Rams score Langford; Jason Jones may now pick Seattle

ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports that the Rams have signed defensive lineman Kendall Langford to a four-year, $24 million contract with $12 million guaranteed.

The contract may reduce St. Louis’ chances of landing fellow free agent defensive tackle Jason Jones. Jones visited Rams Park quickly after the beginning of free agency, but left without a contract and recently met with the division-rival Seahawks.

Jones has intended to sign a deal this weekend. We suspect he’s now Seattle bound.

Langford has strictly been a two-down, 3-4 defensive end in Miami and will have to change his game with St. Louis, likely playing as an inside pass rusher. He has 7.5 sacks in 64 NFL games.

Jones has 15.5 sacks in 49 career games. He’d be a big addition to a Seahawks defense in need of an improved interior pass rush.

12 responses to “Rams score Langford; Jason Jones may now pick Seattle

  1. I disagree with you saying Jones will pick Seattle. With about 16 million left in cap space, I think the Rams will try to secure Jason Jones as well. The only other place for us to spend would be reciever, and no top-tier guys are left (although someone, hopefully not us, will overpay for Manningham). I think we will go for Jones also, and hope to God Blackmon falls to us, and draft another receiver early in day 2

  2. blackmon wont make it past the browns. they might get a qb off the scrap pile after manning goes to whatever team (hasselbeck, alex smith etc…) or they will have to give colt mccoy a weapon to throw too. first 2 picks are going to be luck and griffin. minnesota needs a LT and Matt kalil is a great prospect. Cleveland wont be taking tannehill with the #4 because they have the 22 and can buy back up if they have to. depending on where flynn signs that might change, although if he goes to miami cleveland has the power in this because he is not the kind of qb prospect john schneider wants.

    jones will be a seahawk. we can offer anything st louis can and we are set up to compete sooner.by the time a 4 year deal is completed for jones in st louis he will be cast aside for younger talent when you make your run.

  3. Miami only ran 20% of their snaps from a true 3-4 set. And despite being known as a 3-4 team we ran with 4 down linemen for 52% of our defensive snaps. Those statistics came from Coyle, the new DC in Miami.

    What this means is that Kendall can play both DE and DT in a 4-3 with no problem. People with half a brain in the football industry understand that. Apparently that now includes the Rams. But it doesn’t include PFT’s Jason Silva.

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