Alex Smith scheduled to visit the Seahawks, too


Free agent quarterback Alex Smith is in Miami visiting the Dolphins on Sunday. If he sticks to his current schedule, that will only be the beginning of Smith’s 2012 free agency tour.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that Smith’s itinerary includes a visit to the Seattle Seahawks this week.

Citing multiple sources, Barrows also reports that Smith is “upset” at the 49ers for their pursuit of top free agent quarterback Peyton Manning, and there is “a growing belief” Smith might not return to San Francisco, even if the Niners whiff on Manning.

Before their aggressive pursuit of Manning, the 49ers had proposed Smith a three-year, $24 million contract. While interest from Seattle and Miami is somewhat promising, it’s hard to imagine Smith commanding a better offer from either team.

What would the Niners do if they lost out on both Manning and Smith?

The team did trade up into the second round of last April’s draft for Colin Kaepernick. CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco has also suggested the 49ers could reunite coach Jim Harbaugh with free agent Josh Johnson, formerly of the Buccaneers. Johnson was Harbaugh’s quarterback at the University of San Diego.

Johnson has not been drawing much free agent interest.

34 responses to “Alex Smith scheduled to visit the Seahawks, too

  1. Hope Manning turns down the Niners and Smith leaves for Seattle.
    can’t stand Harbaugh.

  2. Why would he be upset? It’s his fault for not signing that contract when it was presented to him. Good luck finding a team that’s gonna give you $8 mill a year.

  3. Well, that was always the risk if they went after Manning, which is probably why they kept their interest very quiet up until recently. But it’s a risk worth taking. If they do end up whiffing on Manning, I think Smith will get over it and realize that the 49ers are still the best place for him to be. They’re pretty much the only place that would offer him a guaranteed starting job (although I don’t think he’d have a hard time beating out Tarvaris Jackson).

  4. Gotta give Ireland credit, he’s not just gonna bend over for Flynn. And now Smith is gonna visit Seattle, the Dolphins have all the leverage on Flynn….right now.

  5. Imagine the Seahawks signing Alex Smith and Peyton choosing the Broncos. Leaving the 49ers to go 0-16 with Colin “Awful QB name” Kaepernick and tank for Keith Price. LOL!

  6. At this pace, Jim Harbaugh himself will have to end up being the starting QB for the 49ers. Hey, at least he already build up some chemistry with Moss.

  7. This is starting to reflect a drunk night at the bar. You have a decent looking girl on your hip at midnight. Last call comes and you take your shot at the hottest girl in the bar. In this situation you usually end up with no one.

  8. Alex needs the 49ers than they need him. Fans overreacting to think the 49ers are doomed without him.


    Yes, it could set them back a bit this year, but Kaepernick has always been their future plan, regardless if it’s Manning or Smith.

  9. Niner fan here, and I’m torn by this situation and feel bad for Alex, but it’s hard to be upset with management in this situation. First off, Alex was offered a very fair deal before Harbaugh even met with Peyton, and he chose to decline that deal. If he took that deal, I am assuming the meeting with Peyton never would have happened. As far as I am concerned, the second Smith turned down that 24 million dollar offer, the 49ers front office was free to pursue any quarterback they wanted. Getting a guy like Manning is not an opportunity that comes often, and I understand why they would risk jeopardizing their relationship with Alex Smith to get him. I wish Smith’s career as a 49er did not have to end like this, particularly after how he led the team to the NFC Championship after a fine season, but I trust the front office on this issue, no matter what happens.

  10. aaroncurryisbust says: Mar 18, 2012 3:12 PM Imagine the Seahawks signing Alex Smith and Peyton choosing the Broncos. Leaving the 49ers to go 0-16 with Colin “Awful QB name” Kaepernick and tank for Keith Price. LOL!

    You really want another Tavares Jackson in Seattle? I mean, unless Pete is serious about tanking the season for Barkley.

  11. Haha See You Later Alex thanks for 7 years of crap and 1 good year on what could’ve been … Seattle and Miami wont give him 8 million a year like we wanted to you just messed up my friend teams don’t forget how crappy just remember that when u visit those bum teams

  12. Seahawks fan here so anything that hurts the niners is fine with me.

    The interesting thing is I bet Alex Smith wanted to sign the 24 mil deal but his agent held it up. Pure speculation but what other reason would he be really upset with his agent (who’s Manning’s agent as well) unless there was a conflict of interest and he felt blindsided by Tom Condon.

    Condon held up the deal by telling Smith he could get more while talking to the Niners about Manning. Thus Alex Smith pissed off with him to the point he is thinking of changing agents.

    In the end Smith should resign with the niners. But if the niners get screwed in the deal by losing smith and not signing manning then the NFC west race just got tighter cause Kapernick is not going to be the answer this year

  13. Smith snidely remarks, “Nothing in this business surprises me anymore.”

    Yeah, like some scrub QB getting SEVEN seasons to prove himself to be even a half-way capable QB. For one guy to get that many chances certainly surprised everyone who has ever followed the NFL.

  14. I’m another 9er fan that is torn on this. I lean towards Alex, but if Peyton is actually healthy…you don’t come across a guy like that too often. I was under the impression that Alex was in the loop, but if this is to be believed he wasn’t. His own agent is playing him too. Dirty, make sure to fire Condon Alex! He doesn’t deserve a commission on any deal you do.

    Still, I have to trust the front office no matter what they do; they’ve earned that. Peyton better crap or get off the pot though! Not sure I want the Peyton circus though…

    Resign Alex! #staybluecollar

  15. willisaldon9952
    Mar 18, 2012, 12:07 PM PDT
    Most human beings would be upset if their boss treated them that way, shame on the 49ers FO.

    Too bad they weren’t his employers at the moment..unlike Tebow and Hasselbeck who have contracts but nobody seems to care about how they are being disrespected

  16. I having been sayin all along that Peyton shouldn’t play and can’t play; he isn’t going to last with that neck.

    Resigning alex just makes sense…the only better option is a “healthy” Peyton. Keap isn’t ready yet; he only knows one type of pass: fastball.

    If I am really honest with myself though, Alex might never hit those intermediate throws regularly…he has never done it and its really all needs to do. If he could do that he would command the respect he needs not to get sacked all the time. Maybe he just needed WR, maybe it’s been 7 years and I need to stop saying maybe.

    Peyton better stay healthy or the 9ers will be taking a step backward.

    I’ll shutup now; In coach and Baalke I trust!

  17. If the niners don’t get p manning that’s fine and if they also lose a smith..great, from what I see, a smith barely learn coach harbaugh’s play book and no ota… But still got the niners to the NFC championship…that means niners go full throttle with kaep with another year of the same playbook and ota and mini camps, this kid will still get us to the playoff…harbaugh can coach most quarter backs and make them great… He proved it with Johnson, luck and smith… So niners are still in position to win with this core team.

  18. Smith, you’ve been in the league 6 years. 6. You had one half-decent season last year. That doesn’t entitle you to a massive contract. We got to the NFC Championship Game WITH you, not BECAUSE of you. If you need clarification on that you didn’t complete a single pass that game, our red-zone offense all year was abysmal, we went 3-and-out on probably half the possessions in each game, etc.

    You should’ve taken the 3 year contract. Then we would be continuing to build around you instead of chasing Manning. I’ll be glad when Smith leaves SF.

  19. People get your facts straight.

    Alex DIDN’T SIGN THE CONTRACT THAT WAS OFFERED days and days ago, before FA opened.

    He had his chance and if he can’t understand the 49ers doing their due diligence, then let him walk.

    Reality is, he won’t sign with any other team until Manning signs and if the 49ers miss out, Alex will be back.

    Alex needs them a lot more than they need him.

  20. In addition to Miami & Seattle, I could think of a few more teams that could/would/still might look at Smith to improve their teams had Condon *not* iced Smith before/when free agency began. Smith was just-as or more accurate with a better (lower) poor-throw percentage + QBR than all of the starting QBs (who were not franchise rookies, i.e, Ponder, Gabbert, Newton, Dalton etc) for the following teams: Jets, Raiders, Redskins, Seahawks, Titans, Chiefs, Cards, Broncos — with *all* of the above fielding better olines (ranked by FootballOutsiders/AdvancedNFLStats) than the 9ers.

    Would the Jets have extended Sanchez without giving Smith a look had they known Smith was actually available? I could certainly see the Cards kicking the tires on Smith before they forked over Kolb’s $7m roster bonus. The Tebow Circus would scare away anyone but Smith would be a natural fit for Fox’s ball control offense.

  21. The fact that the dolphins won’t sign Alex Smith is a testament to how bad he sucks. Really hes in the same category as Jason Campbell. Alex Smith is a backup caliber quarterback.

  22. Well Flynn just signed with SEA so Smith’s opportunities are shrinking by the moment. He’ll land back with the 49ers if they don’t sign Manning. Heck it’s a business. This is part of the ‘process’ .

  23. Lesson to GMs. Never draft a system QB from a gimmick offense. Also, avoid the system QBs whose TEAM dominated the competition because the QB has enjoyed playing with superior talent and usually can’t hack the adversity.

  24. Jim Harbaugh has no loyalty. I say Alex should bail before Peyton is possibly signed by San Francisco. Leave the niners hanging in the wind…much like they are trying to do to Alex.

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