Peyton parameters in range of $60 million over five years

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Now that Peyton Manning seems to be getting closer to a decision (which may or may not be televised by ESPN), the numbers are coming into focus.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the parameters of a potential contract fall in the range of $60 million over five years, with $30 million guaranteed.

That seems a little light.  Yes, he has the neck thing and the arm strength thing.  But this is Peyton F. Manning.

Peyton F. Manning doesn’t average $12 million a year, not when he was averaging $18 million under his last deal, the same average that Tom Brady still has.

And now we may know why it’s taken so long to get this done.  The teams at the table, though supposedly willing to do whatever it takes to get Peyton, have not yet offered him a contract that reflects the zeal with which they are pursuing him.

With the rest of the league on notice regarding the parameters, the pool could once again expand.

Jed York, it’s your move.

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  1. they will front load that deal within league rules to pay him. he will never fulfill 5 years.

  2. Klis is awful, his twitter feed does his reporting, but the 9ers are only $18 mil under the cap and have lots they need to do. Like sign draft picks, another WR, etc.

    Not sure how this will work out, but if PM wants to be a 9er he will have to take a little less.

  3. I wouldn’t be throwing around what he got paid last year – considering he did nothing for it, because of an injury that might come back on the first play of the season.

  4. He worth every penny, but now teams going to offer more and let’s see if its about the money or if he really wants to win.

  5. This garbage is starting to stink…whether this a Machivellian leverage game, or the teams involved are just cheap, please someone step up and end this. Supposedly this guy is the prize FA, if he is that guy pay big or walk away.

  6. If Peyton is Peyton…they’re getting a hell of a deal. Idk about the 5 years part but Peyton Manning for Kyle Orton money is never a bad idea.

  7. Ah, Peytonpalooza is still alive. I have to admit that if he signs with the Tacks I will crap my panties.

    After watching him abuse the Texans for all those years it would be nice to be able to watch him and not hate him at the same time.

  8. the 49ers are over rated??? Do you watch the games? Ya they were the joke of the league for a while. Now they have the best defense in the NFL and if it werent for Williams fumbling in the giants game we were in the super bowl. We did that with only 1 starting receiver. Now if you add Peyton (or even alex) with some receivers, watch out

  9. Not even close – there will be no “bad neck” discounts from Peyton Manning…and he will not accept being paid less than any other qb in the league…he is possibly goat but at same time he seems to be type of guy who wants every dime he can get as well.

  10. Let’s keep in mind that Peyton’s $18 mill/yr average contract was structured so that he would get $51 million of the $90 million before ever setting foot on the field for the 2nd year of the contract.

    Peyton never “left money on the table” to help out the colts. 57% of his $90 mill contract was to have been paid by now. He had dummy years on his contract to lower the cap value and for PR but Peyton never left a nickle on the table. His true salary for the first couple of years was over $25 mill, blowing away Brady’s salary. Then when the new TV money kicked in the dummy years would be renegotiated.

    Peyton had Polian wrapped around his little finger. If Polian could’ve found a way to pay Peyton more money and still been able to fill out the roster, he would’ve.

    His next contract will also be heavily frontloaded and will be lauded as a bargain.

  11. So much for the incentive based contract that Sir peyton reported he would be willing to accept several weeks ago but by his standards I guess this is.

  12. …or maybe it’s because Peyton F. Manning wants the team he joins to be able to sign some Free F. Agents and be able sign their Draft F. Picks so he can get Some F. Help.


  13. Anyone else read it as Peyton Effin Manning

    Favre got 10 and 12 mil for consecutive yrs in minnesota,

    I figure Manning will get around 12-15 mil a year, not as old as favre but coming off that injury will lower his pay.

  14. I know Peytons one of the best ever but im so happy my team isn’t investing a ridiculous amount of $ on a QB who has a very serious neck problem and is 36 years old .

  15. The broncos are gonna offer him 5 years $100 million with $60 million guaranteed then Monday they are gonna add mike Wallace to make up for the lost of eddie royal

  16. If the numbers are that low and the broncos are still in it that means a lot, and if payton thought the 49ers were the best option he wouldve sign already

  17. Peyton Flailing Manning just cares about the guaranteed money. He ripped off Irsay for $24 million and now he’s looking to steal another $30 million. Greedy Swamp Boy is done.

  18. indycolts1 says:Mar 16, 2012 3:02 PM

    The Colts gave him 5yr/90mil with 26 mil LY. Big pay cut

    It’s not a pay cut if he can’t thow. And he can’t. Just watch.

    As Sister Dulcilia, my Latin teacher would say … Caveat emptor.

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