Report: Alex Smith may part ways with CAA

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Earlier this month, we pointed out that CAA’s representation of quarterback Peyton Manning could at some point clash with CAA’s representation of starting quarterbacks for teams that covet Peyton Manning.

With CAA client Alex Smith possibly out in the cold in San Francisco due to the Niners’ presence in the Peyton chase, Smith may be making a change.  Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Smith is contemplating hiring a new agent.

Both players are free agents, and the 49ers surely will want to keep Smith if the 49ers don’t land Manning.  In order to best represent Smith, his agent should be trying to persuade the 49ers to make a decision sooner rather than later.  In order to best represent Manning, his agent should be trying to persuade the 49ers to wait on Smith until Manning makes up his mind.

The 49ers still want Smith.  Lynch writes that the team has offered Smith a three-year, $24 million contract.  Smith could throw a wrench into the Peyton chase by accepting the offer.

If, however, Smith will be playing second fiddle to Peyton, Smith may be more interested in taking a backup job at less money with a team where he’d have a better chance at eventually playing.

Lynch also mentions that there’s speculation the 49ers aren’t truly interested in Manning, and that they’re simply sniffing around Peyton in order to get Smith to accept the offer.  Frankly, that makes no sense.  Expressing phony interest in Peyton builds false hope and then disappoints the fan base, creating the perception that Smith is at best a second-choice option.

The 49ers’ interest in Manning likely is real.  And the Niners hope to keep Smith on the line until they decide what to do with Manning.  Smith may think that his leverage with the 49ers would increase if his agent were to start shopping him to other teams.

This isn’t about whether CAA or Condon is doing anything wrong; they’re not.  It’s about the comfort level of the client.  Smith understandably is getting antsy.  And the intensely competitive nature of the business means that other agents are whispering to Smith regarding the concerns that he should have, even if he didn’t already have those concerns.

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  1. CAA doesn’t care, they have made the lions share of all the commissions off of Smith that they will make with his Pre-New CBA rookie contract. Tebow should be pitching a fit also….instead he’s praying and saying its all GOD’s plan.

  2. Sounds like Smith was ready to take the Niners offer but Condon put him on the backburner while playing up the Peyton market. With speculation aplenty that Manning contacted the Niners before they ever spoke with him it makes sense, especially when Smith was quoted as saying he was happy with the offer on the table and that a few details needed to be worked out. Looks like instead of working out those details and getting the contract signed Condon instead called the Niners about Peyton.

  3. What other teams want Alex Smith? Only Seattle , maybe Miami? Smith is worth more to the Niners than other teams since he is slow in new offense.

  4. If Smith was THAT unhappy he could sign the offer on the table or vocalize that he’s got issues with the way things are coming down. He’s done neither.

  5. Nobody else wants Alex Smith and the Niners contract offer is the best he will get.

    If the Niners are serious about Manning, they should pull the contract offer to Alex Smith and make him squirm. He would soon find out that nobody else wants him…….as a potential starter.

    If Manning can play, the Niners would be the odds on favorite for the Super Bowl.

  6. Smith should sign that contract he has not played up to his rookie deal. He had one ok year and I mean ok and no better and now he wants a big contract. Sign the 3 year deal and if you are as good as you think you are you will get paid big in 2 years.

  7. Mike,

    The real question should be, has CAA been shopping or looking for other offers for Smith?

    If they are not creating a market for their client they should be fired. And possibly investigated for conflict of interest, or maybe it might be something the NFLPA should look into.

    My opinion, what CAA is doing with this QB situation(repping Manning, Tebow, and Alex Smith) looks shady.

  8. Smith agent blew it & now Smith will pay for it. I dont think that the niners have false interest in Manning why would they go so far to go see him throw & have him take a physical as well. If Manning wants a chance to win another Lombardi he takes less money with Frisco & if money is the only thing that matters to him well he goes to either Denver or Tennessee

  9. There are now rumors that Smith has not been presented with any offer. He has not received the “offer” from his agent.

    How can you possibly say that (used) Condom is not doing anything wrong? Maybe a little conflict of interest? Or withholding important information from your client? Or did he not know Harbaugh was flying in the dark of night to work out Manning in secret?

    If I was Smith here is what I would do:
    -Fire (used) Condom on the spot
    -Get a new agent and sign with Seattle immediately
    -Haul (used) Condom before the bar association on ethics charges
    -Haul (used) Condom before the league for conflict of interest and withholding vital information.
    -Never believe another word Harbaugh says; as I will personally never believe another word he says.

    Why sneak around Harbaugh? Be a man. Elway, the Titans, the Cardinals all have QB’s too. I don’t see them sneaking around behind their QB’s backs.

  10. So there’s nothing “wrong” with Condon icing Smith while the 9ers pursued Manning which may have cost Smith an opportunity or opportunities to sign with other teams for as much or more money + years than the 9ers offered?

    So there’s nothing “wrong” if Condon kept Smith in the dark about San Francisco’s interest in Manning just because the 9ers wanted to keep the lid on its interest in Smith’s replacement?

    So there’s nothing wrong if Condon failed “negotiate” on Smith’s behalf when the 9ers lowballed Smith with its take-it-or-shove-it offer of 3yrs/$24m knowing Smith’s confusion would buy Condon/San Francisco time to hedge their bets while they wait on Manning’s decision?

    Okay. I’m just glad you’re not my lawyer.

  11. Tom Condon main priority 1st is peyton, but sorry alex, you’re not a top 15 quarterback…you will have to wait in line until I get the best quarterback in football signed and I get my huge commission check 1st..signed Tom Condon

  12. I actually feel bad for Alex Smith. It’s not entirely his fault that his receiver had 1 catch through 3 quarters of the NFC champoinship game. He actually put together a pretty decent season, took care of the football, won some games and now he’s getting jerked around by the guy who “is totally commited to” him. Bunch of bullcrap.

    I hope alex smith waits for Manning to decide on denver or the titans, then walks away and joins the Seahawks or somewhere.

  13. I always thought it was weird that there were ‘secret’ meetings with PM. (By always, of course, I mean the last 24 hours) I mean how can you be negotiating a contract in good faith while helping the PM workout stay secret? Cause it obviously wasn’t a secret to Condon. It was also suspicious when Moss chose Alex over Drew Brees

  14. Alex Smith would be out of the league if the 49ers didn’t want him. Let’s face it Alex Smith flat out sucks 31 other teams know that.

  15. “Niners odds on favorite” I highly doubt Vegas makes a GB home vs SF a SF favorite. Warm weather team at GB NY will not be favored. No one thinks they highly overachieved last year?

  16. Why is everyone call JH a “Backstabber” or “Jerk” or “Not true to his word”?
    No one knows what actually happened in negotiations or anything…the one thing I did read was…..”a 2011 playoff team OWNER said they would be interested if Manning gave them a workout but they will not actively pursue him.”
    Sounds to me like this was Jed York’s doing and NOT JH!

  17. @azfiremagoo

    You don’t “highly overachieve” your way into overtime in the NFCCG agains’t the Super Bowl winner.

    I don’t care what the odds on the Niners are in any game. I’m fairly certain they were supposed to lose to the Saints last year. Odds are for gamblers, not fans.

  18. Smith should fire these guys on the spot. Are they not trying to get this guy his best deal? I guess not.

  19. Well I am not a niner fan nor did I watch them much. However I did see the playoffs and the game that Smith won against NO and that was not a small feat!!

  20. Don’t sign the contract…wait til manning goes elsewhere adpnd Flynn has signed in Miami. Then play two division opponents against each other…seattle and san Fran…guarantee u that contract goes up in value. If he signs the contract he’s retarded…Seattle or Miami needs him ( whichever loses out on Flynn)

  21. Guess we all will sit here whining and moaning will they put on their big boy pants and hash this out. It’s business.

  22. Funny how many people actually ‘know’ what happened between Condon, Alex Smith, Peyton Manning, and the 49er brass. Funny, I heard that the reason Smith didn’t sign the contract was because he wanted a longer term commitment with more guaranteed money – 7-9 yrs / $70-90 mil and when he got the 3/24 he balked at it. The fact that he didn’t sign it doesn’t mean that Condon did anything wrong, nor does it mean that Harbaugh ‘went behind his back’ to work out Manning. The football team, not the agent, not the player decides ultimately who’s worth what in this league. If Smith believes that he’s worth $9-10 mil per season and the 49ers don’t, they have every right to question if Smith’s their guy… esp since they make out his paychecks and put up with his shortcomings as a QB. Alex, go ahead and sign with SEA as many here have suggested. SF will be laughing as they stack 1o in the box vs SEA en route to multiple SB titles with Manning at QB. He should have signed his deal when he had the chance and now he’ll have no one to blame but himself if he’s the odd man out in SF.

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