Figuring out the Fins

The Dolphins have whiffed on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn.  They may miss out on Alex Smith.

So what’s wrong with the franchise?  Is Ryan Clark right?  Does “no one” want to play for the Dolphins?

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and WFTL in Ft. Lauderdale joined PFT Live on Monday to talk about the state of the struggling franchise, and where it should go from here.

And here’s a hint:  Tebow.

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28 responses to “Figuring out the Fins

  1. no solid qb’s and a horrible gm. reminds me of the downward spiral the Lions and Raiders went on. I hate to say the only way we become relevant again is stock up on top 5 draft picks the next 5-8 years, at least we’ll have a good shot at some basketball and baseball championships along the way. the fins will be back in time

  2. If Tebow goes to the Dolphins, they should just move to LA and change the name of the team. The proud Dolphins history will be gone forever. Can you imagine the team of Dan Marino with Tebow under center? A travesty. I love the Dolphins, but if they get Tebow – I will hate them and I will hate Stephen Ross for destroying my beloved team.

  3. According to the “planet”; Alex is as good as gone and the 9ers are the new Lions set to go 0-16. What to do? What to do?

    Enjoy your little March victory; please do stick around for our February victory though.

  4. Armando again proves himself to have not a clue… Tebow rings the drama bell to sell a few tickets, but the way forward for the phins is finding a franchise QB…..

    That sells a lot more tickets for decades than falling for a bad QB , wasting 2 years, and validating the dolphins rep with the league as not in it to win it. ..

  5. Nobody respects Ireland or Ross. They are both clueless & way over their heads. Ross should just sell the team & Ireland needs to find another profession. They are both embarrassing themselves!

  6. If this franchise goes to Tebow (The Horrible) I will be done with the Dolphins. This would just be a money grab to fill seats. Tebow is a very bad QB that would be better suited at a different position. Fire Ireland and lets get this ship on course.

  7. If they sign Teblow like many fans down here I am done with this team say no to Teblow

  8. Ireland needs to go… Ross is saying well spend whatever we need to and Ireland never lands top flight talent…. In most jobs, if you don’t do your primary function you are gone…

    Its time to fire Ireland…. Right now

  9. I agree what Ireland did to Dez hit players wrong thru the league most players will only go there if they have no choice. Ross and Ireland=Fail

  10. If Tebow goes to the phins at least we’ll have a QB that can preform under pressure unlike Matt Moore.

  11. I truly hope everyone of you guys that keep saying your done with the team and if they do this or dont do that, that your quitting the team, I hope you do, you’re more embarassing to the Dolphins than any decision the FO has made. For a WCO, Alex Smith would be a great signing, period. And I for one would love to have Tebow behind center as well. I say that fully aware he doesnt throw the ball like Danny Marino. I say it aware of the fact that Tebow is a gamer, and a leader and would succeed in Miami, just like he did in Denver.

  12. The Dolphins are still currently the #1 NFL Winningiest Franchise. I guess it is safe to say they do not want to keep that Stat going. 40 years of winning and only a handful of losing Seasons… Right down the drain. I am not sure about these moves… Some have explanations. We simply dont have the money for Winston or Manning. Maybe Philbin did not seem to think Flynn was all that. I get it, but why cut Y. Bell to save Cap space now? Who the F— are we saving up for? No one is left!

  13. Ill say it again. Being a true fan is like a marriage. Its forever, for better or worse. How in the hell can you be a fan when you always have one foot out the door and constantly bashing your so called team. What a joke.

  14. Reporters are idiots for thinking Ryan Clark isn’t mad at the Dolphins for not offering him what he wanted which was more money.

    He only used the Dolphins for leverage.

  15. Ireland won’t spend money PERIOD!!!! Thats why stephen ross loves him so much. Besides that he’s a total TOOL, and a arrogant S.O.B. and no vet players appreciate someone like Ireland just treating them like total garbage. Example: Bell got cut today because he didn’t want to spend the money to keep him, and trust me – BELL is worth every penny!!! Now vets talk to other vets, they talk to the young kids in the league… rumors spread like fires, nobody will want to play in miami as long as ireland runs the franchise. Thanks Ross.

  16. David Gerrard is the new QB in Miami, although Matt Moore will start I’ll bet, and be pretty good.
    Everyone has “trod on Matt’ and he did a good job last season, with a team that was a mess from the start. So much for Mr Ross and his QB for the future, that’s a joke. Mr Ireland get the hell out of Miami before you have a exodus of fans.

  17. The ownership is like Planet Hollywood, all celebrities that invested in a team to make money. When you dip to many times, it will fail. All things aside I’m loving it, n the Bills will finally not be dead last in the AFC East.

    Spoken by a Jet fan, the true ravily of the east (Jets-Miami)

  18. What the fins are now can be traced to 2 horrific decisions. Hiring Saban and not hiring Brees.

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