Bud Adams’ focus on Peyton may have cost Titans Mario Williams

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When the Tennessee Titans entered the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, the impetus wasn’t from coach Mike Munchak or General Manager Ruston Webster. It was Titans owner Bud Adams who made clear that Munchak, Webster and the other football people who work for him had been instructed to go after Manning.

He is the man I want. Period,” Adams told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “And the people that work for me understand that.”

Those comments from Adams came before free agency started, and they forced the Titans’ football people to shift their free agency focus, make Manning their top priority, and make sure there was enough salary cap space available to make Manning an offer competitive with the five-year, $95 million deal he’ll apparently get from the Broncos. And that’s why the Titans didn’t make a run at Mario Williams.

Until Adams declared that Manning was the team’s top priority, the Titans were believed to be among the favorites to land Williams. As Adam Schefter noted on ESPN today, there was a belief around the league that there was a good chance the Titans could land Williams, and that it was only after the Titans made Manning their top focus that the Bills were able to convince Williams to make his first free agency visit to Buffalo.

If the Titans had been players for Williams, maybe his first visit would have been to Tennessee, or maybe he would have left Buffalo without signing. But with the Titans unable to commit to a huge offer for Williams, the Bills were able to separate themselves as the team that was ready to give Williams the best offer.

In other words, if Williams turns out to be the dominant pass rusher the Bills hope he’ll be, Buffalo fans can thank Adams for going after Manning.

40 responses to “Bud Adams’ focus on Peyton may have cost Titans Mario Williams

  1. Mario Williams isnt gonna do anything after he signs this deal anyway. If anything, Manning was a blessing in disguise especially since we didnt sign him

  2. I realize hindsight is always 20-20, and that Manning is a better player than Williams, but the Broncos (and evidentally the Titans) sold out for now. Understand with Manning you have a TWO YEAR WINDOW. Period. If he does not match his brother in Super Bowl victories, this was a waste, and the Bills will potentially be sitting pretty.

  3. Can’t help but think Matt Schaub’s breathing a huuuuuuuuuuuge sign of relief.

  4. The Titans actually just saved themselves a ton of money on Williams. You can sign 2 probowlers for what Williams would cost.

  5. No, the Bills over paying him cost the Titans. Single digit sacks the last three seasons and hurt the last two and still gets a hundred million???

  6. Mario is not worth what the Bills paid him.

    People are ripping Bud Adams for “meddling” but it made sense for the Titans to look at Manning, and given the Titans have been a winning organization most of their 15 seasons in Tennessee, it made sense for Manning to consider Tennessee.

  7. Now you see why the city of Houston despises that guy. “Bottom line” Bud will never learn. That is why he has never won crap. Glad he and his sorry org reside outside the great state of Texas.

  8. @rascalmanny

    I didn’t realize it was you paying Williams. Oh wait, it’s not. The kid is an absolute game changer and the Bills and Titans have been spinning their wheels for awhile now. Great move by the Bills to lock him up and add a big piece to that team while Titans fans can continue to make excuses why they have another losing season.

  9. Wow – Budnik must’ve blown this one good. I mean, c’mon, Peyton went to school in TN, did his college time there and left a decent legacy, yet Budnik could not sell TN back to Peyton?

    Either Bud couldn’t sell popsicles in hell, or he really is a messed-up owner. And to think I thought Al Davis (RIP) was losing the grip, now look at this guy……….

  10. Remember when Bud Adams chucked the bird at the Bills on the field? Here’s right back at you, Bud!

  11. Another thing Peyton did for the Colts. Kept one of the best pass rushers in the game from going to one of the Colts division rivals. Thanks again, Peyton.

  12. that’s a fact, Mario Williams wanted to be the MAN! Considering the Bills and Titans were both “decent” teams last year, the Titans would be just as pumped as Buffalo is right now. Mario went where he was wanted, good for him. Bud Adams is an idiot for offering ownership to a guy who is a forever-Colt and would not have the talent to turn the Titans into Super Bowl-Champion Titans next year.

  13. Payback for the Music City Miracle.

    I’m sure Buffalo fans are happy their own owner is ancient and not ancient and crazy.

    And all you Titans fans claiming you wouldnt have wanted him – BULLSH!T

    Every single one of you would be on here loving the pickup if it had happened.

  14. It’s never good when the owner doesn’t want to listen to the football guys that he is paying for! Either way it didn’t cost the Titans to much, Mario was overpaid. The Texans paid him 1 million per sack when he was here, if he plays as good with the Bills he will get 2 Million per sack. Money well spent right LOL

  15. And maybe Mario Williams would have picked the Bills all along. A lot of hypotheticals here with no substance.

  16. Glad to see an owner admitting that Peyton Manning chase may have affected his other needs in FA. But in the end, I think missing on Mario was good.

    Sign Kameron Wimbley and get him to put his hands on the ground like Robert Mathis! Wimbley not as imposing as Mario, but still is a beast, and will be effective and cheaper.

  17. I’m so glad if that really took place. Bud Adams deserves any shizzle that comes his way. Too bad for the fans to have such a crummy human being for your owner.

  18. Everyone who thinks the Bills overpaid need to actually look at the contract..they would then realize that it is very team friendly with the team holding all the cards after year 2, plus injury clauses. If the Bills decide to part ways after 2 years it would cost only 40 mil…yes thats still lots but far far from the 100 mil that everyone is saying they paid for him.

    Go Bills!

  19. And you can thank ESPN, NFL, Yahoo, and Twitter for your stories. Bills fans can thank Bud Adams, Jesus Buffalo gave him 100 million, wow thank you Bud Adams without you we would be floundering because obviously “pft” knows who we should thank. God, terrible journalism!

  20. This story is every Titans fan’s nightmare. Until Bud Adams drops dead, I’m afraid his franchise will never be relevant.

  21. To all the Bills haters Mario Williams was asked to drop in coverage one in every three snaps as a 3-4 OLB. In Buffalo is going to be a 4-3 DE and is only going to be asked to rush the passer and set the edge on run plays. BTW Mario is third in the league with .79 sacks per game started in his career. The only guys better than that are Demarcus Ware and Jared Allen, pretty good company if you ask me! Ohh yeah, he is going to play next to Marcel Dareus and pro bowler Kyle Williams. Ignorant people like Colin Cowherd just can’t imagine why he chose Buffalo. Mario and his fiance figured out in just 2 days that it is a great place to live and raise a family.

    Go Bills!!!!

  22. So once again no one thinks Buffalo could have possibly got Mario because of what we did, have, or showed him…we needed “help” from others’ mistakes in order to get him…what a crock…he chose Buffalo for the money AND the people & community that he actually bothered to visit and get to know…end of story

  23. Never thought a Houston fan would thank Bud Adams for anything ever again, but on behalf of Texans fans for keeping both Peyton and Mario out of our division – thanks, Bud!

  24. Remember a couple years back when Bud Adams was caught on camera flicking off a group of Bills fans at a game in Tennessee? What a crazy old redneck he must be.

  25. I guess Philadelphia fans should thank bills owner Ralph Wilson for not breaking bank to sign vick. I mean there are only about 101 hypothetical situations that go on during free agency. The only person bills fans need to thank is Ralph Wilson.

  26. Mario is a good fit for Buffalo. Now crazy Bud can overspend on a pass rusher and a corner. I bet you when we hear the numbers tomorrow he’ll end up paying crazy money to Wimbley. Mario is much better than Wimbley.

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