Lions keep trusty backup quarterback Shaun Hill

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Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has been monitoring the movements of Shaun Hill closely because the team Thomas covers, the Rams, were showing significant interest in the free agent quarterback.

On Saturday, Thomas reported that Hill agreed on a two-year contract to stay put in Detroit.

Hill barely played last year because Matthew Stafford stayed healthy, but things were different in 2010. Hill started ten games with Stafford nursing a shoulder injury, and posted a 16:12 touchdown-to-interception ratio with a solid 61.8 completion rate. Hill makes good decisions and has mastered coordinator Scott Linehan’s offense.

It was always in Hill’s best interest to stay with the Lions because they have a dynamic supporting cast and he can succeed in the system if Stafford goes down again. While no NFL teams view Hill as a legitimate starter, he’s one of the top backup quarterbacks in the game.

22 responses to “Lions keep trusty backup quarterback Shaun Hill

  1. THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS did right now they need to get a young QB for development to one day trade for picks 1/3 of NFL teams need a QB

  2. He’s the perfect guy for the backup role. Super supportive for the starter, can help with the starter’s preparation, and can win a few games for you if the starter goes down. Just a really good guy to have around. I wish the Niners had never traded him for a pack of gum.

  3. The Lions used to be one of the teams making big Free Agent splashes. That’s because they had to overpay guys to get them to come into a miserable situation. Now, the signings are quiet and, astonishingly, mostly in the vein of re-upping their own players. What’s more, other teams are signing guys that were in the Blue & Silver last season (Eric Wright/Drew Stanton).

    I don’t know if this will necessarily translate into wins this fall but, finally, it does have the feel of a legitimate organization.

  4. And on the not so good note. the lions also signed LT Jeff backus to a 2 year deal. Just what we need an average lineman up in age comming off of Tricep surgery.

  5. I’m very glad Shaun Hill was resigned. I wish we had also been able to keep Drew Stanton.

  6. Good signing. They needed to get that spot taken care of. I figure the Lions let them both test the waters and would try and keep the other one whoever signed first. Hill’s a good backup that keeps the offense moving and puts points on the board. He might not look pretty doing it, but he can get it done. Now lets see what Mayhew does to plug the rest of the holes.

  7. Shaun Hill has been a very good back up for a few years in the league. He has been with Detroit for a little while and he knows the offense and is an experienced veteran. Perfect for what Detroit needs in a #2 QB. It will be interesting to see what they do for a #3 QB because Stafford does have the injury past, so having a decent #3 is necessary for them.

  8. Anybody know what Hill’s contract was for? Backus was 2 years 10 million. 13 million – 5 = 8 mil.
    8 mil – 4(about what the rookie pool is = 4
    4 – Hills contract( he got 2 last year I think) and doesn’t look like Tulloch’s getting 6 mil a year……

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