Report: Raiders releasing Kamerion Wimbley today

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NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi reports that the Raiders will release linebacker Kamerion Wimbley on Friday.

This move has been expected for quite some time. As Florio has explained, the Raiders would have guaranteed Wimbley $17.5 million had they kept him on their roster through Saturday.

While the Raiders are still on the hook for $6.5 million of Wimbley’s $11 million base salary, releasing him saves them $4.5 million in 2012 cap space.

Once Wimbley’s release becomes official, he’ll be the top free agent pass rusher available on the open market. Expect virtually every team that missed out on the Mario Williams sweepstakes to turn its attention to Wimbley.

53 responses to “Report: Raiders releasing Kamerion Wimbley today

  1. “Report: Raiders releasing Kamerion Wimbley today”

    Hasn’t that been reported somewhere every day for the last week?

  2. Ballsy move – That’s what Reggie was brought in to do. Had to be done for long-term financial health of the team. Bravo.

  3. Smart move by Wimbley. Why should he renegotiate? This way he gets $6.5 million from the Raiders for nothing, and he’s free to sign a completely new contract with any of a number of teams that would love to have him. So, he gets a chance to go to a team with better prospects than the Raiders, makes at least as much as he would have had he agreed to renegotiate (maybe more if one of the teams that missed out on Mario Williams is desperate), and he gets a rather nice severance check from the Raiders. Good deal for Wimbley all around.

  4. I like Kam but he’s only got the one shoulder dip move. There were 44 players that had more sacks than he did last season. The media is making him the “Kevin Kolb” of this off season. Just pull the band aid off Reggie and lets get on with it…

  5. The Raiders are a complete mess. No draft picks, letting go of key players maybe they should get on a plane and see if Peyton Manning will throw the ball around for them so it seems like they are at least trying to do something.

  6. Wimbley’s a great Pass Rushing LB, but no way is he worth 11million this year. I think this puts the Raiders 10mil + under the cap. Let’s get some CB’s and Offensive lineman signed now!!

  7. different management, same old Raiders. no contact wirh him for over a week and then releasing. Clearly just held onto him all week to try and hurt his value on the FA market out of spite.

    Now the Chargers or Chiefs will pick him up and he’ll be even more motivated.

  8. Everyone but the Eagles that is, who don’t need linebackers who are pass rushers or safeties. The smartest minds in pro football have found that the game can be played with FIVE FEWER players. Now that’s innovation!

  9. Geez…..when are the Raiders gonna sign somebody. All I see is guys getting cut, but no one being added. Let’s get a couple of CBs signed……..and let’s re-sign Michael Bush.

  10. Effe this guy! Let’s see if he makes 11 mil per year somewhere else. Seems like another player that got lazy after they got paid. We woulda never been in this situation if it wasn’t for that problem in the last year of his contract. Spilled milk i guess, let’s use that money to get some young hungry “playas!”

  11. If he is going to be that sot after in free agency and considering his current contract is worth 1/2 of Super Marios, why cant the Raiders trade him for a 3rd round pick?

  12. jjackwagon says:
    Mar 16, 2012 12:05 PM
    The raiders are always good for a laugh!
    Yes, as opposed the the cheapest team in the NFL, the Kansas City Cheapskates.

    Sucks to be you.

  13. Pats need to snatch him up quickly.

    Can play in the system as he played in Crennel and Mangini’s in Cleveland.

    Linebacker that rushes the passer

  14. Lamarr Houston is a better all around DE and Matt Shaghnessey is a better pass rusher. He wont be missed. I hope he signs with SD so the Raiders can run at him and let Veldheer keep him in check.

  15. Wimberly has been invited to meet with the Bengals next week, and has already received his Greyhound Bus itinerary.

  16. Wimbley has 15 sacks in his 32 game Raider career. Seven of those 15 came in two games. That means he has eight sacks in the other 30.

    He disappears for long periods of time with nothing. This move puts the Raiders at almost 15 million under with Wimbley and Routt being the only two name players gone.

    Solid work by the Raiders front office.

  17. It’s pretty obvious most of you don’t really follow the NFL with your own reseach and observations (i.e., watch the games), but instead just get your information from the media outlet of the day. Bottom line, Wimbley is an average player who cashed in big with a contract out of line with his production. Outside of the Thursday night SD game last year (the one in which all his sacks came against a 3rd string tackle) he did virtually nothing as a pass rusher. In addition, he is bad against the run, overpursuing and not maintaining his gaps. The Raiders will be just fine without him or his inflated contract.

  18. You same people who want Wimbley on your team will be asking yourselves, “why did we sign this guy?”. Be careful what you wish for.

  19. donotquit says:
    Mar 16, 2012 12:31 PM

    Welcome to NEW ENGLAND baby. We have been waiting on you. Bowl Bound in 2012


    I think the Pats already went to the “Bowl” in 2012 . . . it didn’t end well.

  20. As long as he goes to a non divisional opponent, its cool..woulda liked to have kept him. But this is biz and $ talks.

  21. @villa41

    Amen and AMEN.

    He’s either the mediocre player the Browns traded to us for a 3rd round pick or yet another player who suddenly goes soft upon getting paid. My guess? A little of both.

    What happens when you polish a turd? You get sh¡t everywhere. Al has been polishing the same turd for a decade, and Reggie & Co. are now tasked with the cleanup. You can approach such a state of emergency with kid’s gloves or… break out the chainsaw and the full body suit. Looks like Reggie is going for the latter. I love it.

    P.S. Enjoy it while it lasts, Chef, Donkey and Chargeless fans… there won’t be much left of Al’s handiwork to float you each 2 wins a season. You may just have to get it done this year. I’m sure you’ll have no problem: with all the championships you’ve been piling up in the last decade, should be business as usual.

  22. @ joe

    Yes, as opposed the the cheapest team in the NFL, the Kansas City Cheapskates.

    Sucks to be you.


    No it doesn’t suck to be me, once again you are wrong. At least no one mistakes me as Canadian. So which is it, are you really Canadian or are you just Riverside trash?

  23. Bring your skill set to Dallas…… Were…. Rattliff spencer wimbley plus the draft. Look out NFL

  24. He can’t be kept at that price – it’s a no-brainer for both Wimbley and the Raiders.

    McKenzie has to clean up the financial mess he inherited before he can build. Every move made so far screams common sense, which is nice for a change.

    Raider fans relax, you’ll get used to fiscal responsibility and sticking to a business plan. I for one am glad to see it.

  25. Great work in releasing Kam. Reggie you are slowly starting to clean up the mess created by Mr. Davis. He is getting paid elite pass rusher money when he is only a little above average. Get rid of these inflated contracts, build within. We don’t need these big money FA.

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