Mike Tolbert to Steelers is “not happening”


Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune San Diego passed along word late Friday that free agent running back Mike Tolbert was drawing interest from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The news from Acee came directly on the heels of his report that Tolbert and the Chargers were “ready to separate” after an ultimately fruitless round of intense contract negotiations.

Acee may have been misled regarding the Steelers’ alleged interest.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote on Twitter Saturday afternoon that Tolbert has “no visit” lined up with the Steelers, and the deal is “not happening.” Tolbert might have made sense for the Steelers due to Rashard Mendenhall’s late-season ACL tear, but they apparently have no interest.

Acee also mentioned the Panthers as a potential destination for Tolbert, although Carolina has two effective running backs under contract (DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart), and a capable third-stringer in Mike Goodson.

It’s easy to connect dots between the Panthers and Tolbert because Carolina’s coaching staff has ties to Tolbert in former Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, now Panthers head coach, and former Chargers tight ends coach Rob Chudzinski, who now coordinates Carolina’s offense. But due to their depth at the position, we suspect the Panthers aren’t all that interested in Tolbert, either.

Tolbert is a valuable role player and will be playing football during the upcoming season, but his market isn’t very hot right now.

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  1. One of the Niners’ beat writers was saying that they might be interested, and I hope that’s true. I’d imagine everything is kind of on hold until midweek or so anyway, though.

  2. I thought the steelers were a passing team now anyway because bathroom Ben is supposedly so awesome.

  3. I think safe to say most Steelers fans knew this was garbage report ….. Is another ” media” report where a writer is giving us his opinion of what may happen without any substance. No reason the Steelers would go after Tolbert or any other free agent that would require any amount of money… Steeelerrs dont get anyone from F/A unless they cant catch on anywhere else and are as cheap as possible lol lol We have a stable of RB’s and will prob draft 1 in later rounds or undrafted prospect.

  4. i hope the giants can get this guy….he’d be the perfect compliment to bradshaw…its good to hear that the market on him is cooling.

  5. its crazy how quickly the value of runningback have declined over the years… for all the fantasy football fans out there it makes all the difference


    Thanks, bro.

    You might want to get a move on, though. The market for Michael Bush isn’t exactly on fire either and he should be back home, hat in hand, pretty soon. Be there before him or… the potential return to Norv and AJ looms. YIKES.

    P.S. You’re the best RB those bozos had last year! If they didn’t know it then, they won’t know it now. We would show you the love!!!!

  7. Would have liked tolbert, but in reality it didnt make sense. We already have the big bruiser back (redman) and if anything we need a speedster (baron batch may fit this role).

    Veteran free agents are too expensive, especially when you consider he would not have been playing a large role in the burgh.

  8. Tolbert would be a good fit on any team–shifty, powerful and a very good burst. I think his initial burst is why he scores so many red zone TD’s. He may not have breakaway speed but that doesn’t really matter when you’re only 10-15 yards away from the end zone.

  9. Very under-rated RB. Surprised by the lack of interest he is getting. Cleveland can pair him with Trent Richardson. Tampa Bay should take a hard look at this guy too, pair him with Blount. He is versatile, between the tackles runner, that has strength to push the pile and can be very efficient in the red zone.

  10. Tolbert going to Oakland would actually be a pretty intriguing signing if they were interested. Only if they can get him at an affordable back-up price though.

  11. For the most part, Running Backs are a dime a dozen. (with the exception of Peterson and Johnson).

    Tolbert would average 3.6 yds per carry and so would some guy who shows up at Steeler camp who won’t even make the team.

    If you want good Running Backs, draft offensive lineman.

  12. Mike Tolbert to the Ravens as a backup to Rice. He shouldn’t be expensive given the lack of interest so far. Ricky Williams retired, so there are reps to be had. He is a TD machine near the goal line, so he would make sense for a team with poor red zone performance.

  13. Maybe Cleveland, nice 1-2 Punch with Trent Richardson next season. Pounding down the throats of the rest of AFC North. Playoffs here come Brownies!

  14. Amazing, none of these RB’s are going anywhere. The days of established RB’s getting blockbuster deals are o-ver.

  15. Mike Tolbert needs to come to Denver! The combo of Mcgahee and Tolbert would be a great 1,2 punch! And would be able to torment the sorry ass chargeless lighting bolts twice a year!

  16. I would love to see Denver pick him up but until Elway and crew stop waiting around for Manning to decide what he is doing it doesn’t seem that the Broncos will do anything and by then he will be gone im sure

  17. Tolbert would be a great replacement for Michael Bush in Oakland. If he ever wants to get a Super Bowl ring, he’ll have to leave San Diego. Oakland is now up & coming and should get back to the Big Dance within 3-4 years.

  18. P.S. You’re the best RB those bozos had last year! If they didn’t know it then, they won’t know it now. We would show you the love!!!!

    lol What? Uuuh, no. Mathews is the better RB. His only issue is that so far he has dealt with injuries – which allowed Tolbert to get reps to begin with.

    Kind of surprised at the amount of love Tolbert is getting on here. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy too but he isn’t THAT amazing.

    Sounds like he is asking for a lot of money and teams won’t pay up for a RB who has a history of fumbling the ball. They can find a younger cheaper version of him undrafted.

    At any rate best of luck to him!

  19. steel2372 says:Mar 18, 2012 1:11 PM

    Steelers could use Tolbert with Mendy out for awhile.


    Big Bum won’t have any use for Tolbert unless it
    turns out he’s really a drunken college co-ed in disguise…

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