Bengals announce deal with former first-round pick Jason Allen


The Cincinnati Bengals announced Saturday that they have agreed to terms with defensive back Jason Allen.

Allen was the 16th overall pick in the 2006 draft. While he’s come nowhere near meeting the expectations of his draft status, Allen has carved out a respectable, journeyman-type career and can make plays on the ball. He has ten interceptions over the past two seasons.

Allen, 29, can also play both cornerback and safety. If free agent Reggie Nelson doesn’t return, it’s possible Allen would compete for the Bengals’ starting free safety job in training camp.

25 responses to “Bengals announce deal with former first-round pick Jason Allen

  1. Can’t have a team full of all stars…gotta have tested reliable vets at some spots. I will be following cincy on draft day to see if they can capitalize off the palmer trade. They may set themselves up well for the future…

  2. Sign Bush and re-sign Nelson on Monday, draft a corner and guard in first round and this team is better than last year. Still need depth on D-line, and #2 WR. Have plenty of money to Sign the fisher price package to extensions. Hate all you want, we ain’t looking bad.

  3. Pretty bad that you have to state that he was a first round pick, but its the only thing that makes him relevant. He was severely mishandled by the idiots in miami who wanted him to play a different position every year, but the guy has been a corner for years now and still hasnt picked it up. He has all the talent in the world tho, i think Zimmer will be good for his career.

  4. a definite upgrade over Pacman and Jennings. If we keep Pacman, just let him be a return man, which he is always a threat at.

  5. LMFAOROTF Bungles fans calling names??? Dick Satan drafted this bum coming off a dislocated hip at Tenessee. Hope you didn’t pay much? Oh, Wait! That’s a stupid question~!! lololol

  6. Hey Bengal fans, Mile Brown is better than Stephen Ross as an owner. Ross is not committed to winning only making celebrities happy. The COMMON FAN is treated like a SERF.

  7. Hes a great special teamer. He just gets burned a lot playing cb. He finally started making int’s recently, but still gives up too much imo

  8. Hopefully Trent Richardson drops to Bengals, But I have feeling Browns are gonna snatch him up at #4, then he’ll be running through our D for the next decade probably.

  9. On the bright side, you never have to worry about the Bengals over-paying someone and having to cut them in a few years to get under the cap.

    Sign Bush and Porter and draft well and all will be forgotten

  10. With all the cap space you guys have and the fact that you guys made the playoffs last year makes me realize why you dislike your owner sssoooooo much. I CANNOT believe he hasn’t given Nelson what he deserves. I’m a Gator and loved Reggie in college and as a skins fan thought we should of drafted him over Landry. While Landry sat most of the year again because he “knows his body not the doctors” and wont do surgery. He’s gone through the skins drs and two outside orthopedic drs including james andrews who said he needed the surgery and he decided to get a 4th opinion who said he “could” heal with just rest. I would much rather have Reggie any day with his production last year however if Landry could stay healthy and Mike Brown opened up dat checkbook can you imagine Nelson and Landry(IF HEALTHY) side by side now that would be nuts. So have Pauly sign Landry to a 1 year incentive based contract and give Nelson what he deserves and keep building through the draft and the Bengals will end up fighting the Ravens for 1st every year instead of Pitts.

  11. Well he was good in mid-deep coverage this past year but always gave up the short routes that usually converted for first downs. Would of rather seen KJack go then Allen, he made some great picks when needed.

  12. Replacement for Adam “pacman” Jones. I was so disappointed in jones, a former first round pick who never lived up to his talent and honestly I remember in the texans playoff game he got turned around SO bad he was 4 steps behind, and he has always had problems with technique everywhere he has gone. Adam Jones was a bum, who finally is done for in this league. So we signed this guy, prob as a nickel corner. We will need a first round corner, or tracy porter from free agency to make sure we can draft the best player available for the future! Esp if blackmon, or richardson, were to drop low enough. We could always trade down with the 17th pick, a 3rd and 5th rounder (compnsation and ocho trade) and move up to like 10th and get either blackmon or richardson!

  13. While this is technically an addition, I can’t get over the feeling that it’s more accurate to call it planning for failure. It kind of feels like they’ve resigned themselves to the idea that Nelson won’t be coming back, so they’re replacing him with a lesser version of Nelson. In other words, a guy that plays the same positions, but nowhere near as well.

  14. oh dear Lord, please don’t tell me Kubs/Rick Smith think Kareem is the answer!?!? we’re slowly taking steps backwards again, wtf!

    Someone please tell me why the hell Jacoby Jones is still on the team????

  15. b/c Jacoby Jones can run back kickoffs for TDs.
    A few less blocking in the back pentalties would make that obvious.

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