Whitehurst returns to San Diego

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In 2010, the Seahawks moved down 20 spots in the second round and gave up a 2011 third-round pick in order to finagle quarterback Charlie Whitehurst from the Chargers.

Two years and $8 million later, Whitehurst is back in San Diego.

The Chargers announced that Whitehurst has signed a two-year deal.  In four prior seasons behind Philip Rivers and Billy Volek, Whitehurst didn’t throw one pass in the regular season.  Both quarterbacks remain on the depth chart.

Whitehurst’s biggest moment came in Week 17 of the 2010 season, when he replaced injured starter Matt Hasselbeck for a playoff play-in game against the Rams.  The Seahawks won the game, and the NFC West title.

And so the Chargers are exactly where they were two years ago, and they avoided having to pay Whitehurst a bunch of money to not play and they enhanced their draft position in 2010 and 2011.

UPDATE 10:23 p.m. ET:  A source with knowledge of the contract tells PFT that Whitehurst’s deal is worth $4 million over two years, with a $1 million signing bonus.