Langford leaves without a contract and other Bengals notes

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Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that free agent defensive lineman Kendall Langford exited Bengals headquarters Friday morning after Thursday’s visit with the team.

Langford is expected to visit the Rams next.

The Bengals had three confirmed visitors who spent the night in Cincinnati Thursday: Langford, cornerback Aaron Ross, and cornerback Tracy Porter.

Per Reedy, the club is scheduled to host free agent running backs Michael Bush and BenJarvus Green-Ellis on Monday. The Bengals have also had defensive lineman Andre Fluellen and guard Jacob Bell visit their facility.

12 responses to “Langford leaves without a contract and other Bengals notes

  1. ya, guess why they stayed the night? Because Mike Brown sent Marvin Lewis to Oregon’s Pro Day yesterday since he doesn’t employ a REAL scouting department. Way to make a great impression on FA’s coming to town Mike, really raising the bar.

    Oh and BTW, great move not offering Fanene a signing bonus on the pitiful 3 year $7.5 Mil “Contract Offer”….

  2. Guess Langford wanted more that the low ball offer Mike offered him. He probably was insulted as well that he had to pay for his own hotel and meals while visiting. I’m sure Mike made him buy a ticket (like a fan would) to view the facility.

    Don’t the Bengals have something like $50 Million under the cap? That money will look good in Mike’s bank account.


  3. It bears repeating…….when every team has less than $5 left in cap space and the Bengals still have $50,000,000, the remaining free agents will opt to douse themselves in gasoline and light themselves on fire than play for the Bengals.

    This is just pissing me off.

  4. Same as always why would anyone want to sign with this dirtbag. I bet draft time when they announce the bengals are in the clock every agent turns his phone off

  5. An average lineman leaves the bengals without a contract and it’s Mike Brown’s fault? We’d be killing Brown if this guy got a big contract.

    Maybe the guy has no desire to be part of the rotation the Bengals do on the D-line. Maybe he needs more snaps and more glory? Maybe he realized Marvin is an idiot? Maybe he has an offer and he’s looking for a better one. If you have options you explore them, don’t just jump on the first offer, especially if that offer comes from the Bengals.

    After all of my comments I’ll clarify that I expect the Bengals to stay way under the cap this year (since they don’t have to spend to a minimum for one more year). Mike just bought the rest of the team from silent partners and I’m sure he’s not going to spend money if he thinks they can have another barely over .500 season on the cheap. He’s been burned too many times on big named free agents (antonio bryant, antwan odom, laverneous coles) and he’s probably banking on the draft to convince fans to come back. As a Bengals fan, I can say with certainty that mediocrity is better than the norm for a few more years.

  6. They tell us they want to re-sign there own players first and foremost, what happens they end up signing with other teams for an affordable price the Bengals could have offered to begin with. Same old bulls##t. We as fans should not contribute to Mike Browns wallet anymore………..This owner is a total moron when it comes to trying to field a winning team.

  7. Friday flight departures must have been cheaper. The front office is so mis-managed it’s sickening. We let 2 established D-lineman (Fanenne & Rucker, possibly Simms) already familiar w/ the defensive scheme depart. Last year a Pro Bowl Cornerback leaves (Joseph). As a result, this draft will be consumed w/ draft picks to fill those holes that should never have been created in the first place. Your management philosophy can’t be to “build through the draft”, if you dont’ keep the talent you train.

  8. If you still buy Bengal tickets or merch you are part of the problem.
    Every ticket sale is a vote for Mikey’s business model, the main point of which is not to spend money he could pocket.

    Building a winning program? He leaves that to other teams.

  9. abengalfan says:
    Mar 16, 2012 12:12 PM
    If you still buy Bengal tickets or merch you are part of the problem.
    Every ticket sale is a vote for Mikey’s business model, the main point of which is not to spend money he could pocket.

    ————————————————————and that is the Crux of a Bengals fans’ existence that other fans don’t understand or refuse to acknowledge. We are stuck having to either support this team, and thus reinforce MB’s twisted view of running it, or not support financially and get bashed by media and fans while having MB hold us hostage and threatening to leave (see last stadium deal).

    We Bengal fans love our team passionately, but it’s hard to make that financial committment when your owner takes you for granted, and acts as if we are just lemmings….

    atleast we have a solid core of young talent locked up for a few more years.

  10. Took one look at that uncovered practice field and said. I. Am. Outta. Here.

    Brown likes to build through the draft because the players they draft pretty much don’t have a choice but to play for Cincinnati…. until their contract is up and they can bolt as fast as possible.

  11. Mike Brown WILL spend money, but he hates carrying over dead cap space from one year to the next. Most free agent deals in the first few days of free agency are front end loaded designed for older players and therefore will end up turning in to dead money when the player is cut before the contract’s full term. For this reason, Tracy Porter has a real good chance of signing with the Bengals. He’d get a good contract and is young enough to play it out. Before training camp, the Bengals will end up using their cap space to lock up and extend good, young players already on the roster. Mario Williams won’t be a Bill for six years. Maybe not even three, but Ralph Wilson will be dead and it won’t matter.

  12. Orange and Black I could not have aid that any better.
    At one point I had attended every home game for 24 yrs in a row.
    Never again.
    When the day came in ’08 that I left a game at half to go home and rake leaves, literally, I knew thinking Mikey would ever change was futile.
    At some point other fans around the country will understand the problem here is not the fans or the economy.

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