Flynn picks the Seahawks

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The Dolphins under owner Stephen Ross not long ago seemed like a large man with a big bat who simply couldn’t connect on a high and tight fastball.  Now, perhaps Ross and the Dolphins are a little kid swinging a cracked broom at a piñata that is hanging too high for him to reach.

Free-agent quarterback Matt Flynn, who set on January 1 a Packers franchise record with 480 passing yards, has agreed to terms with the Seahawks, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Schefter reports that Flynn will sign a three-year deal worth up to $26 million, with $10 million guaranteed.  Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the deal has a base value of $19 million.

The maximum annual value of less than $9 million reflects some skepticism regarding Flynn’s ability to get it done as the week-in, week-out starting quarterback.  And the “up to” means that the deal includes incentive payments, likely based on whether he plays.

There’s no guarantee he will.  Tarvaris Jackson has a year as the starter, and six total years in the system that Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell uses.

And so it’ll be harder for Flynn to get to the field in Seattle than it would have been in Miami.  And yet he chose that over a reunion with former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin, now the head coach wih the Dolphins.

Maybe the Dolphins really did lowball Flynn, thinking he’d take less to be with Philbin.  Maybe Flynn, like Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning, decided not to be a Dolphin.

Either way, it puts the Dolphins in even more of a bind.  Their best bet now will be to acquire the starter that gets bumped by Peyton Manning:  Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, or Matt Hasselbeck.

Or maybe to make a Hail Mary effort to get back into the Peyton chase.

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  1. Wow after all the hype, Miami is looking like a mighty lonely place. No one wants to go there.

  2. Miami could be solid with a QB, but time is running out to get a good one. Amazed Jason Campbell signed to be a backup so quick. He could have waited, and possibly stepped in if nobody else filled Miami’s role.

  3. Wow the Dolphins are inept. Literally EVERYTHING that was expected to happen for them this offseason completely failed to happen.

  4. “The Miami Dolphins…the Susan Lucci of the NFL.”

    Stolen twitt from Mike Freeman.

    Anyway, Cleveland now has a golden opportunity to trade down with Miami (who will be desperate now for Tannehill) and do to them what they did to Atlanta last year.

  5. As a Phins fan, I just wish they’d shut up and go about there business rather than this “plan A then on to Plan B” crap. Right now, all we look like is the laughing stock of the league. Gerrard? Smith? really?

    This is downright painful.

  6. The Seahawks have historically done well with Green Bay backup QBs – here’s hoping that continues with Flynn.

  7. ghosts go boo says:
    Mar 18, 2012 5:36 PM
    Why does Ross and Ireland hate the Dolphins so much? Can’t we trade them to Chicago for a pizza and a ticket to the Brookfield Zoo?



  8. Show me a Front Office that has done a worse job than the Dolphins! Can they hinestly say that their entire off-season plan was Peyton or bust! Someone needs to fired!

    Taking a roster that many believe to be on the verge of making the playoffs with the addition of a reliable QB, to a roster that is now multiple pieces away from cracking .500

    There is something clearly wrong with the perception the Miami Dolphins Front Office has league wide. With there recent moves and low-ball offers, it makes you think that they wanted to appear active in FA, but really were aiming to miss. Are they sending this roster into full scale rebuilding mode?

  9. Nice signing…….this kid is young and teachable. He could stay with the Hawks for the next 10 years just like Matt Hasselbeck. 🙂

  10. Another Miami bashing story Mike? What a surprise! Ever think that maybe if Flynn is not with the Dolphins it’s because a coach who spent 4 years with him does not believe he can get the job done as a starter? No…must be because nobody wants to join the Dolphins. Keep hating.

  11. Seattle is another place with a guy that has seen some of Flynn. John Schneider has been gone for a couple of years now but he over-lapped with Flynn’s time in GB for 2.

    I think this is a really good signing for Seattle and Flynn. Seattle is not paying a ton but Flynn is going to get another bite at the apple in a couple of years.

  12. I don’t blame him, there is no one for him to throw to in Miami, you can’t trade Marshall away and not have anyone to replace him, not the best way to try to lure a QB and to think how good they got toward the end of last season

  13. If your previous OC (who needs a QB) doesn’t sign you then maybe its a red flag for other clubs. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think this just continues what Philbin said with building through the draft. Miami almost has to draft Tannehill now.

  14. I root for most comically bad teams in NFL & NHL. I mustve been Pontius freakking Pilate in previous life. No other explanation. Dolphins, and Islanders. Someone just kill me.

  15. Woohoo! Finally a possible long term solution at quarterback. Future looks a little brighter. I like a guy who had a tough road to get into a starting role. Welcome to Seattle!

  16. gomta says: Mar 18, 2012 5:42 PM Another Miami bashing story Mike? What a surprise! Ever think that maybe if Flynn is not with the Dolphins it’s because a coach who spent 4 years with him does not believe he can get the job done as a starter? No…must be because nobody wants to join the Dolphins. Keep hating.

    He wanted Flynn. Too bad Ross overruled him and tried to lure Manning. When he said no, it was too late to get Flynn.

  17. thats kind of funny. free agents would rather be snowed in in buffalo than playing in the bikini clad metropolis of miami.

  18. When the season ended, I doubt Dolphin fans were hoping for an Alex Smith signing to help improve the team. I wonder if the Fins will now try to get a QB in the draft instead.

  19. Let’s see, Matt Flynn who played at LSU would rather play in cold rainy Seattle for goofy Pete Carroll and pay state income taxes instead of his former OC, in warm, sunny Miami and not pay state income taxes (about $1.5 million if the entire contract is earned).

    I’d say that’s an indictment on the Dolphins organization if there ever was one.

  20. I agree with you gomta. It used to be that everybody wanted us to draft a QB with our 1st rnd pick. I think we are gonna finally do that. Were fine and the true, educated dolphin fans no it. Coming soon Tannehill, Weeden, etc

  21. Been a Fins fan my whole life but this story just keeps getting sadder and sadder.

    No OL signings despite the desperate need on the right side, $10M in guarantees is nothing in the NFL yet they can’t pull the trigger on Flynn.

    Haven’t heard of any restructurings to give them more cap room so free agents come to town and leave.

    I actually like Alex Smith but they won’t sign him.

    It’s all very, very sad.

  22. Ridiculous, no one wanted this guy after he wins a national championship but fill in for Rogers 4 times = 10 million dollars? No one talks about the failure to asses Flynn’s “abilities” coming out of LSU…. Just how their teams should overpay for what’s been accurately dubbed “Kolb 2.0”.

    Why not just draft your own guy in the 7th round, it will probably end the same as overpaying for this guy, who I like, but still not sold on.

  23. Maybe Philbin didn’t think he could do the job in Miami. $26M for a backup QB that played only 2 games? Come on now!! For that keep Matt Moore at $2M per season and use the money on other talents worth the money. Good decision Fins!!!

  24. I can only hope that Philbin knows what he’s doing and felt that Flynn wasn’t worth it. If he turns out to be a star it’s all on his shoulders. If the kid had what he thought would be the skills to be a franchise qb you would think he would know. Roll with Moore and maybe draft Tannehill if he’s there.

  25. Welcome aboard Matt! Fan base is ecstatic! 12th man is behind ya. I will be wearing your jersey opening day.
    Great job pete and John

  26. Ross and Ireland are setting records for being shunned by high-profile free agent players and coaches.

    Just a few weeks ago, every Dolphin fan was swooning because there was just absolutely no way that Manning would choose anyone else!

    And before you thumb this one down too much, I’m a Chiefs fan who wouldn’t mind seeing the Dolphins be good again. I’m really just amazed that there is an owner/GM duo that drives more people away than Hunt/Pioli.

  27. We have the worst fans. Always talkiing about leaving. Later. We didnt want to pay him starter money, and why should we? Good for Dolphins. Theyre gonna get the right guy at the right price at the right time. There decision isnt gonna be made under pressure from you goons that want Flynn

  28. Also, this means that the Dolphins should and probably will draft Tannehill. Makes sense in multiple ways.

  29. Alex Smith wont sign with them either, they don’t have a TE the caliber of Vernon Davis and their WR corps is worse than what the Niners had in the NFC Championship Game. Their only hope is to trade up to Cleveland’s spot and get Tannehill

  30. This kid ( Flynn ) is going to be special! You can go to the bank on this one. I never thought he would bypass Miami, but I see him as being the new hot QB of the NFL. Congrats Seahawks you just are now going to be one of the powers of the West.

  31. Miami trades up with Vikes to get Tannehill. Cleveland drafts Blackmon at 4 and Weeden at 22. Smith goes to Denver after Peyton goes to 49ers. Tebow stays in Denver on the bench.

  32. Philbin must be pissed if no money showed Flynn and he left. But surprised Flynn chose a team where yes they run the west coast offense…but probably different formation/herbage. May have some trouble succeeding.

  33. Keep your heads up Dolphin fans, you still have a historic franchise, just gotta wait for that lucky roethlisberger/brady/favre/brees pickup and Mercury Morris will be back on his soapbox for all the world to hear once more.

  34. Those are NOT the only options. Mike Sherman coached Tannehill at A&M. Maybe they think he’s a better option than Flynn. That would be my guess.

  35. WHAT is the medias infatuation with the Dolphins?? This article is more about what the Dolphins didn’t do than what the Seahawks did do! WTF? What have the Dolphins EVER DONE to get this much press? A horrible team, whos won nothing!

  36. For an owner who is so concerned about putting butts in seats of sunlife stadium, he’s sure got a funny way of doing it. He probably just lost a bunch more season ticket holders.

    Note to Ross and Ireland: You two really are a couple of idiots.

  37. Its a shame that former starting QBs rather sign as back ups for other teams than be a starter for the dolphins, via kyle orton, jason cambell, hell even brady Quinn rather stay a back up.

  38. Just maybe Philbin knows that Flynn is not worth what he was asking, it’s time to face it Fin fans, it’s a rebuilding year now, no use settling for any of these QBs now, stick with Moore for another year and keep looking.

  39. With a name like Ireland, you would think the Dolphins would get lucky yesterday. But nooooooooooo…………………

  40. Hmm. You could look at it as Ross/Ireland striking out OR you could look at it as a 4 year backup QB with 2 NFL starts taking the money and running with it. Time will tell.

    I do not think Ross/Ireland would let Flynn get away if Philbin thought he was worth $10M.

    I think if I were the Seahawks I would be asking “why didn’t his old coach go hard after him?”

    Instead of getting emotional, Finfans should ask themselves the same question.

  41. your last chance to get it right peter!!! & why does peter seem like a weasel / eddie haskell type of guy that is totally fake, i know harbaugh rubs people wrong but, he is at least real!!!!

  42. As a Rams fan this pains me but if there is a potential positive..if Flynn turns out to be the QB most people thinks he can be and the Niners continue off of last season (Rams and Cardinals are a few years away) then the NFC West will no longer be the laughingstock division of the whole league

  43. I love it, we have run game, young and improving d and o-line and Flynn just has to be effective and we will be competing in the playoffs immediately. We didn’t overspend like the cards so this is a good day for seahawks fans who have struggled watching an aged qb to one with no pocket presence. Can’t wait to see my team in action next year. Go hawks!

  44. WOW… Kolb really messed up the chances for any “back-up” to get solid “starter” money… Seattle has a good defense and an interesting offense… Let’s see what you got Flynn!!

  45. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. But the dumb blind squirrel traded his only nut for two 3rd round draft picks that will be squandered.

    I’d say there like the blind man in a dark room looking for the black cat that’s not even there.

  46. It is simple, Matt Flynn was just doing his former teacher/coach “a solid”. But when it came down to it, common sense prevailed. Why would you go to work for a guy who chose to go to work the day after his son’s funeral(instead of taking some time off to grieve in a more respectable manor). Good luck Matt, you are a good quarterback and an honorable human being.

  47. Packers backup QB with under five starts signs with Seahawks to be starter on pretty big contract….sounds like Matt Hasselbeck 2.0 to me, which is a good thing. Hasselbeck was never great. He was a league average starter who had a young and upcoming defense with a promising, talented running back. It took that Seahawks team 5 years, from 2001 to 2005, to build up a championship team. I think history will repeat itself. This seems like 2001 again for Seattle, as they’re down with the downturn from 2006 to 2011.

  48. i hope this was philbins choice and not irelands, because if it was and flynn ends up being great i hope ireland gets fired.

  49. Fools who spout incorrect facts, no income tax in WA. Reading a post from a guy who speaks without knowledge is like signing to play in Miami. Facts please.
    The fact is the Seahawks just made the playoffs baby! Not to mention the boat load of cap still available!!

  50. Dear Miami Dolphins,

    F_ck you!

    Every NFL Free agent worth anything

    LMFAO, what a joke that team has become, it feels like 50 years ago that every fan was scared of what Marino would do to their defense when the Dolphins came to town… This offseason has been the epitome of “dont count your chickens before they hatch”. Right Dolphins fans? After all, you spent the last 6 weeks talking about how good you would be next year after you get Manning, or at worst get Flynn, etc etc etc… I guess you all should hope that Manning picks Denver, so that you can get raped for Tebow….

  51. With matt moore, we don’t need flynn. He was the 12th ranked qb last year without training camp as a starter and 10 games under soprano’s risk averse offense.

    Flynn’s personal coach for the past 4 years didn’t think he was worth it.

    Remember, he who laughs last laughs best.

  52. Matt Moore gets the Sparano treatment. We tried our best to replace you all year long, but since you’re here, good luck! He’s gonna need it!!!

  53. what does ross have anything to do with this? Media always start out bashing ross.

    Anyone think flynns not worth it? Guy wins the bcs championship and was ranked #1, and he still doesn’t get drafted till the 7th round. Then, everyone said it was a given he would go to the dolpins because of philbin. Philbin doesn’t make it happen.
    Telling? I think so.

  54. Flynn is probably happy he doesn’t have to live in Wisconsin anymore…

    And I’m glad I don’t live in a place where calling yourself eastside baller is cool

  55. nflovercollegefb says: Mar 18, 2012 5:45 PM

    Let’s see, Matt Flynn who played at LSU would rather play in cold rainy Seattle for goofy Pete Carroll and pay state income taxes

    Dude, it rains like 20 inches more per year in Miami than Seattle. And there’s no state income tax in Washington state.

    1 out of 3 isn’t bad, but most people could do better.

  56. Besides, before manning was a FA nobody thought the phins were getting a qb during fa in 2012.
    We were all looking at the draft. Now our team is done with no options? Please….

  57. Couple of things in defense of Miami…..

    1) Ross and Ireland cannot help the fact that Peyton did not want to play there. The assumption that he didn’t want to go there because of Ross and Ireland is purely that, assumption.

    2) Lets examine the reasons they have been “spurned” the last few years.
    a. Harbaugh would not accept the job while
    Sparano was still employed. b. Fisher wanted total control of personnel
    decisions, just because he has a GM in St.Louis does not mean that Fisher doesn’t make the decisions.
    c. Manning just did not want to play there.

    3) the Brandon Marshall trade, remember this was the off-season where they had to make a decision, the contract he signed was essentially a 2-year deal, after which the Dolphins could either cut him, or commit to the big money portion of his contract. Given what happened last weekend, they decided to get what they could for him and save themselves the money.

    4) Matt Flynn. Philbin knows the kid, obviously they did not want to pay what they felt was too much for the kid.

    I know that it is hard to understand why your team is doing what you want them to do, but more often than not teams that sit tight and do not overpay are the ones who have success in the long term. Build through the draft, take care of your own, and seize upon opportunities that present value. If you look at the New Englands, Green Bays, Baltimores, Pittsburghs of the league, you see a common thread.

    Chill out Miami fans, Jeff Ireland is the same man that built you a good defensive line, drafted you Jake Long, Vontae Davis, and Mike Pouncey,and got you good value in the Reggie Bush trade, it takes a long time to get back from a 1-15 season

  58. I had a fear Ross and Ireland would screw this up.This team is going nowhere fast with these 2 idiots running this team.It really makes you wonder how Ross could have become a millionaire.Ross please sell this team.And Dolphin fans quit supporting this team as long as Ross owns it.

  59. This could potentially be a blessing in disguise for Miami. They’be seemed to have forgotten that they’ve got a pretty decent starter who showed lord of potentiallawt year. They should have been more concerned with getting some weapons for him rather than trying to replace him.

  60. The Dolphins CHOSE not to sign him….not the other around for that money…Philbin knows Flynn better than any of us..If he had been 100% sold, he would have told Ireland his feelings.

  61. I can’t believe all of you guys are getting upset for not signing Matt Freakin Flynn. Seriously… He’s not worth the money…Flynn=Moore. The Dolphins already have a Matt Flynn on their roster. Ray Lucas could have gone in for that Packers team and kicked butt for two games too.

  62. Good job seattle and hope he plays well wont get my hopes up just yet, well now pete Carroll is gonna draft an o lineman or defensive player hopefully that LB

  63. well we took a player from miami using the 2nd round tender maybe the dolphins make hoyer a contract and we get a 2nd round pick back. I would be happy getting a 2nd round pick for an undrafted free agent.

  64. The Dolphins look smart low-balling Flynn hoping he’d take the lower amount. Good for him go to a team that has a shot at doing something this season.

  65. Just speculation here…but Miami’s new head coach had a pretty good idea of what Flynn was capable of from his time in GB…maybe that could have been behind the ‘low ball’ offer to the former 7th rounder. We will see.

  66. at least ross has attracted big names through the part-owner market…who needs a QB when you’ve got J-lo in the sky box.

  67. Sad week for Miami fans! Brandon Marshall traded(for nothing), next day Manning drops Miami off potential landing spots(hmmm I wonder why), and now this. This is the worst news yet. Flynn ties Aaron Rodgers for most td passes in a game, in just one game. Dolphins had a great chance to land him but chose to lowball him??? I bet Philbin really regrets coming to Miami to deal with these Ireland and Ross clowns. They seem to be going out of their way to piss the fans off. Who is left? Garrard/Alex Smith/possibly tebow??? This has got to be the worst week for dolphin fans. I bet the rest of the AFC is laughing their asses off at us. Ross fire Ireland and sell the team immediately. You obviously have no clue what you are doing!

  68. Matt Moore (12th rated NFL passer) should start for the Miami Dolphins in 2012. Gerrard would be a great backup allowing the Dolphins to focus $ on other positions of need. Moore is a better QB than Matt Flynn or David Gerrard and has earned the right to start. He had the Dolphins ahead of both the Patriots and Giants until the final minute. In my opinion this was not a management leverage game but an evaluation of talent by the new head coach Joe Philbin who spent four years coaching Matt Flynn.

  69. Thanks Seattleeeeeeee! Flynn isn’t a better qb than Matt Moore , so why pay him more. Miami should stick with Moore and draft a qb to develop. Let’s stop taking other teams waste!!!!

  70. All these Dolphin haters are priceless Last week this team “has more talent than any other team going after Peyton Manning”. Peyton goes elsewhere and “dolphins stink and we are rebuilding”. Give Ireland a chance to do his job. He takes a lot of the bullets for his boss that are never reported and is actually highly respected by other GM’s. Fact!

  71. Now Seattle can draft a pass rusher with their first round pick and either a linebacker or running back with their second round pick. I would like to see them re-sign Hawthorne and Hill but I don’t think they will give Hill starter’s money. This certainly makes the draft a lot more interesting.

  72. john schneider helped draft flynn is green bay. he was ted thompsons’s assistant gm. stop this ignorant ex coach philbin is the only one who knows him and can evaluate him properly because he watched him everyday in practice. so did schneider for 2 years. schneider played a fine game of poker and kept his cards tight to his vest, getting what he wanted on his terms…a cheap 10 m guaranteed contract that can be cut or extended upon depending on if flynn is the guy.

  73. @ Chairman Al…
    Jason Campbell is a backup QB, he is not a starter. I agree he could have waited, but I feel the word is out

  74. Glad they didnt get Peyton, Flynn or any other. Give Moore another year and see what happens. There is definetly alot more gaping holes than qb on this team. Build for the future not for the present. Any guy out there wants to bang the hottest airhead out there its sexy, but make it her your future? Naaaaa. Common Miami dont get lured into that. In order to be succesful in the NFL it takes time. Not a one night stand.

  75. The way I see things working out, the Dolphins aren’t able to land Tannehill in the draft thanks to either the Browns or some other team grabbing him first. Then they also somehow botch the 2012 season in such a way so they can’t draft Matt Barkley next year either. Such is their luck. It’s a tragi-comedy.

  76. Keep your chin up Dolphins fans sooner or later Ross has to die and hopefully somebody good will then buy the Dolphins.

  77. Once again, what does this tell you about Ireland? How many prospective coaches and players can this guy turn away before you realize that HE is the problem. If you can’t sign a QB who has a tie to the coach, then who CAN you sign?

  78. Matt Moore did a pretty good job as QB for phins last year. He is not Manning, but he actually has more starts than Matt Flynn.

    Scott Mitchell, Rob Johnson, Kevin Kolb, the list is long of guys who played sparingly as back-ups and signed bug contracts and went no where with them. Phins might actually be better off without Flynn.

  79. I was glad to hear about this news. Givinga guy with one or two games under hits belt $10 million a year its madness. I’d like Miami to trade back in round one for a second this year and first next year. we could then draft malcom Floyd in the first and weeden in the second.

  80. Had Philbin been completely sold on him they would have made an offer reflecting that. The fact that they are exploring other options before Flynn’s decision reinforces the likelyhood they wern’t completely sold.

  81. This owner was surely one of the whiners who called for the Skins to take a $36 million cap hit. And the Skins still sign players. Makes you wonder about these cheap owners.

  82. Maybe Dolphins management has decided to steal a page from Rickey Williams playbook and take a year off to smoke some really decent weed. Football ain’t everything, folks!!!

  83. I lived in MN during the Tarvaris Jackson days and he sucks! Im surprised he won some games last yr! T-Jack should give Marshawn lynch half his money! People Forget that Matt Flynn is the man period!!, and that he won the BCS in college with LSU! this was a smart signing for both sides! Tavaris Jackson sucks like I said and if he doesnt get pulled after a few bad games this yr, pete carrol is a smart man, so pc will probably have an open competition for the starting job and training camp and Matt Flynn will be the starter! we don’t know what was said behind closed doors, but im sure it went something like this.
    hey matt you sign with us and you’ll win the starting job!

    Matt said you’re right when i was in GB i saw how bad Tjack was on the vikings….where do i sign lol

  84. As a Seattle fan, I like the move. We’ve got a young kid who has shown some talent, who now has three years to either play his way into a $80+ million extention, or go finish his career as a backup somewhere else.

    Didn’t give up the farm, and won’t be taking cap hits for this in 2016 if it doesn’t work out. Now we can move on and focus on addressing our other needs – namely, pass rush and LB – in the draft.

    Let the Flynnsanity begin!

  85. Flynn has to be tired of eating Applebees and the steaks at Brett Favre’s steakhouse in Green Bay.

    Seattle has a lot to offer in comparison to Green Bay. Well, hell, I guess Buffalo New York does too.

  86. Pacific NW Mark says:
    Mar 18, 2012 6:11 PM
    nflovercollegefb says: Mar 18, 2012 5:45 PM

    Let’s see, Matt Flynn who played at LSU would rather play in cold rainy Seattle for goofy Pete Carroll and pay state income taxes

    Dude, it rains like 20 inches more per year in Miami than Seattle. And there’s no state income tax in Washington state.

    1 out of 3 isn’t bad, but most people could do better.
    OK, you got me on the State Income tax, I’ll plead ignorance on that one.

    It may rain more in Miami but not as often, they get afternoon thundershowers (Thunderboomers) as opposed to steady rainfall, so there is your difference (look it up).

    Plus it is MUCH warmer and sunnier in Miami overall, 226/365 cloudy days in Seattle so we can agree to disagree on the weather.

    I’d say I’m at .500 and I just love your witty, snarky attitude. Wow, you sure put me in my place!

  87. Very good move for both Matt and Seattle.

    Despite the snarky comments from the children above, Matt Flynn will do great in Seattle!

    And in three years, he’ll be ready to sign his mega-contract.

    The NFC West is looking more interesting.

  88. hahahaha I think Miami just became the laughing stock of the league. Finally Browns and Jaguars fans can raise their heads up with pride knowing they are no longer the shame of the NFL.

  89. Attention all Fins/Canes fans. If you are a Fins season ticket holder, trade them in for Hurricanes season tickets. You will see a much better product on the feild.

  90. I feel bad for philbin when the dolphins win only two games he’ll be fired not Ireland and I’m a phin fan but we have the worst front office ever what happened to being big spenders?? I’ll be sure to not go to a game this year Ross don’t need my money he needs to sell the team so we can once again be a great football team

  91. The low ball offer likely reflects the opinion of Philbin that Flynn is not all that. After all, wouldn’t Philbin have fought hard to field the next Tom Brady regardless of how little he played in GB? He is in the best position to know. The offer reflects a lack of confidence in his skills. Seattle will likely find that Flynn is this season’s Kevin Kolb.

  92. It seems pretty clear that FA quarterbacks are avoiding the AFC East. Even Manning, who gave the Jets and the Dolphins the cold shoulder, didn’t want to take on Brady twice a year. These guys aren’t stupid. Pat’s look like a lock to win the division for the next few years. Much easier to play playoff football by signing elsewhere. Having said that, I think Moore is solid. Give him the reins from day one and I think he’ll prove to be better than Fitz and Sanchez.

  93. Guys, we had TJak in Minny for too many years and too many chances to do great – heck, even good – and he didn’t get it done. I see Flynn starting first game for the Hawks. If he’s got the smarts that TJak lacks he’s definitely in!

  94. Ireland runs player acquisition.. end of story…

    Ross is the owner, not management… if Ross tells him to execute a strategy and he repeatedly doesn’t do it, he deserves the axe….

    obviously we haven’t been in the conference rooms and I’m sure it isn’t anywhere as inept as it seems, but Ross should step up and replace Ireland if he expects to be winning and filling seats anytime soon….

  95. Maybe Flynn was sick of the horrendous humidity and heat in the South. It’s brutal in Miami, especially. Besides who wants to play for an owner who honors the opposing QB with on field presentations?

  96. Watch out Miami, you’re about to lose your football team. Ross owns the team, the stadium , the land, he could be gone tomorrow. If the stadium continues being a home game for the visiting teams , the local sponsors dry up and nobody is buying tickets, LA is where your team will end up. If you don’t buy tickets, you can call the Bucs or the Jags your team.

  97. this might actually be the smartest move Ireland has done since he got there. Not over paying for an unkown comoddity. as much as all of us dolphin fans want a new QB, you have to make actuall business decisions. we obviously didnt think it was in our best interest to outbid what the seahawks were willing to offer. If Philbin isnt willing to do it then you have to think something was up and it wasnt worth it. I know we all want to win now, but Ireland and Co, know what they have in Matt Moore, dude is tough and showed that he can lead this team to some wins and be competitive in almost every game they were in when he played. you cant tell me for the money that Alex Smith or Flynn is really that much of a better option than Moore, especially when your talking about the amount of money you are giving up. You have to be sure of what your getting if you spend that much loo, becuase if you do and its a bust, you set the franchise back that much further again. there are still options available in this years draft and next years as well. plus as a phins fan im willing to give Moore another year….

  98. Joe Philbin is the coach. Maybe he doesn’t think Matt Flynn is that good. He’s been with him for 4 years. Matt Moore is Matt Flynn, so just get on with
    it, and pick one up in the draft. We do need a decent wide receiver that’s for sure. Brandon Marshall ran out of time here, with all his off field nonsense. Wait until he gets charged, and then maybe the Dolphins were not so stupid with him after all.
    The front office of the Dolphins is pathetic, that’s for sure. Not sure what they are thinking at the moment, obviously not a lot.

  99. Phins fan here, all of you are a bunch of morons..forget Flynn, you Phin fans guys are all desperate to sign something. I can’t stand Ross or Ireland, but I will tell you what. I will take Matt Moore over this fool Flynn any day for that kind of money.
    They wanted to bring him in to compete that’s it! No body knows what Matt Fynn can do, he may be just another AJ Feely we can’t afford to make that mistake again. Matt Moore played SOLID football. I firmly believe that if he had a offseason, started the beginning of the year, and we didn’t have that bum Colombo we would have made the playoffs.

    Go out there and get a stud WR from the draft, Blackmon maybe if we can, pick up this kid in the late TY Hilton from FIU in the late rounds and lets do this!

    Pro Football talk and some of you crappy fans remember this post!

  100. Okay Ireland and Ross… Now that our plan B just escaped just like Peyton. Instead of signing Alex Smith, not sure what his true potential is, and if he comes to Miami would have this 6th OC in 8yrs or so in the league. Or you could use the 8th pick on something we need and then on the second round draft the OK State QB Brandon Weeden!!! Must analysts say his advanced age is a problem, I See as maturity. We have to jump on it!

  101. hate to see him go… love to see him go.

    10 million isnt alot for QB… i think ppl got all riled up when the 14 million franchise tag got floated around. the kid has skills… but it depends on the team around him. smart to have him play into or out of a contract in 3 years.

    as far as philbin in miami…. hes the coach right? not the guy who determines the offers?

  102. I loved Matt Moore’s potential when he was here in Dallas…give him a chance under Philbin. And if that doesn’t work out, then tank the 2012 season and position yourself to grab USC’s QB in the 2013 draft.

  103. Yeah its been a sad FA period, but here’s what we do know: The Fins were not getting Manning. Not EVERY Fins Fan wanted him or Fisher as Coach. The Fins chose not to Sign Flynn (based on a contract offer or lack there of). A backup for $26M? Henne was mediocre and came at much less that that to resign and we didn’t. I would think Philbin knows more about Flynn than every “Opinionator” on here that was either doing the silly “Kolb/Scott Mitchell/AJ Feeley 2.0″ or ” the sky is falling we didn’t get a FA QB”

    The biased tone of the Media is obnoxious! This was an article of what the Fins did wrong again, as opposed to where Flynn signed and good for the Seahawks. I hope he does well there and IMHO he is a good fit.

    However, for all you rabid Haters… Here is a fact you can all choke on: The Miami Dolphins are still #1 in Winning Percentage in the NFL ahead of (and in this order) Green Bay, Dallas, SanFran, NE, Pittsburgh and Chicago. So SUCK IT Haters! We can get out of Cap Hell, build through the Draft and still continue to Win just like we always have. Finally, I don’t expect my Fins willmwin this yearscSuperBowl, but to the best of my knowledge aren’t all teams still the same in the Standings? Big signings dont always pan-out. In fact, most of the time they dont and cause a cycle like the Fins have. The Giants and Patriots dont gon out and sign big names every year and they o fine. The Eagles, Bears, Cardinals not so much. So much for Dream Teams. You build through the Draft and every once in a while a Brady, Rogers, Marino, Manning(s), Montana and Elway comes along. The NFL should watch “Moneyball”.

  104. “The Seahawks have historically done well with Green Bay backup QBs – here’s hoping that continues with Flynn.”

    I don’t know if I would use the term ‘historically’, when referring to 1 qb.

    However, I would rather roll the dice on Flynn, than count on Jackson to be your starter.

  105. So here is my point of view…

    1. Peyton looks “great” throwing the ball. How does he look getting hit? Why is no one thinking of that?

    2. Who knows the most about Flynn? ( Joe Philbin) If he was the “one” then why would they not put a contract on the table? By the way if the Seahawks were so sold on Flynn from the beginning why didn’t they offer him a contract right away? (cause he might only be as goods as Tavaris Jackson)

    3. Matt Moore finished last year in the top 10 in completion rating, and is really getting overlooked. Worst case senario Matt Moore is a great back up, best case senario he is a really good starter. Same goes for Alex Smith, which brings me to my next point

    4. Alex Smith was very efficient last year thats why he was so much improved. Not to mention his only receiving weapon was Vernon Davis. Although no one can deny he probably had one of the best defenses in the last decade. (Miami has finish the last 2 years in the top 10 in defense and has a good running game)

    5. If Miami were to sign either Alex or even Garard, it will give us depth.

    6. Ryan Tannenhill’s stock is rising by the minute. Ryan just like Flynn are players that played for Miami’s current coaches. So they know them best. Ryan ran a “west coast offense in Texas A&M” (Sherman’s offense). If drafted that gives Miami a guy for the future, one of the things Philbin’s focus on in his welcome speech was developing players (hint hint)

    7. Doing these moves allows Miami to take care of other voids via the draft. Which by the way is deep with WRS, and can address the o-line as well.

    8. The Brandon Marshall trade… Everyone is so nieve that they forget Brandon was a cancer in any locker room he has been in (including Denver). Plus the guy is a freaking head case. It didn’t take long at all till something resurfaced after the trade. Now Miami has the ability to either move up in the draft with Minnesota to steal Blackmon or to prevent the Browns from going for Tannenhill, which they seem to be happy with McCoy; or they could trade their second rounder and a third to grab another first rounder….


  106. Stephen Ross and Ireland struck out again? There is something obviously wrong with their Business Talk?! Maybe they come across as irrogant pompus a*SS*es? This franchise is going downhill just as long as Ross is owning it.

  107. Matt Moore isn’t the reason that Matt Moore didn’t win games for my hometown Panthers.

    Miami could always try for Favre.

    No, seriously, Jeff George. Apparently nobody else wants to play down there.

  108. brownsfan39 says: Mar 18, 2012 6:09 PM

    Give the Browns your 1st and 2nd round picks, draft Tannehill!

    First you guys said the Rams wouldn’t trade the pick, and Minny wouldn’t trade the pick and the Browns would trade the pick and get the big payoff.

    Then, you started with the Rams will trade up with you to get the 4th pick–which they could have had anyway, but passed–to get Blackmon.

    Now you think Miami will trade up with you to get Tannehill. If Miami trades up, it’ll be with Minnesota.

    But hey, keep dreaming, Factory of Self Pity.

  109. Not getting Flynn (and Manning and Fisher and Harbaugh…etc.) is very disappointing to be sure, but so have been (almost all of) the last 12 seasons.

    As a Dolphin fan, For my own sanity, i have to think this must be for the best. Miami did not get Flynn, because they did not believe he is worth the investment. I have to believe that Philbin must not think the Flynn will be a big time qb in this league. Otherwise it makes no sense not to pay him the $10mil guaranteed and up to $26mil over three seasons.

    I have to believe that the Fins believe they can win games with Matt Moore and/or will pick up the QB who is dropped after Manning signs and/or will draft a QB in April. By the way, number 8 is way too high to draft Tannehill. I think we might be better off drafting Weeden in the 2nd anyway.

    I have to believe that the Dolphins front office knew what Philbin thought of Flynn and have a plan for where to go next. That they knew that while waiting for Manning to decide and trading away their only #1 WR for two 3rd round picks that the market for free agent #1 (and #2) WRs would be gone. I have to believe they knew that and have a plan.

    I am not like a lot of fans on here. I truly believe the Dolphins have a fairly solid team and with good coaching and good in-game decision making can make the playoffs. But, I am like everyone else here is believing that until they have a true, “leader of men” franchise quarterback, they will never be among the elite teams in the league.

    Ross, Ireland, I’m not mad at you. But the impression of the Dolphins around the league and among the fans of the NFL is worse than when the ‘Fins went 1-15. It can’t stay this way. I just can’t.

  110. If the Dolphins move quickley, they still might be able to sign Caleb Haney. Plus, you could most likley get him fairly cheap.

  111. Tvaris and Flynn is an awfully big risk…

    Yeah Flynn had a good game, but Matt Moore’s entire season with Miami went unnoticed.

    I think it would be great if Pete Carroll could sign Matt Moore and all three quarterbacks could compete, truly bringing out the best in each other.

  112. Go hawks!!! a smart move and a win win for flynn and the hawks. if flynn does well he signs a solid extension in 2 years. if not its a low cap number for the hawks. i hope it works out……..the team really does have solid talent. 5 probowlers, top ten D, solid run game and some young talented wideouts.

  113. nflovercollegefb says:
    Mar 18, 2012 5:45 PM
    Let’s see, Matt Flynn who played at LSU would rather play in cold rainy Seattle for goofy Pete Carroll and pay state income taxes instead of his former OC, in warm, sunny Miami and not pay state income taxes (about $1.5 million if the entire contract is earned).

    I’d say that’s an indictment on the Dolphins organization if there ever was one.



  114. A very sincere ‘best of good fortune to you’ Matt. I’m hoping you become recognized as an EXCELLENT quarterback. Just don’t start winning post-season games against the Packers, please.

    Here’s hoping you can beat San Francisco a couple of times next year to help the Pack get another shot at home field advantage.

    I’m not informed on whether Green Bay does or does not get any form of compensation from Seattle for Matt. Would someone please teach me that procedure? Thank you!

  115. Chairman Al says:Mar 18, 2012 5:36 PM

    Miami could be solid with a QB, but time is running out to get a good one

    Now is the time Phin fans are getting urgent, the last steady QB they had, cameoed is Ace Ventura.

  116. As a Seahawk fan, I am cautiously optimistic. Flynn might not be a hero but I believe he will be better than T-Jack. With a strong running game and an up and coming D, the Hawks could make some noise this year.

  117. Seeing alot of Philbin comments in regards to Flynn in this thread.

    1) If Philbin didn’t think highly of Flynn, the Dolphins wouldn’t have even offered him a contract nor had him for a visit. Why even have him in if the coach wasn’t sold on him?

    2) Also, Philbin doesn’t negotiate the contracts. Maybe Ireland wasn’t sold on him. Maybe, they were playing it safe financially. Who knows why. Flynn didn’t give them much time too between. The window between his visit and his signing was short.

    I think Flynn will solid. Smart and accurate players tend to not beat themselves which is half the battle.

  118. I dont understand why people think we paid too much for Flynn. His annual salary is a little more than $6 million a year. Thats not big money for a guy who is going to be competing for the starting job. The Cardinals paid Kolb more in 8 months than the Hawks will pay Flynn for almost the duration of the contract. I think the 3 year contract tells Flynn he needs to work hard and prove himself and if he does, he will get the big contract. If he doesn’t he won’t. Pete Carroll is known for being a QB an LB guru, so Im sure he and Bevell will maximize Flynns potential. Excited to see what this young team can do. Oh and I am more excited for when Peyton signs with Denver, Alex Smith with Miami and the 49ers are left standing there with there pens in there hands wondering where their QB is to sign a contract.

  119. nflovercollegefb says:
    Mar 18, 2012 5:45 PM
    Let’s see, Matt Flynn who played at LSU would rather play in cold rainy Seattle for goofy Pete Carroll and pay state income taxes instead of his former OC, in warm, sunny Miami and not pay state income taxes (about $1.5 million if the entire contract is earned).

    I’d say that’s an indictment on the Dolphins organization if there ever was one.

    The state of Washington has no state income tax. Do your homework next time. He made the smart move.

  120. Go Hawks!! Look I’m not one to hate on the Dolphins, but just what are they doing? Their fans should be upset with their free agency fumbles. But they have a decent squad. Yet, it hard to understand what they are doing in such a tough division.
    My real rant is with the naysayers of ESPN, CBS, PFW, NBC, ect., who for the most part just rehash one anothers simplistic opinions with the same biased slants. In the media, east coast bias is ‘alive and well’. It was commonly reported that Flynn was going to be taking his talents to Miami because they had this and that going on. Then after it didn’t happen, oh, Flynn is just another bust like Kolb. Btw…..just because he didn’t work out the very first year, can you really label him a bust? There are some good reporters with good scoops and views with these outlets. There just aren’t many, at least not with an origional thought or scoop. Who will be the first to report that Mr. Manning is taking his talents to the Titans? Or at least go out on a limb and give that as your view? Thank goodness for Yahoo. Rotoworld usually.
    But let’s see what happens. I for one am pleased with what they are doing in the NW. But, you know ….haters gotta hate.
    Let the Flynsanity begin!!

  121. Another Miami bashing story Mike? What a surprise! Ever think that maybe if Flynn is not with the Dolphins it’s because a coach who spent 4 years with him does not believe he can get the job done as a starter? No…must be because nobody wants to join the Dolphins. Keep hating.

    Its more like Flynn knows that Philbin ain’t that great.

  122. Good for the Hawks ! I guess I’m the only T-Jack fan around though – I’m not sure why he gets all the hate for a gutsy season where he protected the ball and got the job done more often than not.

    I suppose the gripe is that he holds onto the ball too long – well, if you’re going to have a fault at least this one isn’t as dangerous as slinging or scrambling. I wonder how much of that slow-trigger is related to his injury? The man has a cannon, and can put the ball downfield even with a torn pec.

    I trust Pete give him a solid chance to compete and we’ll have a good starter at QB.

  123. Clipboard albatross is back with SD and we’ve got a starter with huge potential for not a ton of $$$ and a qb who is arguably the best backup in the league behind him.

    Now if we can just avoid any further 6-3 losses to Cleveland…

  124. The Seahawks have historically done well with Green Bay backup QBs –
    Just not the SON of a Green Bay backups…

  125. I think Flynn will be o.k. He seems smart enough and can fit into a quality/complex system. His major flaw that I detected, in his starts and significant backup time in blowout games, is he has yet to pick up the speed of the game. He can improvise his way out of trouble sometimes, but he tends to hold the ball a little too long. The game today is 2.5-3 seconds and gone. Seattle doesn’t appear to have a rock solid o-line (similar to GBP’s) and so he may be under a lot of heat. If he doesn’t learn to let it fly (without turning it over – any QB can let it fly) he may take a lot of sacks the first year. If he can adjust, I think he has the smarts and enough arm strength to be a starter. If it’s any consolation, Rodgers was the same way and he turned out pretty good.

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