Manningham lands in San Francisco


Receiver Mario Manningham spent the first four seasons of his career catching passes from Eli Manning.  Manningham could spend the next two catching them from Eli’s big brother.

A league source tells PFT that Manningham has agreed to terms with the 49ers on a two-year deal.

Manningham also had been in negotiations with the Rams.

The moves comes at a time when Peyton Manning is in the last days (we think) of selecting his next team.  The finalists (we think) are the 49ers, Titans, and Broncos.

Manningham joins a depth chart that includes Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss.

In his final game with the Giants, Manningham caught a 38-yard pass along the sidelines on the first play of the Super Bowl-winning drive.

A third-round draft choice in 2008, Manningham has 160 career regular-season catches for 2,315 yards and 18 touchdowns.

153 responses to “Manningham lands in San Francisco

  1. Damn, that’s gonna be a good team and definitely a tough out in the playoffs.

  2. Now manning is coming…with that defense there going have to implement a mercy rule.

  3. “In his final game with the Giants, Manningham caught a 38-yard pass along the sidelines on the first play of the Super Bowl-winning drive”

    And screwed up on another 2.

  4. Ive never liked Manningham because he has a big mouth and his play is very inconsistent. The Niners front office has been pretty good lately at talent evaluation so I’m sure they have an idea of what their getting with Manningham but if I were a GM I wouldnt want him on my team.

  5. Whether its Smith or Manning, I’m glad the 49ers added a solid (and apparently clutch) pass catcher.

  6. aw man, how does Peyton NOT sign with San Fran now? Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, Manningham, and Vernon Davis. Monster receiveing corps.

  7. Wow.

    What Manning did with his receivers not named Wayne, Clark or Harrison makes a corp of receivers like Moss, Crabtree, Manningham and Davis look very inviting.

    If he signs, and they all click as a unit; No reason this team shouldn’t be 19-2 at the end of 2012.

  8. Big signing, this whole Peyton drama had me worried as WRs continued to sign elsewhere.

  9. I’m not going to point out the relationship between this move and signing Peyton…it’s too obvious and would just make me look stupid.

  10. Lots of 49ers fans will be happy about this move. Count me as not one of them, but he is still an overall upgrade to the corps. Just not a #1 like we need

  11. Sure hands in the building the invite me know something we don’t know what was fever with high school team that is unsure of the quarterback situation hmm. that was not a question.

  12. Your gonna tell me Reese couldn’t sign Mario for two years? Obviously, this contract is to confirm his production. He’s a young guy and with the injuries on our wide receivers we’ve suffered throughout last season, Reese should have brought him back.

  13. You just wanted to run the headline “Manning(ham) lands in San Francisco.”

    Gotcha, huh huh

  14. If this move is in anticipation of signing Manning it would be a shame if Manning does the same thing to the 49ers that he did to the Dolphins.

  15. I liked it better with Kyle Williams as a starter. He can still muff punts, can’t he?

    /Seahawks fan

  16. Mario: “Yo, Eli, you gotta tell me… Is your brother going to San Francisco?”

    Eli: “Maaan… you didn’t hear it from me… and you gotta deny it for a couple days… but yeah.”

    Mario: “I’m going, going, back, back to Cali, Cali!”

  17. jesus. they also have vernon davis. peyton manning will not pass this up.

    and he will for once be on a team that has a great defense. he probably would have won 3 or 4 superbowls if he had a defense that could stop somebody.

  18. manningham who? what’s the excitement about signing a 3rd string wr and 9ers technically don’t have a quarterback signed yet…9ers better hope Peyton or Alex sign cause it will be funny if 9ers lose both with this uncertainty of who will lead this team.

  19. If San Fran thinks Manningham can translate the Giants playbook to them, boy are they in for a surprise. After four years he was still running the wrong routes and options. Good luck 9ers. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Peyton is not going to a NFC team and when he doesn’t go to SF and they grab Alex Smith back, his confidence is going to be right back where it was before Harbaugh came along. They should have just stuck it out with Smith and given him more weapons not named Crabtree. Only time will tell.

  20. The Saints will need to reinstate the bounty program, and maybe sooner than later if Peyton also signs on. These guys could be a good play late in the season for winning the SB, like the Giants were in week 16 at 30 to 1. Mark it down, boys.

  21. peoplesrepublic0fdabayarea says:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:38 PM
    we now know your playbook, NY vagiants

    “Vagiants”? How funny. Please remind us all who beat the ‘9’ers in the NFC title game last year. What does that say about YOUR team if they can’t beat a team called the “vagiants”?

  22. you pesky PFT you…almost had me spitting out my coffee and dancing like a maniac. but then i saw the “ham” at the end…

    still, great signing. from ginn, kyle williams, and crabtree to crabtree, manningham, and moss. and don’t forget frank gore and vernon davis. wow.

  23. Additionally, you want to bet that the “vagiants” might add a play or 2 to their playbook? What, you think the plays never change? Boy, you’re stupider than your humor might indicate.

  24. Why the excitement? Moss and Manningham? A #3 receiver and a guy that played for 3 teams in one year 2 years ago and is 35 yrs old.

  25. Crabtree, Moss, Manningham and Williams is a pretty solid core of WRs. None of them are elite, but it is an upgrade from the Crabtree/Williams only option Smith had at WR last year (especially in the tittle game).

  26. 49ervision says:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:50 PM
    Sure hands in the building the invite me know something we don’t know what was fever with high school team that is unsure of the quarterback situation hmm. that was not a question.
    I’m sorry. No one on this planet understands a word that you said.

  27. First off does no one remember last season’s “Dream Team”? Second of all besides Vernon Davis there isn’t an elite target in that group. Crabtree has been a disappointment since college based on the hype surrounding him, Randy Moss is not 2007 Randy Moss but rather and “old” guy that did not play a single down in the NFL last season, and Manningham made a great catch in the Super Bowl and is a decent receiver, but he is not elite. All you fans crowning the Niners already, with or without Manning need to wake up and realize it is only March and what looks good on paper and what ultimately happens on the field of play are generally two mutually exclusive propositions. Remember how many people picked the Rams to win the NFC West last year, or for the Bucs to compete, or for the Jets to be Super Bowl bound? Enough said…

  28. Regardless of Manning being there or not! They will be dangerous!

    What an upgrade they have made to the WRs corps from last year, that’s what you call using you cap space intelligently.

    Grabbing Moss on a 1yr “prove it” deal was crucial! A lot of upside and minimal down side, cut him if he gives problems and move on!

    I really like Harbaugh and the in which he conducts his business!

    49ers you got a winner there!

  29. So he said he wanted out of NY because he wanted more balls thrown his way… Yet goes to where Crabtree,Davis, moss, and gore are. Thanks for the great 4 years MM.

  30. He’s not Mike Wallace, but Manningham is surely better than Brandon Lloyd, who also got a contract offer from the 9ers (ugh).

    Manningham actually had a better year in 2010 (65% catch-rate, 5.7 YAC) than 2011 (51%, 2.6). But even in 2011, Manningham ranked higher than Lloyd according to several metrics, including ANS ( Manningham #34, Lloyd #61; and FO (Football Outsiders): Manningham #59, Lloyd #67.

  31. I love Randy…still and I’m a Pats fan. Moss, Crab & Manningham w/ Sf running game & D, Niners will be very good team, Smith or Peyton @ qb regardless.

  32. Talented player, but not always motivated and his mind isn’t always on football. Wish him the best tho and hope he can reach his potential in SF. #focus

  33. Sign Wallace and Manning and the 49ers are the 49ers of old as far as winning consistently and winning rings. Frank Gore is a beast Vernon Davis is a BEAST add Dallas Clark as a 2nd and the NFC is toast. Hate that as a Colts/Bears fan, but as a Manning fan, it is coming. Four years of 49er dominance.

  34. Huh…. Who would thunk that Prag Marate was actually good for something. After all the messed ups he did within the past few seasons like the whole challenge flag crap etc., he finally is good for something.

    I guess his salarycapology is working by all these signings.

    I hate to say it but… GO PRAG!!!!


  35. Hmm.. but wouldn’t this seemingly lower your cap space, and make Manning that much harder to get, depending on what Manningham was paid, and if Peyton is partly in this for a big pay out?

  36. It is kind of strange that the two Giants who made the most important catches in their last two Super Bowl wins (Tyree and Manningham), never played another down for the team.

  37. Also, I still see Tennessee getting him. Familiarity is key with him, and that’s what Tennessee offers.. plus with Peyton as methodical as he has been do you really think he’d sign on to go somewhere he’s never really been? Didn’t tour their facilities.. nothing.

  38. If Peyton signs with the Niners will it be the most talented team that Peyton has ever played on?

    That is a serious question, I’ve only been watching football closely since 2004 and I know none of the teams that he has played on since then had the talent of this current Niners group.

  39. How are they going to afford Manning after this? With the contract the Broncos are offering $90M with ~25-$30M each of the first years, it appears mathematically impossible for the 9ers. Unless you’re talking the biggest signing bonus in history.

  40. Good move Niners! Now we can draft a guard in the first and I’m hoping they draft Adams from Arkansas or Page from Toledo to replace Ted Ginn. They are both decent receivers with great return ability and they could probably get one of them in the 3rd or 4th round.

  41. @Daknight93 that’d be ironic they better lock smith down. Peyton knew where he was gonna go before this story leacked. Hes rocky top bound. They know it. Broncos know it.

  42. peoplesrepublic0fdabayarea says:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:38 PM
    we now know your playbook, NY vagiants

    Really. Really? I can’t get away with calling out Lee Harvey Oswald, errrrrrrr, Michael David Smith. But vagianrs? wow


  43. andreweac says: Mar 17, 2012 11:49 PM

    Didn’t Manningham, who attended Michigan, get a 6 on the Wonderlic?

    Don’t you make $8.00/hr. at Burger World? He’s not paying to watch you, moron.

  44. The dis on Ted Ginn in the previous story is that he’s small (5’11″/180) and he plays without physicality.

    Manningham is 5’11″/183…..

  45. What’s with the peyton talk? manningham is an excellent pick up by the niners but they don’t have a quality qb signed as of now. That offensive line will get rushed all day

  46. As a giants fan, I cannot wait for another manning to escort him off the field yelling as he runs another bad route or steps out of bounds on a pattern, blowing a TD. Or forgetting to catch the ball as he runs. He has made some nice plays but 100 bad ones in between. The good news is, he can still wear those red ruby slippers bc it still matches the niners unis. Those always helped when his toes were on the line and out of bounds on replays. My fav manningham interview was “y’all keep talkin bout those bad routes but I ran much worse routes that game and y’all ain’t sayin nothin about those” hell be missed…but not too missed.

  47. All I can say is I can’t wait to play with my 49ers on MADDEN 2013!!!! LOL This will be a season to remember whether Peyton or Alex leads this team or Josh Johnson or whoever!!! And just think we still have the Draft to improve this powerhouse team even more!!! LOVIN IT, peace!

  48. babyhorsemorgan says: Mar 17, 2012 11:45 PM

    Will he set a new standard for earnings by a person who scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test? The world waits with bated breath.

    ..u criticize someone for a low Wonderlic test score and you can’t even spell “baited”?


  49. Let’s play a little game okay pftnation…. Go back and look at the last 4 players I’ve spewn venom about in the last 3 months. now I’m VERY selective when it comes to putting people on blast. This list reads…

    Randy Moss: they say he wants to comeback. I called him the leagues biggest quitter… San Fran signs him.

    Perrish Cox: Dude that case wad BAD. He blatantly lied to the authorities. I refered to him as a scumbag and said teams would avoid him like the plague. San Fran signs him.

    Mario Manningham: they said he wanted #1 WR money…. When I stopped laughing I said he was overrated and he was never rated very high…. san fran signs him

    And lastly…. Peyton Manning: das wunderkind! Everyday and in nearly every post PM was mentioned here. It wad sickening! I said he was wayyyyyy too much of a gamble….. San Fran is about to sign him.

    Im gonna go out on a limb and say no SB this year for SF. 😉

  50. cantgetenoughfootball says: Mar 17, 2012 11:34 PM

    its good to see the 9ers in the mix for a change but still cant compete with the boston Te party

    The Giants can, and OWN you. SADDOWN SOMEWHERE. This story has nothing to do with New England. Let SF fans enjoy their moment, sheesh.

  51. mrmarcus55 says: Mar 17, 2012 11:35 PM

    Now manning is coming…with that defense there going have to implement a mercy rule.

    Not necessarily. They played ball control in 2011 because of Alex Smith’s inadequacies. Manning is obviously an upgrade. They won’t run the ball as much IF Manning goes there and IF/WHEN they gain traction with that offense. However, their defense won’t be sneaking up on anyone (ehem, Aldon Smith) like last year, either. They’re going to be terrific, but there’s a reason they didn’t want to go to Green Bay (not the mindset of winners) and the Giants already know how to beat them.

  52. The Super Niners with Peyton Manning have a chance to be on the dominant teams in league history next year. This team will crush anything that stands in its way. If Peyton joins this team the Niners are your next superbowl champs. Book it chumps.

  53. redguy12588 says: Mar 17, 2012 11:44 PM


    What does this have to do with anything related to Mike Wallace lmao? If anything, it further confirms that he ISN’T going back to PIT. You’ll see in about three weeks. You aren’t going to have cap space appear out of thin air, no matter how many more guys you cut. And he ain’t settling for a tender nor are those guys willing to tag him and still lose him next year.

    SF would have yielded a back-end 1st round pick, so they weren’t going to trade with SF anyway. It will be a middle of the pack or a bad team IF PIT DOES trade Wallace in lieu of his becoming a RFA.

  54. Danario Alexander and Danny Amendola are celebrating as they prepare to masquerade as starting WR’s for another season.

  55. I think we are going to learn something about Peyton Manning with his decision. What does he want?

    Money: Broncos. They have the most cap space and are perhaps the most inclined to massively overspend on him.

    Love: Titans. He is the favorite son of Tennessee. He could underperform there and still be loved. It would be like going home. They love him so much they want him to be part of their organization forever.

    Rings: Based on the 2011 season the 49ers are in the best position to make a serious run at the the superbowl. They were two muffed punts away last year. The packers, saints, and giants are tough competition, but he would have a good shot to win it all. There is the possibility he may compete with his brother in the playoffs, but if he decides against the NFC for that reason, he could regret it if the 49ers are in the playoffs and the Giants aren’t or are out early with a loss to a different team.

    this is going to be interesting!

  56. Good overall WR, I can’t argue…. but still, let’s not forget how “paper tigers” play during the season.

  57. donterrelli says:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:40 PM
    aw man, how does Peyton NOT sign with San Fran now? Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, Manningham, and Vernon Davis. Monster receiveing corps.

    You 49er homers are classic-Monster receiving corps???

    1.Crabtree- Prima Donna who has a 1 decent game every so often

    2.Moss-HOF wr who hasn’t done squat in a few years and only plays hard when he wants to

    3.Manningham-2nd or 3rd option. Runs horrible routes and can’t recognize coverage to save his life YET he thinks he’s a number 1 receiver

    4.Davis-decent TE but not a ton of consistency

    Have to love the homers who come out after ONE good season..the same fans who were badmouthing ownership one year ago. The same fans who were chanting for David Carr in the stands.

  58. Ok. Manningham to SF is kind of awesome for SF. Im glad he left the Giants because they are the beautiful brunette sister to my Jets, but what were they thinking letting him go? I know he wanted a big contract, but he and Nicks were part of the reason Cruz was able to break free some/most of the time. Also, did you put Randy Moss and Mario Manningham behind Michael Crabtree? After Crabtree’s inexcusable holdout, and his average play following it, how can you justify putting anyone from mediocre to great behind Crabtree on the depth chart?

    I hope Peyton goes to SF so he has a guaranteed someone to throw to in Manningham. I also hope Manningham didnt get a #1 receiver’s contract. But so far so good!

  59. Ughhh. Should have kept morgan instead of getting this guy..or..should have gotten lloyd. Im not digging a manningham.

  60. NO MORE MANNING DRAMA—He is a 49er….

    Just look at the targets they have versus Tenn and Denver added together. They have 2 decent wideouts and one decent tight end between them….and PFT says they are in the running…for what? Maybe Tenn and Denver is maybe in the running for a washed up turd like Kerry Collins but not for the great Manning…He is now a niner…


  61. Time will tell but this bodes well for the 49ers even if Manning doesn’t sign with the 49ers. Nice FA additions to the offense this off-season guys. Keeping it clean, professional and humble. The 49er brass should be commended even if they don’t land Peyton next week, and 49er fans, tired of scratching their heads for the past 12 years about questionable off-season moves, can finally feel proud that they’ve got some of the brightest minds in football working for their team again. Rumor has it that they’ve even hired a hypnotist to sneak into Peyton’s room nightly for the past week. Way to go guys!!

  62. yall stupid a$$e’$ stop getting on the 49rs jock they just had a cinderella year last year they r still some s*&t they b back to their way. An when did manningham ever do something besides a great cath he is not even a treath lol yall r stupid u be on their jock hey maybe the rams or jacksonville can b the cinderella team next season just like the bumb niners lol its a joke thinking they are even good lol…………xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  63. The niners are starting to look like a super bowl team of the 90s…a fully loaded team that can beat you any way you want to lose….oh and with a salary cap….you may see maningham as a one catch wonder but we both know you write every michigan qb off since brady….just check manninghams catches to clinch victories…he doesn’t know pressure…alex Smiths “offer” is definitely incentive based….because with that team you can throw john skelton in there and he would become troy aikman

  64. peoplesrepublic0fdabayarea says:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:38 PM
    we now know your playbook, NY vagiants
    Manningham didn’t know it, so you better start looking for another source…. kid scored a 6 on the Wonderlich, and the coaches abbreviated his routes and simplified his read/react options to accommodation his lack of brain function. You’ll likely stumble upon DB Cooper’s millions before you get something worthwhile from him.

  65. I wish you all the best Manningham, thanks for some great games, catches, sideline catches, big plays and contribution.

    For the Giants, right now it’s Domenik Hixon’s job to lose. Even though he’s coming off two torn ACL’s in the same knee, I think he can have a nice year and show that he’s a good WR.

  66. I must say, I’m happy to see the niners making off season moves this year. I was quote disappointed after last year because the only pickup we really made was Harbaugh.

  67. Good luck Super Mario. Thanks for the memories. SF will be a beast even if they don’t get Manning. If they do…I don’t see how they aren’t the clear runaway favorite to win the NFC and Superbowl next year.

  68. You guys underrate Smith if you didn’t know of course you don’t but every year he had to learn a new system never had a real WR had crap for a line you know thats why he was drafted 1st OVERALL!!!!!!!!!. You guys don’t know a clue about how hard it is to be a quarterback in the NFL. I could careless if they get Manning even though he won’t take a snap without a broken neck you stupid idoits. and Manning only got a couple years left while you finally got a franchise quarterback i mean come on you guys suck he lead a team to the NFC championship and then you turn on him. Im a vikings fan so I know how it feels about a bad quarterbacks if we didn’t draft a Christian Ponder im not saying we shouldn’t. I would love and appreciate him for everything but you guys don’t you take it all for granted.Its the same with Eli and Coughlin you guys hate him after they won a super bowl not long ago in o7 the vikings never one a super bowl if i could say the vikings won a trophy see the picture of them holding the trophy i wouldn’t want anything more then the Eli and Coughlin win the super bowl and you guys love him can’t you like a team and don’t complain seriously I can’t take it. Whatever but you guys are the worst NFL fans ever

  69. Notice that its ONLY A TWO YEAR DEAL. This is not a signing to get us ‘over the hump’. In fact none of the additions to our receiving corp fill me with hope. We don’t even have a qb yet, and as pointed out previously in this thread, there is a real chance we could end up with neither Manning OR Smith.

    I don’t think the wr talent left when we get on the clock in the draft will be that good, so sending the pick to the Steelers for Wallace does make sense.

    Ideally we would have signed Lloyd but his heart was elsewhere.

  70. 49ervision says: Mar 17, 2012 11:50 PM

    Sure hands in the building the invite me know something we don’t know what was fever with high school team that is unsure of the quarterback situation hmm. that was not a question.
    Technically, I don’t think that qualifies as as statement either.

  71. peoplesrepublic0fdabayarea says:Mar 17, 2012 11:38 PM

    we now know your playbook, NY vagiants

    Yes they sure do, so did the Eagles last year..

  72. Don’t get too excited, Niners fans. He’s good, and he won’t cause distractions in the locker room, but your patience WILL be tested. He makes a TON of mental mistakes. Runs wrong routes, leads QB’s to throw out of bounds, doesn’t pay attention to distance needed in short yardage(ie…if they need 5, he’ll often stop at 3 and wait for the ball)

    I’m not nitpicking, and I definitely wish him nothing but the best, but he has done all of these things consistently. Unless SF gets Peyton, this won’t mean a thing, because they have no one else that will cover up the mistakes. Alex Smith is not what you want throwing to Mario.

  73. Thanks for the memories Mario! But even though SF is a great fit for Payton the road to the SB is easier in the AFC. To many teams to go through to get there in the NFC..Saints, Packers, Giants, Eagles ( if the can get it together) Bears. Titans will land him.

  74. if manning and manningham go to the 49ers they’ll be better than last year!!!!!!!!IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 49ersgiants4life says: Mar 18, 2012 4:25 AM

    Let’s go ham and get manning see what I did there a play on words…

    49’ers AND Giants?

    Sorry. Your words mean nothing to anyone. Pick a team….ONE team, and try again.

  76. Manningham is not mentally tough enough to play for that nut case of a coach. We want winners Part 2 coming up!

    How funny would it be if the 49ers were left without a QB as Alex Smith signs with Miami and Payton goes to TN or Denver?

  77. “Manningham joins a depth chart that includes Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss.”

    ouch….that’s pretty bad and there’s no way manning is coming to SF

  78. bluefan204 says:
    Mar 18, 2012 8:17 AM
    49ersgiants4life says: Mar 18, 2012 4:25 AM

    Let’s go ham and get manning see what I did there a play on words…

    49′ers AND Giants?

    Sorry. Your words mean nothing to anyone. Pick a team….ONE team, and try again.

    You do know the Giants in 49ersgiants4life refers to the San Francisco Giants, right? Not too hard to figure out he’s a big fan of teams in SF.

  79. peoplesrepublic0fdabayarea says:Mar 17, 2012 11:38 PM

    we now know your playbook, NY

    How can the 49ers get info from Mario, when he didn’t even know the playbook? He makes plays and also drops or runs wrong route.

  80. donterrelli says: Mar 17, 2012 11:40 PM

    aw man, how does Peyton NOT sign with San Fran now? Michael Crabtree, Randy Moss, Manningham, and Vernon Davis. Monster receiveing corps.

    I will tell you 2 reasons why Peyton doesn’t sign, he will be playing with a WR who moves at the speed of a damn snail (crabtree) dude has been a bust exactly why the dude played in the Big 12, and moss who is 35-36 hasn’t played for a year. Only great guy they have is Davis, with manningham being decent. Also, Peyton won’t sign with the 49ers because I don’t think they have the money he wants.

  81. It’s interesting to see everyone’s reaction to this latest 49er move… Certainly, no one can argue that the move strengthens their WR corps but Manningham’s another fairly avg WR and he’s certainly not going to be asked to run block as much as Josh Morgan was. He’s a vertical threat who’ll play in 3 receiver sets which it seems likely now that they’ll line up in more often in 2012. Crabtree will move to the slot in 3 WR sets with Moss on the other side (provided Moss actually makes it thru training camp without imploding) and MM on the outside. If nothing else, the 49ers are trying to improve their passing game and so far have done a great job this off-season. Nice work either way 49ers.

  82. andreweac says: Mar 17, 2012 11:49 PM

    Didn’t Manningham, who attended Michigan, get a 6 on the Wonderlic?
    Fortunately all he has to do is catch footballs and not do algebra.

  83. brtdud7 says:
    Mar 17, 2012 11:58 PM
    Now hopefully we rekindle the Manning to Manningham connection they had in New York


    You mean when Eli would throw it and Manningham would run the wrong route.

    As a Giants fan I am not the least bit sorry to see him go we have better on the bench

  84. Now that is one heck of a team to watch for in 2012. It looks like they’ve done their due diligence to bring in the best guys from free agency. Now all they need is a quarterback to make it happen. I hope Peyton Manning chooses the 49ers.

  85. The following scraps are also FA this year
    Kevin Boss
    Steve Smith
    J Shockey

    Add Mario to the list and the Giants are still better then when any of them played on the team.

    And other then Smith none of them ever knew the Giants playbook

  86. Either way the Niners, showed their commitment to wanting to win by going into Free Agency, trying to address some needs, I guess next some will say the 9ers don’t have a Defense!
    “With 11 Def-starters from last year”

  87. Now that denver has Peyton Manning, would you guys like Tebow to come throw to all those awesome receivers? Ha ha ha! Out it’s so funny that you punks didn’t get Manning! I don’t know what I am enjoying more, having Manning on the broncos or, knowing that the 49er and titan fans are eating crow right now! Ha ha ha LOSERS!

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