Lions will host David Hawthorne on Tuesday

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The Lions presumably hope to bring back linebacker Stephen Tulloch.  But that won’t stop them from taking a closer look at linebacker David Hawthorne.

Anwar Richardson of the reports that Hawthorne will come to town on Tuesday.

Primarily a middle linebacker, Hawthorne would replace Tulloch, if Tulloch signs elsewhere.

Hawthorne, who spent four seasons with the Seahawks, visited the Saints on Saturday.

16 responses to “Lions will host David Hawthorne on Tuesday

  1. Don’t understand why Seattle letting him walk. He played well. And its no other middle linebackers to get that is worth it. Smh

  2. If the Lions can get him for less money than Tulloch…I am all for it..I don’t see much of a drop off if any at all there!

  3. I don’t understand why the hawks haven’t resigned him. maybe they want K.J Wright in the middle but Hawthorne and hill are both free agents and I doubt we can get 2 starting linebacker’s this draft. Hawthorne has proved he can fill in anywhere.

  4. Pete, sign this guy. Leprosy Hill is a pot user. He is not reliable. David H is. What is the point of resigning Red Bryant if we don’t keep Hawthorne. We have lots of cap space.

  5. Hawthorne is a great ilb. and i say we sign him and let tulloch wait on another team. all he cares about is money and he should be thinking man im gonna win a superbowl wit da lions.

  6. Seahawks are betting that a 2 down MLB will not be snapped up and they can get him for much less than he thinks he’s worth………..big gamble and one that they shouldn’t take with Hill also available to sign elsewhere. One of the two of them is likely to be resigned by the Hawk’s and my pick would be David…….Let’s pay him and get him off the market.

    Go Hawks!

  7. I’d love to see the Lions land Hawthorne. Tulloch blows and his contract demands are ridiculous.

  8. Hawthorne is a quality middle linebacker. But pete carroll has said the team needs to get faster at the position. I think hawthorne will end up back in seattle, and tulloch will stay in detroit. They might not get the contracts they want, but they will stay

  9. @seahawksfan25 – I think maybe you need to pay a little more attention to free agency. Tulloch has been a better MLB than Hawthorne. Curtis Lofton is available too, and I think most people would list him a notch above Hawthorne. Hawthorne is good, but the Lions would rather keep Tulloch than have to replace him with anyone that’s available right now.

  10. I am always amused at the comments of “he is just about the money”. No sh*t sherlock. And the majority of people aren’t?
    As for Tulloch specifically, he signed with Detroit last year on a one year “prove it” contract. And prove it he did. Now he wants to be paid.

  11. Tulloch is apparently demanding more dough than Cleveland gave D’Qwell Jackson. There’s a reason why he hasn’t signed anywhere yet.

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