Whisenhunt confirms Cardinals are out of the mix for Manning


The Arizona Cardinals seemed like an excellent fit when Peyton Manning hit unrestricted free agency last week. They have a top-three NFL receiver, an up-and-coming running game and defense, and a retractable-roof stadium in one of the league’s weaker divisions.

Manning confirmed his interest in Arizona by paying a visit to Cardinals headquarters last weekend. But it didn’t work out.

“Regarding today’s developments and our quarterback position, acquiring Peyton Manning is no longer an option for us,” Whisenhunt confirmed, referring to Friday’s decision to pay Kevin Kolb’s $7 million roster bonus.

“Since the end of last season, we made it very clear that our plan was to head into 2012 with Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, let the process play out and — like at every position — go with the quarterback who gives us the best chance to win.

“Obviously something very unique and unexpected presented itself. We’ve said it many times: If there’s an opportunity to make our team better, we’ll explore it. … In the end, it didn’t work out, but from our perspective it was very positive and we certainly don’t have any regrets about it.”

47 responses to “Whisenhunt confirms Cardinals are out of the mix for Manning

  1. Kolb had one injury plagued season in Arizona under a brand new offense.

    I’m not so quick to write him off. Let’s get a full off season of work in and see what this kid can actually do.

  2. What did we get for Kolb?………..DRC and a second round pick?………….Happy Eagles Fan Here!

  3. ……..Shanahan also confirmed that the skins were out of the running for Manning. Dan Snyder was looking forward to No. 18 burgundy and gold jersey sales.

  4. Well handled Whiz. Now let’s see if Kolb can master something other than “roll right and throw out of bounds.” Hopefully behind a better o-line…

  5. “We don’t regret it at all”—–if you have to say that out of nowhere…..it makes me think you might regret it a bit. My buddy said that about his latest hook-up.

  6. It was ridiculous to even pursue Manning in the first place, ARZ was never in a good cap position as compared to other teams. You just gave up DRC and pick to get Kolb. What does that say about their talent evaluators? Give up on him after one injury plagued season, someone in the front office should be fired if that’s the case! Now they got to patch things up because they wiffed on Manning lol

  7. Just get our OL together so we can protect him! Don’t want him stubbin his big piggie! May put him out for the season!

  8. “In the end, it didn’t work out, but from our perspective it was very positive and we certainly don’t have any regrets about it.”

    [coach translator] “I would have eaten one of my own b@lls to get him. I tried to get the Base Commander at Luke AFB to scramble a flight of F-16s to bring down Pat Bowlen’s plane, but all we had to offer was a private golf date with Kurt Warner and a game-worn Fitzgerald jersey. I am so bitterly disappointed that I am going to go into my office and curl up under my desk for about 2 weeks.” [/coach translator]

  9. Don’t the Eagles have some bums on their roster that they’ll send to Arizona for their #2 pick? This could become a tradition. Maybe even a new word.

    Kolbifaction … selling your garbage to someone in Arizona at a high price.

    “Dude … what happened to your old junk car.?”

    “I sold it to that guy from Arizona for $2,000.”

    “Woah. Sweet bit of kolbifaction there.”

    Then they both started laughing …

  10. I think the Cardinals handled this in the best way possible. And why do people leave comments that show how little they know? It is a RETRACTABLE ROOF STADIUM. I promise.

  11. hey eagles, didnt we kick your asses last year with the current team we have? O and lets not forget kicking your asses in the nfc championship game either.. freakin dummies.

  12. With the news that Mr. bulbous forehead STILL wants to be the highest paid player in football going forward,

    this isn’t surprising.

    It may not be all about the money, but it is certainly almost all about the money, and the Cardinal’s pile of cash was not large enough, I guess

  13. Manning won’t make it through the season. His elite days are in the past. The Cards dodged a real bullet here. Kolb is a much better choice for now and the future.

  14. Kolb might suck, but stop pretending that DRC is some sort of world beater. He had one good season and he’s been marginal since. Sans injuries, he would be the 3rd best corner on the Cardinals at best. Guy made clear he’s not that interested in working hard to be the best he can … no big loss in my opinion.

  15. If the cardinals let manning walk cause of money straight to San Fran, they should shoot the owner with quarters until he “sees the light”

  16. At least Wiz didn’t claim they weren’t interested in Manning like the Jets did when it was clear he had no interest in them.

  17. ranger40: “I just have to say, I am very proud to be a fan of this organization. Only team I saw handle this in a first class way.”

    How did other teams not handle this with class? Most public opinion about this has been formed by media speculation. It’s the business and the responsibility of each team to acquire the best possible players under the cap.

    How do we know what conversations John Elway has had with Tim Tebow? Or Bud Adams with Matt Hasselback? Or even Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross with Matt Flynn as a “Plan B.” At least 12 teams considered adding Peyton Manning, as they very well should have.

    The NFL is not a congeniality contest… it’s a business. There were/will be 11 losers in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. Accept it and move on to the next one.

  18. ranger40 says:
    Mar 16, 2012 5:13 PM
    I just have to say, I am very proud to be a fan of this organization. Only team I saw handle this in a first class way.

    What have the Broncos done that doesn’t fit your definition of “first class”?

  19. @jenniferxxx
    Any chick with Xxx after their name but doesn’t allow you to view her profile more than likely looks like she should be blocking for Kevin Kolb.
    where did that win get you? Get over it y’all got raped in that deal. Even Eagle hater chunkyxxx would admit our franchise is in a better state than yours. Dec was playing out of position last year. He’ll bounce back. We sold you a lemon for a pro bowl corner and a 2nd round pick. So whose the dummy?

  20. The guy with the forehead soon to be a fivehead is headed to either Denver of Nashville. You have to figure a lifetime deal with the Titans is too good to pass up.

  21. Hey Coach – you’re forgetting the best quarterback on your roster, Rich Bartel.

    Here’s the thing – if I’m wrong about Bartel being the best QB on that roster (which I’m not), then he won’t win the job and won’t play in a regular season game. But if I’m right, he will. Nothing to lose.

    It should be a three way competition.

  22. Kolb is better than Skelton though.

    It’s a classic case of QBs getting too much credit when their team is winning.

    Kolb was better than Skelton in every statistical category last season. The Cards started winning down the stretch because of their defense stepping up its game, not because Skelton turned their fortunes.

  23. @phillys– ha.. laughable, only year DRC was a probowl corner was when he was with us, now what, he would even make the starting secondary..im not worried about the second round pick, as you guys will blow it and have just as many superbowl wins as the cardinals do. youre a typical philly homer. at least we have the pleasure of whippin your ass.

  24. Classy respone from Whisenhunt.

    “Obviously something very unique and unexpected presented itself. We’ve said it many times: If there’s an opportunity to make our team better, we’ll explore it. … In the end, it didn’t work out, but from our perspective it was very positive and we certainly don’t have any regrets about it.”

    That’s the way to handle business. It is a business of upgrade, whether it be a player looking to upgrade salary, or a team upgrading a positions skill. To handle the inquiries of upgrade with class is important.

    Example: How many teams are interested in Shockey? Just like a player, each individual team has a level of lure. Kraft is an exemplary Owner, and most players would love to play for the Patriots. The Cardinals just got a feather in their cap … That’s the way it is done right there.

  25. Miami if out as well. I still see him in Titan uniform.
    Niners maybe but not Denver. To many prayer beads on the field there.

  26. @syncro9z aka captain obvious
    dude you must have dug deep into the archives for that nugget lmao. Drc has only played for us for 1 year
    So obviously he made the pro bowl for Az. That doesn’t change the fact that hes what? A pro bowl corner! And it’s apparent Cardinal fans are losers because Iggle fans don’t take solace in the fact that we beat the champion Giants in Ny with Vince Young but if you wanna grab the lube and rub 1 out cuz you beat us when Djax was suspended, Maclin and Vick got hurt in the 1st quarter by all means, do that. Whatever gives you sweet dreams while your chilling in your snuggie. Washington,Fitzgerald,Peterson, Campbell, and Dockett are the only players worth a SH#T on that team. Your not on our level when it comes to talent. I care more about the Somalian stock market than the Cardinals

  27. Peyton is clearly trying to milk this for as much as he can. The Cardinals had a deadline today with Kolb, and what happens the moment they announce Kolb is returning? Wow, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the 49ers are now interested.

    I bet if Denver or Tennessee were to suddenly say “forget it, Peyton”, all of a sudden you’d have interest from Seattle or Houston. Gotta keep at least three teams involved, after all, or else that price might not get jacked high enough.

    I really liked Favre until towards the end of his career when he left the Packers and became a word I can’t say here. Looks like Peyton is going to take that same route.

  28. Hey, Cards, save your money. This whole manning thing has the makings of a mammoth con job. His throwing is shrouded in mystery because he can’t throw. The $24 million he stole from Irsay last season wasn’t good enough. He’s trying to steal more … he’ll sign with whomever guarantees him the most money. He doesn’t care about a team’s O line or how good the team is. He won’t be playing, just cashing the checks. Greedy Swamp Boy.

    Sister Dulcilia says … “Caveat emptor”.

  29. @phyllis— Is it my imagination or werent we the ones who broke your precious quarterback in half. Your iggles play softy football, you guy can just get out of the way next time we meet so you dont lose any “valuable players”. Dream team…bwahahahahaha

  30. @syncro9z
    Yet Vegas has us at 8-1 and I didn’t even bother looking at the Cardinals numbers cud everybody knows you have a snowballs chance in hell of winning anything. Which is crazy Cu’s you play in the worst division in football. Suck it up bro your team is 2nd rate.

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