Report: Flynn will visit Miami before signing anywhere


Although there is concern in Miami that Matt Flynn may sign with the Seahawks today, and there’s talk that the Dolphins are low-balling him, Flynn does plan to make the trip to Miami to hear what the Dolphins are offering.

Jason Wilde of ESPN reports that Flynn won’t immediately sign with Seattle and will make the trip to Miami.

Since the day Joe Philbin was hired as head coach Flynn seemed like a natural fit in Miami because he already knows Philbin’s offense, but when free agency started the Dolphins put all their focus on Manning, and interest in Flynn fell by the wayside. That led to talk that Flynn wouldn’t land in Miami as well.

But he will land in Miami, at least for a visit. It remains to be seen whether he’ll sign a contract while he’s there.

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  1. Jon Scheider drafted Matt Flynn. Seahawks want a franchise QB. TJack was only signed for 2 years. TJack is not a franchise QB. Flynn will be under center in blue and green when the Hawks play the ‘Fins this year.

  2. Miami is in the driver’s seat here. Philbin already knows if Flynn IS or ISN’T a franchise QB. That assessment will determine what they offer Flynn in terms of money. If it’s an incentive deal, than Flynn is being brought in to compete with Matt Moore. Which may be all Seattle is willing to invest since they’re already invested in 2 other QB’s. If this is the case, Flynn would choose Miami since he’s familiar with Philbin’s system and would stand a better chance to succeed. If the Seahawks are serious and put real money on the table, then Miami’s counter will indicate whether Philbin believes Flynn is the real deal.

  3. enough with this low-ball crap Ireland…Im quite certain you will not want to explain to Ross that the Fins are left with Moore (although I like him) come the start of camp.

    Sit Flynn down make a fair and reasonable offer and be done with it. If Philbin has the confidence to bring him…sign him!

  4. Dolphins better be glad, Flynn is even considering them considering what they’ve been trying to do with Manning this past two weeks.

  5. after seattle I’m sure miami weather seems like paradise. He probably will have to shave though or he’ll get too hot.

  6. Once Ross drives up to meet Flynn at the airport in his funny little clown car and all the fins guys come piling out with their big red rubber noses, their big floppy shoes and their polka-dotted suits honking their bicycle horns Flynn will turn around and get right back on the plane.

  7. Natural fit…how do you know after two games with new receivers and coaching staff…he may be the next hasselbeck or he could be the next feeley,Scott Mitchell or ray Lucas…who knows if he can maintain consistent play through a full season?Phil knows…so stop all the nonsense and let it play itself out

  8. Looks to me like Miami is Flynn’s first choice, but he is willing to play in Seattle. So he visits Seattle first, gets them to offer him a deal in the dollar amount that he is seeking. Then he takes the offer to Miami, giving Miami a chance to match it or beat it. If they match it he gets to play where he wants… If they dont match, he goes back to his second choice (Seattle) and gets the money he wants

  9. ‘Flynn seemed like a natural fit in Miami because he already knows Philbin’s offense’
    So who’s offense are they going to run, Philbin’s; or Sherman’s?
    Didn’t they hire him to coach the offense?

  10. seahawks4alltime says:Mar 16, 2012 2:50 PM

    Jon Scheider drafted Matt Flynn.

    Matt Flynn was NOT drafted by Jon Schneider, he was drafted by Ted T.

    Schneider was never the gm for the packers.

  11. Nice comment about seattle weather brutus. No hurricanes in seattle, 90 in the summer and isn’t humid. New york had more annual rain fall then seattle. It is overcast half the year though. But don’t use the weather as miami’s selling point. With a sixty million dollar contract, players can live anywhere they want

  12. I actually like the way Dolphins are handling situation with Flynn…no doubt, he seems like a natural fit…why not sign an incentive based contract and actually EARN the big money? The WR’s in Green Bay’s offense play a vital role in their success as an offense…and Flynn’s success-remains to be seen whether that chemistry can be duplicated…

  13. I hope they dont over pay this guy. If he wont settle for a “prove it,” contract then i hope they let him walk. In a perfect world we wouldnt have to spend a 2nd round pick on Weeden but if this guy wants too much then i say we let him walk. Im dreaming here but it would be awesome if miami landed blackmon in the 1st and weeden in the 2nd.

  14. What they’ve been trying to do with PM since last week was a directive from Ross, you know, the Owner, you know, the guy that signs everybody’s check. And as far as the Fins low balling Flynn that seems a little far fetched. He hasn’t even been to Miami yet. I don’t think they would make him a solid offer before that. Sales 101, you don’t make a solid offer until you’re face to face.

  15. Don’t screw this up Miami. Lots of season ticket holders will not renew if you pass on Flynn. He has been the answer since Philbin came to Miami, and you are lucky he is still interested after being put on the back burner for the 36 year old qb that had 4 neck procedures in 19 months. Thank god Manning is not interested (why would he be after you traded away the best receiver…..duh). Sign Flynn to a minimum 3 yr contract, get rid of Ireland, and let Philbin run the show!!!!

  16. Flynn is a wise man if he chooses to explore all of his options before making a decision.

    Let’s face it, until the draft shows up, he’s the most-sought-after talent at the QB position other than Manning, who can only go to one team. He should use that status for all it’s worth.

    Once Manning decides, Flynn will be joined by Kolb, Tebow, Hasselbeck, or Smith. Still, there’s no reason for Flynn to hurry….nor is there a reason for a team to offer him a Kolb-sized deal.

  17. It seems as if Miami and Seattle are both being prudent with their wallets. We have all seen huge contracts go to unproven quarterbacks over the past few years with poor results for the team. The same fans that are screaming for Seattle or Miami to show their balls and make a deal with Flynn will be the first ones to scream that management was idiotic to sign Flynn if he does not pan out.

    I am a Seahawks fan and want an upgrade at quarterback. If Seattle management thinks Flynn is the guy then I am all for it. I hate to wait another year. But if Flynn is not the answer I don’t want them to give him a deal that hamstrings the franchise for the next few years. Think Arizona.

  18. You guys do realize that Flynn’s agent was probably the one who had someone leak a story that the Dolphins were low balling him. Fully taking advantage of a team whose name has been under tons of scrutiny these past years.

    Tell me you guys aren’t so gullible.

    When you watch ESPN and Schefter is getting a text his sources are just using him to again leverage and $$$$$$$$.

    No inside scoop just duped.

  19. Sherman is pretty clearly going to be running Philbin’s offense… Ross hired Philbin because of his offensive background. Philbin letting Sherman do whatever he wants with the offense would make zero sense.

  20. People….. a little logic here. Why would the Dolphins offer anything at this point without even having Flynn in town? Jason Cole claims a “source” which is already BS; probably a “hawks” fan on twitter under an assumed name to stir up crap. Also, who determines what “low ball” really is? I would imagine that Philbin knows what Flynn is capable of more than anyone else and if he feels Flynn is a better alternative to what the Phins have now, they will strike a deal and won’t let him leave. chillax…

  21. It’s funny how Miami gets all the bad press. The translation of this story is: Seattle low balled me too….
    But Seattle won’t get a story about that.

    Philbin knows better than anyone what Flynn’s ceiling is. I would think the Dolphins are listening to him. But all you experts know a lot better than I do.

  22. Item number one on that incentive-based contract:
    1) Actually beat out Matt Moore in training camp! Seems to be a fair enough request considering he already is familiar with the system, which should give him a huge leg up on Moore-if he can’t do that, he shouldn’t be making crazy cash!

  23. I love all these “weather” comments….do you people really think these guys make decisions based upon the weather????


  24. Perfect day in Seattle today nice and sunny. Just had a baked salmon sandwich in Pikes Market and walked back to work.

    Hitting refresh on phone all day for some news on qb’s.

  25. Getsome99 and jrcoop are on the money. Only Philbin knows his real value to the new system in Miami. Flynn must decide whether he wants to be successful or not. In the long run, if Flynn can do the job, he will make the money in Miami. If he can’t or is unsure of his talents, then he will push Seattle to the limit and take the money and run.

  26. Finally! I have to say while watching all the Stories for weeks and the Manning saga, it is nice to see the focus change. Why would Flynn feel slighted because the Fins made an attempt to sign one of the Greats? He knows full well HE is not in that same category. It is a business. That’s it. I tip my hat to Seahawks Fans, they want him too, but not at the expense of crippling their future financing. Atleast they show class in our verbal quips… Something Jets fans can learn from!

  27. Interesting the comments that Flynn grew up playing in Philbin’s offense in Green Bay. In all honesty, Flynn grew up in Mike McCarthy’s offense. It was McCarthy who established the offensive strategy, and called all the plays. Philbin made sure McCarthy’s plans were executed.

  28. Its obvious now, Miami has been holding this card the whole time. The Peyton thing was their gem distraction and negotiating tool. They wanted Flynn all along.
    Scott Dragos NAI

  29. Nice of him to give his former coach a courtesy visit. Seattle had a better record. They are also in the NFC which Flynn has game planned against. They have deep pockets. Hawks also have an established staff and system. Miami is already talking Tebow which is enough to push another QB away.

  30. A lot of us are forgetting just how good young Matt Moore looked in the second half of 2011. He and the Fins got better as Fitzpatrick, and Sanchez faded badly down the stretch. Philbin may work miracles with him just like he did with Rodgers and Flynn. Moore is a young stud with talent which just needs to develop, from what I saw. Miami may win by losing the Manning/Flynn Sweepstakes. Manning is about selling season tickets though.

  31. This better happen. The 2012 Dolphins need to go into camp with Matt Flynn, Matt Moore, and a QB we like in the draft. It’s time for us to DEVELOP our own QB’s instead of signing the QB someone else didn’t want. I’ve heard the questions about Flynn and they are warranted. However, I saw him make a lot of big-time throws in those games. That’s potential.

  32. Oakland cut half their roster so they can sign Flynn. They are going to trade Palmer to Seattle for 2nd and 3rd round pick plus Tavaris Jackson. You heard it here first. Book it. Mark it down. I have inside information. My cousin’s uncle’s brother’s nephew runs the washing machines at Seattle’s complex.

  33. How come people are saying Miami is “cheap.” They only have 5 million or so cap left (not counting what is needed to sign rookies). They are clearly NOT cheap if they have already spent money!

    They are being prudent. If they overpaid him, Miami fans would have a coronary. Instead, they are giving themselves a stroke for no reason.

    Football fans can be soooooo dumb.

  34. I agree we need to sign Flynn but I think this guy has a little too much hype. He showed potential in those games true. But don’t sleep on my boy Moore. He deserves some credit for what he did last season. Looks like these two in a battle would be a really good camp.

  35. wtfru2 says:Mar 16, 2012 4:17 PM
    “Flynn = This years Kolb…..”

    how many times did kolb impress you when he played for the eagles?

    now, how many times did Flynn impress you when he played for the Packers?

    Now rethink that comparison, cause it makes as much sense as comparing the eagle’s 2011 linebackers to the Steeler’s Linebackers…

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