‘Skins scratch and claw for salary cap space

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Faced with the removal of $18 million in spending allotment due to sins of salary caps past (even though they didn’t do anything wrong), the Redskins are still trying to do business in free agency.

And they’ve been successful.  So far.

In order to keep it going, they’ve had to begin restructuring existing contracts.  Usually, that’s something that happens in the second year or later of a player’s deal.  For center Will Montgomery, it happened in the second month.

Signed less than three weeks ago to a four-year $12 million deal, the Redskins reportedly have squeezed $2 million in current-year cap space by converting a portion of the contract to a guaranteed payment, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

While the report doesn’t specify the specific mechanism, the Redskins undoubtedly converted a $2.75 million 2012 roster bonus into a signing bonus, spreading the amount over the four years of the deal in equal $685,000 chunks, which reduces the cap number for 2012 by $2.0625 million.

The move seems to suggest that, as of February 28, the Redskins had no idea that the league was going to strip them of significant cap dollars in 2012.  Otherwise, the Redskins would have paid the $2.75 million as a signing bonus in the first place.

As of Thursday, the Redskins had more than $11 million in remaining 2012 cap room.  Freeing up another $2 million suggests that they still plan to do more spending this offseason.

24 responses to “‘Skins scratch and claw for salary cap space

  1. Screwing around with the cap is what got them here to begin with. It’s a good thing RGIII can run. He’s gonna be running for his life….

  2. Faced with the removal of $18 million in spending allotment due to sins of salary caps past (even though they didn’t do anything wrong), the Redskins are still trying to do business in free agency.

    I know that we have had our differences in the past Mike–with all the editing and removal of my insightful comments by your staff of young incompetent editors, but you just won me over—Your parenthetic opinion is shared by the rest of the league…Now please state the Goodell should be removed due to this attrocity.

  3. HAHA the skins sign a bunch of mediocre-bad free agents and it’s deemed a success…in March.

    As always with Snyder’s Skins, March is the month that they enjoy the most “success”.

  4. I am a Cowboys fan and I feel for the Redskins as well as us. This is wrong. They did nothing wrong. The NFL is bowing to other owners who did not want to spend just like the NBA bowed to the Cleveland owner when they blocked the Lakers trade. In both cases it is dead wrong no matter how they spin it.

  5. I thought you couldn’t rework a contract until at least one year had passed since it was signed. Is this no longer the case?

  6. Not sure what the ‘Boys and ‘Skins did wrong, but pinching the Raiders for dumping JaMarcus Russel? WTF?

  7. I have really been a Redskin fan dismayed since Dan Snyder purchased the team. But I sure hope he figures out a way to stick it to his colleagues, because Washington is getting hosed by the other teams AND the NFLPA on this one.

  8. Is the Redskins GM just this foolish, or is Danny Snyder giving the orders? Just because the NFL unfairly punished them doesn’t mean the Redskins have to go out and spend their remaining cap dollars foolishly.

    They paid millions for 2 of the worst DBs in the league in Griffin and Meriweather. They WAY overpaid for Garcon and Morgan at WR.

    For years they’ve tried to build a team this way, and despite have zero success doing so, THEY KEEP DOING IT. Meanwhile other teams draft and develop with great success. How is possible not to learn your lesson? Even a rat will learn not to touch the food after getting shocked a few times.

  9. Faced with the removal of $18 million in spending allotment due to sins of salary caps past (even though they didn’t do anything wrong) …

    Didn’t do anything wrong? They were warned that there would be fair retroactive adjustments applied. Again, to the point of being ridiculous, Mr. William Clay Ford of the Detroit Lions could have cornered the best 20-25 players in the NFL. Signed them to 4 year contracts and loaded all of the cap in the “uncapped” year. Probably would have won four consecutive Super Bowls. But it would not have been thr right thing to do. Dallas and Washington did that on a lesser scale. Done on a lesser scale only because the owners didn’t have the ‘nads to go all the way. They cheated and they know it.

  10. Why is it when I give a thumbs up to a response that disagrees with PFT’s position, it doesn’t register? Anyone else have similar issues? Thanks.

  11. Love it, tried to get out of Fat Albert Signing got caught.

    Take the space away. And guess what the Cowboys and Skins are going to do about it…….


    Sue the League and the other owners, yeah right good luck trying to get ANY trade partners in the future.

    Yeah 2 against 30, see how that goes.

  12. An even more important fact is that there was never a vote on this by the owners or players! Just a committee that is headed by the owner of a division rival!!! This would also explain why only the Cowboys and Redskins were stolen from! A shameful act the is pretty embarrassing considering the Gmen just won the SB. You wouldn’t think they’d want this bad look to over shadow their recent success. Sounds like Mara should be removed as head of the CEC along with Goodell and D. Smith replaced for going along with the Giants and Mara’s cheating. I suspect that Snyder and Jones may take the high road for the leagues sake but it won’t lessen the black eye Mara has created for his team! Not fair to your fan base or players Mara. Bullseye on your back one way or another!

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