Peyton Manning will work out for John Elway today

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Moments after we noted that the Broncos’ plane is on the way to North Carolina, where Peyton Manning has been working out, we know why: John Elway will be there in person to watch one of Manning’s workouts.

From the beginning, it has seemed like a necessity that whatever team wanted to sign Manning would have to watch him throw first: After all, how can a team tie its future to a quarterback without making sure he can actually throw a football effectively? Surprisingly, several reports have said that multiple teams were willing to give Manning a contract without making him throw first.

But the Broncos apparently won’t be in that position. Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Elway and other Broncos officials will land at the Raleigh-Durham Airport at 1:20 p.m. today, and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Manning will work out for the Broncos at Duke University’s indoor facility.

That doesn’t mean the Broncos are going to land Manning. In fact, according to Mortensen, the Titans are still in the mix. But this is the strongest sign yet of progress between the Broncos and this year’s most sought-after free agent.

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  1. PFT- I just would like to give you ALL props for being the BEST Free Agent Tracker (and Football) website as a whole for news, you give it to us non-stop, I hear radio stations (and ESPN) says they are “Breaking News” and I already heard it here first!!! Even though the Peyton Manning hunt is tiresome, you still have to give us every detail and you do it in a professional manner, at the same time, you even look like you are tired of it, but you still deliver it!!!

    Thanks PFT!!!


  2. the re-vamped reggie mckenzie & carson palmer collabo raiders are coming for you peyton,

    i am warning you now

  3. I want him to sign with Denver so ESPN explodes due to storyline impetus overload with His Holiness Timothy.

    It will be like a fembot looking at Austin Powers.

  4. So either they get a QB that can only throw at 75% of what he used to or they keep the QB that can’t throw at all….decisions decisions

  5. Good team and immediately make them an immediate AFC champion contender. Would be glad to see him in the AFC West where he would a great fit.

  6. If any team would tie itself to a quarterback that doesn’t throw a football effectively, it’s the Denver Broncos.

  7. Not only will they get to see him throw, but, and in my mind more importantly, they’ll get a second “sit down” with him. It wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that the Broncos are already convinced that he can still throw – and that this is their “closing pitch”. It’s Elway who’s doing the real throwing.

  8. They both have two good offensive lines. Arizona’s is crap. Receivers can be MADE into receivers and if you have time back their to throw unlike in Indianapolis it doesn’t matter if Jerry Rice is out there. I’m pretty sure this is what he’s thinking.

  9. Looks to me like Peyton has decided and the broncos need to be sure he is worth the cash they are about to dump.

  10. I wonder if Taylor Swift will write a song about the Broncos breaking up with her boyfriend.

  11. Throwing indoors huh, why not throw outdoors in a little wind so they can see the velocity u have or haven’t got left, damaged goods qb, he’s done, is he throwing to stokley?

  12. I’m hoping Tebow lands with his new team 3 days after Manning signs with the Broncos

  13. If Peyton ends up in Denver , Stephen Ross better head on a plane straight to Mississippi for Brett Favre . I know he’s old & can’t play QB to well anymore but at least Miami will get back in the headlines .

  14. This literally means nothing. So what if he is watching him throw?

    If anything, this shows me Peyton is disinterested. I think it would mean more if Manning went to Denver to throw.

  15. It must really mean something that Manning has agreed to throw for the Donks, but no other team.

    If Manning is truly on the road back physically, I’d say that a year from now Donk fans will be saying “Tim who???”

  16. dlw492 says: Mar 16, 2012 10:54 AM

    Crazy how #15 can win a playoff game for your franchise- yet you still want to replace him

    Crazy how #15 can win a playoff game for your franchise THEN go 9-26 with a 52 rating against one of the worst defenses in the league.

    Tebow sucks…Peyton to Denver!!!

  17. So it really has been about the money all along.

    And stringing teams along just for that purpose.

    So much for being a “good guy”

  18. This just in..

    Tim Tebow was spotted lying behind the front landing gear of learjet jet at Centennial Airport this morning. A #15 jersey then was discovered 200 yards on the east runway. Tebow is now missing.

  19. I really can’t believe Manning won’t at least pay a visit to KC. The Chiefs have as much or more to offer than Denver. What gives? I have a feeling he’s going to regret his decision if he ends up in Denver…especially after seeing Tamba Hali and Justin Houston twice a season.

    Maybe somebody needs to get Lenny Dawson to pick up the phone and give both Peyton & Archie a call.

  20. rnazriel says:
    Mar 16, 2012 10:26 AM
    Good team and immediately make them an immediate AFC champion contender. Would be glad to see him in the AFC West where he would a great fit.


    wrong on several counts.

    1. the predictability of Manning, means he’s far more suceptible to the pass rush, and further injury

    2. the Broncos dont remotely have receivers with the skill set of Dallas Clark (in his prime), Reggie Wayne (even now), or even Pierre Garcon.

    3. They have no running game and Fox’s offense is predicated upon that

    4. Peyton would likely call his own plays, but he’d be in a different situation adjusting to new linemen, depth drops, etc.

    the only factor is that the Raiders are on rebuild mode – the Chiefs have a fierce pass rush, and the Chargers can gun with anybody as long as they have Phillip Rivers, they still have Floyd, Gates, but they are NOT the same 05-09 club that dominated.

    Peyton Manning puts them in the mix, but not a division winner.

  21. Just work out, and get on with it. This is getting really “old” news after all this time. We don’t care anymore so move on.

  22. To the guy who obviously didn’t watch any NFL games last year: 1. Demaryius Thomas is a stud receiver and Dallas Clark would most likely be our first signing if we sign Manning. 2. The Broncos led the league in rushing most of the season. 3. Rivers always has a whiny little boy look on his face when he’s losing/choking.

  23. I don’t understand why Peyton is so enamored with the Broncos…really.

    Is he just looking for the easiest path to a division crown? Anuway you look at this the Chiefs has more offensive weapons and have had a more consistent D over the last couple years. Denvers D was great last year, but still just that one year.

    Am baffled.

  24. jacobslatter says:
    Mar 16, 2012 10:21 AM
    Tebowmania no more. In cases like this we say it is God’s will.
    I love it. It’s the best explanation to any whining Tebow lover, perfect example of “God’s will”.

    Also, I don’t understand why people are upset that Peyton is visiting different teams. It’s called FREE AGENCY!! You are allowed to take your services to any team you want. Should he have taken the first offer, or try to see who else wants him? If you simpletons are unable to wrap your head around that, then I feel for you. Shake yourself people, you’re failure to grasp the situation is disconcerting, at best.

  25. Remember who we’re talking about here. Tebow is not an ego maniac. He might even relish the opportunity to learn behind a great qb like PM. I can’t imagine that the Broncos wouldn’t want a backup who has won a playoff game, especially with PMs neck, and the flexibility in the red zone that having Tebow and Manning on the field would provide.

    The only major issue I see is the crazy Tebow fanatics here in Denver who will call for him to come in as soon as Manning throws his first pick. But Manning is a far cry from Orton (he can actually get the ball into the endzone). I think the Broncos coaching staff and brass can handle that.

    In the end, the Bronco fans love Tebow for his passion/leadership, his impact on the community and most of all because he won! Rememer, tebowmania came because of Ortons inability to win in 2010 and the first 5 games of 2011. I think I can safe to say that even at 75% Kyle Orton is no Peyton Manning.

    Bring on Manning and keep Tebow.

  26. If it’s not AZ….bummer. But, if it’s Denver I like that. I would LOVE to see the religious freak get bumped out of there. If it’s TN, then the Cards could possibly pursue Hasselbeck. He could be had while keeping Kolb also. But if Hasselbeck was signed, Kolb could be traded to Cleveland.

  27. ….my failure to proofread my own posts is also disconcerting. My bad- I do understand the difference between “your” and “you’re” , I promise…

  28. I still don’t get why Manning is even considering Denver. Doesn’t he realize that John Fox is the coach there. Fox is a run first guy (1980’s football). That’s why Tebow actually worked there. Tebowball was right up Fox’s alley. Ball control offense and keep the defense off the field. Peyton should go to Arizona where he will be allowed to air it out 35-40 times a game.

  29. I hope they keep Tebow even if they sign Manning. Then the question is How many games will Manning have to lose before they send Tebow back in to save the season?

  30. Peyton manning will improve the Bronco’s offense but don’t forget Tom Brady carved up their defense twice. That was not Tim Tebow’s fault.

  31. If I hear one more “why not the chiefs?”…. Name the last time KC has won anything that MATTERED? Im sure Peyton was thinking the same thing… Go Broncos!

  32. Please replace Tebow on any day but today. If I have to hear another 3/16 argument, I don’t think I can take it.

  33. The Chargers are 5-1 in the last 6 games vs. Manning and have intercepted him 15 times in those 6 games. They are also 2-0 against him in the playoffs. SD will role out the welcome mat should you decide to sign with Denver Mr. Manning.

  34. Reports out of Tennessee is that owner Bud Adams offered Manning a “contract for life” and he also asked Manning to move in with him, and he promised Manning one of those bolo’s with the number 18 on it.. how can he not choose the Titans? A damn bolo?

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