Redskins reel in defensive back Cedric Griffin


ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports that the Washington Redskins have agreed to terms with defensive back Cedric Griffin on a one-year contract with a max value of $2.5 million.

Griffin spent his first six NFL seasons with the Vikings as a Cover-2 cornerback. Some NFL teams liked him as a safety prospect coming out of Texas in 2006, however, and Minnesota had considered moving Griffin from corner to safety, before his release last week.

Griffin goes 6-foot and 203 pounds. He could play either cornerback or free safety in D.C. The Redskins are expected to hold a training camp competition at strong safety, involving Reed Doughty and newly acquired Brandon Meriweather.

Griffin was the No. 78 overall player on PFT’s Hot 100.

42 responses to “Redskins reel in defensive back Cedric Griffin

  1. Coming from Josina Anderson, I don’t believe this report. Now if it came from that dorkenstein with the 90’s hipster doofus glasses Jason LeConfora…I’d believe!

    (This is sarcasm by the way. We simply don’t care who reports this mundane news).

  2. Hate to see him leave Minnesota, but his salary was too high with two reconstructed knees. Here’s hoping Washington is smart moves him to safety.

  3. I really loved this guy in Minny and he was becoming a very good CB. That is until his knees started to go. I wish him the best and really hope he can bounce back from those injuries.

  4. Cedric was an ok corner and a standout special teams player before he blew out his knees. He’s lost speed so he’s not a great answer at CB and probably not at free safety as historically his ability to track a ball while in flight hasn’t been very good.

  5. Ced is a hard luck story, he was playing well then had his career derailed by two back to back ACL tears. As a Vikings fan I wish him well, he seemed to be a good guy, and worked hard to rehab his injuries, just was never the same after them. Good Luck to him!

  6. So long Cedric! I wish you were returning to the Vikes as a safety. Once those knees are totally healed I think you will be a baller again! 1 year deal….. huh ……you’ll be a FA again next year with a chance to cash in!

  7. I didn’t even think of the safety option… The big complaint on this guy is him getting toasted one on one, obviously at safety he would see far less of that, making him very valuable to a team who lost their 2(1) starting safeties. The injury thing will always be a concern, but at safety he will spend almsot as much time moving forward to make a play as back peddling (which I would think would increase injury risks).

  8. Ok, Ok! We as Skins fans could give a crap about this signing. Where is London Fletcher??? Where is that F N headline Redskins? You got the Future QB, but we need the QB on defense back also. Stop Playing. HTTR!!

  9. Merriweather now C. Griffin.. why are they making their secondary eveb worse then it is.

  10. I like these signings of short, show and prove contracts. This is pennies in the league and its a good way to get decent FA with possible potential. Also “Bad Dream Team” really? No one is ever touching that cursed title in the NFL again let alone self proclaiming it. No big splashes outside of Garcon.. Keep it up Skins move under the radar from here on out

  11. He will be slotted for the FS position. Possibly a low risk/high reward player.

    As for that idot calling a bad dream team, the skins are past that. They no longer have a front office that entertains overpaying on veterans past their prime.

  12. Hopefully they switch him over to safety. Losing both Landry and Atogwe, we need some competition at the position. Meriweather, Griffin, Gomes, and Doughty will be battling it out…

  13. Not only are his knees shot, but so is his confidence. Maybe he turns it around with a new team, but he knew he couldn’t hang with receivers anymore so he just played 10 yards off everybody. Then he didn’t have the speed to take a good enough angle to actually make a tackle.

  14. txbearmeat says: Mar 16, 2012 1:52 PM

    The Washington Redskins:

    Where washed up free agents march towards their career gallows.

    But hey, at least they get overpaid for it!

    greenbleeder says: Mar 16, 2012 1:45 PM


    It’s called signing veteran free agents cheaply for depth. Every team does it, it’s part of football. Yet, when the Redskins do it, it’s Snyder trying to buy himself a championship. If the Redskins had picked up Mario Williams for league minimum, people would have called it the worst free agency move of all time. Just because Snyder made some terrible moves back in 2001 doesn’t mean everything the Redskins ever do til the end of time will be terrible.

  15. CB moved to FS on a 1 year deal. Low risk and potentially high rewards. As a Skins fan I like reading stuff like this. Yet more proof the trolls that continue to post “Best player LiL Danny can buy” are clueless.


    Thank you.


    Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and Martellus Bennett.


    I can understand using the first 2 names in a joke comment, but Martellus Bennett too? Please.

  16. Dude is most likely not a starter. Why are haters all over this signing? I swear I think folks just lie in wait for a Skins signing. Not every player a team signs is a Pro-bowler. They’re just filling out the roster with some experience and depth. You don’t want all of your backups to be rookies. Stop overreacting. HTTR!

  17. With every free agent signing that virtually any team makes, there is a series of posts which convey the basic thought that: a.) the player stinks and b.) the team overpaid for him.

    But what you have to keep in mind for a team like the Redskins is that they are woefully think at CB and Safety. Right now, they need to bring in bodies not just to start and be a superstar but to come in and compete with the skeleton crew that’s currently on the roster now. Some of these guys may not even be starters; they may be depth.

    In that regard, its better that the Redskins are doing something to fill holes vs. sitting back and rolling with guys that may or may not work out, with little or no depth behind them.

  18. vtsquirm says:
    Mar 16, 2012 3:14 PM
    ok clearly since the skins haven’t even touched the OL in FA… we are going to draft nothing but OL (rounds 3-7) next month?
    The Skins need a starting RT and backup C/G.
    Willie Smith and Jammal Brown will be the backup OT’s and Maurice Hurt played well as a backup G. They need to groom a young C to replace Montgomery in 2013 (David Molk or Philip Blake or Ben Jones).

  19. Good signing for depth. 2.5 million is what you pay for depth. Not 19 MILLION. Watch and learn Jerrah.

  20. O-line is still a significant need for the Skins, and there are some viable options still out there in FA, but there is always the draft and post june 1 cuts to consider as well.

  21. The entire reason we signed him is so Robert Griffin would HAVE to have “Griffin III” on his jersey.

  22. skinsdiehard says: Mar 16, 2012 3:36 PM

    vtsquirm says:
    Mar 16, 2012 3:14 PM
    ok clearly since the skins haven’t even touched the OL in FA… we are going to draft nothing but OL (rounds 3-7) next month?
    The Skins need a starting RT and backup C/G.
    Willie Smith and Jammal Brown will be the backup OT’s and Maurice Hurt played well as a backup G. They need to groom a young C to replace Montgomery in 2013 (David Molk or Philip Blake or Ben Jones).

    I don’t think the Redskins O-Line is as bad as everybody says it is, I think Rex and Beck just made it look that way. Clearly, the line’s run blocking was excellent. Regardless, I don’t expect Brown back at all. I think the Skins will definitely sign Eric Winston out of Houston or Demetrius Bell from Buffalo(one of the most talented and least discussed free agency prospects out there). Hurt is a solid back up at guard. Willie Smith is a great back up tackle and should get better with experience. He will never be a starter at tackle in the NFL, but I fully expect him to be able to challenge for a starting guard spot at some point in the near future. Additionally, Montgomery is signed through 2016, not 2013. What I’m getting at here is that, apart from letting Brown walk and signing a new Right Tackle I don’t think that O-Line should be a major priority for the Redskins at this juncture. That said, I do really like Nate Potter out of Boise State in the draft. He is an extremely athletic prototypical Shanahan lineman who I’m sure Shanny has been drooling over since he was a freshman.

  23. If he makes the roster..he is signed for ONE year at 2.5 million(thats nothing).

    Some of you haters are acting like we signed him for 5 years,and gave him 20 mill signing bonus.

    I’m sure they will draft a guy to compete with him and the others in training camp,in the 3rd-6rd.

    All the “DREAM TEAM” comments are just asinine.

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