Ted Ginn visited the Ravens this week

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The wide receiver market has been decimated by free agent signings to such an extent that Ted Ginn is one of the top five players still available at the position. Ginn’s value lies in his return ability and youth. He’ll only be 27 when the season starts, and there aren’t five better return specialists in football.

We previously passed along word that Ginn visited the Lions this past week.

Per Adam Caplan, Ginn also visited the Ravens.

Ginn has flamed out as a receiver largely because he’s small (5’11/180) and plays without physicality. He’s also a long strider and not quick enough in a short area to excel in the slot.

Ginn has five touchdown returns over the past three seasons, however. And that makes him an awfully attractive No. 4 or 5-type receiver in the NFL.

25 responses to “Ted Ginn visited the Ravens this week

  1. SF is getting better without Ginn, who has never really lived up to the hype. +1 on the bad hands.

  2. Somewhere in America Kyle Williams is nervous. Knowing if Ginn leaves he is the #1 punt returner for the Niners.

  3. I remember watching the draft when they picked Ginn over Quinn. Not that Quinn was a success, but still the Ginn pick made no sense. Had they taken Quinn you could at least make the claim they were trying to get QB of the future, but oh well. Miami should get some pretty decent results out of Flynn when they sign him. Only problem is they need a #1 WR because Bess is a slot receiver and Hartline is a complimentary WR not a starter. Maybe they will draft Michael Floyd. Not much left in FA for WRs, Plax and Braylon are pretty much all that is left. Unless Stephen Ross wants Terrell Owens to take his aging skills to South Beach. Although none of these guys are a #1 WR. So yeah Floyd might be best at #8, you have to give Flynn a little bit more to work with. Then grab Adams, Sanders, or Massie in the 2nd round at OT.

  4. I would love to see Ginn in a Ravens jersey. Another player with big play ability would be awesome. I hope we sign this guy soon.

  5. If a team actually uses him a a #1/#2, they will get Brandon marshall-like numbers.(he had lots of drops) Ginn when forced to be a number 2 had 700 yds, what if forced as a number one? Not to mention he’d be better than mike wallace. His hands aren’t even bad. Mostly dropped 1-2 double coverages, 6 in season play. Marshall had like 6 open drops. He was good for what he was drafted for

  6. Ginn great returner +another1 on the hands who remembers the first game against the giants Alex smith hits him straight in the face for a pick cause it went through his hands

  7. anything is better than David Reed.
    I can’t watch that stupid little prick ruin a season like he did last year.
    2 fumbles in the Seattle game or else we win and we have the 1 seed and the afc championship is in charm city

  8. Go to where you can be a star again returning kicks, and make a career catching easy, underneath passes from Stafford while Megatron gets triple teamed 50 yards down field. If you can shake a LB you’re good for 10 yards + a pop doing that all day long.

    Flacco couldn’t hit water if he fell out of boat. Maybe even a downgrade from Alex Smith.

  9. If the Ravens can get a #3 WR and a KR on the cheap then it’s a win-win. The Ravens cannot afford to put Lardarius Webb out there on kick or punt returns anymore. We saw our returner David Reed get hurt for the season on a kick return and I believe Webb was lost in 2010 on a return of some sort. Ed Reed really shouldn’t be returning any punts, either. But the Ravens need a real home run threat on special teams, something they have not had in the Harbaugh era. They do have Philip Livas on the practice squad, but I think signing Ginn would be a good move if and only if he comes cheap, which might be hard for a guy who thinks he’s a legitimate starter. Having Torrey Smith and Ginn to go deep on both sides would open up everything for Boldin, the TE’s and Ray Rice.

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