Harbaugh, Peyton may not be an ideal fit

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The Peyton chase stands at three teams.  Assuming that the Broncos, Titans, and 49ers  each have put equivalent offers on the table, the question becomes identifying the best overall fit for the future Hall of Famer.

If the primary factor is, as it should be, the path to the Super Bowl, the 49ers should be the first choice.

On closer inspection, however, the personalities and the fiercely competitive natures of Peyton Manning and coach Jim Harbaugh could be an impediment.  Both men want to run the show.  Both men are used to being the center of attention.  Both men have a tendency to get a little upset when things don’t work out exactly the way they’re supposed to work out.

Consider their respective histories.  Manning achieved his biggest success under Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell, both of whom never get upset — and both of whom were more than happy to let Peyton run the offense and stand in the spotlight.  Harbaugh has excelled with low-profile quarterbacks who always defer to the head coach, like Alex Smith and Andrew Luck.

Then there’s the supporting cast.  Over the years, Peyton has enjoyed a wide assortment of non-diva receivers who understand that the quarterback is in charge, and that they should say or do nothing to undermine that.  From Marvin Harrison to Reggie Wayne to Marcus Pollard to Dallas Clark to Pierre Garçon to a more recent revolving door of no-name pass-catchers, Peyton has never had to deal demanding, demonstrative skill-position players.

In San Francisco, he’d be throwing to the passionate and at times mercurial Vernon Davis.  To Michael Crabtree, who never has done nearly enough to come close to justifying his opinion of himself.  To Randy Moss, whose name requires no further elaboration.

None of this mean that Manning will say no to the Niners.  In the end, he may decide to take a chance on co-existing with Harbaugh and Davis and Crabtree and Moss.  The desire to win a Super Bowl can blur those otherwise bright warning signs, as we saw three years ago when obsessive-compulsive micromanager Brad Childress embraced close-your-eyes-and-wing-it quarterback Brett Favre.

Harbaugh is willing to do it, possibly because others within the organization are making the call, and possibly because Harbaugh once found a way to work with Mike Ditka.  Besides, Harbaugh desperately wants to win, and he knows that Peyton Manning gives him a far better chance than Alex Smith.  The bigger question is whether Manning thinks that going to the team with the most talent supersedes going to an organization with a much greater inclination to let him be the guy he was in Indianapolis.

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  1. I’m sorry, but this article is stupid. The 49ers are one of the classiest teams in the league. They are a passionate bunch, but they aren’t emotionally retarded. Manning would fit in great with the 49ers. The media just wants stories. Haha.

  2. The clash of egos in this situation would probably be enough to knock the Earth off of its axis.

  3. Imo I think everyone who thinks they won’t or can’t. Co exist are wrong..they both are grown professionals they both want to win..plus why would he go if they wouldn’t be able to compromise..

  4. Its a great point this article makes. That being said V Davis has become much less of a DIVA and im sure the rest of the crew would rather but good teammates with Peyton then DIVAs with Smith. Regarding the potential power struggle with Peyton and Harbaugh, i think that problem can be assuaged fairly easily.

  5. If SF lands Peyton they easily win the West and likely return to NFC title game, then lose to Green Bay. If they stick with Smith they get passed by one or two of the others in that loser division. If they do not get Peyton but get lucky and Smith goes to Miami, well they have a shot at success. Smith was the piece that held them back, Harbaugh knows it, thats why he humiliated him in Monterey last month by making him caddy for him. Embarrassing.

  6. C’mon; really? Why wouldn’t Peyton Manning want to be coached by person who was the QB at the time of the franchise he was drafted to resurrect?

  7. Caldwell was a figure head. He did nothing except have a “deer in the head lights” look every time the camera went to him before commercial. Peyton and Harbaugh would be fine.

  8. Again, I have to throw the Chiefs into this conversation.

    Before you roll your eyes, you have to consider that the Chiefs, like the Patriots, leak NOTHING to the press. It’s a wonder that they allow visiting free agents to announce their visits, but that’s almost impossible to prevent anyway. Still, nothing gets out of Arrowhead Drive. As we learned this week, it’s possibly for Peyton and/or other teams to keep his workout a secret (49ers). The Chiefs have money to spend and they’ve spent it on solidifying the offense – their last remaining need is a quarterback, and they’ve said they were going to be aggressive from the beginning.

    I know Condon has beef with NE & Pioli, but that doesn’t mean his players won’t sign in NE or KC. KC has superb talent, a team-first mentality, and a coach very similar to Jim Caldwell and Tony Dungy in Romeo Crennel. It’s a small, mid-western market – perfect for Peyton. Practically the same weather as Denver, minus the altitude.

    It just makes all the sense in the world. I might be completely wrong, but I just can’t rule out that KC is still in this.

  9. If Peyton wants a chance to win a superbowl in the next 2 years he’ll go with the 49ers. Only the Packers stand in their way (saints will struggle).

    Both Denver and Tennessee will struggle to get through NE, Pitt, Balt., Hou to get to the SB.

  10. Harbaugh let Andrew Luck run the offense at Stanford almost exactly like Peyton does.

    Heck that’s pretty much the reason that Luck gets all they hype… because he looks like Peyton (but can run).

  11. SF looks like the best option, but they are picking up all these WR. And I doubt they are consulting Manning on these pickups. Whereas in Denver, they are obviously waiting on Mannings input on receivers, probably previous teammates. I think harbaugh made a mistake picking up WR’s before manning was in the fold, and it might bite him

  12. This article is put out there to cause problems Jim Harbaugh was a QB in the NFL before remember! So i think he would have a great chemistry with P. Manning and understand where a QB comes from i think they would be all good

  13. Is Harbough a good manager of egos when he barely can check himself (Lions game)? 9ers are quickly becoming a dream team on paper… Its just too many egos to manage and although it sounds good I don’t think Harbough + Peyton + Davis + Moss + Sour Alex Smith is a recipe for success.

  14. I’m not sure the 9ers are the best way to get to the Super Bowl. They have the best D. but not the best O line. Randy Moss could be a big problem and so could Crabtree with all the WR they brought in. The biggest thing is the QB he will have to face in the playoffs. Brees, his brother, Rodgers, Stafford, in the afc you only have Brady.

  15. I think now it’s becoming clearer why Isray wanted to part ways with the Mannings.

  16. Nick Athan in Kansas City also just tweeted that Denver is losing out on Peyton. You’re writing that San Fran might not work out to be the best fit. So is it back home to Tennessee or is there still another “shadow team?”

  17. Ever heard the saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? All PFT has lately is negative stuff to say about people and teams. Why so negative?

  18. bloggingpoodlewalker says:
    Mar 18, 2012 11:25 AM
    If SF lands Peyton they easily win the West and likely return to NFC title game, then lose to Green Bay. If they stick with Smith they get passed by one or two of the others in that loser division. If they do not get Peyton but get lucky and Smith goes to Miami, well they have a shot at success. Smith was the piece that held them back, Harbaugh knows it, thats why he humiliated him in Monterey last month by making him caddy for him. Embarrassing.


    Very dumb comment. Smith was the piece that held that back? Didn’t seem to hold them back much against the Saints in the playoffs, in fact, I’d say he was the piece that got them to the NFC championship game. The only person who embarrassed himself was you with that comment. Guessing you’re not much of a football guy.

  19. cornellsteelers
    The clash of egos in this situation would probably be enough to knock the Earth off of its axis.

    it won’t. Two words that will prove it….Miami Heat

  20. 9ers should stick with A Smith… 14-3 last year… They had a special teamer drop 2 punts against the Giants in a hard fought battle & they lost in overtime to the eventual SB Champs. He’s home grown & getting better… what more do they want?

  21. I still have a feeling he is going to Tennessee. He supposedly prefers the AFC as it’s currently easier to get back to the Super Bowl in that conference. He would be in the same division as the Colts, so he’d get to play them twice a year and as competitive as Manning is, I’d have to believe he’d love the chance to show the Colts that they messed up by releasing him. He’d have a head coach who would be more willing to let him run the show than Harbaugh or Fox would. Above all, due to his collegiate days there, he could become an absolute legend in Tennessee. I’m not sure he’d be able to do that in San Fran (Montana/Young) or Denver (Elway).

  22. I’d bet it is down to Titans and 49ers. Titans are like home, same AFC division, both he and his wife have Tenn. ties. They want him to stay in the FO after he retires. 49ers represent chance to make a run now. No idea which way he’ll go.

  23. While I’m sure harbaugh has a huge ego, he had no trouble deferring all attention last year always giving all credit to the players and other coaches

  24. I agree with the article. Think the HC is too much of a micro manager to get along smoothly with Manning calling the offense. I honestly think it would be bad enough that Peyton would be benched if just a few things he change at the line didn’t go the right way.

  25. it’s also ironic that Harbaugh who was replaced by Peyton, is the one who coached Luck who is replacing Peyton. lol

    regardless, I believe Harbaugh & Peyton’s egos can co-exist. my concerns are on Crabtree, Moss & Davis have mellowed with age.

  26. I can almost really care less any more. This soap opera is going to end the first time he gets laid out on any team and his career will be over.

  27. If he really wants another superbowl ring or two its the 9ers. I dont think denver will get him bc of the mile high n the cold. When you have surgery the cold makes you relive it. If he wants to be the man and be loved and overwhelmed and get a chance to win a superbowl its the titans

  28. It will be interesting to see if the 49ers end up losing out on both QBs. If I was the 49ers I would try to sign both. Manning probably has 2 good years left with a max of 3. Smith would be the absolute best insurance policy they could have if Manning can’t play to his previous levels.

  29. Objectively- Peyton Manning and the colts should have won many more super bowl titles due to their talent. I always thought they underperformed and it was because Indianapolis always had poor offensive coaching. (I never thought much of Dungy either, im sure he is a good guy- but his teams were always outcoached in the post season)

    Harbaugh seeks out the best football minds and incorporates them in the team. He has enough self-confidence that he isn’t threatened by another’s imput. If Manning can see himself as another main offensive voice in a room of talented offensive minds- Harbaugh, ROman, and Geep- I think Manning will have his most productive years as a pro.

  30. Isn’t the larger question whether Peyton is still capable of being the QB he was in Indy?

  31. As I’ve posted before, I wouldn’t say our receiving corp is attractive to Manning. He’s 36, does anyone really think he wants to deal with Moss at this stage in his career?

    I’m still going with Denver as his final choice. They have the cap room and can sign Clark as a security blanket for him. If this happens I wouldn’t be surprised if they squeeze Jacksonville for their #1 pick in exchange for Tebow.

  32. This is crazy! Manning should know that whatever team he signs with will be a contender – if he is who he has been on the field. Look what happened to a team that was a perenial playoff contender the year he was out. He should know that he can take any team in the league to the Super Bowl. If contention is a criterion, he either believes that he’s lost a few steps, or he doesn’t want to put in the work to get a new team there. His biggest criterion should be personality match and quality of Offensive Line. If that is the case, Denver may be the best fit for him.

    If it turns out that Peyton’s two top criterion for his next team are contention and money, than I’ve lost all of the respect for Manning that he has earned over 13 amazing years of play on the field.

  33. Harbaugh is a smart guy. He didn’t bring the team all the way back from the brink because he didn’t know what to do in a situation. He had a situation where his QB spent his whole career without a good coach and a good scheme that matched his skills. Harbaugh demonstrates adaptability. If I was an offensive minded coach, with an offensive coordinator playing QB, it would make my job soooooo much easier. If he does have an ego, I am sure he would put it aside to have a HoF QB and one that gives him the best chance of winning a SB. No doubt Manning would see it exactly the same way. That’s why they are two guys who put winning ahead of ego and who gets the credit.

  34. The guy that said the Niners are one of the NFL’s “classiest organizations”, must have just awaken 15 year coma.

  35. I think Manning is impressed with our non drunk prom date approach (*TEN & DEN*) and might even be attracted to an offense that would onbly have him throw 25-30 times a game to extend his career.

    The playing calling aspect of this story is bogus — last year it was made clear that playcalling went between Roman, Harbaugh AND Smith.

    Playcalling is not a problem here.

  36. The last time PM had a strong willed, outspoken coach he derided that coach publicly (paraphrase: “I can’t believe he would criticize me when I’m playing for his job”). When was this? Right after Jim Mora’s famous “PLAYOFFS” rant in which Mora also commented that they turned the ball over 6 times (or whatever it was). This was his highness Manning’s retort when he was told Mora was angry over the amount of INTS he threw (though Mora never called PM out by name or directly criticized him). It is also the moment my respect for PM turned to dislike and has only eroded since. What was Polians’ reaction? Fire Mora after that year of course and bring in guys who would let PM have his head. LOL

  37. I hope he goes to the Chiefs. Classic franchise, good situation for him, and it’s in the AFC. He doesn’t want to knock his bro out of the SuperBowl. 49ers fans need to not forget that.

    Also, the Oilers screwed Houston and they don’t deserve anybody good, and the altitude in Denver is going to cause Peyton’s head to enlarge, and he might float above the field, just a little (hmm… maybe that’s a good thing.)

  38. Manning and Harbaugh=not likely.
    Manning =east coast /warm weather/swamp boy/dome carpet controlled environment/AFC.
    He played AFC south &@Ten. in college.
    If he goes Tenn. he will be more powerful than the governor.Contract for life and in the AFC south. Finally Harbaugh’s comments = Manning not a 49er…
    Manning to the Titans and if I lived in Vegas I would bet huge on this one. Take it to the bank baby !

  39. Yes, Alex Smith deserves to be the QB. But deserve has nothing to do with it.

    Most of us are on Alex Smith’s side on a moral and karma basis. But even Smith, removed from the situation, would kick the tires on Manning.

    The comment he made this morning “Nothing surprises me anymore” is exactly the lesson every veteran learns, Alex Smith better than most.

    And if anyone is thinking Harbaugh is losing his locker over this, you really need to examine things Harbaugh was preaching. Harbaugh was preaching winning and being the best. He would be doing a disservice to the other 52 players on that team if he thought the loyalty shown to Alex Smith last year deserved to take precedence over his overwhelming proclaim that he wants the best players on his team. Not taking time to upgrade every position would fly in the face of that belief. Harbaugh is building a team in the Belechick style. The best will win with no sentiment.

  40. I think they will work out fine together…. but wouldn’t it be funny if Manning ended up replacing Harbaugh as head coach, like he did a Colt’s starting quarterback?

  41. You know I read this and I laugh. I hear all this yap about Manning going to Denver or Tennessee, no one is giving SF a shot. I hear Tennessee is going to give him a lifetime contract so what ? Denver has Elway so what ? I mean what would it give us an advantage if Jed York put a street in SF after Manning or had Joe Montana come give Manning a bj? No the best fit is SF Steve young hit it on the nail on ESPN yesterday we are ready to win now Super Bowl now not like Denver or Tennessee who will need a couple of years to get there. I am die hard Niner fan but I’m a realist. Manning knows we are the best fit and so does everyone else they just hope Manning picks the AFC.

  42. Two massive egos(Harbaugh/Manning) colliding on a daily basis? Yeah….there won’t be any tension or infighting. As much as I like Peyton, he definitely comes across as someone who wants his own way every single time, and won’t take any crap from some overamped clown like Harbaugh.

  43. Damaged goods qb Paymetons, he will never be the same and at 5 year 90 million dollar deal he’s going to set a team back years not win them superbowls, Archie approves of Peyton going to the highest bidder!

  44. If Niners sign Manning the Raiders will have to tarp off the upper deck at the Stenchbowl known as Coliseum. Back to page five of sports page Raider fan!

    Silver and Blackout

  45. Harbaugh’s best trait is his ability to put his ego aside and accept input from everyone in the organization. From Carlos Rogers offering critiques to Geep Chryst drawing up plays. I understand that from a distance it looks like Harbaugh is a egocentric lunatic but in all actuality he will do anything it takes to win.

  46. Both JH & PM are very competitive and would work together to win, end of story. And all those non demonstrative mellow nice guys Peyton has played with and been coached by only produced 1 SB ring in 14 years even though they had the best record many times. Maybe a little fire in the belly would be a good thing. Maybe someone to push him is something he needs to improve his legacy. Awards and stats are nice but when you look at a career, people want to see how many championships did you win.

  47. Harbaugh has such a big ego he let his qb accept his coach if the tear award. Harbaugh has such a big ego helet overly praises hisyou players in press conferences. Harbaugh has such a big ego that his OC Greg Roman calls most of the plays. Harbaugh has such a big ego that Alex Smith goes to the line with two plays and gets to decide which one to run.

    Know the facts. Don’t let one aggressive hand shake after the opposing coach was running his mouth fool you.

  48. People are acting like the 49ers are a shoe in to repeat last years performance. Everything went there way last year and just ask the Buc’s how that pans out the next season. Yes they have a stout D but there DB’s waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy over achieved. And quit acting like they just signed Randy Moss of the record setting Pats team. When they lose there division remember this post.

  49. SF only has Green Bay to get thru in the NFC ???

    What about Philly or New York?
    What about Detroit or a healthy Chicago?

    And all of the stupid articles about Peyton wanting to be in the AFC so he could meet up with Eli in the Superbowl? HELLLLOOOOO?

    They had the chance at that Eli’s entire NFL Career…..

  50. You’re missing the facts that are right in front of you.

    Manning was with Harbaugh and their OC Greg Roman on Tuesday. I’m sure over the course of the conversation it was brought up what the offense would be, how he would fit in it, what the team is like, and etc.

    If he didn’t feel like it would work in SF or with Harbaugh the 9ers would’ve been voted off the island like the Cards and Dolphins were.

    What’s going to decide this is how badly he wants another championship.

    If the championship is of paramount importance than he goes with the 9ers. If it’s not and the perks are important than he likely chooses the Titans.

    Manning on the 9ers roster on paper makes them a strong SB contender and one of the scariest teams to face in the league.

    He would make the Titans and Broncos better and playoff teams but not the strong SB contenders like he would the 9ers.

  51. Harbaugh isn’t the only compatibility issue. There are a lot of areas in that city that Peyton would have to avoid taking his children in order to avoid some embarrassing questions about the actions of the locals. However, it would be funny to watch Peyton’s reaction when he sees what goes on in that city.

  52. Manning had some pretty good teams in Indy and didn’t make the Super Bowl. Now, years and a new neck later, he’s a Super Bowl lock with a brand new team? Really?

  53. Moss in a non-issue. If he tries to act like a Diva, or even worse if he drops some easy first down grabs, then he’s off the squad. Plain and simple.

  54. Way too many Madden players in here.

    Football isn’t played on paper. Personalities and philosophies could clash and everything falls apart. Football players are human beings. It’s not as simple as plug and play.

  55. @jswheeler- the niners have to get thru more than just the packers, you forgot the lions, eagles, giants, and falcons. Lasts year, the NFC by far through for more yards than the AFC

  56. If Peyton wants to win a Super Bowl in the next two years the San Francisco is clearly his best option. All of the financial offers will be similar. The head coach has developed a quarterback who was allowed to audible virtually anytime he saw something. He won’t have to develop Manning but he will just be required to give him the same freedom he gave to a college kid. Any diva receiver who acts up in San Francisco would have a HOF quarterback and a very well respected coach showing them the way to San Jose.

  57. So, Manning has had his best seasons with Dungy and Caldwell? Exactly how many other coaches has he worked with in the NFL? If I remember correctly, there was only Jim Mora, and that was Peyton’s rookie year. Are we really expecting a player’s rookie year to be as good as the rest of their career? The same thing goes for Harbaugh. He developed Luck in college, and college players are almost always more deferential to their coaches. why? Because they’re still basically kids at the time, and are just coming into their own under the guidance of their coaches. As for Alex Smith, that was who Harbaugh had to work with when he first came back to the NFL. Who else was there for him to go with really? It’s an easy thing to say that so and so has only had success with a certain type of person when that’s all they’ve really had the opportunity to work with.

  58. Manning will probably ask all interested teams to fax him a final contract offer by 5PM tomorrow.

    When the offers come in, he will go with the 49’ers if their contract offer is in the same range of the other offers.

    The 49’ers are by far the best choice for Manning. They are Super Bowl ready right now. They have all 11 starters back on defense. They need to add one or two pass catchers and another offensive lineman as insurance.

    Look at it this way, the Colts, with their otherwise pathetic roster, would have won at least 10 games last year if Manning had played. How many more can the 49’ers win with Manning than they won last year? If Manning chooses the 49’ers he will be playing in the NFC Championship Game after the season against either the Packers or Saints.

  59. I’ve said it before …

    mjkelly77 says:Mar 17, 2012 5:48 PM

    underrated49ers says:Mar 17, 2012 3:12 PM

    Now that he has visited Tennessee, Denver and Arizona, the market value has been established. He will visit San Francisco on Monday, tour the facilities and sign a contract. Sorry other teams, but you’re just pawns in all this.

    No. You’re a pawn of the manning camp. It’s pretty evident by all of the rehearsed and guarded language that the Swamp Boy can’t throw. It’s a classic con. manning plus Hairbow = a crippling cap constraint and a 49er implosion.

    As Sister Dulcilia my Latin teacher would say … Caveat emptor.

  60. Hairbow and the Swamp Boy would be blaming each other every time something went wrong. And believe me, things would go wrong immediately. Two a$$ clowns.

  61. The bigger question is whether Manning thinks that going to the team with the most talent supersedes going to an organization with a much greater inclination to let him be the guy he was in Indianapolis.

    He’s going to the team that offers him the most guaranteed money.

  62. As others have pointed out – Smith, Roman and Harbaugh called plays for the 49ers last year. Harbaugh doesn’t seem to micro-manage every aspect of every play and Smith had the freedom to audible virtually every play – which he did routinely.

    My impression of Harbaugh has been that he wants a leader at QB and has been busting his ass to make Smith into a leader – to some success. But if he has an automatic upgrade and someone who can lead the offense – like he did with Luck in Stanford – he can loosen his grip. If there’s one thing that is clear from Harbaugh he knows how to approach each player individually and have connections with them. These over-generalizations are just space fillers.

    Despite Harbaugh’s public praise for Smith, Hasselbeck did point out last year he was close to signing with the 49ers but ultimately opted for the Titans because they had the better O-line (in hindsight bad choice.)

  63. wryly1 says:Mar 18, 2012 11:59 AM

    Isn’t the larger question whether Peyton is still capable of being the QB he was in Indy?

    I firmly believe that he’s capable of being the QB he was last season.

  64. This personality thing is the most overhyped load of crap I have ever heard.

  65. thesportgenius says: Mar 18, 2012 12:38 PM

    Maybe a little fire in the belly would be a good thing. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
    What makes this really funny is this is essentially what Vanderjact was saying about PM & Dungy (they need to show more fire) that made PM go off on his little “idiot liquored up kicker” rant on tv at the Pro Bowl that year.

  66. Alex smith should be and would be grateful to ay under manning for two years get a super bowl ring. Plus playing as mannings backup he will have a good chance of playing. The 9ers were good qb play from making super bowl..yes i get the muffed punt and other mistakes but if alex smith had a better deep ball……..

  67. After this last week, the 49ers, Peyton & his agent have put some bad karma out there. Underhanded / back room manipulation of free agency market will probably backfire on them.

  68. I could be wrong, but it’s hard to believe that Manning would want to play for a head coach who blew the NFC title game by yanking the play-calling away from his o-coordinator late in the game because he had to have control – and the glory – if the Niners won. Just sayin’.

  69. Harbaugh has no ego whatsoever when it comes to the team. he lets every assistant coach have input on draft picks, free agents, and who starts. Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree didn’t complain at all last year about not getting enough passes, and they blocked their butts off in the running game. If Moss gets out of line he will be gone, in a minute, and no one will care (see Braylon Edwards).

    Harbaugh wants his QB making adjustments at the line. Alex was allowed to do this all year, with no offseason, and he’s freaking Alex Smith. you think he won’t want one of the best QB’s of all time making adjustments? of course he will.


    And if the Niners get Peyton, they will be doing very very little of that.

    When the team is winning, everyone loves everyone and everything is fantastic. It’s only when the team struggles that players/coaches start to butt heads and point fingers. With PM, the 9ers might lose 2 games MAX!

  71. Consider this: the 49ers allowed 44 sacks last year, the Titans tied for #2 in the league at 24. (QB hits also about the same ratio.)

  72. I’m glad someone here fianlly made a story of what I’ve been saying since this this started. Manning is WAY to classy to be placed under Harbaugh. He is a talent and a mind way above anything Harbaugh will ever see and on top of that Harbaugh is a psycho! I’m sure you love him in SF though:-)

  73. @ jikkle49

    If Harbaugh pulls that crap again and jerks his assistant coaches around, he won’t be playing for an NFC title again because he won’t get or keep quality assistant coaches to be on his staff for long.

    Of the egos, Munchak is much more respected for keeping his ego in check than Harbaugh.

  74. Peyton Manning is still on par with Brady, Rodgers, Brees and certainly his younger brother. With the exception of NY, none of these teams’ defenses are even in the same league as the 9ers’ defense.

    This theory that the 9ers lose to GB in the NFL title game is baseless. GB needs to play solid defense if they want to be back into the mix next year. Same goes for the Saints and Pats.

    I believe the Giants will be very tough next year all year as they were plagued by injuries all season long. They are a solid team in all 3 phases.

    The 9ers with PM are a solid team in all 3 phases. Yeah Moss is what he is but is he really any goofier than Brandon Jacobs? Talk about a cancer.

  75. If he’s looking for a Super Bowl ring in the next couple of years, then the 49ers are his only option. If he wants to extend that out until 4-5 years, then he could easily go with Denver or Tennessee. Sorry, but Kansas is a joke.

  76. Alex Smith has more post season wins than Peyton Manning has had since that int in the Super Bowl against the Saints.

    What ever team that signs Manning, expect great season stats, then a one and out flameout in the playoffs.

  77. Alex Smith has more post season wins than Peyton Manning has had since that int in the Super Bowl against the Saints.

    What ever team that signs Manning, expect great season stats, then a one and out flameout in the playoffs.

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