Vikings keep Fred Evans

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The Vikings, once stout in the middle of the defensive line thanks to the Williams wall, now has only one Williams left, and his career is closer to the end than the beginning.

But they’re trying to keep the current rotation intact.  After re-signing Letroy Guion earlier in the week, a league source says that the Vikings have agreed to terms with Fred Evans.

A six-year veteran, Evans has five seasons with the Vikings following one with the Dolphins.  He appeared in 16 games last season, with no starts.

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  1. That’s still one more Williams’ than singing for the four letter network. Not sure if that’s good or not though.

  2. Fred Evans and Letroy Guion are by no means a Pat Williams. But I am glad they were resigned. Between the two of them, they have a lot more talent than Remi.

  3. Now if we could only get some DB’s!! Besides guys that played Point Guard in College!! Very frustrated with the Vikings this offseason… The Packer and Lions have great passing attacks and then the Bears get Marshall… so to get ready for a pass heavy attack against us we do what?!?! Sign a TE that was injured all year last year to 25 Million Dollars for 5 Years.. If we wanted to spend money on an a guy that was hurt all year it should of been LaRon Landry!!

  4. My favorite franchise has become the laughingstock of professional football… more often the punchline of derisive jokes than mentioned for any positives. I’m now convinced they are tanking in order to skulk away when Ziggy sells the team (soon). All the signs are there since 2009-10. Watch the owner announce that they “can’t get a stadium deal due to the politicians stonewalling it”, and then let us all in on the news that he has already sold the franchise to a group with plans to play out of Toronto or some other odd location. This is a team bereft o talent, lacking character, and it has all the ear marks of a 0-16 or 1-15 team this year. Even if they had signed a bunch of good FA talent, they would suck.

    I am tired and embarrassed by the idiocy surrounding this once-proud franchise. What a joke they have become.

  5. Donavan freakin Mcnabb had more tackles than Remi Ayodele at one point last year… Our DLine would be better if we only lined up 3 guys than to have Remi play DT… If we brought in Denny Green to play DT, it would be an upgrade.

  6. Perfect analysis RC. I would also like to add that there are several other signs the Vikings may be gone soon. Instead of hiring a real General Manager (who would cost real $$), Wilf gave insider Rick Spielman a promotion with a small raise and instead of hiring a big name experienced coach (again real $$), he hired inexperienced and cheap Les Frazier.

    It sure looks like Wilf is postioning himself to sell the team to someone who will move them (providing they don’t get a new stadium).

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