Brandon Marshall’s accuser wants him held criminally accountable


Although new Bears receiver Brandon Marshall says he’s confident he won’t be in any trouble — with the law or with the league office — over the latest allegation that he hit a woman, that woman says Marshall absolutely should be prosecuted.

Christin Myles told the New York Daily News that Marshall punched her in the face for no reason and that he should be arrested and charged.

I want him held criminally accountable for what he did to me,” Myles said.

The incident in question took place early Sunday morning when a fight broke out at a New York City nightclub. Marshall’s side of the story is that the only person he saw get hurt was his wife, who got hit in the head with a bottle. Myles’s side of the story is that Marshall ran out of the club swinging at anyone in the general vicinity, and that she ended up with a black eye from Marshall’s fist.

“My eye still hurts,” she said. “I still have problems with my vision.”

Whether Marshall is held criminally accountable or not, the mere presence of an allegation could be enough to get him suspended under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Marshall has already been suspended once before, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made clear that he’ll crack down on repeat offenders, and that (as in the case of Ben Roethlisberger) an accusation doesn’t have to lead to criminal charges for it to result in a suspension.

40 responses to “Brandon Marshall’s accuser wants him held criminally accountable

  1. The way I see it is if you cant duck a right hook dont be at the club at 4 in the morning.

    Now we’ll get the stories of eye pain and back pain and viet nam flashbacks.

    Sounds like a money grab to me.

  2. BM should be allowed to protect his wife. However, he is civilly responsible if this woman’s vision is affected. She wants some cash.

  3. So, is being married going to conflict with Brandon Marshall living at Jay Cutler’s house to keep him out of trouble like the old days in Denver?

  4. The Bears will regret trading for this nutcase. He needs someone to get his attention, hopefully Goodell will finally tire of Marshall’s antics. According to Marshall, everything is always someone else’s fault.

  5. Sounds like Marshall should learn his lesson and stay out of night clubs. Does he ever punch a man, or just women?

  6. here we go again, i see another “media conviction” coming.
    If someone attacked his wife with a bottle and the NFL punishes him in ANY way its total crap. Hopefully any man would come to his wife’s defense in that situation and if the NFL sees it otherwise they are idiots to put “the game” ahead of someone defending their spouse even at 4am in a club (nothing illegal or immoral about being out at 4 am btw)

  7. He’s not the phins problem any more. Wait till he starts throwing cutler and the rest of the WR under the bus because he’s not getting every ball thrown his way.

  8. Since I got married, I stopped going to night clubs. Why do these rich athletes even go to clubs? Why not invite friends over to the mansion and party there?

  9. Forgive me for not convicting the man already, but I agree with qcsfinest704. All the signs are there:

    1) Unemployed, wanting to get into show business (wants to get into sports broadcasting.) What better way to ‘get noticed’ than to supposedly get beat down by a famous WR who has had previous issues, right?

    2) Doesn’t report the incident until the next day. Because that seems normal, right? Because she was ‘afraid of what he might do.’ Um, ok. Or maybe you didn’t realize it was Brandon Marshall until someone told you at a later time and then you go back to point #1.

    I know the easy thing to do is to throw Marshall under the bus and assume he’s guilty. And, hey, maybe we’ll find out he is. But from the very start this woman has given people a reason to question her credibility and thus far it seems far too many people are taking her at her word…

  10. There’s way too many animals playing in the NFL today, these idiots are out of control.

    Where does it end, will we see mass murders playing soon?

  11. Sticking up for your wife is one thing, clocking a woman is another. He should have called po po and pointed out who did it and charge them.

  12. true true true. fingers and fists you can’t really compare. my guy told me big bum rottenrazenburgher still hasn’t washed his hands. that’s trife. cut ben he’s done save all that cap space and play dixon he’s ready

  13. I have no problems with protecting your wife, but if u hit a lady that wasn’t responsible for that, then u deserve to be prosecuted, period!

  14. seanatch March 17, 2012, 11:09 AM EDT

    Sounds to me like Marshall was protecting his wife after she got hit with a glass bottle….


    Sure, but did he hit the right person? Defending your wife doesn’t mean you can swing at anyone.

    I don’t know who threw the bottle, but I am looking forward for these events to play out so we can see what really happened .

  15. thejuddstir says:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:07 AM
    The Bears will regret trading for this nutcase. He needs someone to get his attention, hopefully Goodell will finally tire of Marshall’s antics. According to Marshall, everything is always someone else’s fault.


    everything always being someone else’s fault… even his own behavior, is the trademark of borderline personality people….

    if you spend millions to hire someone who is the psychologically ideal NON-team player… shame on you

    what a Bear fan should be asking is:
    “you guys knew this guy has this issue, and if he had a bad knee you would have him pass a medical, did you have him examined by a Psychologist before you bet the team on him?”

  16. seanatch said:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:09 AM
    “Sounds to me like Marshall was protecting his wife after she got hit with a glass bottle….”


    Marshall makes his living with his hands, it would be pretty stupid on his part risking injury and his livelihood if he did indeed punch someone.

  17. I just don’t want to see the “Days Without An Arrest” sign go back to zero right now….

  18. tmara1961
    Are u kidding, he and his wife have life threatening violent acts that have been committed to one another.
    But this time he is innocent???
    I am sure, and hasn’t learned a thing. Even after he and his cousin started the fight and were the intended victim of the drive by shooting that killed a teammate!
    But not this time out at nearly 4am
    Pull ur head out of your a$$
    The league needs to put him out of football and make him deal with these life threatening issues this young man has.

  19. If Marshall’s wife was injured … there should be documentation and it greatly improves his defense.

    In a bar fight like that everyone is drinking, you cannot take the word of an accuser at face value. The security tapes, independent witnesses, they all will fill in the pieces.

    If I were Marshall’s lawyer I’d release information about his wife’s injuries if there were any.

  20. Granted, I’ll be biased because I’m a Bears fan..

    But, don’t ya think if you were to got punched in the face at a club.. you’d report it immediately?

    It just seems like a money grab to me.. Apparently his story checks out.

    But I can totally see why (given brandon’s past) that he’d be accused of something like this.

  21. Tmara1961, your a hater. This lady sounds like a gold digger and if im protecting my wife, just lucky the whole bar didn’t get a beat down. You must live a safe comfortable life which is why you have no idea what it’s like to be a millionaire who just wants to be out for a night. He was targeted, sick people are out there and Marshall isn’t one of them.

  22. Here’s the bottom line: Even if Brandon Marshall is proven innocent in this incident (and I hope that’s the case), he’s still at fault for being in a bar! We can all play the “victim” card and most of us do, but we put ourselves in these situations and therefore, we are the only one’s who can do something about it! Friendly advice for Brandon Marshall; stay home and read good books, listen to motivational leadership material and associate with people who have character and truly have your best interest in mind! It works as sure as gravity does! How do I know this?? I played at the NFL level, I used to do these things!!! When the pain of change becomes greater than the pain of staying the same, people will CHANGE! God bless you Brandon, make your life count!

  23. One scenario is for the woman to create enough attention so Marshall can agree to a settlement in my opinion.

  24. “Since I got married, I stopped going to night clubs. Why do these rich athletes even go to clubs? ”

    Was the after party for the charity event that Marshal was the key note speaker for

  25. A fancy club in NYC has to have this all on video. This will wash out the lies. Marshall’s a nutbag and so’s his woman. She stabbed him last year. I wonder what he did to make her stab him, or is she just fruit loops too? As for not reporting it til the day after, I did that once in the 70’s. I was advised to report it in case there was any repercussions later. If you don’t report it and the other party does, you’re the guilty one. It is a good point though, doesn’t this guy ever fight with a man?

  26. Seriously I really hope this latest bears receiver doesn’t show up in a parking lot with a bag full of cash and a problem …

  27. So apparently the accuser skipped out on a meeting with NYPD detectives, who still don’t feel the need to talk with Marshall.

    Someone set the table for thousands; the crow has been thrown into the oven.

  28. Hard for some people to eat baked crow until they remove their foot from their mouth. (So I’ve heard, anyway.)

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