Laurent Robinson catches $13.6 million fully guaranteed

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In 2011, receiver Laurent Robinson opted to take the chance on a one-year, minimum salary contract with the Cowboys, hoping to parlay a big season into an even bigger payday.  He wasn’t alone; after the market softened during the lockout-delayed free agency period in 2011, plenty of guys went with one-year contracts and the promise of more money later.

Unlike most of those other guys, Robinson made it work.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Robinson pocketed from the Jaguars an $8 million signing bonus, along with another $5.6 million in fully-guaranteed money.

In all, Robinson’s payout consists of a $1 million fully-guaranteed base salary in 2012, a fully-guaranteed $2 million roster bonus in 2012, a fully-guaranteed base salary of $2.6 million in 2013, and the following non-guaranteed base salaries in 2014 through 2016:  $5.6 million, $6.4 million, and $6.4 million.

Robinson also is eligible for a $100,000 workout bonus per year, and up to $600,000 each season in incentive payments.

It adds up to $32.5 million over five years, a fair reward for the risk he took with a six-figure salary in 2011.

24 responses to “Laurent Robinson catches $13.6 million fully guaranteed

  1. ONE good season and they pay him 32.5 million? Glad the Cowboys let him walk. Yes he produced but typically Cowboys brass are too quick to hand out those kind of contracts. Finally, they did something right.

  2. Funny how the cowboys failed to sign his guy… Especially since you cant fully rely on dez who tends to disappear in games

  3. You have taken less money and stayed with the boys. Atleast you would actually have somebody who could throw you the ball there. Guess I’ll cross you off my list of decent Fantasy receivers for 2012. Dont spend that money too fast because you wont get anymore.

  4. The cowboys couldn’t resign him during the season because he was signed after the season started and therefore qualified for free agency, Dallas knew he was probably going to get a contract they couldn’t match..but good luck getting and receptions with who throwing to you in Jacksonville,…..

  5. ceschatz says:
    Mar 16, 2012 10:54 AM
    You have taken less money and stayed with the boys. Atleast you would actually have somebody who could throw you the ball there. Guess I’ll cross you off my list of decent Fantasy receivers for 2012. Dont spend that money too fast because you wont get anymore.

    Can’t wait to see this guy make you look like the idiot that you are.

  6. This guy “took a risk” playing for 6 figures last year? I would argue he had very little choice. He was a bust his first few years in the league. Neither the Falcons or the freakin’ Rams wanted him.

  7. @bozosforall,

    Yea since he did so well his first 4 years before last. Know your facts before you go bashing other posters on this site. The guy was garbage and only showed up because he had a decent QB throwing to him, something the Jags have lacked for years and still lack.

  8. This a very good contract actually. It is really a two year $13.6 million dollar contract, since years three-through-four are not guaranteed.

    Basically, Robinson has two years to prove that he is worth the final three years of the contract. If he doesn’t, the Jags cut him after two years with no harm. If he does, the Jags have him locked down at a good rate for the next three years.

    Good contract when you peel back the layers.

  9. Let me say this again…Robinson didnt do anything in ATL as a starter, didnt do anything in STL as a starter, he came to Dallas with plenty of recieving options that left him more open…if you are playing for a team that has Jason Witten, Felix Jones, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, you are bound to bring in catches…signing him like he is a starter is stupid, and I hope it bites JAX in the ass

  10. @ceschatz

    Jimmy Smith was garbage his first four years also, right?

    When it is all said and done, Blaine Gabbert will be a MUCH better QB than Tony Romo. The problem is that you so called “experts” on QB play don’t know what you are talking about.

    Blaine Gabbert was the youngest QB to start more than twelve games EVER in the history of the NFL. He was never supposed to start last season, as the Jaguars acknowledged that he was raw. The talent is there, the experience is not. Couple that with crappy coaching, and you have what happened last year.

    This year will be different, and Robinson is a piece of the puzzle.

    Besides, Tony Romo throwing to the Jag WRs last year, easily the worst in the league, would have fared no better.

    Know your facts before you go bashing other posters on this site!

  11. Piece of the puzzle – that’s all.

    If he doesn’t work out … It’s not like we have a Jamarcus Russel on our hands.

  12. Exactly what are the rules for posting comments on this site? Why are comments being deleted/censored when I and others write respectful, well thought-out responses?

  13. I am a big Laurent Robinson fan and would never begrudge him his big payday. He earned it with his play on the field. In particular, he was very adept at getting open when Tony Romo extended the play with his elusiveness in the pocket.

    That being said, it’s absurd to compare Romo to Blaine Gabbert. Ask any WR in the league, and the response would be close to unanimous. Romo is a proven top 8 QB in the NFL…Blaine is probably in the bottom 8.

    Apparently, some folks started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early!

  14. Great for Robinson financially. He won’t be able to duplicate his on field success with Jags with the QBs present.

    Bad for Dallas. He was producing great. He was better than the bust Dez Bryant.

  15. Gabbert’s rookie year stats blow Romo’s rookie year stats out of the water completely.

    As a matter of fact, Gabbert completed more passes and threw for more TD’s than Romo did in his first 3 years combined in the NFL.

    Oh yeah, Romo didn’t throw a pass in a regular season game until he was in his 4th year. Let’s talk bust in 3 years before everyone jumps on the kid for being one now.

  16. ENOUGH already !!!! Look brothers, Gabbert had ZERO coaching last year !!!! No mini camps, no ota’s…NO COACHING !!! The kid wasn’t even in the plans until that full bore control ex head coach cut Garrard a few days before opening day and then threw McCown in there. Then sent him to the bench after the Jets debacle. Enter the kid. Wide eyed and under coached he did what he could. I saw some GREAT things from him and I also saw some BAD things. Besides, when Del Rio was fired and Tucker took over, who was the FIRST piece of business Coach Tucker did ??? FIRED THE QB COACH !!!!!!!! Give the kid some time, some coaching, and then if he doesn’t perform, bring it on then. Not now !!!!

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