Jets make offer to Reggie Nelson

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The Jets are looking for a safety.  And they think they’ve found one.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets have made an offer to veteran Reggie Nelson.

Nelson’s agent, Hadley Englehard, told Mehta that Nelson will consider the offer and make a decision with 24 hours.

Nelson, a first-round pick in 2007, was traded to the Bengals by the Jaguars in 2010.

The Jets are expected to host LaRan Landry on Sunday.  Theoretically, the Jets could sign both, putting Landry at strong safety and Nelson at free.

Or, given his size lately, Landry could play nose tackle.

20 responses to “Jets make offer to Reggie Nelson

  1. Great move to try to lock this guy down first. If they can get both Landry and Nelson, the Jets secondary will definitely be in the top 3 in the league.

    On top of this, I would love to see them go after Braylon Edwards and/or Jerricho Cotchery to pair with Holmes, Kerley, and Keller. Then sign a right tackle and draft a middle linebacker.

    I know its asking a lot from Mr. T, but if he, Rex, and Mr. Johnson truly are committed to winning, they have to make these moves. Otherwise the Jets will continue to be a second-rate franchise.

  2. Chaz Schilens is the starting receiver. The sooner Jets fans accept that, the easier it will be. The only way that changes is if we draft Floyd or similar at the top of the draft.

  3. lol reggie wants to play for the fins bad, but they havent even made him an offer, him and laron landry hahaha, laron cant even stay healthy

  4. Sorry, NYJ fans thank you negotiating the contract for the Cincinnati Bengals. Reggie knows his best spot is in Zimmerman’s defense. The Jets best days are behind them now. RIP Jet fan.

  5. Lets hope he signs. He would make a good centerfielder in Rex’s system and I think he will do a good job. Idk about Landry thogh. His achilles was shot and he wants to play through it? I dont want another Kris jenkins situation where we get a top FA that makes our defense really good when he is on the field but only plays 9 games every 2 seasons.

  6. Reggie said he doesnt like how the bengals have treated him all off season and then tried to rush a deal without any discussion. Mike Brown is a cheap skate and Reggie will be much happier with the Jets. They do things in a first class manner depsite what the outside perception is. Their facility is tops in the NFL in a really nice area and the management is filled with good people. People need to stop pretending like they know anything that goes on in that building

  7. carterious1. Where did you hear that Reggie Nelson hasnt liked how he’s been treated by the Bengals all offseason??!! If anything he should
    thank the Bengals and Mike Zimmer for reviving his career.

    If he was so impressed he would’ve just signed the deal. Instead he’s considering it and will give an answer in the next 24 hrs. Probably giving the Bengals time to match or better the offer.

    You should take your own advice and stop pretending like you know anything that goes on
    in ANY NFL building.

  8. I’m encouraged at least by the fact that Nelson didn’t just the offer right away. Makes me think that he’s at least giving the Bengals a chance to match, which I hope they do if the offer isn’t crazy. Then again, if the offer was crazy he’d probably have already signed it.


  9. Getting someone from the Bengals defense is a positive addition to any team. They held scores low, like the 49ers and Ravens, which was very impressive.

    Dont know who he is, but if he helps the Jets by giving Sanchez a chance by keeping it a low scoring game, then I say what could it hurt?

  10. whodey420: I guarantee I know a lot more than you do. I actually know reggie nelson. The only reason reggie is contemplating is because of money. the jets dont have a lot of cap room so he has to weigh whether or not he will take the best money offer from another team or take a little less and go to the jets. if he chooses the jets thats all you will need to know about your organization. he would have chose the jets over the bengals and took less money

  11. Carterious1: does Reggie really think the Jets are in a better situation than the Bengals? They revived his career and he might walk for less money to the Jets?? really? C’mon man!

  12. whodey28: Yeah cause all the credit for him having a good year is the bengals and he didnt have to work hard at all. Sometimes its more than just football. Its also a business. Everyone knows the bengals owenership and front office are a joke. Its not secret around the league. Thats why you dont see top free agents dying to go to Cincinatti. Its more of a last resort location. No offense to you as a fan but those are just facts

  13. Reggie Nelson would be a monster addition to the jets D… Finally there going after needs instead of names

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