David Garrard will be next quarterback to visit Dolphins


NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that free agent quarterback David Garrard has scheduled a visit with the Miami Dolphins.

Garrard is 34 years old and would be no more than a short-term solution for Miami’s quarterback woes. Ideally, he wouldn’t be a candidate to start.

Garrard expects to be active this week in terms of making the free agent rounds, so he’ll likely visit more than one team before signing. At this point in time, the Dolphins would be one of his better landing spots for playing-time opportunity, though that could change quickly if the team signed Matt Flynn or Alex Smith.

Flynn was at Dolphins headquarters on Saturday. Smith is there on Sunday.

Garrard’s visit will take place on Monday.

40 responses to “David Garrard will be next quarterback to visit Dolphins

  1. I’d say Matt Moore is better than Garrard at this point. Too bad there’s no catchy nickname for getting the number one pick next year and Matt Barkley most likely, like Suck for Luck

  2. Wow, Garrard is 34? Seems like he has not been around as a mediocre QB that long. That is only 2 years younger than PM who has been around forever.

  3. That proves it, everyone in the fins organization is nuts. Why interview someone that is 34 yrs old when they need a long term solution. And they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

  4. Just because the Dolphins couldn’t get Manning, doesn’t mean that they have to look for another washed up quarterback.

  5. Wondered when his name would re-surface…

    Miami – Seattle – San Fran – Tennessee – Denver – Cleveland….

    Last one to sign is a rotten egg!
    And by rotten egg, it may just mean Vince Young.

  6. Oh no. Now the Fin fans will be out in force here to declare David Garrad as their new favorite QB.

    Manning was the favorite and the hero that was going to lead the fins to the Super Bowl.

    Then they didn’t really want him anyway.

    Then matt Flynn was the QB they REALLY wanted all along, and was going to take them to the Super Bowl.

    Now , uh, not so much.

    Now Garrard will be the guy they TRUELY and REALLY wanted from the get go.

  7. Tommorow Fins fans will hate on Flynn, and announce that Alex Smith is the only QB they wanted in the first place. Will say he has all the tools to be a star but the Niners didn’t have a good supporting cast. Smith will take them to the Super Bowl, and Flynn and Garrard were not seriously even considered.

  8. “bucrightoff says: Too bad there’s no catchy nickname for getting the number one pick next year and Matt Barkley most likely, like Suck for Luck”

    Fall flat for Matt.

  9. Garrard and Smith what have we come to really?? Take Flynn or draft a QB please this is getting sad I’m about to get a brown bag and put it on my head

  10. Was this guy in the league last year? Honestly all these articles are about journeymen, washed up former stars, or completely unproven backups. The FA qb market is getting way too much press this year….

  11. I thought things would change in miami since Saparno left……but things are crazy in Miami right now…..but I have to remember that Jeff Ireland is still there and making decision. This new coaching staff is not impressing me so far.

  12. My son wants to be a quarterback and the Dolphins have also invited him for an interview.

    BTW, my son is 6 years old!

  13. This Ross enjoying himself by using his power to do whatever wants and I think that is toy around with all the fans seeing hes able to mess with the fans emotions is entertaining him watching our hope build before saying “SYKE” he doesn’t care about filling seats now he knows he’s a failure at football business he’s just having fun with the things he can get done before relocating. BUT MAYBE hell sell the team to businessman with a passion for football and well be saved. Ah I dono anymore been dreaming so long n seen so many unexplainable moves I’ve lost my mind

  14. Well in the spirit of due diligence I propose to Jeff Ireland that he give Vinny Testaverde a call. He lives right up the street doesn’t he? Testaverde at 48 has a better arm now, than Garrard, Flynn, and Smith ever did.

  15. If Ross and Ireland are smart they’ll sign Flynn.But if they sign somebody else it will just show how stupid they are.

  16. Blow for Barkley
    Bomb for Barkley
    Bust for Barkley

    Either of those is fine by me if we do not sign Flynn (or maybe Smith). I do NOT want Garrard at all. Matt Moore (who I also wouldn’t mind getting a chance to start based on what he did last year) is FAR better than Garrard and might be even with Smith if not slightly better. Flynn has the only advantage of knowing the system we are about to use, but I would loike to see who is better between Moore and Flynn after both are up to speed with the system.

  17. Flynn visited Miami because he said he would, Seattle has the better team, and facilities. They also have the better Coach., FO, and Owner. He respects hi former Coach, and did not want to snub him. Later today or tomorrow he will announce he is a Hawk, and the Miami fans can go watch baseball and those ugly new Uni’s. Because their football team will suck again.
    He will love the 12th MAN cheering for him. We are the NFL’s 12th MAN, the rest are posers, so stop faking it.

  18. I hope this article I just read is not true:

    Miami Dolphins are taking the lime light away with them. Miami Dolphins are very active in fact they are pro-active in the free agent period. They know their game and it seems that the Miami Dolphins have a good strategy this time of the year. Like all other team Miami Dolphins are also up for signing contracts and hiring players which they think will suit them best. Their followers also seem very happy with what Miami Dolphins are doing and they are very confident that their team will be up to new and better targets this year than ever before.

    One of the latest news from the end of Miami Dolphins is a new hiring! Yes a new hiring! So, who is the new face to join the clan of the Miami Dolphins? Well, it is none other than David Garrard. David Garrard is a well-known name in the NFL and his addition is certainly that of a gem. Many other teams were also willing to sign a contract with him but Miami Dolphins were successful to convince him to join their clan. It took David Garrard a few meetings and of course some top notch convincing before he actually joined Miami Dolphins but all is well that ends well!

    David Garrard missed the NFL 2011 season because he had a severe back injury and was not allowed by doctors to play for at least a year. So, David Garrard was completely out of the scene of NFL for one complete season but now he has fortunately recovered from the injury and has gotten permission from his doctors to be back on the field. And this time in 2012, David Garrard will be appearing from the side of Miami Dolphins. We can only hope that the chemistry between the team and player really show on the field in way it is hoped to be. NFL fans can surely not wait to see this combination which is not only enticing and amazing!

    Miami Dolphins’ sources have said that David Garrard will be soon having a meeting with personnel of Miami Dolphins who will then be finalizing the terms and contract with David Garrard. Although Miami Dolphins are confirmed that David Garrard will be joining but we need to wait until the contract and price is finalized because we all know that the period of free agency is very unpredictable. Any player can be taken of gone just by a few more or less dollar contract.

    David Garrard addition in Miami Dolphins will surely be valued one. Tis combination will clearly set a new revival in the game this April and Miami Dolphins fan are completely hooked to the news confirmation. We all can hope that the final news will be with us in a couple of days.

  19. I thought Garrard was busy slouching on the couch in his pajamas with a giant bowl of ice cream perched on his big belly….

  20. The Gerrard option may be the best for Miami. He can backup Matt Moore who is a better QB than both Gerrard or Flynn. Proof of this is Moore’s #12 QB rating in the NFL on a team that did not have a very good right side of the OL. The Dolphins can then focus on their other position needs.

  21. signing smith or flynn would be a improvement on what we have now, and im not totally convinced we want draft tannehill at number 8 or send that 3rd rounder we got for marshall for tebow

  22. For all you hating on Garrard. He had basically the same receivers that Blaine had last year. Garrard was a middle of the pack QB. Blaine..rookie was dead last and the coaching staff for the last 2 years was poor. Give Garrard some help and you will see that he isn’t as bad as some think he is.

  23. If I wasn’t a Pats fan, I would feel sorry for the Phin’s fans. They have turned this search into a circus and the clowns are running the auditions.
    Moore is as good or better than the QB’s they are bringing in and they should draft Tanneyhill in the first or Foles in the second to be developed by Phibin

  24. I do not dislike David Garrard, but the Dolphins inquiring about him would have made more sense during the 2007 offseason!!!!

    I’m not kidding!!!

    He was the quarterback who got the Jags into the playoffs in 2005 and he ended up having a 18 TD vs. 3 INT season in 2007 with a playoff berth!!!

    The whole time Cam Cameron was in Miami, all he said was “we need Trent Green!!!! We need Trent Green!!!!” when Green did not have great playing stints during the 2006 season. Damon Huard outplayed him in KC and became worse after his Week 1 concussion!!!

    Plus, if the Fins were wanting to be a run-first team under Cameron why not take Garrard then?? He fits a run first offense when healthy and productive!!!!!

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