Green-Ellis hopes deal with Pats gets done

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Predictably, the market for running backs with reducing tread on their tires no longer is what it once was.  And so many of the available tailbacks are ending up with their tails between their legs.

The demand simply isn’t there.  Peyton Hillis, who left plenty on the table last season in Cleveland, had to settle for a one-year, $2.6 million deal.  Most aren’t even getting a sniff.

Fortunately for Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis (a/k/a the Guy Who Never Fumbles), two teams are interested.  The Patriots, his only NFL home through four seasons, and the Bengals.

Green-Ellis dropped (not spiked, dropped) the puck at a minor-league hockey game Friday night between the Springfield Falcons and Portland Pirates.  He spoke to Nick Underhill of about the current career uncertainty.

“It’s a different process.  It’s not something that I’ve been through,” Green-Ellis said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I just have to sit back and wait for things to unfold.”

The good news is that negotiations are ongoing with the Patriots.  “It’s not a perfect world,” Green-Ellis said as to whether he’d like to stay.  “I just know that both sides are working on it and hopefully things get done.”

If it doesn’t get done in New England, it could get done in Cincinnati.  That’s his only visit so far in free agency, but that’s more than many of the free-agent running backs can say they’re taking.

16 responses to “Green-Ellis hopes deal with Pats gets done

  1. I can’t possibly see how Pats wouldn’t retain him given public knowledge

    An underrated RB on a prolific passing offense. Great ball control. Hard working, north-south running and seemingly a professional, good teammate. Himself, Ridley, Woodhead (3rd down, scat back)… no reason to tinker with that.

  2. More visits and interest than cedric benson has generated, Benson has been done since middle of the 2010 season, and there were still some idiot fellow bengals fans defending him!

  3. solid guy… will come cheap too… not dazzling but a very solid role player…
    him hernandez and woodhead make a solid trio… ask the jets!

  4. .

    The Patriots like running back by committee. It allows for a different style back to match up with a particular style of defense.

    Additionally, I think the Patriots realize that three 700 yard guys are cheaper and less prone to injury than one 2,000 yard guy.


  5. I’d just be happy if the commentators would stop using his entire name every time he gets near the ball. The 180 syllables over and over again get very annoying.

  6. “Green-Ellis dropped (not spiked, dropped) the puck at a minor-league hockey game Friday night …”

    That’s exactly the kind of player Green-Ellis is. Not flashy, but gets the job done anyway. I’m glad the talks are still continuing with New England. He’s a keeper.

  7. This is certainly worth what Hillis got, if not more.

    Never fumbles, not a head case.

    With the way the position has been devalued in today’s NFL, I have one thing to say:

    Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be tailbacks.

    And yes, I realize I just made a pop culture reference that will go completely over the heads of 75% of the posters here.

  8. If he comes cheap then I say resign him. I’m kind of excited to see what ridley and vereen can do. If he leaves, michael bush is a nice consolation prize

  9. I love this kid… him love him love him. It will break my heart if he moves on, but I will always root for him. Every team needs reliable, hard working, great character, consistent players, even if they aren’t elite. That’s Benny to a T.

  10. People that think Hillis is over rated are in for a big shock this year. Only Denver used him half right, but their coaching changes left him with the loser clowns. He has hands as good as ANY WR as well as a running back with bruising power. That’s a hard combination to top.

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