Rex Grossman promises to be a “good soldier”

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As an astute (and hilarious) PFT commenter pointed out last night, the Redskins’ quarterback depth chart now consists of RG3 and RG3-and-out.

The old RG — Rex Grossman — has signed another one-year deal with the Redskins, and he understands that, this time around, it won’t be to compete for the starting position.  It’ll be to teach the new RG the Kyle Shanahan offense.

“I know they’re going to draft a franchise QB,” Grossman told ESPN 980 on Saturday night.  “If I’m on the team, I’m gonna help out that guy get up too speed, but I’ll also be ready to play.  I’m gonna be a good soldier, and I’ll be busting my ass to help him out.”

Grossman is on this third one-year contract with the Redskins.  He started 13 games in 2011, after getting three starts during the McNabb misadventure of 2010.

“Beyond the business side of it, I love all my teammates, I love the system,” Grossman said.  “I really want to see this thing through and see the Redskins turn this thing around.”

It’s a great attitude, and it’s exactly what the Redskins need:  a backup quarterback who knows his role, and who does his job at a reasonable price.  A tenth-year veteran who under the CBA commands a minimum salary of $925,000, the Redskins presumably signed him pursuant to the minimum-salary benefit, which keeps his cap number at $540,000.

The return of Grossman could mean that another quarterback will be losing his job.  John Beck remains under contract, at a base salary of $1.3 million.  With the Redskins doing everything they can to create cap room, don’t be surprised if the soon say buh-bye to Beck.

41 responses to “Rex Grossman promises to be a “good soldier”

  1. For a player who is really really average … he’s had a good long NFL career. Backup QBs make a ton of money and play forever. If he can get into that mindset then he’ll be set for life.

  2. He isn’t the best starter, but I’d take him as a backup.

    Just show RGIII Rex’s gametape and say “You see what Rex is doing here? Yeah, well do the opposite.”

  3. The very LAST person you want training your franchise QB is Rex Grossman. What exactly has he done to earn enough respect to be able to train somebody? If I were RG3 I’d pull a Dez Bryant-Roy Williams situation. Rex should be learning from RG3.

  4. As a skins fan I am glad Grossman is coming back as a back up. He always plays his tail off coming off the bench, he has a lot of experience in the offense to help RGIII or Luck, and he always handles him self well and acts professionally. Cant ask for much more in a back up QB…

  5. Always been a Rex apologist. I know he ain’t the answer, that’s obvious. But I’ve always liked this guy. Other teams would be lucky to have him.

  6. Their are a lot of high draft picks that were called “Can’t Miss” that turn into busts and it is a real possibility that RG3 will be one of these.

  7. Rg3 has ridiculous upside, but nothing more important than having a back-up who knows the scheme inside and out….

  8. In dc he’s known as RG2. For Rex Grossman 2 turnovers a game. Although RG3 and out aint bad.

  9. Rex Grossman promises to be a “good soldier that is good because he never was a field General…

    I think Rex needs to go back to basic training and graduate from a private..

    Now he’s playing Guard Tackle and End.

    He sits at the end of the bench guards the water and tackles anyone that comes near it. That is a good soldier.

  10. And just to think people actually thought Beck should’ve started last season. Pathetic!

  11. I can imagine Rex passing on to RG3 some of his vast veteran experience:

    “When you don’t see an open receiver and the defense is bearing down on you, just do what I do … close your eyes and chuck that baby downfield. What? That sounds crazy and irresponsible? Hey – I once got my team to the Super Bowl. Oh, yeah … and another thing … Have a short memory!! …”

  12. Does he have a choice? If he says he is competing to start he would be checked for other concussion symptoms. He’s lucky to have a job in the NFL.

  13. I’d like to see them draft Russell Wilson late & make him the project QB, so later down the road… if anything happens to RGIII, you have a smaller replication that can do the same things so you don’t lose that running dimension.

  14. The guy has issues and at times should not be playing QB for any team. That said, Rex did beat the Giants. If I have one worry about RG3 it is his mobility in that mobile QBs are historically susceptible to injury. While Rex is not exactly the 1st guy that comes to mind when I’m looking at the bench for someone to come carry the rest of the game on their shoulders, Rex is someone I think can win any game at any time. I know, I know, he can lose any one as well, but when your going to the backup why not go with someone that is going to come in swinging.

  15. @skinsrollyou

    Dude, nobody would be lucky to have Rex. He plain sucks! RG3 should be a much improvement. However, skins still finish no better than 3rd this year. Overpaying for Pierre and josh Morgan isn’t the answer. Another waste of money by Snyder.

    Your truly,
    Philly will own you again!

  16. Jason Campbell is a good backup. Rex Grossman is not.

    A good backup is not asked to win a game. If he can win games, then he would be a starter. A good backup is asked to save an already won game: Get a few first downs, take care of the football, safely drive a few yards and get the field goal. Those are backup duties when the boss gets hurt.

    That is why Jason Campbell is the perfect backup. JC rarely throws an interception and can get first downs to kill the clock. But Rex is careless with the football and that is the last thing you want in a backup QB.

    So I am only happy about this if Rex came real cheap.

  17. A good back up comes in and helps teach the system to the franchise QB or future QB and come in and play a half or a couple games if the starter gets hurt and Rex fits that role……This will be Rex’s 4th year in this system do you expect them to sign somebody like Soup Campbell who doesn’t know one iota of the O to come in and be like “Ok here’s what you do on this bootleg oh wait is Garcon gonna a skinny post or a cross? I just got my new playbook lets go ask coach…” Yeah great idea…..

  18. Rex also promised the NFC title for the Skins last yr…why should i believe anything he says

  19. Poor Beck. I hear Miami is looking for a QB…oh wait…been there done that.
    RG 3 & out…hi-LAR-I-ous (Jim Rome voice).

  20. What’s the difference between former Gator qb’s Rex Grossman and Tim Tebow? Someone actually wants Rex to play qb. Tebow will not have the career Rex does. Go Gators!

  21. There’s a reason this guy has had a ten year career and it is not because he has a rocket arm or is laser efficient. There is nothing wrong with a ten year career in any profession that pays over a million per year on average. Grossman has a healthy and realistic take on his value to the franchise.

  22. RG3 should not play for the Shanahan they are the worst coaches in the league and should be fired for nepotism. Shanahan’s don’t want intelligent football players they want robots. RG3 worst move you could every make DO NOT PLAY for THE Shanahan’s

  23. Rex is making more than 99.999% of people posting commentary here, so he has NO reason to hang his head. He’s richer than anyone reading this and probably always will be…

  24. My opinion, is until Shanahan leaves a decent to great QB in as the starter, for more than a couple games at a time, then the Redskins have no chance at teaching RG3 to be the permanent QB. It was painful the last couple years watching Shanahan pull QBs right when they started to get a rhythm, then do it again to the replacement QB, then again to the original, and again to the replacement, and so on and so forth. Absolutely painful watching those clearly damaging decisions NOT be stopped by the upper management. Here is to hoping they let RG3 continue to be the starter when he starts getting his groove!

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