Jets scheduled to host free agent Donnie Avery

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Adam Caplan reports that the Jets have scheduled a visit with free agent wide receiver Donnie Avery.

The first receiver selected in the 2008 draft, Avery flashed promise during his first two NFL seasons with 100 receptions for 1,263 yards and eight touchdowns. Avery tore his right ACL in August of 2010, however, and struggled to get on the field throughout last year.

He did catch three balls for 45 yards and a touchdown in Week Seventeen with the Titans.

This will be Avery’s first known visit of the 2012 free agency period. The Jets are looking to add to a receiver corps that includes Chaz Schilens, Jeremy Kerley, and Patrick Turner behind top wideout Santonio Holmes.

Avery can add speed to the unit. His forty times at the Houston Cougars’ 2008 Pro Day were 4.34 and 4.35.

24 responses to “Jets scheduled to host free agent Donnie Avery

  1. Maybe Avery is the piece Rex needs to get that Super Bowl hes been guaranteeing for about 3 yrs now?

  2. Wherever he signs the team will get a good low risk/high reward player. He looked like a really good young WR until he got hurt. If he can get back on the right track someone will grab themselves a good young WR with upside.

  3. Heard the Jets were impressed by his ability to snag one-hoppers. A skill necessary when playing with the Sanchize.

  4. Wonder what his time is now…….Maybe not as fast as 2008 given the injury. Lots of WR’s out there so this has to be a move to get low dollar value for big upside potential. One year deal coming…….

  5. As a Jets fan, I really hope they pickup a WR in the first round. Michael Floyd (if he’s still around), Kendall Wright, or Alshon Jeffrey. We’ve been turning over wideouts every year…

  6. jameswestphal says:Mar 18, 2012 11:44 PM

    Well, that does it. Pretty much seals the Jets fourth Super Bowl win in a row.


    This may be a shocker…but it actually just isnt funny anymore. New material please D-wads.

  7. You can all joke, but he’d be much better for WR depth than the folks they had past Kerley last year. Holmes, Kerley, Schilens & Avery. If they convince J-Co to come back and go with ground-and-pound like they had two seasons of success with, I’d go into the season with some hope.

  8. You’re not going to beat the iDiotphins out of last place with options like this. Another long winter.

  9. I remember this guy from a few years back. Needed an emergency wr on one of my fantasy teams and he gave me a couple good games. Its too bad when young promising players’ careers are cut short by injury.

  10. jameswestphal says:
    Mar 18, 2012 11:44 PM
    Well, that does it. Pretty much seals the Jets fourth Super Bowl win in a row.

    funny funny, definitely. and original. woo

  11. He could be a low-risk, high-reward player. I don’t know if he would be with the Jets based on their issues but the potential is there nevertheless.

  12. this move defines the jets.

    Rex is a clown.

    Honestly I was gonna write more but those two lines sum it all up..

    Sorry Jet Fans

  13. shawshankreception says: Mar 18, 2012 11:17 PM
    Wow. Scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel aren’t we?

    Look at their current wr’s. You act like this is a new thing

  14. You just gotta love the fact that some people claim to be fans of a team, but are actually so bitter that they hate others more than they root for their own.

  15. @vincentbojackson

    you say the same thing over and over? if you paid attention you would know that Sanchez when he is off throws the ball over his receiver’s heads not skipping the ball – and who is your quarterback?

  16. pappert says:
    this move defines the jets.

    Rex is a clown.

    Honestly I was gonna write more but those two lines sum it all up..

    Sorry Jet Fans

    “Sorry Jets fans, that I can not come up with something more original or intuitive to post”.

    There. Fixed your post for you. Looks like you were cut off mid-sentence.

    In summary…
    Last year the Jets were criticized by the brainiac readers of PFT for making a big splash in free agency, this year they are mocked for not making a big splash. Seriously?? Kind of makes the readers hating for the sheer sake of hating stand out.

  17. jets4gold says:
    Mar 19, 2012 11:30 AM
    We will only look at players that we can afford. We do not have much room in the cap to sign a lot

    You can’t discuss with bitter hate trolls. No matter how logical you are jets4gold, the insecure will run at the mouth and act worse than they accuse Rex of doing. Its their insecurity and hypocricy that is so ripe in the upper right corner of our Nations map.

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