Sunday one-liners

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With DE Mario Williams, Bills defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt has the guy who’ll make the defense go.

The Dolphins’ brand has plummeted since getting caught in a Tuna net.

Pats S Patrick Chung says he still hasn’t watched tape of Mario Manningham’s 38-yard catch in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI.

Former Jets TE Matthew Mulligan, a restricted free agent who didn’t receive a tender, has visits scheduled with the 49ers and Rams.

In choosing to return to the Eagles, G Evan Mathis spurned the Ravens.

DE Jonathan Fanene’s departure for New England removes from the Bengals’ roster the last of the draft picks from the notorious class of 2005.

Is the Big Show a big whiner?

Even with an aging roster, the Steelers resist the temptation to splurge in March.

Former Texans T Eric Winston felt “really wanted” by the Chiefs.

Upon being traded to the Colts, T Winston Justice dropped his base salary from $3.225 million to $1.5 million in exchange for having the final year of his contract in 2013 dropped.

G.M. Gene Smith declined to elaborate on the Jaguars’ decision not to pursue Peyton Manning; “There are a lot of factors,” he said.  “Not going to disclose all the details. We feel good about our quarterback situation with our coaching staff.”  (Factor No. 1 of 1:  Peyton wasn’t interested.)

Duke coach and Peyton Manning mentor David Cutcliffe could have come up with a better way to describe Peyton’s craftiness and guile:  “If you played strip poker with the guy, you’d wind up without a stitch on and he’d still be fully clothed.”

The departure of Jason Jones leaves the Titans with only two defensive ends on the roster.

As the Broncos wait for Peyton to make up his mind, the delay partially arises from the fact that Peyton is celebrating his 11th wedding anniversary.

In one fell swoop, the Chiefs signed BQ and a guy who will be eating plenty of BBQ.

Making CB Shawntae Spencer more attractive to the Raiders is the fact that defensive coordinator Jason Tarver spent seven seasons with Spencer in San Fran.

Chargers WR Robert Meachem apparently is a student of the Cris Carter approach to the position:  “To me, I feel like a first down, OK, yeah, but a touchdown is better,” Meachem said.”

After spending big for CB Brandon Carr, the Cowboys will now shop for bargains.

The Giants will be counting on 2011 third-rounder Jerrel Jernigan to help fill the void created by the departure of Mario Manningham.

With the Eagles spending so much money on their own guys, there should be less internal griping in 2012.

The Redskins declined to confirm the report that QB Rex Grossman will be back.  (Can you blame them?)

Dre’ Bly, a former teammate of Bears WR Brandon Marshall’s, says that Marshall “ain’t no knucklehead.”  (Technically, Bly is right.)

Lions QB Shaun Hill knows that he’s the backup, no matter what.

The biggest contributions from new players in 2012 will likely come from players drafted by the team in 2012.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier insists the team is building for 2012; “Somebody else will be sitting in this seat if I look to the future,” Frazier said.  “I have to get our guys ready to have a good season next year.  We need to have a good year.”

Falcons DE John Abraham wanted more than $12 million per year; he’ll make $21 million.  Over three.

If RB Mike Tolbert signs with the Panthers, would Jonathan Stewart land on the trading block?

The Saints have their sights set on some defensive free agents, which makes sense since the league has its sights set on suspending some Saints defensive players.

The Bucs could move LB Mason Foster out of the middle.

An open letter to Kevin Kolb.

Kendall Langford is expected to spend most of his time with the Rams playing defensive tackle.

49ers WR Randy Moss gets plenty of praise from his former teammates on the other side of the Bay.

In Seattle, QB Matt Flynn wouldn’t automatically be installed as the starter.

6 responses to “Sunday one-liners

  1. I knew (not just ‘cos I’m psychic, but have lots of gray matter too) DE John Abraham of the Falcons would get about $7 million per season average if he stayed a Falcon ‘cos Tony Gonzalez got a 1 year $7 million deal for his final NFL season. The valuable vets are on equal footing money wise. The Predator is slightly appeased.

  2. Even with an aging roster, the Steelers resist the temptation to splurge in March.


    They think they can squeeze another season out of all those old goats they have on the team. I say good luck on that. They’d better hope their upcoming schedule is as easy as they have been the last few years or they won’t even make the playoffs.

  3. Cuttlif talks about playing strip poker with guys? How about thinking along the lines of WOMEN!

  4. I love Chung. He’s so awesome. He doesn’t have to explain about the Manningham catch. Coverage was tight and it took a great throw and catch to a guy who was their 3rd option because the Pats had #1 & #2 on lockdown. If you beat my team with your 3rd option with brilliant execution even though the D doesn’t have bad coverage, so be it. Hats off to you.

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