Report: Patriots, Brandon Lloyd close to a deal

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The New England Patriots are reportedly close to reeling in one of the best free agents on the market.

The Boston Globe reports that Brandon Lloyd, a free agent receiver who has been linked to New England for weeks, is close to coming to a contract agreement with the Patriots.

Lloyd has a great relationship with new Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. His best NFL season, by far, came playing for McDaniels in Denver in 2010, when he caught 77 passes for 1,448 yards and 11 touchdowns. Lloyd has made clear that he’d love to play for McDaniels again, even hinting that he’d take less money to play for the Patriots.

With a 15.4 yards-per-catch average in his career, Lloyd would provide the Patriots’ passing game with the deep threat they’d like to add — the deep threat they thought, wrongly, that Chad Ochocinco might be last season. If the Patriots can get this deal from “close” to “done,” one of the best passing games in the NFL will be even better.

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  1. It’s amazing the Pats passed like they did with those WRs. Welker is the real deal but the rest are 3/4 types. It says a lot about Brady and those TEs.

    It’s smart of the Pats to let the really big money sort of cool down a bit before sticking their toe in the pool, too.

  2. Not a knock on Wes Welker, but if that was Brandon Lloyd in his spot during the Super Bowl he catches that ball. The guy has amazing hands.

  3. Hopefully McDaniels can channel his inner Charlie Weis and keep this clown in line. He’s got the talent, but there is no denying he is a bit of a head case.

  4. Dolphins are going to tear the pats apart, are u kidding me? We have__ for Qb and __ for wide receiver. Plus our GM and our owner are far superior…..joke of the day! I hope that one day in my lifetime that the dolphins actually have players wiling to take less money just to play for them. Will that ever happen? I’m only 31

  5. .

    Lloyd’s familiarity with the McDaniels / Patriots system is value added. A rookie, or receiver from another offense may require more tine to assimilate it.


  6. Im sure if they lose again in the post season, the media will give Brady a pass.

    Despite having Gronkowski and Hernandez (2 of the top 6 TEs in football), Wes Welker (best slot WR in football), one of the best O-lines in football, the best coach in football, and one of the easiest schedules in football, all I kept hearing about last year was how Brady didnt have a deep threat… boo hooo!

    Every other QB in the league would love to have all those advantages, but the media points to the one flaw and act like Brady is amazing for working with nothing and getting to the S.B. And thats ignoring the fact that the Pats did get him a deep threat in Ocho Cinco and they couldnt get on the same page.

  7. Cowboys fan from NH… that’s a great signing for the local boys. It’ll be interesting to see Ocho’s future and if they still go for Amendola, which they should.

  8. Mike Wallace is well worth the 1st rd pick… Do the research.. Id take him any day over the COUNTLESS 1st rd BUST’S at W/R..

    The Steelers KNOW HOW TO DRAFT… Do you think teams wanna give them TWO 1st round picks?? THATS WHY Mike Wallace will stay in Pitt..

  9. Great news for us Patriots fans. Augusta1969, I agree. We got all of the pieces with our offense. Now it’s time to fix our holes in hour defense.

  10. spellingcopfather says: Mar 17, 2012 7:59 AM

    I see mike wallace is not worth a late first round pick to them!!!


    I think Lloyd is a better deal money wise. Wallace might be the better WR but I think this is a great deal for the Pats. He knows the offense, and they still have two first round picks that Belicheck can trade for a 7th rounder, lol (Pats fan)

  11. Unfortunately it won’t matter because no matter how good or loaded with talent this team is, they will ALWAYS find a way to lose in the postseason. The modern day Patriots. The 12th most likely Super Bowl winner every postseason …

  12. Chad OchoCinco is a deep threat. That was proven in the Superbowl. He was the only wr catching balls that count. All season the Pats wr did the same as chad. Drop balls, miss routes but we give him grief because he is chad OchoCinco Johnson . I like Ne but they were wrong for not letting the guy rich the field much. I don’t care what Tedy bruschi or another players says. The thing is they are not playing now. So there job is analyst not opinionyst . So I see Lloyd goin as a good thing, as far as playin for one of the greatest QB ever. A bad thing as far as they only use welker (whose injury prone as of late), Branch (whose old & needs to retire. It’s been a great career) & whoever is not OchoCinco . They use a 2wr 2te set. Meaning they already have their main 2wrs. Lloyd can be a #1,2 guy anywhere. Not a behind them guys then I’ll get the rest if you #3,4 in NE.

  13. about damn time…WR is definitely one area that they needed some reinforcements. Sounds crazy with that Arena League offense they have, but it’ll be good to be able to throw to someone outside the hashmarks.

    As august said…go get some D. I’ll be more specific even…go get or draft some defensive playmakers. And by D, i don’t mean depth.

  14. Would be agreat signing for the pats, Lloyd knows the offense and was awesome with Kyle freakin orton throwing him the ball.

  15. To Do List
    1. Trade for Danny Amendola
    2. Trade Wes Welker
    3. Sign Kendall Langford
    4. Draft a center, WR and 2 pass rushers in the first 2 rounds
    5. Sign laron Landry to an incentive laden contract

  16. @spellingcop: No, Mike Wallace wasn’t worth a $10mil per year contract to the Pats. Good thing too, because it’s a losing plan to have two WRs getting that percentage of your cap (which is why the Steelers aren’t making that kind of offer to Wallace either, with Brown in the wings.) The Steelers have the right to match any offer, so it’s not just a matter of beating the default tender offer.

  17. I might be the only Pats fan alive who doesn’t like this move. I hate anything I think might take a toll on team chemistry.

  18. Nice offseason so far, filling a lot of holes and resigning their key guys. Now if they can only hit a home run in the draft.

  19. Should be a good signing. He’s not a pure deep threat, but doesn’t have to be. As long he can threaten defenses vertically, they’ll have to respect that.

    I still think Ochocinco should be given a chance to learn the playbook and prove himself in camp, for depth reasons if nothing else. Physically he still had it last year. He must be seriously ADD or something.

  20. Lloyd knows the system and has flourished in it. That’s the most important part, IMO.
    If they get this done; Welker, Gronkowski, Lloyd and Hernandez?

  21. this would be an awesome signing and then we could bring back maybe carter/anderson and go get a couple younger players in the draft…maybe like a mark barron to solidify the safety spot next to chung or and outside lb/de with some speed that can put some pressure on the qb and then possibly trade the second pick

  22. buffalostampede90 says:
    Mar 17, 2012 10:01 AM
    Pat fans say there done with there offense last time i checked your RB’s suck and Brady is getting older and you need to fix O-Line !

    Dont be so bitter – u could probably make the case the Pats have 3QBs > Fitz. The 2 most explosive RBs didnt play at all or much this year. The Oline needs to get younger which it will will, though could go another year with these guys. The Pats have had quiet but exceptional offseason.

    If they dont trade down,they are likely to get 2 starters in the draft and more FAs coming.

    They nearly won the SB with a flawed team. and without a TE who received votes for NFL off MVP. Already some of those flaws have been upgraded. U did will to get Williams but be careful not to gloat

  23. canetic says:Mar 17, 2012 8:01 AM

    The Patriots need more than “some D.” They need “a D.”

    buffalostampede90 says:Mar 17, 2012 10:01 AM

    Pat fans say there done with there offense last time i checked your RB’s suck and Brady is getting older and you need to fix O-Line !

    Yeah, it’s not like they reached the Super Bowl or anything last year, right?

  24. thepowerofgreen says:
    Mar 17, 2012 8:19 AM
    They won’t even get a sniff at the playoffs…

    AFC East

    1. Jets
    2, Buffalon
    3. Miamis
    4. Pats

    Write it down homers!


    Here, I fixed it for you:

    1. Patriots
    2. Bills
    3. Jets
    4. Dolphins

    And the only thing the Jets will get a sniff of is Rex’s feet. It will be another season of Rex over-talking, GQ Boy under-performing, two losses each to the Pats and Bills, and more of the same with head cases like Santonio.

    The Jets talk a good game, but the Patriots play one. And before you bring up ONE playoff win, that was TWO seasons ago, let me ask once again which years the Jets actually won something. That ain’t happened since Joe Willie.

    Enjoy another season of being an also-ran. At least next off-season you should have a higher draft pick.

  25. thepowerofgreen says:
    Mar 17, 2012 8:19 AM
    They won’t even get a sniff at the playoffs…

    AFC East

    1. Jets
    2, Buffalon
    3. Miamis
    4. Pats

    Write it down homers!

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Child…let me correct that for you.

    1 Patriots
    2 Bills
    3 Phins
    4 jetz
    By the way….4th = LAST place

  26. truthhurtstoo says:
    Mar 17, 2012 8:45 AM
    overrated… paties look ripe for a fall due to age and injury.

    All the haters have been saying the Patriots are done. They have been saying that for the last six years. Kind of like hearing Rex Ryan”s superbowl predictions.

  27. Why give up the pick for Wallace you ask..because. we wont get a proven deep threat in the draft(no luck) and to take him away from Pitt..more likely their playoff foe would matter..The guys a burner…Build the D in the draft…there’s quality for defense in this draft…Let’s Go Patriots..SB again..(Brandon Spikes is going to have a monster year)

  28. No one ever called Ocho a deep threat. He has never been that. The Pats thought they were getting a good receiver who ran good routes, not a deep threat.

  29. Pardon me but why is it acceptable for a “league source” to leak that the Pats and Lloyd are close to coming to a contract agreement? Unless the source is working for either the Pats or Lloyd (and you know they don’t work for the Pats given their penchant for secrecy). The only ones that benefit from these stories are the media outlets that live on speculation. If Lloyd’s camp leaked this info they could put the deal in jeopardy.

  30. This would be a great signing. A true deep threat with Gronk and Hernandez would be scary for defenses to go against.
    Get this done, then focus on some pass rush and back field help.

  31. Wallace is not so much better than Lloyd that he’s worth more money PLUS a first round pick. If they can get Lloyd and also a potential stud on D… they’ve got to go that route.

    Pats are gonna be loaded in 2012. Loaded like a freight train.

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