Marcus McNeill schedules visits with Chiefs and Falcons

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Free agent offensive tackle Marcus McNeill spent Friday at Lions headquarters. He spoke to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press just after the meeting.

“I can tell you that Detroit made a very good impression on me just off the bat,” said McNeill, who acknowledged the return or lack thereof of longtime Lions left tackle Jeff Backus would “probably affect” McNeill’s plans.

Backus is also a free agent.

McNeill disclosed to Birkett that he has scheduled visits with the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons, both slated for next week. The No. 27 overall player on PFT’s Hot 100 list, McNeill does not plan to sign with a team before he’s weighed all offers.

14 responses to “Marcus McNeill schedules visits with Chiefs and Falcons

  1. Backus has been loyal but he’s old and needs to be replaced now. If McNeill can stay healthy, he can replace Backus for sure, but I’m not sold on his back/neck. It’s too bad, because he’s a solid player otherwise.

  2. I liked him in San Diego, maybe he’ll come down to the ATL and help shore up that o-line

  3. Detroit needs serious depth at LT. Backus with his multiple injuries is not getting any younger. Beyond that it is Corey Hilliard, who, when he misses a block, misses badly. He almost put Shaun Hill in the cemetary last pre-season with an egregiously bad whiff. And Stafford’s pocket presence, while it has slowly improved, still needs a lot of work.

  4. As a Lions fan I’m not sold on McNeil’s health, and Backus is old. One of these two will be our LT next year, but my money is on Backus. Mayhew has long stated the value of an offensive lineman who is durable and doesn’t miss games—continuity is so important along the line. Time to look for the LT of the future in Detroit….and I don’t think it’s McNeil.

  5. Detroit, Atlanta, Kansas City…, that’s exactly where I was planning to take my family on vacation the next 3 years….

    Wait, nevermind.

  6. Coming from a Charger fan thats watched him play his whole career… Hes gotten worse as his career has gne on. Good left tackle, but everyone in SD noticed Rivers stopped running for his life the second Gaither stepped in this year and we ended up going 4-1 from that point on.

    Dude had a serious neck/spinal injury… Good luck to him, but buyer beware.

  7. If glenn isnt there at 23 then we gotta take hightower, the kid is a beast and tulloch is playing to many games to think he wants to stay. lots of oline depth after the 1st. the bigboy tackles will be gone before 23 and even if mike adams slides to 23 i would not draft a kid whos 300 plus n cant bench. hightower is a stud who could gel this d up.

  8. Big Mac… sorry to see you go.. loved seeing you battle along side Dielman.. you stayed healthy enough most of your career but it has caught up to you.. the chargers knew about your spinal issue coming out of auburn thats why you slipped into the second round.. the time has come for you to consider your future / quality of life just like Dielman.

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