Dolphins to cut Yeremiah Bell

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Last night, Steelers safety Ryan Clark said “no one” wants to play for the Dolphins.  On Monday, the Dolphins decided that they didn’t want one of their safeties to play for the Dolphins any longer.

A league source tells PFT that Yeremiah Bell will be released.

Bell, an eight-year veteran, joined the team via round six of the 2003 draft.  He has appeared in every game for the last four years, starting all but one.

The move creates $4.3 million in salary-cap space for the Dolphins.  Bell was in the final year of his contract.

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  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bell ends up with the Jets. They seem to be bringing in every safety for a workout.

  3. Yeremiah Bell is a decent player, but at 6million cap hit this year, he does not play up to that pay grade.

    I was advocating that he be cut, but that was when Reggie Nelson and LaRon Landry were still available!

    We could have cut him sooner and pushed to sign Nelson or Landry, instead why do it now!

    Its clear now that they are sending the roster into a rebuilding mode!

  4. This is ridiculous. What the hell is this organization doing??? Well, our season tickets are going in the toilet bowl now. It’s a hopeless situation, with a bunch of idiots running it. Good luck getting any fans to go there. This is the end Jeramiah is the one who saves those crappy corners, everytime they make a mistake. Go on Mr Ireland let him go. In fact why don’t you get rid of Reggie while you are about it. You suck!!

  5. Wow he is one of the best guy to play for fins, dissapointed on fins, who gona replaced him he is very good. Someone gona get a steal who gets him.

  6. Right, cut the only solid vet on the D that is an actual Fin. Then we wonder why no one wants to come here…

    WHAT ARE WE DOING? He’s the only safety on our roster besides Jones.

    Ireland has NO IDEA of what he’s doing, what GM has a team just as bad if not worse off than when he inherited it 5yrs ago and has plenty of job security…


  7. lol i just dont understand these moves. we are creating more holes than we are filling.

    my dolphins fanhood gets smaller by the day. how am i supposed to root for a team that acts like it doesnt know what theyre doing. its insane!!!!

  8. one of dave wannstedt’s few draft picks that actually knew how to play football. the fact that he’s been on the team since the wannstedt/fiedler era just shows you how solid he is as a player.

  9. They has been talk of Bell being a cap casualty for some time now, so it should come as no surprise.

    He has been a solid veteran for Miami, and good against the run, but he was a liability in the passing game.

    It’s a business. Quit whining and complaining and get over it.

  10. “On Monday, the Dolphins decided that they didn’t want one of their safeties to play for the Dolphins any longer.”

    That is possibly the stupidest sentence that I’ve ever read on this site…and that’s saying something.

  11. That cap # was too high…he was purely a tackling safety and Reshad can do a better job at a cheaper price.stop being ready to throw this team under the buss and look at the entire situation…

  12. I hate this move. YB may be aging, but still led this team in tallest last season (107). If they were gonna cut him to make cap space, fine…. But why the eff not do it when Eric Winston was available?

  13. no body can tell you what exactly the fins are doing as it appears that they do not have a clue either!!!! i have been through many uncertain and insane years with this team but the last two years are really showing me that this organization has totally lost all touch with reality. sad to see this once proud franchise become the laughing stock of the nfl.

  14. Great guy, big hitter and will be missed in the locker room. However, $6M is too much for his services… the Fins have to drop some of their big salary structured contracts.

    Too much tied up in good but not great players.

  15. Not sure why people are surprised. The media and fans talk as if the franchise had a 1-15 season and is still doomed, so why are people surprised they look like they are cleaning house?

    I personally didn’t think we were as bad as many whine we are, we are definitely better then our record.And every season for the last few years we always had competitive and even won some games against the eventual superbowl or conference teams

  16. “Keep cutting and not gaining ….what bullcrap”
    That’s the first cut they’ve made, and i dont know where you were when they signed new safety Richard Marshall. Pay attention.

  17. We need solid safeties in New England. Thanks Fins!
    yeah because Yeremiah haunted your passing game over the years !!!! Miami would know exactly how to play against Bell. Throw the ball to whomever he’s covering, should any team be foolish enough to keep him in coverage. He’s more like a smaller faster LB than a Safety.

  18. Dolphin players will have very strong shoulder muscles holding up the AFC East. Congrats on getting the #1 pick for 2013. I’m sure Ireland and Ross will put their pea brains together and choose a kicker for the 1st round. You have turned this franchise into the 1966 Dolphins when they first came into the league. Pathetic.

  19. How very Millen-esque of Ireland. Still not nearly as inept as Millen was, but he has potential if they keep him long enough.

    Would love to see Bell come to Detroit and provide some veteran leadership to our secondary.

  20. That was a move to over-match the 49ers contract to Alex Smith.

    MIA wants Smith, wow.

  21. Nice cut. Bell will be the best safety on the market, and I’d even go so far as to say that I’d take him over Landry.

    Who’s next? Davon Bess?

  22. Man this organization seems to be falling apart. Crazy stuff going on, it’s no wonder manning chose differently. There setting their new head coach up to fail. 6 million cap hit is worth it for a good safety if you have nobody worth a darn to play for him and your plenty under the cap.

  23. Well as I see it the other safeties on the team Rashad Jones and Chris Clemens are both not too far a drop off. They were never really FS to begin with especially not Jones. Look for Sean Smith or Marshall to take that role. Maybe even through the draft. Money is better spent elsewhere. Love Bell but he just drops the ball.

  24. Ok so for everyone who is sticking up for this dumb move saying it was all for cap space and he was overpaid. I could understand that logic if this was the start of free agency but we have like 10 million in free cap space now. Who is there left in free agency that we need to free up 4million in cap space for at this point? Please don’t tell me we are doing this to sign A Smith!!! Wallace yes but not a game managing QB.

  25. The Dolphin’s loyal fans would like to see Ross the Boss Man come down from his throne and show some them he has a plan! Once a proud franchise just a shadow of its former self. Pitiful!!

  26. bucrightoff says:
    Considering no one wants to go there, how are they gonna fill this spot?
    If you leave the safety spot empty
    you’d have the same pass defense
    Bell is worst than terrible in pass defense

  27. They certainly do. Please Mr Ross fire Mr Ireland before you loose all the fans. You won’t have too many left soon.

  28. I was going out tonight to a Comedy Show…. Glad i found this blog/thread to read instead from top to bottom. Pure Comedy.


  29. I dont believe Im football Savvy enough to know if he was great on the Field.. From what I could see he rarely missed a tackle and was built like a Brick S@#T house… Biceps bigger than my legs. But off the Field just was a GREAT Human being. Always smilin and polite to the Fans… Sooo for that Ill miss Him. I like being able to look up to some of these guys playing the game today. First Class in my book. YB you will be missed by this DOLFAN!!!!! Good Luck!

  30. The Dolphins are making me feel much better about being a Jets fan.

    Honestly, they’d make me feel much better about being a NJ Generals fan.

  31. The Vikings need to have this guys number on speed dial and keep calling until he commits to them. This guys is a tackling machine in the secondary, maybe the biggest area of concern for the Vikings.

  32. Man New England catches another gift. First the Jets hit the iceberg, and now the fins run themselves into the dirt like a lawndart. The Pats got that division locked up for the next five years easy.

  33. Pair up YB with a pass rush that actually creates pressure, and i bet none of would would say he has coverage issues. I mean c’mon the guy was a great player, but if there is no pressure on the quarterback there is only so much you could do.

  34. I will be glad when all the negativity leave this blog. It says more about you then about Ross and Ireland, if you can’t say any think nice about someone, then don’t say any thing. Bill

  35. Dolfans…..We do realize, the Dolphins have been to the playoffs once in the past….how many years?? Though Bell is a good player, I can’t remember any of the secondary making plays in the recent past. Playmakers make plays. We don’t have any. Check the int stats the past few years. Allow Ireland and new coaching staff to transfuse new blood. Lets see how they handle the draft before we start calling them idiots. Unless, the idiots acquire Tebow!!!

  36. bsizemore68 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 11:39 PM
    I will be glad when all the negativity leave this blog.

    Mr. Sizemore: go blow Tom.

    I’ll be glad when the folks that can’t take a little negativity have their testicles descend or find somewhere else to frequent.

  37. Yeremiah Bell, you were a team leader and we will miss you.

    I am sick of apologetic fans who think that the dismantling of the Dolphins roster has some constructive aspect to it in terms of this season or next. Rebuilding would imply that we are getting rid of players that we no longer need. We need players like Bell who are the current leaders of the defense. If we had been active in free agency and hired someone better, I would understand but we didn’t and we can’t because the cupboard is now bare!

    Okay, we missed on Manning so did the other contenders. I understand that Flynn’s old coach says he is not worth the price Seattle paid. But Gerrard is bargain basement and does not fill the need of a QB better than Matt Moore. We missed on Eric Winston, we traded away Marshall for two Round three picks after paying two round two picks.

    Fans! We now need:
    2 safeties, a RT, a RG, a QB, a WR or two, a OLB pass rusher, and depth players. While most teams take the approach of cutting the bottom feeders and acquiring players that can compete for a starting job, we cut expensive players and acquire cheaper players! The draft will not bring good players to each of our needs!

    Wake up people! There is a rally at Nova for those who wish to protest at 1PM. Check out for times

  38. Bell was one of the most consistent players on the team. He was also one of the very few that had any semblance of leadership. Maybe Jones will be decent, maybe not. This team has a bad reputation among players and cutting a major contributer 2 weeks AFTER free agency starts will only add to that. This organization seems clueless on the PR front.

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