Patriots want Brandon Lloyd to lower his asking price


Despite a report that the Patriots and free agent receiver Brandon Lloyd are close to a deal, and despite Lloyd hinting that he’d take less money to play for the Patriots, the deal is not done. And money is the reason.

After the Boston Globe published a report citing an unnamed source saying the deal is close, the Boston Herald published a report citing an unnamed source saying that as of noon today, the deal was not close.

The Herald says the Patriots are still the favorites to land Lloyd in the end, but they want Lloyd to bring his price down. It’s not clear what Lloyd is asking for now, but apparently it’s more than the Patriots want to spend.

The question is whether it’s also more than the 49ers want to spend. Lloyd has also visited San Francisco, and if the 49ers aren’t balking at what he’s asking for, that could make the 49ers the favorites for his services, and we could see Peyton Manning throwing passes to Randy Moss and Brandon Lloyd at Candlestick Park next year.

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  1. the 49ers will be so legit if that happens. Vernon, Lloyd, Moss, and Crabtree. Gore. That defense. They have to be SB favorites if Peyton is fine.

  2. It’s shocking that a wide receiver thinks he’s worth more than a team thinks he is. Free agency is the ultimate reality show. Not matter what you think you are worth you have to convince somebody else that is the correct number.

  3. So he’ll take a paycut to join the Pats and the Pats have further asked Brandon to lower his asking price…sounds typical of the Patriots.

  4. If he signs with the Niners, what does that do for Butterfingers aka Michael Crabtree and the continued development of Kyle Williams? Those two don’t need to be push aside.

    Signed: All Giant Fans.

  5. Or the 49ers could just stand firm and you could see Manning passing to Moss and Hill/Jeffery/Wright/Fleener, Crabtree and Davis while the 49ers save $6M on an aging receiver

  6. With Belichick’s ego I’m sure he believes that Lloyd should pay the Pats for the “privilege” of playing for them. Belichick doesn’t want to pay anyone not named Brady.

  7. Why does this not exactly surprise me? They probably want an extra $500k to sign some undrafted FA player from the Utah Mining School.

    Come on BB…pay the man and move on. Stop splitting hairs because you have to seemingly “win” every negotiation.

  8. i’m not surprised the globe reporter didn’t know what they were talking about. reiss seemed skeptical of it in the way he worded his reference to it in his blog.

  9. There are reports saying that the 49ers visit was just a favor to Lloyd’s agent, Tom Condon, who has a blood feud with Belichick since the Ben Watson negotiation several years ago. There isn’t legit interest from the 49ers, the visit was just to jack up the price for the Patriots. Belichick isn’t going to let Condon win this one, it’s going to be take his price or go elsewhere.

  10. Just tell them to hit the road, sure Brady will choke against a real defense in the playoffs anyways.

  11. let me get this straight. miami is trying to low ball matt flynn and the patriots want brandon lloyd to lower his asking price. objective sports reporting at its finest.

  12. Guy was a bust for seven years, then has one big year at age 29. Now he’s about to turn 31.

    When has Belichick, or any decent manager, shelled out big money for a receiver with that kind of history?

  13. This is what happens when you’re out in the press saying you’d take less money to go to the Pats and that you want to follow Josh wherever he lands. They want to squeeze every last concession in price out of Lloyd that they can. Hope he goes to San Fran and Peyton joins him…and not JUST because I’m a Jets fan.

  14. Everything is related to Payton. If 49ers get Payton, they will need Floyd and pay him; if they are going to stuck with Smith, Floyd is not necessity and his value will go down and patriots will land him cheaper.

  15. This IS going to get done one way or the other. Lloyd wants to be here. Belichick isn’t stupid. He makes NEs offense SCARY. This deal will be wrapped up shortly.

  16. Moss-old, Lloyd- old, Peyton- old, gore-old for a rb and get injured every year, the 49ers have one year to get a ring before they end up like the raiders, and none of those guys will make it thru a whole year

  17. Makes it all the more unbelievable that they paid Ocho 6MM to play receiver for them last year. Lloyd is older now and inconsistent, he doesn’t deserve top tier $$$. If he doesn’t take it, go after Wallace.

  18. This just isn’t about Lloyd, it is also about Welker. If the Pats intend on inking Welker to a long term deal, it will get that much harder if Lloyd makes more than a tagged Welker does.

    Welker has put in his dues and deserves the money. He has been a model citizen with the Pats. If the Pats can’t come to a long term deal with Welker, then he most likely will be gone at the end of the year, because I just can’t see them tagging Welker again.

  19. ytsejamer1 says: Mar 17, 2012 1:47 PM

    Why does this not exactly surprise me? They probably want an extra $500k to sign some undrafted FA player from the Utah Mining School.

    Come on BB…pay the man and move on. Stop splitting hairs because you have to seemingly “win” every negotiation.


    You must be referring to the Chad Johnson negotiation. Definitely a win.

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