Peyton Manning wants his new contract to match his old contract

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When we passed along the report from the Denver Post that Peyton Manning was seeking a five-year, $60 million contract, Florio noted that it seemed a little light.

That’s because it was.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post has now updated his report and said that what Manning is actually seeking is a contract like the one he signed last year with the Colts, which was for five years and $90 million, with a whopping $61.8 million in the first two years.

That’s a whole lot of money, but Klis writes that both the Broncos and Titans are fine with that contract, if that’s what it takes to land Manning. If the reports that the 49ers are the third finalist for Manning are true, presumably that means the 49ers are fine with that contract, too.

Some reports have suggested that Manning’s contract will be structured to protect the team that signs him in the event that his neck prevents him from playing in 2012, as it did in 2011. But if Manning is back in the NFL this year, as he expects to be, he also expects to be one of the league’s highest-paid players. And the teams that covet him are fine with that.

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  1. Obviously Peytons agents are trying to milk some money out of this. Im sure Peyton just wants to join a team with a chance to win a superbowl. Playing for that much isnt going to help that team.

  2. Really? You’re still reporting things that media types in Denver say regarding Manning? Didn’t these same clowns say last week that it wasn’t about the money? Get a different source before you post something.

  3. If the Broncos don’t land this guy they will of had the worst off-season of any team. All the big time players are off the market now, KC and San Diego have upgraded their rosters. They will have all that cap room and nothing to show for it. Elway basically being a rookie GM is starting to show here.

  4. Manning to Moss? That could be scary. He would also boost Crabtree’s value. Vernon is the cherry on top. SB contenders for sure.

  5. If he is healthy he is worth every penny of that contract. I don’t see a problem with that as long as the contract also protects the team from his neck injury. Peyton is a reasonable guy.

  6. Yeah…. Whatever happened to “incentive-based pay”? Hasn’t he fleeced enough money from one franchise? This is why the Colts didn’t win more SuperBowls.

  7. If those numbers are correct, there’s no way the 49ers are a finalist. There’s no way they pay that much for him. Totally against Baalke’s style.

  8. No player with an extensive neck injury is worth that kind of $. the team that succumbs to this kind of ridiculous payout will be making a huge mistake, and the 49’ers just let Alex Smith that they still don’t believe that they can win the big one with him @ QB, another mistake on their part, might as well try trading him now, if I were Smith, I’d want out.

  9. And I want my 40 yr old body to match the body I had when I was 20. Guess what Peyton; it ain’t happening.

  10. And we’re out. No way Baalke stumps up that kind of money! Time to make nice with Alexagain Jimmy!

  11. that’s why only teams that can pay him that much are still alive. Denver and titans must have cap money to do that.

  12. As long as there is some protection for the team in case of injury, it sounds fair to me. He’s among the best in the league when healthy. If he’s healthy, he’ll play and get paid accordingly… If he’s not, the team can cut ties with minimal damage.

  13. Why shouldn’t he get that? As long as the team is covers themselves on the neck injury portion I don’t see a problem with it.

  14. Glad the Seahawks are no longer a part of this circus. If he goes to the 9ers, I wish him well … until he’s put out permanently.

    Always like Peyton, but he’s a little too high on himself. Good luck and break a leg.

  15. If Manning is asking this money to be guaranteed and some team gives it to him, this could go down as one of the biggest gambles in NFL history. It could get someone a whole lot of wins, or get an entire front office/coaching staff fired.

  16. trollhammer20 says:Mar 16, 2012 3:57 PM

    Thank God he never seriously considered Seattle.
    So you’d rather suck with tavaris?

    In some sense I understand why manning wouldn’t want to play there. Stinky Pete sucks.

  17. I hope he goes to San Fran and they do win the SB so they will have more wins than dallass…….

  18. I though Manning said he was willing to sign an incentive based contract – Guess that was B.S.

    ——————————————————————- You really didnt believe that – when would Archie & Sons do anything that wasnt about the money.
    Peyton got Irsay to believe last May that he would play last year. Didnt play & took all the money

  19. Daddy Archie get 10% off the top!

    The Mannings (all of them) are money hungry, dirt bags that wont tip a waiter a dime!

  20. The fact that the Niners didn’t sign any big money receiver, considering they have the cap room and need, always made me wonder if they’re saving it for Manning. That’s the new Niners way!

    With a healthy Manning, this team is clear-cut Super Bowl favorites, IMHO.

  21. I may be the only Colts fan to say this…

    But this shows how egotistical PM is. He doesn’t need the money. He wants the be paid so much because it strokes his ego as a great QB. What he wants is for a team to commit 40-50 mil guaranteed so he can make 70 mil in three years and then retire.

    If he was smart he would go to SF and take less and Compete for a ring…but Money and his ego are more important than SBs to him. I loved watching him play but the Colts made the correct decision because if he can’t play or has other issues he will just take the money and walk…

    IMO. If he takes all that money and doesn’t play due to further injury that is the only thing that will hurt his legacy. I hope he plays and at a high level but he is a bigger risk than before and should be paid as such

  22. So Manning is no different than any other NFL player it’s all about the money. That’s fine but ESPN makes him out to be “better” than that.

  23. fearyaks says:
    Mar 16, 2012 3:59 PM
    Manning – #18
    Moss – #84 (Joshua Morgan signed with Washington).


    Moss’ number is 81

  24. Peyton asking for 66% of his contract to paid in the first 2 years means that the last 3 years are most likely dummy years. What a coincidence that the new TV contract money kicks in after those 2 years.

    The media will spin this somehow as Manning leaving money on the table rather than his desire to suck every penny he can from his new team.

  25. mcjon22 : Yeah cause the team that “wins” the offseason always is successful in the regular season. Green Bay hasn’t signed a free agent since 2009, and he was cut in training camp, they’re pretty good.

    Last year Philly pieced together their “dream team” by signing as many players as possible, they missed the playoffs, meanwhile the Giants signed next to no one, they won the Super Bowl.

    Now both examples those teams have elite QB’s (Denver currently does not) but the moral is don’t worry too much about free agency, it’s the most overrated thing in the football year.

  26. Are we surprised? Peyton demanded the Colts pay him 26 million dollars knowing full well he was seriously injured and wouldn’t be able to play last season. He robbed the Colts. That said, the recent reports that Peyton increased the value of the franchise by several hundred million and helped get a new stadium built seems worth it. Signing him for 5 years when he’ll be 41 seems stupid, but he CAN increase the value of franchises in TV money and jersey sales.

  27. Peyton Manning is in love with Peton Manning and all the money he has made over the course of the years!

    Colts fans – did anyone of you guys ever get an autograph from him as he was entering or leaving Luca Field???

  28. If the team doesn’t have to pay him jack if he has to sit out again and he can regain his form, why not?

  29. Niner’s only have $18M under the cap…and still need to fill a bunch of other holes. That might knock them out of the Manning chase.

  30. Just one of the many reasons why I’m glad he took the Phins off his list.

    Don’t get me wrong Manning is a future HOF and is one of the best to ever play the game BUT he is 36 years old, coming off multiple neck surgeries, and sat out the entire season last year.

    Manning would have been a bad fit for the Dolphins. He would have been a band aid to a deep cut. The Dolphins smart choice is Flynn who is familiar with Philbins offense and has shown promise in his limited action as a starter.

    Good luck Mr. Manning where ever you end up but I for one am glad you choose not to take your talents to South Beach.

  31. How would Manning and Harbaugh coexist in San Fran? Both are control freaks who have no interest in differing offensive decisions to someone else.

    I think San Fran’s “interest” was aimed at dragging things out and screwing over Zona.

  32. Peyton would sign to sit on the Patriots bench if they offered him the most money – I laugh at all these clowns who think he will go to team x because they have a good offensive line or team y cause they are a contender. He cares only about the money.

  33. Hey doubleogator smith is a free agent can’t be traded and free to sign with whomever. If he was smart he would wait and see if the niners Sign Peyton because san fran will be the only place he will succeed. He’s a smart guy he knows Peyton is much better than him so ther should be no hard feelings…….. that said the 9ers have the cap room and I’m sure are aware what manning would cost so that isn’t going to deter them a super bowl is worth what Peyton wants and if you don’t agree they are the faces for the super bowl you are a moron.

  34. I know it won’t happen but I would love to see all of the teams left in the Big PM race get together (Collude) and tell PM to shove it with a red hot poker.

  35. It amazes me how often people assume he will be the same success with just any team-unless the team he goes to has selfless receivers that are willing to be part of the Manning machine AND are incredibly talented (selfless and millionaire don’t often happen together) and the team is willing to mortgage its future spending ability (which means they are set now on both defense and offense), he will not be as successful (assuming he measures success by Super Bowl wins and not personal stats)-no team mentioned to be in the mix makes sense other than the 49ers…Broncos and Titans have way too many other holes…

  36. But I thought he only want to play for a team that could win a title and it wasn’t about the money . . .

    Silly me.

    It’s always about the money, stupid.

  37. Man! What an ego. If I played D I would not need a bounty program. The fact that this guy makes over 30 times the average salary is enough motivation.

  38. Arrogant SOB, your neck is fused together like a steel pipe, you have nerve damage in your throwing arm and your one hit away from a wheelchair and you are demanding the same money your made when you were actually healthy……lmfao…….buyer beware…….

  39. Elway won 2 super bowls at 37 and 38 and manning.g is every bit as good as elway if not better and elway had his injuries too every NFL player age 36 has so his age will not prevent him from winning. Brett Favre the most overrated QB of all time was one interception away from going to the super bowl at 40 so manning will be just fine.

  40. “The Mannings (all of them) are money hungry, dirt bags that wont tip a waiter a dime!”

    Yeah, that’s why Peyton left a $200 tip the other week.

  41. Manning’s contract should be solely based on incentives. The more you play, the more we pay. The better you play, the more we pay. Manning should understand that with his circumstances its not fair to command so much. We all know that Peyton would never go for incentive based pay, he is going to want top dollar.

  42. Think about this- If and when a player becomes a free agent, that means that the team he played with didnt think he was good enough for them. Otherweise, that team would have “locked”
    him up for a few years!

    Free Agency is a laundry system to re-wash non essential atheletes

  43. Peyton’s going to sign with The 49ers- Harbaugh & Manning go hand in hand (along with signing Randy Moss & not re-signing Alex Smith)

  44. He maybe a tad overrated. He always had a few #1 draft pick WRs (Wayne, Harrison, Gonzalez) , a #1 TE (Clark) and usually a #1 Rb, (James, Addai, Brown).

    Will be interested to see how he does w just avg skill palyers like in either Den or Ten. Probably not as well as people might think. He is also as mobile as a post so better have a decent OL too.

  45. In a negotiation, you need to know when to close. The optimum time to close is about to come and go for Manning if it has not already passed. Suitors don’t like to get jerked around and both sides need to feel a deal was a good one.

  46. I just don’t understand why my team would throw it all away on a over the hill QB we should try to use Tolzien or Kapernick if we can’t (or don’t want to) sign Alex

  47. Funny how all these niner fans are talking about how awesome Manning to Moss would be. Everyone talked about how washed up he was with the Pats in 2009 and 2010 now hes Moss of 98′ or 07′? Randy plays when Randy wants too (ask any Vikings,Raiders, Pats ot Titains fans) its gonna be not different in San Fran. Besides if this guy couldn’t get on the same page as Brady theres no way a guy like Manning is not gonna have conflicts with him. He was cut by three teams in one year and is two years older now, keep dreaming….

  48. umrguy42 says:
    Mar 16, 2012 4:33 PM
    “The Mannings (all of them) are money hungry, dirt bags that wont tip a waiter a dime!”

    Yeah, that’s why Peyton left a $200 tip the other week.


    Was it monopoly money?

  49. Well whatever happens the 9ers did enough to keep him out of the NFC West (unless he signs in SF but I don’t see it…they can’t pay him that much) and that counts for something.

    9ers are in a nice spot; Alex isn’t signing somewhere else if Manning doesn’t sign.

  50. It’s all about the money with Peyton. Like that time he took that “pay cut” to give the Colts more room. When the contract got redone, although he had a lower cap number, he actually got more money than before. lolz

  51. Manning is set to sign a 7 year contract worth over $130 million- 80 million garuanteed!

    Yes, this is true! Stephen Ross told me! 🙂

  52. This is so funny. All the self righteous people writing here, Like any of you wouldn’t try to get as much money as you could. Jealousy is a ugly animal. I hope he gets 4o milion a year.

  53. Manning is a great quaterback and he works hard to mangage his image. One incident that makes him look bad is the slanderous comments he made when he referred to Mike Vanderjagt as “our idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off.” Manning made the comments because Vanderjagt spoke out of school about Peyton.

    Manning should have known that Vanderjagt was not a drinker and that the comments were a not-so-subtle form of character assasination, intentionally made to bring into question the validity of what Vanderjagt said about Manning. To his credit, Vanderjagt forgave Manning for the comments but he never lived them down.

  54. And manning’s jock-sniffing slappies want him to be able to throw like he used to. That isn’t going to happen, either.

    Swamp Boy is done.

    Caveat emptor.

  55. Well, i guess you can scratch out the niners if this is the case. doubt the niners will throw guarantee $ at him that easily.

  56. Delirious Colts fans actually thought he was coming back to Indy to be a…..wait for it…. QB coach!

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  57. I’m a massive Bronco fan who really wants them to sign Peyton, however I am getting pretty irritated at this point. Sh!t or get off the pot bruh. I absolutely hate the titans and they’re owner which would make getting Manning even more sweet. For sure I am in the minority but I cannot wait for the Tebow faze in D-town to be over.

  58. Doesn’t Peyton already have enough money? He certainly doesn’t have enough Super Bowl rings. Is money more important? His huge contracts (and cap space) are the reason why he has trouble getting past New England and Pittsburgh in the playoffs. It is a fact.

  59. umrguy42 says:Mar 16, 2012 4:33 PM

    “The Mannings (all of them) are money hungry, dirt bags that wont tip a waiter a dime!”

    Yeah, that’s why Peyton left a $200 tip the other week.

    He left a $200 tip because he wanted the media to pick up on it. It’s the right time to be considered a good guy when you’re really a money-grubbing, damaged, Greedy Swamp Boy, ready to steal all that you can get.

    Per Sister Dulcilia … Caveat emptor.

  60. That’s way too much for a new team to pay an aging player. It doesn’t make sense for a team to pay that much based on past performance.

    Made sense when it was the Colts, because you could look at it as back pay for successful past years with that team.

  61. I don’t blame him for asking for that kind of money but any team that gives it to him is just stupid. They deserve to eat the whole contract when he goes down in Week 3.

  62. whatnojets says:Mar 16, 2012 4:12 PM

    Daddy Archie get 10% off the top!

    The Mannings (all of them) are money hungry, dirt bags that wont tip a waiter a dime!

    yea genious – and i’m sure you know all about what the manning’s tip when they go out……
    what a clown

    AND – the manning brothers have 3 super bowl trophies AND 3 super bowl mvp trophies that they can play with – how has your jets team done in the last 40 years -the green eyes of envy you people have are unreal!!!!!

  63. If these figures are true then he’s not prioritizing winning but rather money. Otherwise he’d be trying to help clear up some cap space to augment the rest of the team with some talent. I mean seriously, you can’t have it both ways. I really like this guy but damn, just be honest about what it is you want. Don’t say “I just want to win a championship” and then demand that sort of preferential treatment. This ain’t golf. You need help!

    Be a team player dude.
    I hope this story isn’t true.

  64. He shouldn’t have to give anyone a discount or take less.

    Write in protection if something fails. Peyton has more than earned the money he had before.

  65. $60 million in his first two years with his new team?

    Eff that. 9ers pull out of this and right the Eff now! Not only do they NOT have the Cap room to stuff that bloated contract into it, they wouldn’t be able to sign anyone else. I don’t care if we have Randy Moss now. Hastings, Swain, 15 and Williams aren’t even Arena Football level at this time.

    Manning please sign with Denver so Baalke can turn his attention to more important pursuits.

  66. jg725 says:
    Mar 16, 2012 5:15 PM
    whatnojets says:Mar 16, 2012 4:12 PM

    Daddy Archie get 10% off the top!

    The Mannings (all of them) are money hungry, dirt bags that wont tip a waiter a dime!

    Umm……didn’t you see the picture floating around the internet where Peyton put a $200 tip on a $700 restaurant tab that ALREADY HAD AN 18% TIP INCLUDED?!?

  67. cornersportsnet says:
    Mar 16, 2012 5:30 PM
    Cash rules everything around Peyton,only color that matters is green

    Would you voluntarily work for less than your boss was willing to pay you?

  68. and they said irsay was a fool for releasing him, and peyton said he would do a incentive laden deal, hahahahaha, fooled all of you!!! peyton and tom condon doesnt care about a team having enough money to sign other good players, they want to get paid!!! we all know that, no way peyton is worth that type of money at 36 and 4 neck procedures and a year away from football, u fans of teams that are in the hunt for him are delirious, let Locker play in tenn, let moore play in miami, let tebow play in denver, he may not have a pretty throw, but he wins games for the broncos, and elways is so quick to sell his soul to the devil to sign peyton that he doesnt care about tebow in his way, this will back fire on some team, buyer beware!!!!

  69. Hey realitypolice – you might want to read my post again – i did not write what you copied as my post – it was the nobrainjet guy or whatever his name is

  70. I hope a team takes a moment to look at his driver license and make note of his age, and then take a look at his stats from last ye…..oh wait he didn’t play. Well let’s take a look at why he didn….oh wow. And he’s asking for how much????

    This guy is turning this into a LeBron James “decision” moment and making himself look like an idiot.

  71. Gee…. if they really want to pay that much, why did they pass on taking over his old contract when he was on the waiver wire? When this is done, Peyton will get a raise from his old contract…. and bankrupt the salary cap of whichever team he signs for.

  72. well so much for his being cut by the colts not being about the money right manning,I mean colts fans? will be great not having to hear about “our” colts being shoved down those of us who live in Indiana but are not colt fans throats. well at least untill the team finishes rebuilding and starts winning then all the manning fans jump on board the luck band wagon. have a feeling I won’t have hear that for a while though.

  73. supremeomega says: Mar 16, 2012 4:13 PM

    I may be the only Colts fan to say this…
    Awesome reality check, dude. Love it. This guy is the perfect example of what a REAL Colts fan is. I can’t stand all the hagiography PM inspires from people. A lot of it is far from deserved and from people who should know better.

    I’m not jealous and am fine with anyone trying to get whatever someone will pay them for anything. If they don’t like what he wants, they can simply back out of the race. I’m just laughing at how these teams are dancing to his music. It’s pathetic. Heard them say on tv today that Tenn wanted to bring Abraham in but was waiting to do any other move until all the PM stuff was finalized. Abraham got tired of waiting and re-upped with Atl. Mortgaging an entire team for the whims and support and desire of ONE PLAYER (and in this case one who might not even PLAY for your squad)….that got Indy one ring. Why don’t teams LEARN? It’s about building a team, not collecting talent.

  74. realitypolice says:Mar 16, 2012 5:44 PM

    cornersportsnet says:
    Mar 16, 2012 5:30 PM
    Cash rules everything around Peyton,only color that matters is green

    Would you voluntarily work for less than your boss was willing to pay you?
    @realitypolice: I worked for the state almost 30 years and a few years ago our dept went through a round of pretty hefty layoffs. The following year we were facing more layoffs and we employees voluntarily took a 2-1/2% pay cut so that new layoffs could be avoided. We never made up that money, but people were able to keep their jobs for a few more years. So, yes, people can set aside their self-interests for the betterment of the organization. It’s not unheard of.

  75. The team he signs with with protect themselves both by structuring his contract accordingly and by evaluating him physically. Why everyone here is suddenly hating on Manning because the way this flighty report is worded (and there have been a lot of inaccurate reports lately, haven’t there?) is crazy. The way this report is worded makes it seem like he’s holding potential teams hostage, but it’s all just conjecture. One thing’s for certain… if he CAN play, he’s worth top-15 QB money, and the numbers being thrown around reflect that. If he can play.

  76. How much money do you need, bro?? You’re already beyond rich. Don’t you want to win another ring? Pretty weird logic for a guy who is all about priorities..

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