Peyton still hasn’t told 49ers, Titans or Broncos when he’ll decide

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Despite a report that Peyton Manning would pick his team early this week, the top three teams in the Manning sweepstakes are still unsure when he’ll make his decision.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen (via Adam Schefter), Manning still has not informed any of the three teams — the 49ers, Titans and Broncos — when to expect a decision.

From the beginning, it’s been clear that the Manning chase is going to be done Manning’s way. He visited teams on his schedule and allowed teams to watch him throw on his schedule, and now he’s going to sign on his schedule. Any team that doesn’t like it is free to drop out of the Manning sweepstakes, but the 49ers, Titans and Broncos are staying in.

So while Manning may still end up deciding early this week, that’s going to be Manning’s decision alone. And he’ll tell the 49ers, Titans and Broncos when he’s ready to tell them.

And fans who are getting tired of the Manning sweepstakes have no assurances that the whole thing will come to an end any time soon.

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  1. I just don’t care about this anymore. Just get to a resolution so we can move onto the next hot media topic; Jabari’s next poem.

    I don’t think Manning’s choosing the 49ers when you look at the ‘splashes’ we made in signing wideout free agents. We signed a quitter and a guy who can’t run a decent route or make catches consistently. Neither of these things will appeal to #18.

    I think he end’s up in Denver. I think the titans are out because the emotion of leaving seemed genuine and i don’t think he’ll want to beat Irsay twice a year for the next 2 years.

  2. Heck, I would take my time too. After he got kicked out of Indy he should take all the time he wants. My guess is that he will sign with the Titans.

  3. Michael – you forgot to mention an increasingly large contingent of fans – those who used to care mildly, but – realizing that PM is damaged goods and an attention freak at the same time, have just gotten sick of the whole silly thing and just don’t care any more.
    He’s dragging this out because he CRAVES the attention.

  4. .. a couple of years ago, it seemed like every commercial had freakin Peyton on… now him turning into Farve is the icing on the cake….

    now, he’s making a whole lotta teams into enemies… that can’t be good for the ol neck….

  5. All of the people saying this is “Favre 2.0” needs to grow up.

    Favre was clearly looking for attention and was dragging it out just to have a moment in the spotlight. Peyton Manning has been and is one of the most humble players we’ve seen in this sport. He was fully expecting to stay in Indianapolis as a Colt, his home for over 10 years now, and got completely blindsided by Jim Irsay.

    Let him take his time, it’s not his fault that this is the only thing the media wants to report on.

  6. Yep – typical Peyton.

    Just like the talking head narrative about him says: he puts the team first.

    Oh . . . Wait . . . Never mind . . .

  7. Mr Smith that is nothing but an asumption on your part. I’m sure Manning didn’t call YOU, and tell you that. Let me make an asumption. If Manning wasn’t truly going to make this an expedtious decision, he wouldn’t have spent the entire week running around all over the place, seeing doctor’s throwing for everyone etc. I think you see a decision sooner rather than later. Did you stay up all night to to write this article?? You need some sleep my friend.

  8. A month ago, just about everyone here was feeling bad for Peyton… will he throw again, can he ever play at a high level or will he be forced into retirement, etc. etc.

    Now that he can throw Peyton is being Peyton: Focused only on himself, his paycheck and his desires. He’s got to have made the most money of any NFL player and yet he sits there squeezing every dime out of any franchise willing to give him a chance. For crying out loud he made $20+ mil last year without playing a snap and after everything Indy has done for him which included paying him top dollar every time his contract came up for renewal he doesn’t have the loyalty to restructure his contract and help mentor the future of the franchise?

    Many Indy/Peyton fans think we Patriot fans dislike Manning because he’s considered to be better than Brady. The truth is, many of us dislike him because he’s selfish, not a team player and can’t take responsibility for the times they lose. For those reasons alone, we love Brady and despise Manning. Manning is one hell of a QB, no doubt. But he’s probably the most egocentric, high maintenance, me-first player in the NFL and this latest fiasco proves it.

  9. I wonder what the teams that were/are interested in signing Manning would have done in free agency if Manning wasn’t available?

    How many of these teams have altered their plans in the hopes of signing Manning?

    So many teams have ruined their off season by chasing this guy. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    If Manning can’t make up his mind where he wants to play, why would any team or fan base feel comfortable bringing him in now?

    As far as Peyton goes, doesn’t he understand that he is ruining his brand by waiting so long to make a decision? Does Peyton want to play again or not? I am really beginning to wonder if this nothing more than an ego boost for him.

    If Peyton wants to play it would have been much smarter to sign before free agency opened so that his new team could surround him with free agent talent. Now the pickings are getting pretty slim.

    It doesn’t matter how well Peyton throws when the weather is great. The question is how well is he going to throw in bad weather when he faces opposing defenses. That is why I don’t consider Denver a viable option. When the weather starts to turn sour in November, December, January, and playing at that altitude, no doubt in my mind Peyton will come up short.

  10. Archie needs to make up his mind!!!!!! He’ll be a Titan..An the 49ers will be without a QB,Doesnt get any better than this…Lying as@ coach.

  11. So if he hasn’t told anyone , then why all the reports on what day he will sign, you reporters/columnists/bloggers need to quit making crap up so people will read you ..unanimous source = means we made it up !

  12. Agreed, manning to 49ers. Rich quarterback/franchise history, great defense, excellent running game, tons of skill players to work with – Vernon Davis, Crabtree, and now Moss & Manningham. Great young staff coming off 13 wins. Insert Manning, it now becomes team juggernaut. Besides, everyone knows wherever there is a Manningham, there also has to be a Manning.

  13. @chrisritch93 – this site is titled “Latest News and RUMORS”. If you have a problem with anonymous sources or unverified content, then why are you here?

  14. How is this favre watch? The media is the ones speculating on dates etc…Peyton has not said one word during this but he wants all this attention? PM fans know the deal and also understand that this is a huge decision and he wants to get it right so he can enjoy his last 2-3 years left. Stop with the favre comparisons

  15. It’s a pretty save bet he’s gonna chose the Titans.

    Now if they can only sign themselves a good pass rushing DE.

    Mark Anderson (formerly of the Pats) is scheduled to visit today. If they are smart, they won’t let him leave without a contract…

  16. One of the biggest decisions he will have to make in his life, one that requires people traveling from one end of the continent to the other, one that includes coaches, owners, GM’s, lawyers, doctors and his family and some of you are unhappy that you voluntarily spend several minutes of your day following it….grow up

  17. Lord Peyton, picketh thy team soon so your holyness can throw another teamate under the bus as thy did in colts team, oh great one wth badeth neckus

  18. Even Lebron and Favre is thinking Peyton is milking this out, attention lover, he stole Eli’s spotlight during superbowl week too

  19. The reason he hasn’t signed anywhere is because Peyton hasn’t properly or completely debriefed Archie on the pros and cons. So the real holdup is that Archie hasn’t made his decision yet.

    While Peyton is a fantastic QB, he definitely is a me first player. The act is definitely getting old at this point.

  20. All you Favre haters grown up…..

    1st Favre still wanted to play…packers didn’t want him and they traded him to Jets.

    2nd Favre didn’t want to play for Jets after one season and said he was retiring just to be a free agent….signed with the Minnesota…a team he always wanted.

    Peyton is a free agent and unlike a lot of players who jump at the first sign of big bucks…is taking his time to decide the best situation as this will probably be his last team and/or chance to win the SB.

    You all act like these are the only two players who have ever done this. Take Barber in Tampa….hasn’t decided on whether he wants to retire to just name one. No bashing there. How many non players don’t do their homework when looking for a decent job with a company…no different.

    Yes we all are anxious to hear where he will go and my guess will not be 49er’s because he’ll compete with Eli. My take….Broncos.

  21. How many individuals out there would love to have three companies traveling all over the US to recruit you…..wait for it…..all of us. Just think how hard that would be to decide between three companies courting you and telling you all the great reason to come their way. Try to decide quickly as some of you want him to. Just as in the Favre situation the media is drumming up stories every five minutes….this is what you get tired of. But guess what….you read them all and are waiting for the next one…what so you can say they are milking it for all it is worth. Peyton hasn’t talked to the media (as Brett didn’t either) or even read the articles….but fans still love to bash them if things don’t happen on your schedule. Give it a break already and be patient. Once out some of you will bash him for the team he picks…can hardly wait (sarcastism).

  22. Peyton got blindsided by Jim Irsay? I would like to know how that is. Irsay had been very upfront since before the season ended that they would go after Andrew Luck. Actually it was Peyton that blindsided Irsay and the Colts when he signed his last contract knowing full well that he wouldn’t be able to play last year but he had his hand out anyway and collected his 23 mil for doing nothing. What about the additional neck procedure he had performed and never told anyone from the Colts organization about it. That was on the up and up by Sir Peyton huh? I wanted Peyton for the Fins but now I am glad that we missed out on him. He might be a future HOF player but IMO he is not a HOF person. Good luck to whoever gets him. Go Fins

  23. hmpennypacker says: I think he end’s up in Denver. I think the titans are out because the emotion of leaving seemed genuine and i don’t think he’ll want to beat Irsay twice a year for the next 2 years

    Nothing about Manning is genuine. As ytsejameri says, he’s “Me first.”

  24. Waiting this long just to decide between 2 teams (sorry Frisco, he’s not coming there) tells me he’s hoping a 3rd team gets in the mix late. If i were him, just pick Tennessee. He’s already a God in that state and could play in the same division he’s played in for 14 years.

  25. I’m a Broncos fan and as much I hate to say it, I’m thinking he chooses the 49ers.

    I would have like to see him pick sooner, but this is the first time he has ever gone through this (more than likely the last) and if you really look at how he’s handled this, he’s not being a prick about it. He’s weighing his options from teams that are not going to rush him.

  26. Better let Bud know quickly or he may not be around to sign the check. Not getting any younger… Ya know?

  27. crabtree? he’s a joke, and he disappeared in the playoffs.

    and manningham just took his job.

  28. I hope whichever team he picks they don’t even make the playoffs! Just because he’s stretchin this out! C’mon and pick already! Let’s move on.

  29. @ pats54 agree wholeheartedly with your last paragraph.

    What happened to the “incentive laden deal” PM said he was willing to give another team? LOL…he still thinks he should be the highest paid QB in the league in his situation. If someone wants to pay him that, fine it’s their decision but I think it’s nuts. Maybe Brees knows this since they share an agent and that’s part of why he turned down 18 mill/yr. Certainly Brees should make more on his new deal than PM does on this one.

    To people saying he isn’t like Favre simply because he isn’t making statement etc, that reasoning isn’t correct. He’s leaking stuff though his people JUST LIKE FAVRE DID…so he won’t look bad…passive aggressiveness at its finest.

  30. Really, who cares any more? It seems to be narrowed down to three, one of which will mortgage their future on a superstar with an over-sized Achilles heel.

    The other teams in the division where he lands will simply have to step up their run game and play the “keep Peyton on the bench”.

  31. Swamp Boy just wants to leverage this into the biggest possible swindle that he can pull off. He’s looking for the most guaranteed money from whomever is foolish enough to pay it. He ripped off Irsay for $24 million already and he’s looking for more. Greedy Swamp Boy.

    My old Latin teacher Sister Dulcilia says … “Caveat emptor”.

  32. tmillhone says:Mar 18, 2012 7:31 AM

    All of the people saying this is “Favre 2.0″ needs to grow up.

    Favre was clearly looking for attention and was dragging it out just to have a moment in the spotlight. Peyton Manning has been and is one of the most humble players we’ve seen in this sport. He was fully expecting to stay in Indianapolis as a Colt, his home for over 10 years now, and got completely blindsided by Jim Irsay.

    Let him take his time, it’s not his fault that this is the only thing the media wants to report on.

    Well, he’s got you fooled. You must be high from sniffing the Swamp Boy’s jock fumes.

  33. If it has gone this far, does anyone think he needs to announce it like a high school player announces on signing day? Sit at a table with hats for all three teams and then put on the hat of the team he picked? I think it would be funny, but he would get roasted in the media.

  34. Yes, getting very Favre-like, indeed. Never would have dared put him in that category before. Look how his indecision is affecting other teams. I guess they’re all selfish when it comes down to it.

  35. The simpletons who think Peyton needs to make a decision immediately are sad, sorry folks. In no way does this situation remeind me of Favre. Shake yourself people.

  36. Manning has never been one for the spotlight, he did his thing and was a true professional throughout his career in Indy. The media is driving me crazy with the manning hunt and where is he going to sign! My belief is that he is going about his business and trying to truly find the team he is going to retire with. I wish him all the luck in his pursuit. All these haters are his motivators!!!

  37. Well Mr humble is leading NFL teams around by the nose or collecting them like a charm braclett. This humble guy is loving the attention and hell, Mr humble might not decide untill opening week end so he wont have to throw in camp.
    I am surprised by the lack of business sense exhibited by GM across the NFL.
    Humble guy,,,yeah right.

  38. Get real people! It’s been less than 2 weeks since he was released and less than a week since teams starting seriously checking him out. How many of you make a career decision faster than that? Sure I would love to see him in Denver, but I have no problem with him taking some time to decide what is best for himself and his family. How can anyone blame him for that?

  39. If he wants to have a realistic chance at winning the SB he will pick the 49ers. They have everything in place-a great defense, a solid OL, a great RB, a top coach, a top TE and a bunch of talented WRs who need a QB. If he wants to teturn to his college roots go to the Titans. Unsure why the Titans are after hom aftet drafting Locker so high last year.

  40. I honestly fail to see why the 9ers would go for manning (or any team unless they can get him cheap). He has at most 3 years left in him, and most likely he will step foot on the field for the very first game and get injured, ending his career. He’s not worth the money, period. Even if he squeezes one year out, it’s not worth giving up the great chemistry that has been built. For the first time in a long time, the 9ers were fun to watch again. But now I’ve lost interest in them again because of all this. We had a team, we were growing and succeeding, it was a team to be proud of. Grrr.

  41. I’m a Pats fan but know Manning as the best pure passer since Broadway Joe. ( I’m old). I also take care of a lot of post cervical fusion patients and I fear for Peytons future in the NFL.
    He is one big hit away from nerve reinjury and another surgery.
    It’s a huge risk to put big money on this man’s future.
    I was hoping you’d hang up your guns, big man.
    Hall of fame waits either way.

  42. Yep, Favre 2.0. Had all kinds of respect for PM until he got $24M from Colts knowing full well he wasn’t going to play last year. He’s not the victim in this. And for those of you saying he’s not doing this for the attention….of course he is! Now, if by chance he agrees to an incentive-based contract (which I seriously doubt), then I’ll ratchet up my respect-o-meter a tad. But I don’t see that happening. It’s all about the money, cuz God forbid, he should have to live on less than $24M a year — at his age — with 4 neck surgeries.

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