Garrard joins the Dolphins

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Well, Ryan Clark was wrong.

Last night, the Steelers safety said “no one” wants to play for the Dolphins.  On Monday night, quarterback David Garrard decided to do so, according to Jay Glazer of FOX.

Yes, Garrard is a Dolphin.

He was due to visit the Rams after visiting the Dolphins.  Perhaps he believes Miami’s inability to land Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn or, apparently, Alex Smith makes it easier for Garrard to win the starting job.

A nine-year veteran, Garrard became the starter in Jacksonville on Labor Day weekend, 2007.  Four years later, on the same weekend, Garrard was dumped.

He missed all of 2011 after undergoing back surgery.

164 responses to “Garrard joins the Dolphins

  1. He wanted to sign with the Dolphins. We will see if he wants to or can actually play with them. Dude was pretty broken down and had a bunch of surgery and didn’t want to sign with a contender for the stretch run last year.

  2. Unfortunately, Clark wasn’t wrong. No one just joined the Dolphins.

    The only good thing about this signing is that it suggests Miami won’t waste their 1st round pick on Tannehill and just end up with a guy that might, in a couple of years, be the next Chad Henne.

  3. SF just got more leverage against Smith…..He better hurry while the 24M is still on the table and get it signed. Make up coming very quickly, I think.

  4. Wow Clark was right nobody that played football last year wants to play for the dolphins

  5. If he is back to his 07 08 form after back surgery the Dolphins got themselves a great QB.

  6. The only reason I like this signing is because it shows (more than likely) that were not trading for one Timothy Richard Tebow.

  7. Wow, I definitely thought Tim Tebow was going to end up with the Dolphins after Denver won the Peyton Manning lottery.

  8. Well, so much for Alex Smith having leverage. The 49ers are the only team who wants to sign him, assuming of course, that they still do.

  9. He should be able to do some good things in miami but then again he ends up again with no receivers ….

  10. Silky’s a better QB then people realize, between his back and whatever that blood/organ/something condition was, he’s missed a lot of time and wasn’t always at full strength.

    He’s nowhere near as good as he’d need to be to save the Dolphins, Jim Brown and Johnny Unitas couldn’t do that, but I like Garrard.

  11. I have defended Ross and Ireland on everything they have done in the past. I have even accused alot of Miami fans of having no vision and not being patient. NO MORE!!! I keep waiting after every dumb move thinking that there has to be something bigger and better that Miami is working on and it never happens.
    Trade Marshall leaving us with no legitimate #1?
    Cutting Bell when the secondary is the weak part of our defense?
    Settling for David Garrard and Alex Smith at QB?

    The moves are so puzzling that it actually looks like they are intentionaly trying to lose.

    Best case scenario is we tank next season, Ireland is fired, and Miami drafts Barkley.

  12. dear baby jesus – please make the bleeding stop. and by this i mean, strike down jeff ireland immediately.

  13. Alex Smith gone, Garrard in. ouch, that’s a step down. honestly, they need to get another QB too.

  14. He’s a good guy, but I would’ve loved the move 5 years ago without hindsight!!!

    Trent Green after a subpar and concussion-related 2006 season?????

  15. David’s never been a world beater but he’s a classy guy through and through and he’s capable of being a solid starter if he’s got a decent team around him. He’s tough as nails too, from his fight with Crohn’s disease to the way he runs like a fullback on those QB sneaks and scrambles. He’s probably the toughest QB in the game for what it’s worth. Wish him luck.

  16. This is a white flag. We are rebuilding. We’d be wise to draft a LATE QB (Kellen Moore) to compete with Devlin, and use early picks on cornerstone guys.

  17. Jeff Ireland wishes that he had been more specific when praying for a 30+ former AFC South QB that missed all of last year due to injury.

  18. Well at this point the only theory that might make sense is:
    They know what they have in Matt Moore and it’s pretty much the same as what Alex Smith and Matt Flynn have to offer so lets keep Moore, sign a veteran as a backup and pick a QB in the draft that they have their eye on.
    Got to tell you it’s pretty much what I hoped they would do versus over paying for a FA a la Kevin Kolb….Keep cutting and start building is painful but the right aproach to solve this disaster!

  19. Mike stop it with the Tebow to Miami stuff. Tebow is not going to Miami with the Philbin style west coast offense. Moreover Gerrard was signed to back up the 12th best passer in the NFL Matt Moore. Moore is the starting QB in Miami. The Dolphins do not need to make a big splash just win games and add some more playmakers via the draft. I think Stephen Ross may have been given something to calm him down, so the Dolphins did something that makes sense;back up Matt Moore and build around him.

  20. Garrard seems like a good guy and decent QB, but certainly not the future of the Dolphins. I’m surprised they haven’t though of Vince Young. At this point, why not?

  21. And Tebow signs with the phins to have an open competition. Can’t wait for the Tebow billboards in Miami.

  22. Its official that no one likes Jeff Ireland and he has no clue what he is doing. even if he did he can’t get the players he wants. Time to fire him after the draft.

  23. As a true diehard Dolphin fan, I am completely pissed off and disgusted right now. What in the hell are they doing ? I was supporting them up until now ? But I am really questioning the direction they are taking. This is really tough. Why not sign Alex Smith ? David Garrard is coming off a serious back injury last year. Is it all about money ???? I don’t get it.

  24. As a Lions fan who had to suffer through the Millen years, I almost feel bad for Dolphin fans…almost. Call me bitter, but it’s about time that someone else gets to be the laughing stock of the NFL due to an inept owner and front office.

  25. Good for Garrard. He was treated like crap in Jacksonville as was Leftwich the QB before him. Hopefully the Jags new owner does a better job.

  26. Meh, we suffered through Rex~n~Bex last year; Gerrard and Matt Moore aren’t THAT bad….count your blessings.


    Redskins fans*

    *did I mention RGIII is on the way 😉

  27. raiderlyfe510 says: Mar 19, 2012 8:41 PM

    Dolphins dodged that Alex Smith bullet.
    But the Raiders aren’t going to dodge that Peyton Manning bullet (actually about 25-35/game twice a year) and that is a nice consultation prize for us 9er fans.

    Too bad the Raiders couldn’t dodge that Carson Palmer bullet from Hue last year (or this year or next year).

    And to top it off…

    Smith > Palmer

  28. This is a good move. Not over paying for an over rated QB in Alex Smith and trying to pitch that to the already pissed fan base and picking up an experienced back up in the process. Moore is the only QB on the roster so someone had to be signed. This just points to the dolphins drafting a QB. Most likely Weeden or Cousins in the second since Tannehill will probably be gone.

  29. Garrard is being signed as a veteren back-up. Matt Moore will start. The Phins will draft a quarterback. So far, I’m disappointed.

    Go Phins.

  30. I have been a Dolphin fan in Cowboy Country for 35 years. Today I am just numb. In one week we went from Manning to Flynn to Smith to Garrard?!?!?! I quit this team. If they win 5 games next year I will eat my right shoe.

  31. Damn. I was hoping the Dolphins would take Alex Smith off our hands. Move along Alex, move along.

  32. phinfan says: Mar 19, 2012 8:39 PM

    Is this our Young Dan Marino Ross has mentioned???? What about our Young Don Shula coach?

    This comment should have nothing but thumbs up, as it’s the funniest comment I’ve read all day. I think I squirted a little pee out.

    In general, you Phins fans have a great sense of humor, and I feel bad that you’re stuck with such inept owners.

  33. Rooting for Alex Smith to improve on last year, and in the worst case prefer him on the 49ers bench than that of the Dolphins.

    Definitely a win-win for both teams (assuming he comes back to SF) because Alex would be a horror show with a new coaching scenario, new system, new receivers and a new town/team.

  34. This is ridiculous!

    I am starting a dolphin boycott!

    I’m burning all my dolphin clothes. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a member of the team.

    I’m not going to dolphins games.

    I’m not watching tv dolphin games.

    I’m not listening to sports radio shows that talk about the dolphins.

    I’m not reading any articles dealing with the dolphins.

    It’s over. Goodby! Sayonara!

  35. My friggin god…losman was your backup! Dammit you have to have at least an o.k back up! Calm down! Obviously he will hold a clip board,we will draft a qb and someone who I have been pulling for will get his fair chance..Matt Moore! The only qb I wanted over him is manning,he earned his chance,garrard holds the clipboard and the drafted qb is groomed by one of the best offensive minds in mike sherman..its all bad right now unless its a big name being signed.there is still the draft and there could still be trades etc.the “team” is worlds better than those 4 and 1 win teams regardless off the picture the media paints of us every chance they can

  36. The Skins price for RG3 is looking like a better deal all the time…

    …chasing Tebow, over paying Flynn or wasting a high pick on Tannehill… glad we’re not in this dance.

  37. The dolphins will still trade for tim tebow they have to, David garrard will be down and out after the first game against buffalo. At least tim tebow will sell tickets while he runs for his life twice a year.

    # super mario, kyke williams, and marcell dareus destroyin any quarterback miami gets.

    # David garrard injured and THE FINS STILL SUCK (and “no one” wants to play for the dolphins.

  38. My 14 year old son is a Dolphins fan. Hard for me not to tell him this team is a major turd. Why can’t Marino talk anybody into coming there?

  39. raiderlyfe510 says: Mar 19, 2012 8:41 PM

    Dolphins dodged that Alex Smith bullet.raiderlyfe510 says: Mar 19, 2012 8:41 PM

    Dolphins dodged that Alex Smith bullet.


    Not as bad as that Jamarcus Russell astroid that hit Oakland a few year ago. Pretty sure that city is still suffering from that one…

  40. I love how everyone is hating on garrard after they booed jax for dumping him…he is classy but u can’t win games with that

  41. Cut Bell, reduce cap space, and sign Eric Winston.

    Use #8 pick for Ryan Tannehill, let Tannehill and Moore compete for starting spot, have Garrard as back up.

    resign Bell at reduced contract next week

    this is the only thing that would make sense to me, if not Blow4Barkley 13′

  42. rip4gehrig says:Mar 19, 2012 8:48 PM

    They would have been better off with matt Moore

    Matt Moore is still on the team & most likely the starter

  43. Hey, Dolphins got a former AFC South starter at QB just like everyone predicted 2 weeks ago!

  44. If I were a Dolphins fan I would be really mad right now. Not because Garrard is a bad QB, but because he might just be good enough to win 5-6 games and take them out of position to draft Matt Barkley.

  45. Why? Drew Bledsoe or Vinny Testeverde weren’t willing to give up Doritos and the LaZBoy? I get it… We need a Veteran Backup, but the sadness is overwhelming. I hope we tank and get Lamdry Jones or Barkeley, but unfortunately we are still going to sweep the Jets, split with the Bills and beat on a few more crappy teams and win 5-6 games and be right back on this ” not-so-merry-go-round”.

  46. Garrards not such a bad deal, at least the Dolphins finally signed someone for the compitition at the QB spot. Not a fan of either but who cares you read my comment anyway! Thanks GO JAGS!

  47. Tebow was never coming to Miami… nobody is that stupid (except for Armando), not even Ireland…

    They’ll draft another QB high and have a camp shootout… Garrard is a stop gap, Moore and the FNG will be possible franchise guys.

    Moore looked great last year when Marshall wasn’t dropping it in the end zone….. he deserves his shot….

  48. If I were the Dolphins GM I would trade back as much as possible in this draft. Stock pile picks in order to put yourself in the best position in next years draft. After Manning there was really no one in the free agent market who was going to put them over the top. Draft a QB in the later rounds who you think you have a chance to develop, Kellen Moore from Boise would be a good one, but still try and secure a high draft pick for next year. Matt Barkley, Landry Jones and Tyler Wilson are all QBs that should be good options in next years draft. For now, they should be working on adding offensive line depth and some good talent on defense.

  49. This is actually good news, better then giving alex smith 8 mill or trading for tebow.the best signing the fins have made.

  50. So when the NFL votes on whether a potential buyer is fit to be a franchise owner, the only criterion is whether the buyer has a big enough bank account? I mean, watching Ross it’s fairly evident that a football IQ isn’t required. God bless Fins fans–this is ridiculous.

  51. Just like every other Fins fans this news came with a sharp pain to my gut. The only upside I can see to this signing is hopefully he has something left in the tank. Not comparing him to PM but Garrard also has been out the game for a season. Also draft Ryan Tannehill.

  52. This will be even funnier when the Fins dont draft high enough to get Matt Barkley lol. My sorry a%& Vikings will though.

  53. Love this move!!! Means no Alex Smith for $8 million per, and no trade for Tim Tebow

    ….of course feelings are subject to change once we hear that Ireland gave him $10 million per year. 🙁

  54. 3rd string QB. Most likely brought in to help coach up a rookie # 2 or Tim Tebow ?

  55. In related news, T.D., the Dolphins mascot, was spotted out front of Sunlife stadium with a cardboard sign around his neck that read “I do anal”.
    When’s opening day again?

  56. Sooooooooo disappointed in MY franchise that I have loved for 20 plus years… Only 30 years old and All I have is Archive footage of the good old days of this team. Looks like I wont be seeing anything good for a long time to come. Mr. Ross please get rid of Ireland he is a HACK!!!!! (dejected wimper) go fins…..

  57. I have been a Dolphin fan since I was 7 years old and this has become a complete joke of a franchise. I could take 3-5 years of rebuilding but this is just ridiculous! An aging quarterback, no receivers, a defense line that is missing some key components, no idea even who to draft, and we have celebrities in the suites doing fist pumps…

  58. Just in: The Dolphins had to call the National Guard for crowd control. The lines at the ticket office and the gift shop for pre-orders of Garrard jerseys is completely out of control!!!!!!!!

  59. In all seriousness, someone explain to me what is wrong with Matt Moore. He started 12 games last season, and had a streak of 5-7 games where was awesome. Why wouldn’t he be given the starting job over Garrard or Smith? Or why fill other holes instead of going after Manning? I’m not a Dolphins fan but I’m a Matt Moore fan. He was the shining spot of the Fins last season.

  60. “Well, Ryan Clark was wrong.”

    Just because a low level player like Garrad joined doesnt mean he was wrong. Clark meant anyone worth having or anyone with other prospects.

  61. With the 1st pick in the 2013 draft the dolphins select offensive lineman from USC not Barkley.. Please someone wake me up when it’s April 2013

  62. Let the Dolphins-Garrard era begin!!!
    Cripes, isn’t this the 20th Miami-QB era to begin in 12 years?
    Sure seams like it.

  63. why didn’t they use the line “garrard is taking his talents to south beach” like they do about any other player who signs with miami?

  64. I’m pretty sure he’s saying “Ryan Clark was wrong” with a hint of sarcasm.

  65. Garrard Stat line from 2010 on a team devoid of receivers:

    14 games

    236 /366 comp/att
    64.5% completion %
    2,734 passing yards

    23 TD’s 15 INT’s
    33 rushes for 253 yards
    90.8 QB Rating
    66 rushes for 279 yards w/ 4.2 avg and 5 rushing TD’s

    They could do worse…

  66. scratch the 33 rushes for 253 yards, that was sacks and yards lost…ooops
    Maybe they should’ve done better? Kinda sad to see a team mired in such misery
    As a Pats fan, I only wish THIS kind of misery on the Not-Yet, Yet, Yets!

  67. Garrard was a Pro Bowler. Are people forgetting that? More then Miami could expect with the way they run things there.

  68. thelastpieceofcheese says: Mar 19, 2012 9:07 PM

    This is ridiculous!

    I am starting a dolphin boycott!

    I’m burning all my dolphin clothes. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a member of the team.

    I’m not going to dolphins games.

    I’m not watching tv dolphin games.

    I’m not listening to sports radio shows that talk about the dolphins.

    I’m not reading any articles dealing with the dolphins.

    It’s over. Goodby! Sayonara!


    Count me in bro!

  69. ddmcd1974 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 8:55 PM

    I’ll be out tomorrow morning looking for a teal Garrard jersey.


    I hear they’re half off all over the Jacksonville area.

  70. Its official Ireland has lost his mind. My puppy just ate his own poop. I think he would make a better GM than Ireland.

  71. Wow!!!! David Garrard??!!!! Life must really suck to be a Dolphins fan right about now. No one wants to play for those guys. That general manager needs to get fired!!!!! Just draft a quarterback. It’s there only option to find their franchise quarterback.

  72. Wasn’t Garrard insulted by the Dolphins offer last season and then a day later needed to have back surgery?

  73. After all of this cheapness and stupidity they better make sure they get Ryan Tannehill in the draft because Garrard is done.

  74. Dude Gearard. Really, lol … I hate my life …moore will out do this dude…. they r gonna draft a rookie qb as well watch and c that’s there plans and behind these two I guess u can learn what not to do and the rookie will be alright….lol….but all jokes aside frick it, get some recievers now….we got a 1000 yrd rusher woooowhoooo but we also need an rt, de, corner lots of corners c who the pats r getting and we get this dude lol, I just don’t get it, but a t.e. as well, and oh yeah a qb again hahaha i’ve been a fins fan sence 5 im 26 and live in mass, im gonna hear it all now, but I had hopes every yr. This yr I don’t so maybe we will do just fine

  75. But we passed on drew brees do to surgery on his arm but take this joke who had back sergery, n the only reason he came here is cuz noone wanted him …wtf….dude I hope we get wheedon and not tannehill, tannehill is a joke to look at the film but good ol mike sherman ill for sure get hhis boy…..I hate this franchise ….im a big football fan not really into other sports but boy oh boy im done with football if the draft turns out this way…..hey ireland how bout wallace now, u can still get wheedon in the 2nd round, and how bout ocho for a 7th rd….these qbs need help …like beforeeal dude, n draft another w.r. in like the 3rd but than again we need a rt,corner,te and de……if philbin pulls this off and is the man everyone thinks I will personal walk from mass and kiss his butt

  76. I would of took mcnabb instead of this bum, or tebow atleast tebow would bring some excitement ……omg 4 post in 3 min. U would think im part owner of this team but than again I would of NEVER KEPT IRELAND, I KNOW ROSS WANTS TO BE A GREAT OWNER AND A SUCCESSFUL ONE, ROSS DO THIS N YOU’LL BE GREAT…FIRE IRELAND AND DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE MARINO THE NEXT GM…..ENOUGH SAID W/ THAT

  77. I hope the Fins don’t draft Kellen Moore.

    He’s a good guy and in no way deserves that kind of punishment…

  78. Mar 19, 2012 10:46 PM
    Dude Gearard. Really, lol … hate my life …moore will out do this dude…. they r gonna draft a rookie qb as well watch and c that’s there plans and behind these two I guess u can learn what not to do and the rookie will be alright….lol….but all jokes aside frick it, get some recievers now….we got a 1000 yrd rusher

    Anyone else remember the days before text messaging and tweeting grammar and punctuation?

  79. Miami should seriously consider giving the Rams their 8th pick and 2013 first rounder to move up so they can draft Tanneyhill. This would ensure the Rams have three Top 10 picks in next year’s draft…having their own, the Redskins’ and the Dolphins’.

  80. Ross should fire a brain dead Ireland and hire Bill Polian and his son to rebuild and run this once great franchise.

  81. You got to love reading most of the posts on this blog. Perhaps we can get some relief after they take the baby bottle away along with the nipple. The best we can do is to hope things work for the better, we can’t fired Ireland, can’t force Ross to sell, so grow up and get the tit out of your mouth. Bill

  82. As a die-hard Jags Fan, I’m thrilled for Garrard on getting another shot at starting. Philbin will work with Garrard & correct some of his flaws, not that he’s “that” bad by any means.
    All you Dolphins fans should be at ease with this signing. It’s a low risk/high reward sign. If Garrard is fully recovered, I think you guys just got a steal at the most premium position, for cheap.
    Here’s the thing: Garrard never had a true #1 WR, he had a horrible coach in Del Rio, & we tried to surround this guy with a decent supporting cast, yet failed at that as well, on the exception of MOJO. I won’t lie, Garrard’s biggest problem was eying a WR from the snap & he’s taken too many big hits; but he’s a big boy, gets back up & is a very hard QB to bring down. Marshall was a huge blow to your team, but Garrard has yet to play a down in his career with a true #1 WR anyways & has had success.
    As soon as he shakes off the rust of being out of the league in 2011, I guarantee he wins the QB play. With a decent supporting cast, he’ll be fine & you never know, this is the NFL, so its Any Given Sunday!!

    PS- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make an assumption on Garrard during the preseason!! He’ll stink it up with underneath passes the whole time he’s in, but that could’ve been alot to do with play-calling. Come week 1, he WILL be ready!! Good Luck to your ‘phins & my boy Dave G.

  83. @ramitbaby

    What are you smoking?

    Why in the world would Miami give the Rams there 2013 1st round pick to move up TWO spots in the draft this year? If the Browns do not take Tannehill at 4 then there is a good chance he would fall to 8 anyway.

    Even if Miami was to trade up the Rams wouldn’t get anything close to an additional 1st rounder to move down. Just because the Redskins gave up three 1st’s to move up 4 spots does not mean every team in the NFL is that ignorant to do so.

  84. i watched a lot of fins games last year, and towards the later part of the season Matt Moore was playin some pretty good ball, im a little surprised they didn’t give him a shot while they find a qb. Garrard is serviceable , they could have done worse

  85. I don’t know what you guys got against Garrard he been gone for 1 year.The question is can he throw still his accuracy hasn’t always been great but power and mobility have served him well he is also pretty smart just the effect of that surgery.I wouldn’t say that he comes in and wins the job automatically but is a good chance at winning i know some of you would rather have Moore but him sitting on the bench for a year might be good he might pick up a thing or 2.It might matter depending how gets the first pick next year for Barkley

  86. Mar 19, 2012, 8:07 PM PDT
    Anyone else remember the days before text messaging and tweeting grammar and punctuation?
    In fact, as I read that very post I thought to myself: Wow, an entire written language, one thousand years in the making, is dying a slow, agonizing death; and we all are getting front row seats. Lucky us?

  87. ‎”Our QB next year is going to be David Garrard” -Ireland says to Ross
    “YOURE FIRED” (Think Donald Trump voice) – Ross says to Ireland
    “YOURE FIRED” – NFL says to Ross
    New owner new GM, that is what this team needs!

  88. Everyone bought into the hype that Miami was a sure landing spot for Manning even though the other teams involved have more talent on offense. The Dolphins weren’t going to offer Flynn the same kind of money that Seattle was willing to do. What does that say about what the former Packers coaches think about his ability? Can you say “Kevin Kolb?” Alex Smith had one good season and now everyone thinks he’s a franchise QB when this time last year he was a bust.
    Were the Dolphins wrong for not getting Kyle Orton last year or trading for Reggie Bush? Everybody was laughing about those moves last year and how did they turn out.?

  89. and that should shut clark up huh fellas? I mean david garrard is like eli tommyboy and pocketpullenbergher. so finally somebody shut that over rated weak safety up. deeeez nuuuuts

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