Vikings showing interest in Alan Ball, Geoff Schwartz

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Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the Vikings will host free agent offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz for a team-facility visit on Monday.

Schwartz can play guard and right tackle. He’d likely compete for a starting job inside with the Vikes after the club released Steve Hutchinson and Anthony Herrera last week.

Fowler also reports that the Vikings have expressed interest in free agent defensive back Alan Ball. Ball was the Cowboys’ starting free safety in 2010. He served primarily as a sub-package cornerback in 2011.

20 responses to “Vikings showing interest in Alan Ball, Geoff Schwartz

  1. I’m not pleased that we sat out of the Carl Nicks sweepstakes so we could afford John Carlson & Alan Ball.

    I would have been happier to have at least made Nicks and offer and then drafted a TE or S for the same net $.

  2. Im a Cowboys fan and I’m glad we arent bringing Alan Ball back…as much as I dont care for the Vikes, I would feel bad for them if they signed Ball…he just cant keep up with recievers and has mental lapses…you are better off with Cook and Winfield!

  3. Nicks recieved 47 million with 31 guarenteed, a drafted TE would probobly get 3 years 3-4 million so lets say the two get 50 million combined. Carlson got 25 million with 5 million guarenteed. For it to be even money like you say holdsteady76 Ball would have to get 25 million from the vikes. That is quite the pay raise from his last contract with the cowboys who gave him 1.2 million/ year. Maybe where you went to school 25 million + 5 or 6 million = 50 million but in my world that = about 30 million.

  4. I’m not sure Spielman is off to the best start in his new role as GM. Just sayin…

  5. Imagine that…Vikings always think they are so clever with their pickups…I think you take a look at Laron Landry to put him at outside linebacker…clearly he is bigger than any other LB we have on the team. Also Get Early Doucet a look! We no longer have that unstoppable option in Greg Camirillo…fml

  6. I wanna see landry in purple. I know he gets roasted on pump fakes but he can tackle and be a presence in the backfield that we haven’t had since… Sharper?

  7. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Mar 16, 2012 1:32 PM

    I’m not sure Spielman is off to the best start in his new role as GM. Just sayin…

    Yeah, he’s just doing exactly the same thing that Mr. Ted Thompson would do. I thought teams were supposed to build through the draft?

  8. As a Viking fan, the only thing I can say is “wow”!

    What ever happened to the concept of actually going out and finding quality players who can start for you for the next several years, like the Vikings did with Antoine Winfield and Darren Sharper?

    But with Rick Spielman, who do we get? Guys that remind me of Dennis Green’s glorious reign as the team’s “GM”, where he’d sign guys like John Burrough and Lemanski Hall, and talk about what great players they were, and they couldn’t crack the starting line-up.

    Why isn’t Spielman going after LaRon Landry, or one of the other FA DBs who is currently a starter?

    A name for Zygi Wilf: Bill Polian.

  9. So many stupid fans out there…

    If it were up to them, we would be blowing half our money on big name free agents like those other awesome teams out there! Like the Bengals, Browns, Bills, Bucs, Rams, Redskins, ect, ect. Cause clearly they have the formula for success locked down…

  10. All you whiny Vikings fans……..good grief.
    I’m a Viking fan and I’ll tell you, they could sign Nicks, VJax, Landry, Finnegan AND Mario Williams and they wouldn’t make playoffs.
    In reference to those saying we should just sign quality FA’s like Sharper & Winfield, they were built to win then. You know HOW they got to where they are now? cause all those FA’s signings got OLD & INEFFECTIVE…………not to mention the Vikings may have had $23 million in cap space, but its really only $15, since $8 million has to be alloted to sign your DRAFT CHOICES.
    Signing YOUNG players with upside for reasonable $$ amounts and drafting well will rebuild them faster than overpaying every FA on the planet.

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