Redskins hosted free agent tackle Demetrius Bell on Friday


The Redskins have signed a lot of wide receivers and defensive backs in free agency, but they haven’t paid much attention to perhaps their greatest weakness, the offensive line.

According to Chris Russell of ESPN 980 Washington, the Redskins did host free agent offensive tackle Demetrius Bell on Friday.

Bell’s career has been riddled with injuries, but he’s a gifted tackle with long-term starting potential. Bell goes 6-foot-5, 307 and is athletic for his size. He will only be 28 years old when the season starts.

The league must not thing especially highly of him, though. Bell’s only other known visit was with the offensive line-needy Arizona Cardinals, and they signed Adam Snyder instead.

14 responses to “Redskins hosted free agent tackle Demetrius Bell on Friday

  1. As a Bills fan, I can tell you I always liked Bell, and would like him to return. He is injury prone, but more importantly for him, Chris Hairston is about to cement the starting position at LT. The Bills line was stellar last year(FJ was NFL rush leader til hurt, Fitz was a top 10 QB til his recievers went down and his rib injury took over). If healthy, he’s a really good player.

  2. He’s the mail mans illegitimate child. Feel bad for him, good kid. Bills want him back at right $$$

  3. Is anyone suprised? They will draft Griffin, he will run for his life and get injured after 3 or 4 games and then they will say wait till next year.

  4. Well, since we traded away the picks again, they’d better look at somebody…….

    If they get him for cheap and not a long time, like they did earlier today with Cedric Griffin, what’s the harm? If it works, extend him after this season….Since they gave away the top picks this year, next year, and the year after that…….sheeesh, this RG3 better be good….

  5. Now the offensive line is our greatest weakness? I thought it was QB? Or WR? Or DB? I guess we’ve addressed those so now it’s the next “greatest weakness”? Haters, haters everywhere.

    Great moves all around so far. Now comes a key free agent or two on the OL and more youth with the remaining draft picks — OL, WR and the secondary. This team is getting it together, folks. Stop the hating.

  6. blackqbwhiterb: It was net 3 picks out of the next 21, dude. Get over it. We got 12 last year who are all on the roster and many of whom are contributing and there will always be teams who want to trade back if we want to get back into the first or second rounds.

  7. The Skins have always won with a bunch of no named guys and guys no other team wanted. i.e. Riggo, Jets said he was done, hmmm Superbowl MVP, Doug Williams hmmmm Superbowl MVP. Put some young hungry playmakers together, draft a few guys in the lower rounds who will be looking to prove teams wrong and the Redskins will be a better team..”HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!”

  8. The line has been bad. But it has also been good. The running game got really good towards the end of the year. And some of the sacks can be attributed to the Qbs.

  9. @mrslay1 – the Redskins have recorded a few winning seasons since 1992 (last time they won the Superbowl)

    1999 (NFC champions)

    2005 (playoff appearance) Job Gibbs

    2007 (playoff appearance) Joe Gibbs

  10. If Bell stays healthy, he’s a tough guy to get around! I’ve seen him play, and he has the potential to be a “Beast!”
    And blackqbwhiterb, this game is played in color! Get over it dude!

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