Report: Dolphins make low-ball offer to Matt Flynn


Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Miami Dolphins are “low-balling” free agent quarterback Matt Flynn in contract negotiations. The Dolphins’ thinking is apparently that Flynn wants so badly to play for head coach Joe Philbin, his offensive coordinator in Green Bay, that Flynn might be willing to settle for significantly less than market value.

Of course, market value for a quarterback with two career starts is ambiguous. Kevin Kolb signed a reported six-year, $65 million contract with the Cardinals last offseason after seven career starts. And that deal has already been considered for termination.

At the same time, the Dolphins don’t have much leverage. Top free agent target Peyton Manning resisted their overtures, and the quarterback market is otherwise devoid of franchise-caliber signal callers. Flynn is in a better spot, drawing interest from the Seattle Seahawks.

Could the Fins miss out on Peyton Manning, and Matt Flynn, too?

It certainly seems like they’re willing to take that risk.

154 responses to “Report: Dolphins make low-ball offer to Matt Flynn

  1. Sadly for Dolphins fans, everything seems to be pointing at their team ending up with nothing.

  2. how about LA Dolphins? Ross is going to such a frustrated level that he might consider the sell. Might seem unheard of but once upon a time it was unthinkable that the original Brown would ever leave Cleveland.

  3. Flynn may not be in a situation like this again, he would be wise to cash in.

  4. This sounds more like they don’t think he’s a franchise QB. I’d potentially be worried in Seattle if his OC doesn’t desperately want him.

  5. So exactly how is it they made an offer to Flynn when he’s not meet with Miami yet?

  6. If David Garrard is healthy, the Dolphins should at least check him out. They could get Jimmy Clausen for a 7th at this point too. If Manning goes to Ten, they could probably get Hasselback for cheap.

  7. Congratulations…this site has just been removed from my bookmarks.

    The level of censorship of items that aren’t vulgar is insane.

    Lost a lot of respect for NBC Sports today…

  8. Does this really matter? Regardless of who the QB is in Miami they will be at the bottom of a strong division. Why not just wait and take Barkley with the top pick next year. Just bulk up the O-line and add some WR help. Next year take Barlkey #1 and draft defense the rest of the way.

  9. Low Balling… him for what you feel he is worth not a low price like buying a house. Come on Ireland….you’re not helping Philbin out one bit. He is probably wondering why he accepeted the job…..but you did say you were committed to winning. What a croc..

  10. They’re not low balling Tom Brady. They’re low balling a guy who may very well be worse than the guy they have (Moore) and the guy they let go (Henne). I’m glad they’re not being stupid with Flynn.

    That being said, I’ve already begun the Suck for Barkley movement. We’re going to be terrible with or without Flynn.

  11. I don’t get it. A) you’re trying to lowball the guy you want, even as he visits another team, and B) the guy you want has started two NFL games?

    What exactly are they trying to accomplish in Miami?

  12. That’s all they should offer him. Why would they pay a king’s ransom to an unproven QB? We all see how well that worked out for the Cards last year. Maybe Vince Young will be taking his talents to South Beach.

  13. Miami saying they want a guy and failing to get him.

    Hey, its what they do.

  14. This is just another example of the bias that media has against the Miami Dolphins! Don’t believe everything you read this case don’t believe most of what you read! It’s called negotiations and the guy hasn’t even visited yet! What was the “low-ball” offer? Didn’t think so!!

  15. Explain to me again why they didn’t fire Jeff Ireland? I understand not wanting the next Kevin Kolb situation to land in your lap, but to base it on “he really wants to play for the coach” is lunacy.

  16. I’m sure Flynn would love to play for Philbin, but not so much so that he’ll gladly accept less money.

    Flynn has the potential to be a very QB, why mess with that….C’mon Miami, get your head out of your …

  17. If anyone knows Flynn it’s Philbin. He is obviously not sold on him as the given starter so y pay him like it? Make it an incentive laden deal so if he wins the job and puts up the numbers he gets paid. He has a better chance to be successful in Miami and both parties know that. He won’t be given anything in Seattle with Jackson just getting signed last year and not playing bad. The dolphins are actually playing this one well since his only other option is Seattle and a QB competition there.

  18. Good thing they brought in Mark Andersen DE from NEfor a visit, maybe he can play QB?

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong but, Flynn has only played in 2 NFL games? What’s he want, Tom Brady money???

  20. How can you lowball a guy with two career starts, when the coach knows the inside story on him? Philbin has seen him in practice and knows best what he is worth. Dolphins have been burned by QB acquisitions since Marino, so they don’t want to get burned again. Give him a prove it contract based on playing time and incentives.

  21. Is Matt Flynn 25 million dollars better than Matt Moore? Nobody knows. Is he Aaron Rogers or Rob Johnson? Nobody knows.

  22. matt moore finished the season 6-3. He was the 12th ranked QB in NFL last season. Its not like we’re desparate.

  23. Browns need to whip open the check book. It looks like Peyton is going to Denver. So no Kolb or Hass. Go get Flynn. Draft Blackmon at 4.

  24. And now more sad news, the plane from Denver has just landed in North Carolina.

    Manning on tramc holding big sign ” Welcome, Boss!”

  25. Isn’t it possible that Philbin is keenly aware of Flynn’s strengths and weaknesses and is advising management that he’s not worthy of a huge financial commitment? I would think that only Green Bay has a better idea of Flynn’s potential than the Dolphins, and if they’re being cautious, perhaps it’s warranted.

  26. Realize that most of the “positives” on Matt Flynn are from some who never say him play, and only saw the stats – which are mis-leading. For instance, in the game against Detroit last season, three of the four defensive backs were not in the game. Alphonzo Smith, got torched for most of the big plays – anyone see the same in Patriots game on Thanksgiving in 2010? There is a reason Alphonzo is on the trading block.

    Seriously go back and watch that tape of the Lions vs GB in week 17, he was throwing to uncovered receivers …

    Matt Flynn is a “prospect” but to suggest he should get $10M plus per season or is a “franchise” QB is a joke.

  27. Like any thing else – his value os worth what he sells for – just like a house – it’s worth what you actually sell it for – not what the market estimates

  28. Sounds like basic negotiations you go high and I go low and then we meet in the middle.

  29. I think the Dolphins are making a “smart” offer to Matt Flynn. He has two starts. Two. He has started two games in the NFL. To recap, Matt Flynn has made two starts. How many teams need to get burned by overpaying a guy for a tiny sample size?

  30. sign him seahawks, we look forward to picking up 2 division wins off the arm of your new star qb matt ( cashed in off one win ) flynn

  31. Miami has really nice weather most of the time and that is a reason to play there, that seems to be the only reason!!!

  32. People shouldn’t call the Dolphins cheap because of this. The fact is that Flynn just isn’t that good.

  33. As a Lifelong Dolphin fan the thing that scares me the most is that Ross actually WANTS Tebow. So, please please please sign Flynn before Peyton goes to Denver. We’ll end up trading our extra 3rd round pick for Tebow.

  34. Who would know better than Philbin what the guy’s worth really is? That should serve as a red flag to Seattle. Then again, you have T-Jax and Whitehead as your one and two QBs. Maybe ole ugly IS better than ole nothin.

  35. Matt Moore is as talented as any QB out there. He reminds me of Steve Young. The Dolphins would be wise to sign Matt Moore to a long-term contract and forget about Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning.

  36. Dolphins better start talking to Minnesota about trading to number 3 and selecting Ryan Tannehill…

  37. Its looking more and more like the QB idiot Ireland’s stamp all over this. Passing on Matt Ryan, Losing Henne, Losing Orton, Losing Peyton, Losing Flynn… and soon to be losing Tannehill.

    All because Ireland believes star QB’s need to be paid a few dollars out of his wallet.

  38. Sherman likes tannehill, so they still have options, that’s why the low-balled flynn.

  39. Meanwhile, Ryan Tannehill is licking his chops because of Miami’s ineptness. He’ll be the beneficiary.

  40. If they dont land Flynn they better be willing to move up to #3 cause they will lose Tannehill to the Browns and then they will be totally f’d.

  41. The dolphins will be low balling the standings too, when their in last place without a QB.

  42. This makes me physically sick… I guess the Dolphins’ Front Office is TRYING to drive away the fans. Good job Mr. Ross, you have officially alienated your fan-base yet again. To think I was actually considering renewing my season tickets. What a joke. As a life-long Dolphins fan, it is sad for me to say that I am tired of being mediocre, and irrelevant. Quit focusing on the glitz and glamour of the “Night-Life” atmosphere, and concentrate on putting people in the seats to watch what USED TO BE one of the greatest franchises in NFL history. This has to be the most inept, incompetent front office in franchise, if not NFL history. I am ashamed to be a Dolphins fan right now.

  43. …However, if the contract is ‘show us what your worth’ type of contract… at the end of the day if he does sign with Miami Ireland will look like a genius.

    But… money talks.

  44. People are getting so caught up with the Philbin/Flynn connection that supposedly makes it automatic that he lands with the dolphins, like they know him best. Seattle’s GM was directly involved with drafting Flynn in GB, they are gonna know him just as well. Frankly Seattle has a much better team structure right now, talent and better avenue to playoffs than Miami on top of the wealthiest owner in the league.

  45. At the same time, the Dolphins don’t have much leverage. Top free agent target Peyton Manning resisted their overtures, and the quarterback market is otherwise devoid of franchise-caliber signal callers
    Wrong, The Dolphins still have Matt Moore under contract and his body of work exceeds Matt Flynn’s. Moore is a top 12 rated NFL passer. It’s about time the Dolphins asserted themselves.

  46. It begs to ask the question even though the answer should be feared…

    How much worse can it get?

  47. you have got to be kidding me…

    This team makes me sick to my stomach anymore…everytime they do something it’s ass backwards…

    message to Matt Flynn from longtime Fins fan go to Seattle Bro’, these buttheads continue to show how disfunctional they really are..

    Why do you think Peyton really never considered them, he’s not stupid…

  48. “low ball” is misleading. I mean, what would you rather have, a low offer and a chance to actually stick around OR a big offer like Kolb’s that will never be realized? I’ll take the lower offer and make it more difficult for the team to cut me knowing that they are paying below market. If I outperform the contract, I’ll hold out and get paid. Either way, I’ll make what I’m worth and not have to grovel for another job like Kolb will be doing in a few days. Moral of the story…don’t let the numbers fool you.

  49. If the fins are lowballing, doesn’t that say more about Philbin’s feelings about Flynn than it does about the organization?

    I mean a week ago people were saying “if the fins don’t go after Flynn it is a huge red flag.”

    Now, the fins are going after him half heartedly and the fins are stupid? Maybe they are willing to pay him great-backup money because that is Philbin’s assessment.

    I like Flynn, but if Philbin isn’t sold on him, I’ll take his word for it.

  50. Matt Flynn will likely have a slightly higher than market value contract offer from Seattle. Jon Schneider drafted this kid, he’ll make a fair offer and when Matt says he can probably get better elsewhere the Seahawks will up the anty a bit, but not a lot. Seahawks will sign Matt Flynn and Matt Flynn will find happiness in Seattle. Handing off to Beast Mode and flinging the ball to Doug Baldwin isn’t as bad as the rest of the league makes it sound.

  51. Enough of this propping up Philbin as some offensive guru. He was the offensive line coach, OC in title only. McCarthy runs the offense in Green Bay and calls the plays. Flynn likely feels no loyalty towards him,

  52. I don’t think Joe philbin realizes what he’s gotten himself into. You need a qb, but you lowball the only one out there who already knows that offense? They should be willing to give somebody who’s ready to play right now a reasonable offer and not treat it like its a privilege for him to play for his former OC. If anything, its a privilege for them to get a guy who already knows the system. If I were flynn, I’d sign a 2-3 year deal with the phins, tear it up on the field for the next couple years, and then demand a trade or leave in free agency.

  53. As a Dolphins fan, I love this. I don’t want a 65 million dollar Flynn. I’d rather have a 20 million Tannehill. I’d bet Philbin thinks Flynn is above average but not Rodgers like. So why overpay? We are rebuilding.. does anyone think Matt Flynn will win a Superbowl? No, so draft a first round QB for once. Havnt since Marino

  54. That’s Flynncredibly stupid on Miami’s part. Matty F. is going to be a stud QB in this league someday very soon.

  55. The’Fins backup plan was never Flynn. If they didn’t get Manning, then they knew he would go Broncos, and they will secure Tebow. All will fall into place.

  56. I wouldn’t over pay for a 7th rounder with 2 games of experience either. He should Actually do something to earn a big contract.

  57. Or maybe Philbin thinks the kid has some upside, BUT won’t be enough better than Moore to justify a lot of money spent on him?

  58. Matt Moore is better than Flynn will ever be. Or the dolphins are looking at it as Flynn might be great on the Seahawks, so don’t want to regret it incase he turns into a star somewhere else knowing miamis luck

  59. Is everyone here drunk? Matt Moore isn’t all that bad! Why pay flynn big money, he’s unproven has started 2 games in his career! We could use reggie nelson from cincy manningham or Lloyd even Winston…I would lowball him too…if we get him good if not oh well I don’t think he’s going to be a franchise QB anyway…would rather go the tannehill route…

  60. For those of you with no business knowledge… this that thing business people call negotiations. You make a low offer then they make a counter offer and so on. One day when your old enough to buy a car you may want to try it suckers. What a bunch of morons.

  61. Am I the only one not sold on Flynn?

    The guy played in two NFL games…. in what universe is he automatically franchise QB material?

    He’s more likely to be the next David Carr, not the next Aaron Rodgers.

  62. What a shame, the Dolphins, a once proud franchise the only team to go undefeated now just a joke. Steven Ross wants the best but unwilling to seal the deal every time, maybe one of these days he will realize that not every coach or elite player wants to deal with all that south beach hoopla a la Labron or the celebrity side show part ownership. If i was a fins fan i would just root for someone else til they get a stable owner not owners and front office.

  63. If this really is the Fins thinking, they’re doomed. If I was Matt Flynn, I’d think “payday” right now. I’m sure he’d like to have his old coach, but at the cost of millions of dollars? Nah.

    Especially since the Seahawks aren’t a bad organization. Flynn could do worse. Weaker division than the AFC East, better chance to make the playoffs.

  64. It’s simple. Miami and Seattle are the only two real options for Flynn to potentially get “starter money”, and Miami knows Seattle is unwilling to offer starter money to Flynn, so why should they drive up the market against themselves.

    Seattle (and Cleveland, if they jump in the mix … but there is not enough upside in that for the Browns) likely will offer the guy around $7 mill/yr for 3-4 years to compete with TJax, maybe some escalators in there. Miami would be stupid to pay him like the Cards did Kolb.

    I also think Mike Sherman is more than willing to take the chance of missing on Flynn because his Texas A&M guy is right there for him in the draft.

  65. Lost Henne? Humm..did not want him back dude…He was a free agent…

    Lost out on Manning–yup…buyer beware!

    Matt Morre….the 15th best QB in the leaque last year, i will take it all day long…Better the FItz from the BIlls, Better the Sanchez from the Jets…

  66. Franchise QB? That has to be earned. Not by a single big game late in a season. Why would anyone think that he deserves some huge contract? So many ‘know it alls’ and wannabe GMs on here. Must all be big Fantasy guys that think other people actually want to hear their stupid opinions on every team in the league. Please tell me, have you offered your services for consultation to the real GMs? Got any calls back? Doubt it!

  67. “Report: Dolphins make low-ball offer to Matt Flynn,” says agent for Flynn.


  68. Guys, who cares if Miami misses out on Flynn. We’re not talking about a proven passer here. If Miami could trade back in the draft and pick up another 2nd round pick they could draft a Malcom Floyd or Kendal Wright in the 1st and Weeden in the 2nd. If Philbin can make Flynn good surely he could do something with Weeden. He has a better arm.

  69. How the hell did the Fins get Philbin????

    Stephen Ross = dumber than Daniel Snyder!!!!

  70. promickey you are absolutely delusional. Matt moore stinks. And clueless fans like you are the reason why you will (see my above post)

  71. They are probably moving to LA. If they weren’t they would have tried to get Tebow by now.

  72. I knew immediately when team shares started going to celebrities who know f-all about the game and care less that this was the beginning of a disaster. The truth is Ross who like the celerities knows f-all about the game is trying to be Jerry Jones. Please sell the team to a fan you ignorant chimp.

  73. No starter, now this??? Given the cupboard is bare, might I suggest Chris Dales from the University of Kalmar. Suspect footwork, but otherwise solid.

  74. Manning would be there for what, three years at best? Henne has been tried and didn’t work. Moore looked decent, and with some time, possibly better. Kolb has more experience and looks all the world like a “system” QB on a good Eagles team. Cards aren’t nearly as good, and his flaws were exposed. I don;t see Flynn and a franchise QB, so kudos to the Dolphins for NOT overpaying based on two games as a starter. Let someone else be the victim of Kolb v2.0

  75. The rumor yesterday was that Flynn wasn’t going to get a “starter pay” offer in Seattle. The numbers being thrown around were $6 million a year for 2-3 years. Perhaps the same is true in Miami.

    There’s no point in offering Flynn a franchise-size contract, since he has yet to prove himself a franchise-caliber QB.

    Kolb was a different story, because of the free-agent situation last year. AZ didn’t pick up a QB in the draft, and really needed a “name” at QB if they wanted to re-sign Fitzgerald. The biggest name in FA last year was Kolb, so they paid through the nose and got him. Given they’re so keen to get Manning, I think there’s some serious buyer’s remorse going on in AZ right about now.

    There is no such pressure with Flynn. If you “miss” on Flynn, the draft is coming in six weeks. Tannehill, Osweiler, Weeden, Cousins, and others can all be had for the price of one pick and a rookie contract.

    Seattle has done very well with not panicking at the QB position. They didn’t overspend on Kolb. They didn’t trade up enormous assets to get anyone last year, and it’s very unlikely they’ll do so this year. They have brought in Whitehurst and Jackson on the cheap, tried them out, and are still looking for The Guy. I didn’t expect them to make a huge offer to Flynn, and it appears with Flynn going to Miami for a sit-down, that this is not the case.

  76. Are you all that stupid…why would you throw 50mil at a guy with two starts…that is playing Russian roulette.if he was so highly thought of,there would be many more teams besides the two that he is seeing now for his services.philbin knows him well.don’t bash the franchise just because..go bash the cardinals then as well.they all but have lost out on manning and has to pay they’re qb that fat bonus that they don’t trust..we tried other teams backups and ended with #1 and #2 overall picks.I rather be safe than sorry.

  77. Legit question all are overlooking: Are the Fish asleep at the switch (again), or is this because Philbin knows Flynn very well as his former OC and is not blown away?

    This should actually be a red flag to Seattle or other suitors.

  78. This Stephen Ross guy needs to go. Whatever comes out of his mouth is a complete lie. Franchise QB yeah right.. You have no right owning a NFL TEAM. Do your self a favor a sell the team to someone who actually cares about the game

  79. This one is tough.

    Im an Eagles fan, and I was a huge fan of them giving Kolb the 1 year extension to see what he could do. Unfortunately, he got hurt, and they traded him.

    I dont think the Dolphins can lowball him…but I would definitely offer him something short, with some huge incentives. That way, if he plays elite, he gets paid elite. But I certainly wouldnt want to guarantee him 30 mill. Nobody has any idea at all what he can do.

    Funny though, that the same people complaining about the Dolphins being idiots complained about Kolb getting paid for being unproven. I see 3 names that I can say without a doubt called the Cards morons for paying Kolb, and those same 3 are calling the Dolphins cheap and idiots.

  80. LMAO at people calling the Phins a joke. This is called smart business. The market for Matt Flynn is much, much smaller than anticipated. The Browns and Redskins are out and the Seahawks are apparently offering him very little and only a chance to COMPETE for the starting job. So why on earth should they got over the top and give him a ton of money when no other team is even coming close to matching that?

    He’s going to wind up in Miami and he’s going there relatively cheap.

    The Dolphins end up with:

    Paul Soliai (retained)
    Richard Marshall (new free-safety)
    Artis Hick (new right guard)
    Matt Flynn (new quarterback)
    Jamal Westerman (situational rusher)
    Mark Anderson (new end/olb)

    That’s a damn good pull and all below market value. Just because they’re not over-paying for mid-level talent doesn’t make them a joke.

  81. Despite being angry about the Marshall trade and Ross being Ross; a low ball offer is all he is worth at this point. I don’t want a panick signing like Kolb got.

  82. As a long time phin fan, I am so freakin tired of Ross, he has been a cancer since he bought the phins.

    We are the laughing stock of the AFC east

  83. Giving a guy that sucked in college and has only played 2 nfl games 65 million dollars is crazy. And for those that want to speak to his winning record in college let me just point out that there is a reason why the guy was drafted in the 7th round. Hopefully Philbin does the right thing. Trade back for a 2nd round pick. Draft Malcom Floyd in the 1st and Weeden in the 2nd.

  84. Think about this for a minute… who do you think leaked this information? (The agent) There are only 2 teams interested in Flynn. Miami and Seattle. Whether he lives it or not he is going to have to settle for a “prove it,” contract.

  85. Every needs to relax. It just came over the wire…..Peyton Manning has agreed to terms to become a…..minority limited partner of your Miami Dolphins! Of course he’ll be wearing a Broncos uniform while tossing the coin.

  86. Market isn’t as weak as people think and they actually do have room to low ball Flynn.

    Wherever Manning goes, the incumbent will be released.

    If he goes to Titans they can sign Hasselback
    If he goes to Cardinals they can sign Kolb
    If he goes to Denver they can trade for Tebow who will bring more fans to Miami then Flynn.
    If he goes to Texans they can sign Schaub.

    Plus they can always draft someone and keep Matt Moore who played well at the end of last season.

    So really it’s not as crazy as everyone is making it out to be.

  87. The good news for Miami (and Washington) is, John Beck still believes he’s a starter in the NFL. Get the debit card out, Ross!

  88. At this point, I don’t care what we do at QB as long as we do NOT bring in Tebow. That will set us back 15 years… and we’re already set back 15 years as we are.

  89. I could see Ross screwing this up.If Ross truly wants to win he needs to stop all of this non sense or every good football player will stay away from the Dolphins.

  90. There are two words that make this a non story….

    Jason Cole. The SFL local beat guys are less than amateur internet hacks…

    That said, I have no idea whether this is true or not, nor does it matter. These same guys reported a week ago that Miami was the leading candidate for Manning. And before that, we were the leading candidate for Fisher, etc….take it with a serious grain of salt folks…

  91. Whether you think Flynn is a savior, low balling him is a dumb move when both the Seahawks and Browns are looking to upgrade at QB. Flynn holds the leverage – there are more teams in need of a QB than there are QB’s. I’m not saying pay him Kolb money, but being “cheap” isn’t going to get them anywhere.

  92. If the Fins don’t get Flynn because they do not want overpay him. I hope the Phins draft Weeden in the 3rd round not the 2nd rd (no luck in this rd).

    If the contract was incentive base and with an avg of 4-5 million per year, would not call it low-balling.

    Flynn needs to earn that money. The Fins don’t want to get stuck like the Cardinals did with Kolb, especially after Kolb underperformed and was outperformed by Skelton.

  93. “kane337 says: Mar 16, 2012 1:28 PM
    It is called negotiating. You never start out with a high offer. Geez.”

    Clearly you’ve never been in negotiations before, Kane337. What the Dolphins allegedly offered is called an insulting offer. At such a low ball offer, there is often little hope in reaching a reasonable middle ground. If Flynn thinks that this offer was insulting, then he has cause for rethinking about how the Dolphins will treat him in the future.

  94. HILARIOUS,! This thread started at about 1:00pm and it is now 4:00pm. About 200 of you took the time to react to a BS Story that Jason Cole wrote clearly on “his speculation”. We now know It was ABSOLUTELY FALSE. The Dolphins did not even make an official offer yet or a “lowball” as reported. This is a fact as of 3:35pm.

  95. Let`s recap.
    No Harbaugh.
    No Fisher.
    No RG3.
    Trade Marshall to appease Manning.
    No Manning.
    Maybe no Flynn.
    Probably no Tannehill with the no. 8 pick.
    GM Ireland has come a long way since asking Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute !
    I think he deserves a long-term contract extension and a hefty raise, don`t you?

  96. ewsmith914 says:Mar 16, 2012 1:22 PM
    “Matt Moore is as talented as any QB out there. He reminds me of Steve Young. The Dolphins would be wise to sign Matt Moore to a long-term contract and forget about Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning.”

    Panther fans thought the same thing after Matt Moore did alright in the 2nd half of 2009…he TANKED hard in 2010…. Steve Smith/DeAngelo Williams/Johnathon Stewart/good oline/good defense….

  97. Go to Seattle Flynn, we don’t need you in Miami. Matt Moore is better and cheaper than you.

  98. Well maybe Dan Marino might come back and play, im pretty sure he’s going broke, i mean he’s doing weight loss commercials now. I bet hes not as broke as Jimmy Johnson though and doing his extends commercials

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