rams & Redskins …..

    Combine their three rosters & just maybe you have a winning team.

  31. Holgren should shut up. It was reported when the Rams offered up the pick the Browns at first DID NOT want to include the 22nd pick. Later on they did but it was too late because the Redskins stepped up. And for the record I am a Cowboys fan and have no love for the Redskins but I do give them kudos for stepping up to the plate while Holgrem was cheap and not it has cost the Browns. Man up Mike and admit it the truth; its your fault.

  32. The reality is the Browns had two first round picks this year and didn’t want to give both of them up until after the Skins had made a better offer. Stupid.

  33. Holmgren WAS a good football coach. he has shown nothing as a gm/player personnel guy that justifies what he earns. imo he thinks he knows alot more than he actually does

  34. As sad as this sounds, I think the team may have been better off when ManGINA was running things. Holmgren isn’t willing to make the big move and they seem to have no interest in bringing serious talent onto the roster, other than what they tell us about RGIII.

    We will never know what they offered for him, and while Washington probably overpaid, he would be a monumental upgrade over career backup Colt McCoy.

    We’ll probably see another offseason of Cleveland treading water, bring in a scrub QB to compete with McCoy, throw some below average talent out there at RB and WR, then we’ll talk about how bad their offense is when they draft a few more defensive linemen with their first round picks.

  35. Holmgren has never proven himself to be a front office guru. Publicly whining about a team not doing a trade with you…really?

    He is fitting into the Browns organization nicely.

  36. I wouldn’t assume its over. Its the Redskins and the owners could simply make a new rule disallowing the trade and requiring St. Louis to accept the same deal from the Browns. After all, it no longer matters what the rules were when something happened.

  37. Who would want to go to Cleveland, why haven’t I seen this posted. Great place Cleveland for R&Roll

  38. I’ve been critical of Holmy the ego-man in the past, but I’ll saw a few things here to balance things out a bit.

    Holmes was really good and tried very hard in Sea to make a connection with fans. he and Liewike did a great job of that. He was often and still is very honest with the media and learned to tell people what he was thinking/feeling. That endeared him to a lot of the press in Seattle. He is doing the same thing here. “opening up” if you will to the fans to let them know what’s going on.

    I agree with all Mike’s points but one thing we have to remember is the very strong fan dissatisfaction Holmes came into in Cleveland. he is trying to turn that around by being honest wit the fans. It’s very similar to when he vented his dissapointment about the officiating after Seattle was in the superbowl.

    O.k. Holmgren support over… Why in the heck wasn’t he honest when they had the Colt McCoy concussion incident? He should have taken responsibility on that one but he chose to protect his guy (Shurmur) over being forthright. The inconsistency is a little unsettling. Holgren does some thing right but seems to put a priority on protecting/building his hierachy/patriarchy over everything else.

    Please reserach it and find out how many people who are employed in cleveland are represented by Bob Lamonte (Holmgren’s long time friend and agent). It’s darn near everyone now (Holmes, heckert, Shurmur, Chili, that offensive consultant who used to be the OC in SEA, etc). It really looks to me like Holmgren is going to ride off into the sunset in a couple years (ala Parcells) and wants to set everyone up before he leaves.

  39. Make your best offer….like a sealed bid, Holmgren bid low and left money on the table and lost the draft pick. He can’t come back and say “let me revise that”.
    One shot one kill Mike, you blew it… tough nuts. He had to know he was bidding against the Skins and if Snyder wanted the pick he would go all out.

  40. Holmgren, you can’t be angry when RAMS ask for your best offer and you try to low ball! Then scramble to make another offer when you realize you are going to lose out.

    It would not have been ethical business for the RAMS to allow you to submit your second offer, in a best offer scenario. Any negotiator will tell you that’s bad business.

    And secondly this business is made up of relationships, try to build bridges dude!

  41. ..and yeah, a lotta busted ego QB’s around the league this offseason between the RGIII sweepsteaks and the Peyton tour. I thought Holmgren was supposed to be a bigtime QB developer?

  42. Holmgren was instructed by Rams brass to make his BEST offer. To then turn around and want to submit a second offer suggests you didn’t, in fact, make your BEST offer the first time around. Negotiations are a tricky thing, and sometimes if you create the perception that you’re holding back or aren’t negotiating in good faith, YOU LOSE. Holmgren should know better.

  43. “I weep for you,” the Walrus said:
    “I deeply sympathize.”
    With sobs and tears he sorted out
    Those of the largest size,
    Holding his pocket-handkerchief
    Before his streaming eyes.

  44. It was a sealed bid . Whoever made the better offer got the pick …No second chance . I guess Holmgren doesn’t know the meaning of a sealed bid. Good for Les Snead being a man of his word. Holmgren grow up.Bruce Allen way show large gonads .

  45. zeapelido says:
    Mar 15, 2012 8:25 PM

    you know ESPN is getting diluted when there is an “ESPN Cleveland”

    There is an ESPN affilliate for just about every major city. Several of them go by the city’s name or the station’s location on the dial. i.e “ESPN 980, Washington DC.”

    Sorry to take the wind out of your sails.

  46. Holmgren, how stupid are you? You moan about the price about trading up, gave no indication you were interested except at the last minute? ( WAH!!!!!) and then show how stupid you are by not trying to sign Matt Flynn! I hope he tears you a new one when his new team kicks the crap out of your lowly brownies.

  47. This absolute power that Holmgren has in Cleveland is why Paul Allen didn’t want him to take over in Seattle. not enough checks and balances. i kinda fear that Tennesse is empowering Manning to the same extent.

    Word on the street is that Manning asked tennesse to sign Hutch. that’s why it was such a large money deal apparently. If they give personnel and future front office power to manning now, how will all the coaches and current front office feel? Will Peyton have a direct line to Bud adams?

    Holmgren used his absolute power to get all the key employees who are represented by his long time friend Bob Lamonte (they used to teach together a long time ago). The whole thing reaks of absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  48. As a Browns fan I’m happy they didn’t make this trade. Too many holes to fill. I hope they trade down from four, but if not l, use 4 and 22 on defense. Only year two of H &H five year plan. Make the defense studs and let Phil Dawson score the only points. Browns games will be 9-3.

  49. realnflmaster says:
    Mar 15, 2012 8:19 PM

    Cry me a river. Your team sucks.

    Compared to who- the Rams?


  50. Forgot to Mention that Hutch wanted to come back to seattle badly but Tennessee offered way more. This was thought to be due to Peyton influencing them. This is from a report by a reporter close to Hutch.

  51. In the end this will be good. RGIII will wash out and the perennial bottom dwellers of the NFC east will still be the Redskins. Besides Holmgren is just laying ground work to have a reason for another subpar year.

  52. Whine, Whine, Whine ! Is that all he ever does? It must be great fun to work for the Browns. MH is one of the all time great cry babies.

  53. Browns president Mike Holmgren isn’t happy that a franchise that was once headquartered in Cleveland dissed the team that currently plays there.

    I don’t understand this line. When were the St. Louis Rams headquartered in Cleveland? Or the Redskins?

    The only team that was “once headquartered in Cleveland” is the Ravens, right? What did they have to do with this?

    Am I missing something? Can someone please clear this up for me?

  54. Am I really the only one who caught this?

    Rams said, “give us your best offer.” Both teams did. and then Holmgren was upset that he wasn’t able to give another counter-offer?

    What part of “best offer” did you not understand?

  55. browns fans, you should be thrilled you “lost” the right to trade 3 firsts and a second to move up two spots.

    the last time 3 firsts were traded for one player, one of those teams won the super bowl shortly thereafter. the team that RECEIVED the picks. trading that many firsts is a very slooooooow suicide.

  56. This article is WAAAAAY over thought. Holmgren was acting as an owner (which he technically is since Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget and Charlie from Charlies Angels have been seen in public more than the Browns actual owner) Re-assuring season ticket holders that the franchise is doing as much as possible to win. Did you want him to tell the season ticket holders who spend their money on a 4-12 squad “we are fine with the way everything is going and really didn’t care to upgrade anything from the year before?”

    He also stated that the Browns draft picks will now be used to give Colt McCoy some actual weapons on offense.

    I don’t see a problem with a franchise telling their fans they want to win. Browns fans especially NEED to be reminded of it every once in awhile.

  57. I’ll tell you what you do Mike.Draft Trent Richardson with the No. 4 pick.Then draft Kendall Wright with the No. 22 pick don’t worry about his 40 time.Then in the 2nd round with the no. 37 pick one of the top 3 tight ends I prefer Coby Fleener but he may not be there.Sign Eric Winston to be the right tackle and allow them time to jell together.Yes Mike it’s that simple.

  58. Disclose your offer Holmgren. that way if what you are saying is true the ram fans can go ape-dung on Fisher and company.

  59. “ravensoriolesterps says: Mar 15, 2012 8:33 PM

    It’s looking like even Holmgren won’t be able to fix the Browns.”

    Okay you are halfway there Cleveland . After James and the decision you are still trying t figure out life is not fair?

  60. Mantel he thinks the NFL has screwed the redskins for doing nothing wrong that if he complains they will just void the trade for the fun of it

  61. Thats fine, we’ll keep the 4th pick and take Blackmon from them… Though we still don’t have a QB,

  62. Unfortunately, the last time Holmgren won anything in the league, most of these players were in diapers. His credibility is fading quickly.

    He may have been an excellent coach, but 2 and half years into this gig, he is not showing any leadership and losing the confidence of even the most die hard fans.

    On a side note, while sipping on a beverage, I just watched the “factory of sadness” video for the 20th+ time. Still makes me laugh… So good. So true.

  63. Really ? Whine when things dont go your way ? When I need work done on my house I call my contractor friends and when they need work on there car they call me. Just letting you know for the next time you have the chance to impact your legacy.

  64. see my comment on the Oneil Cousins signing. Same thing.

    The Walrus was a good head coach who caught lightning in a bottle with a young Brett Favre. After that he was just a good HC.

    As a GM in Seattle he was pathetic. Just because you can coach does not mean that you know personnel. And the Walrus has shown on numerous occasions that personnel is not his forte. My guess is that Heckert is the driving force behind the pickups that are working out.

    The problem is that the Browns are going to suck again and then it will be year 3 of Shurmer and co . and then what do you do? Start all over again?

    The hardest thing for a franchise to do is to stop losing. I know is sounds trite, but it is really true. I know well being an Orioles fan. But at least we have football season to look to. Having an owner who is willing to support the team and hire good management people then get out of the way and let them do their job is the most important thing. And if you doubt that you only have to drive 50 miles south of us and look at what the Danny has done to the Redskins and then go down to the heart o’ Texas and see the misery wrought by Jerrah Jonz.
    Thank the Lord for Stevie B. After dealing with Peter Angelos for years, it is great having Steve B. as the owner of the Ravens. Makes it so that you really don’t mind when they raise ticket prices every other year. As long as they field a competitive team I think that is all anyone could ask for.

  65. This crap makes me want to puke! Been waiting since 99, saying “maybe next year”! All I really know for sure: it sucks being a Browns fan! It never gets better, only worse!

  66. You mean Holmgren was more aggressive than 3 first rounders and a second? If that is the case, Holmgren really has no clue what he is doing as a GM.

    He would actually be good working for Dan Snyder. Apparently, they think alike. Who knew?

  67. Holgrem has been paid $2.2 million for each Browns victory as president. He has $30 million left on his contract over the next three years. You may now throw up your dinner Browns fans.

  68. Holmgren is disgruntled and whining because disgruntled and whining are what he does best–which is unfortunate for the Browns. As a Steelers fan, I’d love to see our oldest enemies return to form so we can resume our classic rivalry. But I seriously question whether that will happen on Holmgren’s watch. He’s never done anything in his career to prove he’s worthy of the role he’s playing now in Cleveland. And he certainly hasn’t proved it so far with the Browns.

  69. Makes sense. If the browns offered basically the same thing. I mean the redskins are really just a qb from being a playoff contender. so automatically the future first rounders become late round picks and the first this year is the sixth pick. So if Cleveland offered the same the first this year is a four and let’s be honest they are a ways off from being a contender which makes future first round picks better ones

  70. sterilizecromartie says: Mar 15, 2012 8:22 PM

    … RGIII to Julio Jones for the next decade would have been pretty exciting. Instead they will get Colt McCoy to Greg Little. Awesome.


    LOL, that’s classic!

  71. Wait, wait wait. I disagree with point 4. It is, in fact, impossible that the Rams and the Redskins will ever make the playoffs, let alone both in one year to face eachother. lol.

  72. Holmgren. Hmmm. The best personnel that exists in the Browns’ front office has a last name that begins with “H” and it’s Heckert. Holmgren is himself a money pit. It’s a 5-year plan and we are entering the 3rd year of Holmgren’s vision. I’m at a loss. Where are the Browns going? Is it really as simple as drafting well? My god, I don’t even want to talk about this.

  73. I’m tired of hearing all the browns fans say there glad they didn’t make this deal. Your own G.M. Is an idiot. Browns will regret this for years. Look on the bright side redskins travel to cleveland this year and you get to see first hand what you missed out on. HTTR

  74. Like Holmgren never made any deals with his former assistants or teams. happens all over the league.

  75. Sour grapes from Holmgren. Nothing new. I still remember his bitchin after the Seahawks-Steelers Super Bowl that perpetuated the myth that game was one of the worst officiated games in NFL history.

    As a Raiders fan who has to deal with 10x worse than the 2 or 3 legitimately bogus calls in that game — and the Roethlisberger TD is not one of them — I take offense at that.

  76. It doesnt matter, the browns will end up being atop the afc north by next year, RG3 will end up being the RuPaul of the NFL, the chances of him being a bust are greater than a probowler. Washington will remain the Dirge of the Nfl. for the next decade.

  77. Mike, you must be a busy guy, because we’re seeing more and more idiotic posts like this from you. Where would one even begin to answer this mess?

    “…the Rams had the right to trade the pick to anyone….” Did Holmgren question that they had the right to trade with the Skins? He did not.

    “…absent specific disclosure by Holmgren of the offer that was made in response to the Rams’ request for the “best offer,” there’s simply no way to assess the validity of Holmgren’s complaint.” Is he asking you or anyone else to assess his statement? He is not. He is simply answering a question.

    “…whining about the situation serves no purpose.” Is he not allowed to answer a question asked by season ticket holders?

    “Holmgren has surely benefited from his own friendships and relationships many more times than he has been burned by those maintained by others.” Mike, can you give an actual example here instead of making an empty statement like this?

    The Rams didn’t play each team against each other even though that would be the best way to maximize their return on the trade. The reason is obvious – they didn’t want to give Cleveland a chance to top the Skins offer. Several people close to the league stated that the Skins would get RG3 because of the relationships between the franchises, and they were right. Holmgren is allowed to say this.

  78. I have no idea as to why but for some reason I absolutely love watching Cleveland sports team fail. I like the city. I like the people. But, I am overjoyed at the high failure rate of Cleveland teams.

  79. What a surprise…Holmgren whining about something non-existent AGAIN.

    Potentially the most overrated football brain in the NFL. Succeeded only in turning Seattle into a perpetual 8-8 team.

  80. hmmm lets see the browns offered a fair trade, flip spots, and this years 2nd rd pick and next year 2nd rd pick. Then the rams answer the phone and get offere the whole enchilada, even more than what the saints gave for ricky williams. Rams did not hesitate , jumped all over it, and left snyder with the worse trade ever in the history of the nfl.

  81. You all might have a point except for one thing …Peter King reported that the Rams allowed the Redskins chance to top any offer the Browns made, but didn’t give the Browns the same chance. No rules were broken, but Holmgren was right.

  82. brownsfandrinkingmakersmark

    I wouldn’t call him an excellent head coach. The Packers were easily the best team in the league in the late 1990’s. He barely won one superbowl with them.

    He went to Seattle and turned out one impressive season, which was sparked by an opponents’ win percentage of around .400.

    Seattle was perennially an 8-8 team under Holmgren despite the fact that they played Arizona, San Fran, and St. Louis 2 a year.

    They practically got 7 bye weeks per season and still couldn’t turn out double digit seasons.

    Holmgren is a joke and a tremendous crybaby who doesn’t know what a holding penalty looks like.

    Browns fans deserve better.

  83. I wonder how many of these commentators complaining about Holmgrens personnel skills know that Holmgren is NOT the GM of the Browns. He is doing his job as PRESIDENT of the organization by informing the season ticket holders of what happened with the deal. The man behind the offer was the Browns actual GM Tom Heckart. Again. Heckart is the Browns GM….not Holmgren.

  84. If I was Cleveland fans I would be happy. You will suck this year but will get a shot at Matt Barkley from USC. A more polished QB then RG3.

    RG3 is a going to be the next Akili Smith. One year wonder in college that becomes a bum in the pros. All these people thinking he is the second coming of Cam Newton are in for a rude awaking. RG3 struggled in a terrible Big 12. Cam did it in the SEC aka the minor league of Profootball.

  85. And I suppose the fact that Holmgren coached in Green Bay had no effect on his getting them to trade Hasselbeck to Seattle. Besides which, if he really does think that the Rams owe the Browns something because they were in Cleveland 65 years ago, he is even dumber than I thought. I suppose by that logic the Redskins owe it to the Patriots to trade them Brian Orakpo.

  86. It was a shock to me that the skins came away with RG3. Not so much what they paid to get him. Just the fact that all the professional speculators have said for months that Cleveland was in the drivers seat. If Cleveland wanted RG3 they had more to offer because their slot in the first round was higher than the Skins.. I heard it over and over. And it was true, they could have had RG3. But they did not get RG3. Tough tittties. Come high or stay at home.

  87. Mike holmgren need to spend some of that money on some players it been two years he has not been aggressive in free agency no receivers that last ones in free agency and I think for browns organization thats just have players and vets to groom them at all trying to talk my father out his srason pass cause dont agree what holmgren is doing HOW CAN YOU CONTEND WHEN YOU SPEND LIKE YOU DONT WANT TO WIN!

  88. Not that I’m an NFL GM, but I’ve participated in enough fantasy or sim leagues to know that the “loser” almost always says their offer was just as good or better than the other offer.

  89. Actually, Goodell swept in and asked Fisher to make the deal with Redskins, since it’s a more marketable franchise, making the NFL reap in value with all the RG3 merchandise.

    Plus, no one wants to see Griffin’s career die so early.

  90. What on earth could the explanation be for why we didn’t hear of this until after their slow start in free agency ?

    I doubt its even true they tried. Unfortunately its all about the $ and that means telling the fans what they want to hear.

  91. Holmgren needs to quit drinking the water out of the filthy, flaming river and accept the fact that the clowns are and ever will be putrid.

    EVERY time they have a chance to go get a franchise quarterback, they screw it up.

    EVERY year the fans drink the Kool-aid and say ” this is the year we take a BIG step forward.

    And EVERY year the clowns draft in the first handful of picks.

    How’s that Kellen Winslow Jr. pick working out for your cleveland??



  92. Hmmmm—The consensus last week seemed to be the Redskins were foolish, even stupid, to give so much for an unproven QB. Now Holmgren’s saying HEY! We are just as stupid as they are! But we are even worse because we didn’t get the chance to be cheated equally. “To remain quiet in fear of being thought stupid, or speak out and confirm it.”

  93. Used to quite like Holmgren but this reeks of sour grapes to me.

    That’s a chip on each shoulder now balancing that massive chip he has been carrying since the Seahawks lost the Superbowl to the Steelers!

  94. realitypolice says:
    Mar 15, 2012 9:15 PM
    Browns president Mike Holmgren isn’t happy that a franchise that was once headquartered in Cleveland dissed the team that currently plays there.

    I don’t understand this line. When were the St. Louis Rams headquartered in Cleveland?

    Cleveland Rams (1936-1945). Won the NFL Championship in 1945, moved to LA the next season.

    Browns were founded in 1946, and joined the NFL in 1950.

  95. audient says:
    Mar 16, 2012 7:07 AM
    realitypolice says:
    Mar 15, 2012 9:15 PM
    Browns president Mike Holmgren isn’t happy that a franchise that was once headquartered in Cleveland dissed the team that currently plays there.

    I don’t understand this line. When were the St. Louis Rams headquartered in Cleveland?

    Cleveland Rams (1936-1945). Won the NFL Championship in 1945, moved to LA the next season.

    Browns were founded in 1946, and joined the NFL in 1950.

    Thank you. I honestly didn’t know that.

  96. In other news ….. Holmgren continues to complain about the officiating from super bowl XL……he looks like an idiot doing stuff like this… trying to cover his backside (and that’s a huge undertaking) with the folks that are Browns fans (all 30 of them or so), so that he doesn’t have to take the heat

  97. He really going to complain on his Seattle radio show. In the meantime, the Browns will not allow cell phones, cameras, or recording devices into news conferences. Just a pencil and paper allowed.

  98. Maybe if he grips enough, Goddell will look further into the trade and call it an unfair competitive balance, and give Cleveland the Skins first round draft pick.

  99. He also said 6-10 this coming year is not good enough. Do you know who we play?
    AND BEST OFFER means BEST OFFER. Not send one in and then, try again the next day. No you send the best offer in when they tell you. You did not follow directions by your own admission.
    There are a lot of questions about the mental capacity of the Berea brass.
    This was on a SALES PITCH to season ticket holders…. Wait, so what your saying, Mike, we lost in the off season too?
    Awesome here is my wad of cash for tickets

  100. Now the Rams can use one those draft picks to “attempt” to trade up to get their WR, Blackmon.

    …say what?…you mean, the Rams could have owned the #4 pick and they didn’t take the best trade offer?…

    Oh well, the Rams and Bradford don’t need any WRs, do they?

  101. Yeah and im sure his relationship with the packers had nothin to do with gb accepting a lesser offer from him and the seahawks when they traded hasselback

  102. So he traded with a friend? Big deal. Maybe Holmgren should stop whining and go make some friends.

  103. Maybe the Redskins will trade down from #2 to #4, if Holmgren makes the right offer…..

  104. I have to agree with Holmgren. Even if he offered 3 1sts instead of Washington’s 3 1st and a 2nd, Cleveland made a better offer.

    The real question is where would these teams draft if they had RGIII? The Browns aren’t suddenly going to be division winners with RGIII as the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals all are likely to win 10 or more games like last year. Washington on the other hand beat the Super Bowl champs twice last year. The best team in their division only won 9 games. Could Washington win the division in 2012? Sure.

    So if the Rams had gotten Cleveland’s picks they would have gotten the 4th pick and then maybe two top ten picks as opposed to Washington’s 6th pick, two picks in the twenties and then a second round pick. Sounds like Cleveland’s offer was the better choice.

    Trying to anticipate future results in common among the good teams. Note New England’s trades for future picks. They traded with SF and got the 10th pick one year. They traded a 3rd rounder and got the 1st pick of the 2nd round the next year from Carolina.

    The Ravens traded a 2nd in 1998 to Atlanta for a 1999 1st. Chris Chandler got hurt and the Ravens got the 5th pick in the draft.

    When you trade for future picks you want to make trades with teams that are likely to have better picks in the future so wouldn’t it have been better to trade with Cleveland than Washington?

  105. When Big Mike left Green Bay he practically gutted the place; office people, secretaries, scouts, coaches … he relocated about 30 employees to Seattle.

    So the Rams traded the pick to Washington.

    Sniff! … HONK! … Boo Hoo!

  106. “And with that I’ll officially withdraw my application for employment with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.”

    So there IS a silver lining in all of this.

  107. i’m surprised Holmgren is ‘complaining’. In the last game of 2010, the Steelers playing Cleveland, used the same play that scored a TD against Seattle in the SuperBowl and scored on Cleveland… NO one said a word on that one .. slap.. .take that Walrus… gggoooo gggooo goes the walrus..

    Lerner… time to start looking again…

    Get Ozzie Newsome to become President… you’ll at least make a playoff game..

    (Playoff game) a game that is a ‘reward’ for having a winning season and allowing u to proceed towards the SuperBowl… (For Lerner…in case he doesn’t know American Football)… Ask Dr. Shelton Cooper, he knows football…

  108. Seems like the most obvious explanation for all of this is that Les Snead felt like he owed it to both teams to stick by his word that, when he said “Give me your best and final offer”, that he would treat the offers as exactly that. Duping the Redskins into maxing out their offer and then letter the Browns have a 2nd bite at the apple would have pissed off Bruce Allen and Mike Shannahan even more than Holmgren is now apparently annoyed. Holmgren may be upset that he wasn’t allowed to pull a fast one, but Snead is a brand new GM trying to establish a reputation, and he had every reason to stick by his word. That’s how you build integrity as a trade partner in the NFL.

  109. Just heard this said on espn…the Rams may have stuck it to themselves by passing on the Browns better offer which would have been the #4 pick.

    Blackmon would have been the Rams WR at #4..but the Rams accepted a lesser offer from DC and have their #6 pick instead of the Browns #4 pick.

    I’m sure the Browns would be willing to listen trade offers, if the Rams would want to trade up to insure they get Blackmon at #4…OR…the Browns might find another trading partner…if you know what I mean.

    Holmgren and the Browns might get the last laugh after all.

  110. Holmgren needs to grow up. really. If he hadn’t tried to be cute they would be talking to RGIII now about a new contract. Now, because he was being cheap because he thinks, and a lot of people are starting to see that he is not a football genius. he wants to spite the Rams. What he should do is keep the # 4 pick and trade the 22 pick. The Browns need as many talented offensive players possible. Whether Colt is the qb or not.

  111. Some just don’t get it…had Holmgren offered something more, the Rams, with their friendships in DC, would have told Danny Snyder, you need to give up a little something more so we don’t do a deal with the Browns.

    The Rams only wanted to deal with their buddies from DC and they were going to insure that Dan Snyder got RGIII, even if they had to make up some lame excuse like…aaahhh, the bidding is closed, we can’t accept your “better offer”.

    The “better offer” that would have given the Rams the best shot at drafting the guy at the top of their draft chart…Justin Blackmon.

    I’m not so sure the Browns will take Blackmon or trade the pick…but I do know they won’t be trading the pick to the Rams.

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