Bengals re-sign Reggie Nelson

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Despite drawing interest from several other teams, free agent defensive back Reggie Nelson won’t leave Cincinnati.

Nelson has re-signed with the Bengals, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. There’s no immediate word on the terms of the contract.

In 2011 Nelson was a major presence on a surprisingly good Bengals defense. He started all 16 games, had four interceptions (including one he returned for a 75-yard touchdown in a win over the Seahawks), 12 passes defensed and two sacks.

Among the teams most interested in Nelson were the Jets, who made him an offer. But in the end Nelson decided to stay where he was, and he’ll be back in Cincinnati.

33 responses to “Bengals re-sign Reggie Nelson

  1. Good for them.Mike Brown is alot better owner than that idiot that owns the Dolphins Ross.

  2. This is a HUGE signing for the Bengals.

    Great job to all involved in this one. Free agency started with a loud THUD for us, but it’s finally starting to take shape with our signings and BGE/Michael Bush in town for visits.

  3. Excellent!! Having Reggie back helps solidify the defensive backfield. Jason Allen has signed with the possibility of Tracy Porter signing and Jennings or Jones returning. Focus on adding a RB, another guard and DL help. Slow start but things are looking better.

  4. Bengals players using the Jets organization to get a little bit more cash and stay with the team they wanted to play with all along.

  5. “”Looks like the Jets really need Laron Landry””

    So they can have a Fifth linebacker on the field? the guy is just too big to be safety now o.O

  6. Dude showed some talent – but he was a major BUST while in J-Ville. Another Jags 1st round pick that did not work out.

  7. Please don’t not let Chris Crocker play another game for the Bengals after the way Arian Foster pushed him all over the field like he was a little girl!

  8. This is a pleasant surprise and most welcome news.

    When we lost Rucker and Fanene, I posted that it was discouraging, and I expected Nelson (and Sims) to leave for “greener” pastures.

    This is very encouraging.

    Welcome back Reggie – glad you are here.

  9. cougarquest says:

    Bengals players using the Jets organization to get a little bit more cash and stay with the team they wanted to play with all along.

    That’s how free agency works for all players, all teams. Nothing but a money grab. Teams get built through the draft.

  10. Yo RGwhodey- I know who u r bro.

    When r we snagging those Dunlap-Atkins jerseys?

  11. This is huge for us. We’ve got young talent, need a vets presence to help out. I can’t wait for the draft. RB, CB, DT, G, or WR with our first pick?

  12. AWESOME!! this guy really does play every play like it’s the last time he’ll lace up! Great news for the Bengals and the city of Cincinnati! WHO-DEY!

  13. Oh right Mike Brown, you have redeemed yourself. It looks like Katie running the team with your help. Mr. Mike Brown, your a better owner than people give you credit for. Go Bengals!

  14. Patience Bengal nation. I read a lot of panic comments when we lost Rucker and Fanene. Keep in mind, that hurt us, but only depth wise. They were not starters, and Rucker was not worth what Cleveland paid him, at least not to us since he again would be a rotational guy and has only been healthy one year out of his career. (Fanene is a much bigger loss)

    Now look at the big picture. Wharton instantly upgrades the offensive line. Allen gives us solid CB depth and is great insurance should Hall not be ready. The most important FA was Nelson, and he realized the grass isn’t greener.

    If they bag Michael Bush Monday, the Bengals will be a better team on paper heading in to camp this year than they were in 2011.

    I have no doubt whoever they sign to get in that DL rotation, Zimmer is going to have them ready.

  15. Patience?
    The Bungs haven’t won a playoff game in 21 years, or in other words, since Mike Brown took over! Patience is a virtue, but mortality is a certainty. You only have so much time to see your team win a Superbowl.

    Last year was purely a product of a fluky, soft-as-tissue-paper schedule. That happens every few years and everyone says they’ve “turned a corner.”

  16. Nelson isnt bad, not going to knock on him although he isnt a true safety and gets in trouble if he thinks too much… With ALL the cap room it is just ignorance on the Bengals part of not going after some better players ( moreso than what I would call average players/above average. Go out and get a few difference makers.

  17. Reggie I’m glad you got paid, but you won’t get anything else !
    You signed with the WRONG TEAM if you’re after a RING !
    Just keepn’ it real bro !
    When you get yo bank right – please LEAVE them losers !

  18. Where is carterious1 now…dude said he knew reggie personally and that reggie wanted out of Cinci bad. People shouldn’t make up lies on here. just be an insightful fan.

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