NFL not blocking, but not helping, NFLPA’s bounty investigation

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Last week, the NFLPA said that it plans to conduct its own investigation regarding the Saints’ bounty program.  The union asked the NFL to facilitate interviews of Saints coaches and other team employees.

Mike Freeman of reports that the NFL has informed the union that, while it won’t block the NFLPA from conducting an investigation, the league won’t help.

It’s a distinction without a difference, except for the fact that the NFL is far more likely to avoid any potential legal trouble by not affirmatively preventing the union from conducting an investigation.  Unless the league directs Saints’ non-player employees to cooperate with the NFLPA, the Saints’ non-player employees surely won’t.

Freeman also reports that the NFLPA has interviewed multiple Saints players as part of the union’s investigation.

Meanwhile, multiple reports have indicated that a decision on punishment is expected this week.  This week will be over soon.

The bounty scandal surely won’t be.

15 responses to “NFL not blocking, but not helping, NFLPA’s bounty investigation

  1. It’s a union they are going to try to protect as many players as possible that is there job.

    The problem is the people running and knowing the program existed admitted to it while others wanted to deny it and pretend it never happened.

  2. Gregg Williams ran the Bounty program for 3 friggin’ years and he admitted that.

    3 year suspension coming minimum…… a possible lifetime ban is in the cards also.

  3. This has been going on since the birth of football. All who think differently are foolish. Not saying it’s right or wrong. Just saying it is what it has been.

  4. Of course the league isn’t interested in helping the NFLPA… they don’t need the union anymore to punish other franchises after the fact…

  5. What happened to the “sources close to the situation” telling us that punishment would be handed down this week? Maybe they’re not so close?

  6. Maybe the league has its hands full with other stuff this week? What is the rush to get this done? Unless they specifically wanted to bury the news in the midst of free agency excitement, that is.

  7. My take is that the “League” is trying to time the release up just right, so that the media and fans are so busy chasing another story, the NFL can slip by “very weak” sanctions and penalties. There is no other reason. They have the information about the bounty program, they have documented information about “outside money” offered to fund the program, they even have an addmitted statements that it continue after the “League” ask for it to cease. The League is waiting for a “Sandusky” moment to distract the masses.

  8. I just wish they would hand down the punishments. I guess that’s just not a very pleasent can of worms to open though.

  9. So how does this work, the NFLPA investigates accusations that some of their members tried to hurt or “take out” some of their other members. That’s like the right hand seeing what the left hands doing.

  10. to the chagrin of sports writers and vikings fans this “scandal” has all but lost its steam….yawn

  11. If they ban Gregg Williams for condoning it, what happens to the players who actually took part in it? They’re the ones who intentionally tried to hurt their fellow NFLPA brothers.

  12. The union will try and make it seem like the coaches and front office employees(all non union) are the ones ultimately responsible.

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