Titans say Peyton Manning is throwing the ball well


Another team has been allowed inside the curtain and permitted to view more than 27 seconds on YouTube of Peyton Manning throwing, and the verdict is, once again, that he looks good.

Today Manning threw for the Titans, just as he threw for the Broncos yesterday. And just as John Elway was impressed with Manning’s arm, Titans General Manager Ruston Webster said the same.

“This morning we traveled to Knoxville and had a workout with Peyton,” Webster said in a statement released by the team. “I thought he looked comfortable throwing the ball and we had a good visit. This is another important step in the process.”

Webster’s statement and Elway’s statement use almost identical language about Manning looking comfortable and taking important steps in the process, to the point where you get the sense the Manning camp has told teams exactly what they’re supposed to say publicly if they want to stay in the Manning sweepstakes.

And the Titans do want to stay in the Manning sweepstakes, just as the Broncos and 49ers do after seeing Manning throw. Whether he can throw as well in 2012 as he did before his neck procedures remains to be seen, but he’s throwing well enough that the teams that have seen him like what they see.

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  1. Not a great headline. “Looked comfortable throwing the ball” isn’t the same as “throwing the ball well.”

    In fact, if you look at what his suitors have said, it sounds like Peyton is getting better and might get back to where he was….but he isn’t even close yet.

    Nobody used to say things like “He can throw it hard enough to beat you.” It used to be rocket, laser arm — or whatever.

  2. Great. So now Peyton can go back in mid career form – big numbers in a dome during the regular season and choking in the playoffs. Eli’s better in a big game. Talk to me when Peyton gets to .500 in the playoffs.

  3. Titans are just in it to help raise the price. Hell be a bronco if he wants money, or he’ll be a 49er if he wants the best chance to win a ring.

  4. Maybe they could make like a side show out of this and sell tickets to all the Duke Students.

  5. Now that he has visited Tennessee, Denver and Arizona, the market value has been established. He will visit San Francisco on Monday, tour the facilities and sign a contract. Sorry other teams, but you’re just pawns in all this.

  6. im just sayin what i read on matt barrows sacbee 49er blog ( read it @matt barrows sacbee49er blog Q&A )

    it is reported that the mannings and tom condon had possibly called the 9ERS brass monday or tuesday expressing peyton may have possible interest of playing for the niners, which was being rumored in the bay. the 9ERS had a offer on the table since last week for smith but, condon may have told smith to wait on signing so he could possibly fit manning to play for the niners. i know bias hope but, JUST SAYING LOOK IT UP @ SAC BEE BLOG49 Q&A or MATT BARROWS

  7. If I read the words “next step in the process” again I am going to throw up in my mouth…

  8. I think it’s a no brainer he ends up on the Niners, assuming they saw enough to think he could step in and play in Week 1.

    Despite what you all think, Manning is more in it for the legacy than the money. He knows he can go to the bay and have a shot to win one or more super bowls, and that’s what he knows he needs in order to solidify his legacy as one of the best (or the best) quarterback to every play in the NFL.

  9. He never had a “rocket arm.” He had a good enough arm to make all the throws. The rest – the main part – was head and heart (except for the playoffs, of course).

  10. Great. Why doesn’t PFT create a separate link for Manning “news” for the vast minority of people who give a crap. If some team wants to throw its organization into cap hell to sign Brokeneck Peyton, then have at it. Do we have to have constant posts about whether he’s still worth all the money some idiot owner is going to throw at him? Any team who signs him is screaming to the world that they are looking for an easy way out. Enough already with the hysteria. Peyton has won 1 Super Bowl in his career because the Colts were too cap-strapped to surround him with a solid roster. So yeah, I guess he’s the savior.

  11. The 49ers entire starting defense is back this season. They have Davis, Gore, Moss, Crabtree, Akers, and a good offensive line. And they have the cap space to sign him.

    Candlestick isn’t a dome, but it isn’t cold either.

    This is the perfect situation for Peyton Manning…and as a fan I’d be psyched to have him…even if only for a few years.

  12. underrated49ers says:Mar 17, 2012 3:12 PM

    Now that he has visited Tennessee, Denver and Arizona, the market value has been established. He will visit San Francisco on Monday, tour the facilities and sign a contract. Sorry other teams, but you’re just pawns in all this.

    No. You’re a pawn of the manning camp. It’s pretty evident by all of the rehearsed and guarded language that the Swamp Boy can’t throw. It’s a classic con. manning plus Hairbow = a crippling cap constraint and a 49er implosion.

    As Sister Dulcilia my Latin teacher would say … Caveat emptor.

  13. The manning slappies that comment crack me up. He’s in for the honor, he’s in it for the legacy, he’s in it to win it.

    Face it. He’s in it for the money. You’ll see when this plays out. And whichever team signs him will be sorry. He stole $24 million from Irsay and he’s attempting to steal from whomever will pay him the most guaranteed money.

    The 2012 model manning ain’t the 2004 model Manning. Caveat emptor.

  14. he’s throwing well until he gets a blindside hit by the Phins, Cards, or any of the other teams that are getting used by ‘the process’…

    and when that happens in about game 4-6 … the headline will be

    “Manning going to IR after monster hit and Nth neck surgery, ends up making $7M per quarter played, 49ers season in trouble”

  15. I think the Titans could be the front runner… The reports are saying he had lunch with Munchak after the workout.

  16. There is no way pey-me-a-ton of money manning will play for a team in a progressive city like denver or frisco.

    He’ll wind up in tennessee where it will be home to him.

  17. Does anyone else find it interesting that the 49ers are being tight-lipped about the time they spent with Manning? Considering that it happened Tues – 3 days before DEN’s and 4 days before TEN’s respective workouts, it would appear from the outside that DEN and TEN are playing catch-up.

    Cali49er also posted the same story that’s floating around that indicate Manning may have approached the 49ers about playing for them, not the other way around.

    Couple these facts together with the fact that the 49ers are immediately odds-on SB favorites if they land him, not to mention PM’s desire to win championships NOW, and the pieces seem to fit together that the DEN and TEN workouts are mere formalities. It would also explain why the 49ers have been mum about their workout and medical eval with him.

  18. Getting in Peyton’s head: Next season, the 49ers will host Eli Manning’s Giants for a home game and probably meet them again in the playoffs—they don’t play the Colts. The Broncos, meanwhile, don’t play the Giants or the Colts. And the Titans? They play the Colts twice and don’t face Eli and the Giants at all.

  19. From Jonathan Hutton of sport talks 104.5 in Nashville via Twitter: “#titans worked out Manning this morning. He had lunch with Munchak. Will take a day to think over his options.”

    From Clay Travis (also 104.5 personality):
    “Source still believes Manning will be Titan, but Broncos aren’t primary competition now. It’s 49ers.”

  20. @tennesseeoilers – That’s insightful and all true but I don’t think it’s about revenge for Manning, esp as long as he feels as though he’s being as financially compensated as he would have been had he continued playing for the Colts. I don’t buy that he’s greedy – he’s already got enough money. He’s said he wants to win now and DEN’s still not quite there. TEN has a great WR core and a much better RB but D is the issue there. Granted, TEN can offer him everything tangible he could want, it’s familiar, it’s home, he’d be there ‘for life’ but they can’t realistically offer him a championship next season. He only has a few years left and he knows this and that he’d give SF instant SB credibility.

  21. The Dolphins owner Ross and their GM Ireland are such idiots they couldn’t sign Peyton and now watch them screw up and let Flynn get away too.

  22. I agree, @mikesmajormojo, it’s not about revenge. But I do think facing the Giants and Colts are something he considers, whatever the personal complexities for him. I also agree that he’s more likely to go to the Super Bowl in the next year or two with the 49ers than the Titans. But I don’t think the likelihood gap there is as wide as many seem to believe. Instead of being a 4-10 team under a new coach last year as expected, the Titans missed the playoffs by one game. As Giants proved once again last year, barely making it into the playoffs is plenty, as long as you have a stud QB leading you in crunch time. BTW, reports out of both Nashville and Denver have the Broncos dropping out of top contention now … they’re a distant third behind the Titans and 49’ers.

  23. I like Manning….but if he goes to the 49ers….and has to face the Packers, Patriots, Lions, Giants, Bears, Bills, and Jets defenses next year…..he won’t last the year. Stick with the AFC, Peyton. Titans are your best chance to stay for a while longer.

  24. caseyanthonymunoz says:
    Mar 17, 2012 3:09 PM
    Great. So now Peyton can go back in mid career form – big numbers in a dome during the regular season and choking in the playoffs. Eli’s better in a big game. Talk to me when Peyton gets to .500 in the playoffs.


    Talk to me when Tom Brady has a higher career postseason QB rating than either of he Mannings. Postseason W-L records are a TEAM stat. Only Pats fan idiots like caseyanthonymoron think otherwise.

  25. @tennesseeoilers – touche’ – I agree. As much as the 49ers would be, TEN would also be as improved with Manning at the helm and even SB ready within the next 1-2 years. Britt and CJ2k are already studs. Williams is close and Hawkins could be with Manning throwing him the ball. Defenses stacked the box last year with up to 10 men vs TEN and 49ers but with Manning back there they wouldn’t be able to. IMO TEN already has a clear edge on offense over SF but SF has the clear edge on defense. I’m biased though… after having been spoiled by years with a QB who can manipulate defenses like Manning can (ala Montana, then Young), SF fans would love to have one that forced D’s to play honest again. Either way, a healthy Manning will improve whichever team he plays for.

  26. Sorry Peyton fans & media, but if the 49ers don’t win the Super Bowl this has to be considered a failure, considering they went to the wire in the NFC title game without Peyton. At some point fans will realize Alex Smith wasn’t the problem it was the complete and utter lack of even average wide receivers. Peyton has been blessed with two superstar receivers his entire career and the Redskins showed what they thought of Peyton’s “average” receiver when they paid Garcon a fortune.

  27. @Prophet – Agreed, IF the 49ers land him and Manning is injured, etc. he would be considered a bust acquisition. But the 49ers can protect him by running the ball which they seemed to perennially be unable to do in IND. And you’re right IMO, the 49ers WRs were average with what they had to work with and that is run-blocking because quite frankly, Smith didn’t have the arm to stretch the field accurately. I’ve been a staunch Alex Smith proponent, esp since he’s gotten a bad rap, suffering through 7 different OC’s and 7 different offensive systems in 7 years. I firmly believe Smith would even improve with another year in Harbaugh’s system, but the fact that Harbaugh is even considering Manning speaks for itself. No doubt, Smith’s very accurate within 20 yds but it showed in the 49ers play calling what Harbaugh thought of his arm strength and by the NFC title game, the Giants played as if they knew it too. The stats don’t lie – one completion to a WR? Kyle Williams was the fastest WR on the field that day but they never even tried to send him deep because the Giants knew that they could play 10 in the box and get to Smith without fearing that he’d beat them deep. BTW, the Redskin’s overpaid big-time for Garcon who’d drop his hands if they weren’t attached to his arms. Sad to say though, he’s still better than all of the 2011 49er WRs. The 2012 version of the 49er WR core should be much improved even without Manning, but having Manning can mask a multitude of offensive shortcomings all at once.

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