Lions re-sign Jeff Backus

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Jeff Backus has started all 176 games at left tackle for the Lions since he was Matt Millen’s first draft pick in 2001. And now Backus is back for more.

The Lions have announced that Backus, an unrestricted free agent, has signed a two-year contract.

Backus had an up-and-down season in 2011, and there was talk that the Lions would seek an upgrade at left tackle in free agency. And it’s still possible that they will, or that they’ll draft a potential starting left tackle. But for now Backus can be penciled in at the same place he’s been for 11 years, as the starting left tackle.

Although Backus suffered a torn biceps in the Lions’ playoff loss to the Saints, he is expected to be healthy in plenty of time for training camp.

18 responses to “Lions re-sign Jeff Backus

  1. Voted the best left tackle in the NFC North by his peers…….screw the haters.

  2. What the happened to Marcus McNeil? I guess that they signed Shaun Hill and Backus at the same time because Backus may be the reason we need Hill.

  3. By resigning Backus, and really with all of the contracts he’s put together, Mayhew is sending a message to players who are considering coming to Detroit — come here, play decently, and you can make long term plans to be a Lion.

    For that reason, and to for the positive impact this will have in the locker room, I think this was a very good move by Mayhew.

    The way Jared Allen made a fool of Backus was painful to watch (and probably more painful for Stafford), but Jared Allen has made a fool of a lot of OL. A lot people said Backus actually played well against Allen that game, even with the 3 sacks.

    We could do a lot worse!

  4. Smart to get Jeff back. Those “fans” chattering about this particular component of the o-line know nothing about offensive line play.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  5. A solid OT, routinely voted by his peers as tops at that position in the NFC north. And theres a lot of pass rushers in the north that can make you look bad. But he is getting old, if the right guy is available in the 1st, I’m all for drafting his eventual replacement.

  6. Price/Value equation folks. Obviously there are better LT in the NFL, but maybe not better than him in FA. And probably not for the money. It’s the devil you know…

  7. Didn’t even sniff around Levi Brown? I really was hoping this would the year the Lions finally make a serious upgrade on the OL. You can almost guarantee no OL in the first 3 rounds of the draft. Geez, even Millan drafted a few. More receivers and RBs anyone?

  8. Should have signed Mcneill. Mayhew stated he wanted to run lions like how patriots are ran. N.E. would not have re-signed an over the hill tackle who almost weekly gets his Quarterback killed…….

  9. Lions are looking to draft OTMike Adams or Jonathan Martin this could just be a depth move for Lions.

  10. rockbottom37 says:Mar 17, 2012 9:13 PM

    Lions are looking to draft OTMike Adams or Jonathan Martin this could just be a depth move for Lions.

    The Lions might draft Adams or Martin but Backus would still start. Neither are good enough to step right in and start.

  11. McNeil has had trouble passing physicals, has been a turnstile in his own right, and would have cost more.

    Backus 2 for $10 mil, probably could cut him next year if they draft a replacement. This is good management of talent vs the cap.

  12. The game that Jared Allen went crazy in we threw the ball like 55 times. In baseball you can fail 7 times out of 10 getting a hit and still be an all star. But Backus gave up 3 sacks on 55 drop backs and he got killed for it. It was hard to watch but there is a reason that Allen said Backus is one the best tackle that he has gone against, because those 52 times when Allen don’t get to the qb Backus is probably pushing him around like a rag doll. I’m happy to have him back

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