Lloyd negotiations not about team vs. agent, yet

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The reports of the Patriots trying to drive down the money currently being sought by receiver Brandon Lloyd caused us to point out the existence of long-standing bad blood between the team and Lloyd’s agent, Tom Condon.

A source with knowledge of the negotiations says that past problems are not undermining the negotiations.  Yet.

The source says that two teams are in the hunt for Lloyd — the 49ers and the Patriots.  A deal can happen in either place.

Or, obviously, in a third city, if someone else jumps into this.

That said, the Pats know that Lloyd wants to play with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. At a certain point, there’s a dollar value that applies to that.

Especially since Lloyd already has hinted that he’ll take less to play for the Patriots.

12 responses to “Lloyd negotiations not about team vs. agent, yet

  1. Yeah, Pats will be sliding soon… like in 4 or 5 years. Keep telling yourselves that, if it makes you feel better.

    Get the Lloyd deal done, please, and go defense in the draft. Can’t wait for the draft. Pats are gonna be loaded in 2012. LOADED.

  2. Ya, the Patriots slide started this year. But since they had that dog schedule, they beat one team all year with a winning record (actually, that team-Baltimore, beat themselves) and lost to a mediocre Giants team-twice.

    You saw the real Tom Brady in his last 2 playoff games. Garbage. Win a big game by more than a last second cheesey field goal.

    Who were the cartoons on this site talking about Brady after the Denver game?

    -“Did you see the look in his eye?”
    -“He was an assassin!”

    After the last 2 playoff games:

    -did you see the look in his eye after all the stupid mistakes a highschool qb would make?

    -assassin? more like assinine

    Wake up call this year, peeps.

  3. @mullman

    Every year the Pats are “finished” and “sliding” and “getting old.” Every year, they win the AFC East and compete in the playoffs.

    Forgive me if I laugh when you claim that one of the most consistent teams in recent history is suddenly not a contender anymore

  4. @sweetzinger

    You are obviously a moron. The Pats have been one of the best franchises over the last decade or so and will continue to be until Brady and Belichick retire.

    Keep hating, it won’t change anything.

  5. @mullman7675

    Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    Pats have a great group of young core players, four picks in the first two rounds. Hall of Fame coach and QB. Anybody who thinks a slide is imminent needs to get his/her head checked.

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