Harbaugh, Smith met for an hour on Monday

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With the 49ers missing out on Peyton Manning and Alex Smith still available, coach Jim Harbaugh spent time on Monday trying to patch up his relationship with the quarterback for whom Harbaugh previously had expressed unequivocal loyalty.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that Harbaugh and Smith met for an hour on Monday, with Harbaugh trying to persuade Smith that retuning to the 49ers is in the player’s best interests.

The 49ers have offered Smith $24 million over three years, with roughly $10 million guaranteed.

Smith reportedly isn’t happy with the numbers, but he doesn’t really have many (any) other choices right now.

The first pick in the 2005 draft likely senses that he’ll be on a shorter leash in 2012, and that Colin Kaepernick could take over if the team struggles to duplicate its stellar and unexpected 13-3 record from 2011.  Still, with no other viable options elsewhere, Smith should realize that extending his unlikely run with the team to eight seasons makes the most sense.

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  1. Kaepernick is extremely raw and did not look ready for the NFL in limited playing time last year.

    Scott Tolzien is a far more interesting prospect, in my opinion. He looked superb in limited playing time against backups in the preseason last year. I’d like to see what he can do against an NFL caliber defense.

    Smith remains the best option for the 49ers to win. I certainly hope Baalke gets this deal done. Offer a little extra cash for flirting with noodleneck.

  2. Poor Alex Smith got his feelings hurt. My feelings were hurt for 6 of the 7 years I had to watch him play. His 150 yards and 1 TD a game last year can easily be replaced.

  3. “Baby she meant nothing to me youre the one i really wanna be with. Please come back!”

  4. What happened to miami’s contract negotiations from earlier today? Were they real? Does gerraud signing eliminate Smith? What did I miss?

    I wanted smith to sign with Miami, but if not, force SF into a 3 year $30 million all guaranteed deal. Not it’s time for Alex to put his interests out front, just like his team did when they pursued manning.

  5. Go with Colin kaspernick, he can’t do any worse then smith, and if it’s superbowl or bust then u might as well try something new cause smith can only get u so far and Harbaugh’s great at developing qb’s. The money u save from not signing smith u can spend on other additions. Smith did make some great plays in the playoffs, some tight throws under pressure, and also made some great runs with his feet. I still think its time to move forward and give another qb a chance. Especially if smith wants to much.

  6. Bet that meeting wasn’t the least bit awkward.

    Like crawling back to your ugly ex-girlfriend after failing to score with the hottest girl in school.

  7. Was the outside chance of getting Manning worth destroying your relationship with the guy who got you to the conference championship? Just seems like what Ross did to Sparano with Harbaugh.

  8. bad contract for a 13 game winner but he did get over paid a few years by them. SF would be best for him and since it is a monopoly and there isn’t another NFL out there, except what you can get and be happy.

  9. Best way to prove Harbaugh wrong isn’t to run away. Sign up and win a Super Bowl and shut them all up.

  10. Ummh, let me see… your coach betrayed, and your fans hated you 4 out of the 5 years… you need a fresh start, dude.

    Harbaugh keeps using the media to get what he wants… vs. Miami, he used the media to negotiate his contract with the 49ers, and now, he’s using it to get to Alex Smith’s head…

    Don’t do it Alex!!

    Any where you go, you’ll get your money, but not your dignity…

  11. “Smith reportedly isn’t happy with the numbers, but he doesn’t really have many (any) other choices right now.”


    He’s made into a something from nothing by Urban Meyer in Utah… Can’t do anything in the NFL and is benched multiple times in multiple seasons. Then Harbaugh shows up and suddenly Smith excels again. Does anyone think it’s the coach?? Obviously every other team (except maybe the fins). It’s clearly not the player.

    And he as the nerve to get upset.

    Dude, sign it immediately!!!!!! Take the money!

  12. Wow…big news…oh yeah, who cares…no one….my words of sympathy for the 49ers losing out on Peyton…ha, ha ha, ha ha ha….so fitting for the jerk Hairbow….lmao….stay classy, weird people…

  13. Buellshinski…

    He should tell his agent to go and phornikate himself…

    Then he should hire a new agent and set himself in a situation where he could restart the long delayed development for his skills…

    And most importantly tell the 49’ers franchise to do what his agent should do…

    Regardless of how well this guy has played, he’s never been given a solid foundation from the 49’ers to build his career…

  14. This is awesome! The 40whiners are downright comical. They’re the new Cowboys with their pompousness and hubris that keeps flying back in their faces.

    Alex Smith as your franchise QB?? Hahahaha!!! How can you say that with a straight face?

  15. It really is his best bet. If he stays in San Francisco it will be the only place he can realize his true potential (however much it is), and isn’t that what every athlete wants?

  16. Tell them where to go Smith. You showed what you could so last year in the playoffs. If they want you now make them pay lot’s of guaranteed cash!

  17. 8 million is a lot for a mid level QB. Nobody else will pay that scrub anything close to that.

    Glad my squad had less patience with Jamarcus Russell.

  18. I thought they would atleast hit the Matt Flynn number. I mean, they did go behind the guy’s back and court a new starting quarterback after telling him how much they wanted him to return. I just think they are lowballing the guy.

  19. Swallow that pride Alex. It was Peyton Manning. You WON’T find a better opportunity on any winning teams.

  20. Unfortunately Alex will most likely leave the 49ers because he will remember how Harbaugh lied to the world about him. Alex will always be second fiddle in niner land now, he will be the bridge to the next QB. The 49ers management really screwed this up good. This is going to destroy the team chemistry, everyone and I mean everyone, now knows that Jim Harbaugh is a liar and this will affect everyone’s performance on the field. Harbaugh is now the cancer in the locker room. Players don’t lay it out for management that has a history of being a liar.
    Good luck niner fans, now you have a tougher schedule, the players now know that management doesn’t have their backs and no quarterback for the sinking ship.

  21. I get that he wants as much as possible, certainly he’s entitled to more than a guy with 3 games experience. But in all fairness, this guy was a bust until last season. I wouldn’t break the bank for him either, however both parties pretty much need each other at this point.

  22. The only thing worse than no QB is having an insecure QB that thinks his job is on the line with the next interception. Confidence is a big part of quarterback success.

  23. I would really like to see how Smith does with all of these new weapons. Don’t forget Crabtree is coming into his 3-4 season, thats when wr’s should really get to the next level. Manny, w/e moss can do. Vernon Davis is a fricken monster! Good run game, I could see them going 13-3 again especially with that defense.

  24. Players always seem to want “matching value”: so and so got this deal, I am an equivalent player, so I should get the same. The 49ers like to use a “market value” approach: here’s an offer we think is reasonable, if you can get a better deal somewhere else, go for it. In Alex’s case he couldn’t. Seems like the 49ers offer is fair.

  25. Knowing your boss stabbed you in the back is probably not the best situation to be in, but unfortunately he doesn’t have many options. Seems like a good guy so I wish him luck. Harbaugh’s got some ‘splainin to do.

  26. There’s no reason for Smith to hold out on this offer. He’s not going to get a better deal, or better position from any other team out there. Sure, his pride is hurt but this is a business. 49ers had no choice but to pursue the future hall of fame QB Peyton Manning. With him on the roster the franchise would be in the best position to get to the Superbowl, and probably win it.

    Swallow your pride, collect your money, and maybe even get the 49ers back to the NFC championship game. Hell, the Superbowl even. This is the only real option.

  27. Man he better take it….if the Dolphins dont want him.. He will be no more than a back up for the rest of his playing days. It was crappy the way San Fran was willing to throw him away, but it is what it is … he had better take the 49ers money and starting job !!

  28. So now Harbaugh is the bad guy for going after Manning? Funny how last week he was an idiot for not pursuing him and this week he’s a jerk for pursuing him. Harbaugh can just do no right I guess.

  29. Eff Alex Smith. If he’s not objective enough to realize that if you have the opportunity to secure one of the greatest QBs of all-time and you don’t explore it, you’re not doing your job.

    This guy’s ego (after one decent season and six horrific ones) is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than his brain.

  30. Alex, if the 49ers won’t budge on their price, ask for a 1 yr $8 mil deal with some of the original $10 mil guaranteed, maybe some incentives built in say for playoff wins and definitely a SB appearance, then put your head down an play out 2012 and when the dust settles at the end of the year, if you’re as good as you think you are, you’ll have the leverage you want today. If you can improve your numbers over last season, the first time in your career with the same offensive system 2 years in a row AND with a much improved WR corp this time around, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to garner multiple offers from multiple suitors who may have misjudged you. This is a business don’t forget. The biggest mistake NFL players frequently make – and you knew this already and have stood taller than most of them to this point – is to think and react emotionally. Come on Alex! It was Peyton Manning!!

  31. I personally think Jim Harbaugh has a man crush on Alex Smith, Dennis Dixon, Josh Johnson these guys are way better qb’s than Alex Smith, Colin K I think will be a great qb and maybe one now or is close but Alex Smith get real dude what are you thinking, With St. Louis getting better and Seattle getting better and Arizona will like I said with St.Louis an Seattle getting better be careful you got lucky last year the woo factor ( Window Of Opportunity) will get you ask the Eagles Dolphins, Vikings especially the Vikings and the bears and others.
    The 49ers are a qb away from a Super Bowl contender unless you screw it up which is where you are headed with moves like that you can end up like the Dallas Cowboys with a loser like Tony Romo the Dumo as your leader. LOL
    And what about Payton Manning going to the Broncos, well see you San Diego and Oakland, Kansas City still can beat the broncos they are not that great of a team just yet but let’s see what the rest of free agency brings and the draft, Thank God last year is over that was the worst off-season in a long long time in the nfl.
    And also the Miami Morons I mean Dolphins great move with David Garrard I almost threw up in my mouth when I heard they were negotiating with Alex Smith how dumb can you be but that is a great move David Garrard is a great qb what they need to do now is give him support with better players especially without Brandon Marshall. Jim Ireland the G.M. needs to go send him to the bears they suck anyway I am a Packer fan as you all well know that have read my stuff.LOL

    Until next time
    Has approved this message

  32. Out of this whole mess, Alex Smith is really the only one I have any sympathy for. He has always seemed to be a stand up guy, but he made a bonehead play by not signing the 9’ers offer a while back. Unless the Fins want him and up the price (and I really doubt they do), his “updated” offer from SF will probaby have a few less 0’s in it.

  33. That had to be the epitome of the word awkward. Both men are over a proverbial barrell in a sense. Harbaugh has other options but really does not want to exercise them at this juncture. Alex has to know Harbaugh’s options and that he does not want to go there, and at the same time know that he (Alex) is definitely NOT dealing from a position of strength. It is best for all parties concerned that they meet half way.

    ps: As grounded as Alex is, you would have thought somewhere along the way he’d figure that up to now he has gotten a hell of a lot more (money-wise) out of this than he has put in. And that should count for something you’d think. Maybe?

  34. I’m gonna laugh when the niners are out of a QB chasing Peyton Manning especially since they just went out and got some new weapons.

  35. At which point Alex was fed yet another s*** sandwich by the franchise that tragically drafted him.

  36. Smiths kinda out of options at this point.The dolphins would rather sign a guy with a bad back who hasn’t played in a year instead of Smith.

  37. Funny. My Chiefs are paying Matt Cassel… another “game manager”… $63 million ($28 mil guaranteed), and Alex Smith is up in arms about not getting enough money.

    Come to KC, Alex. We’d compare you to Joe Montana over that bum Cassel.

  38. “I love YOU, Baby…
    that…what you saw…
    it wasn’t what it looked like.
    I was looking at Peyton,
    but I was thinkin’ of YOU, Baby…”

  39. Sequence of events:

    1) Alex offered contract, Niners have no interest in pursuing Manning.

    2) Alex stalls on contract, convinced he should get more.

    3) Manning camp calls and asks if the 49ers are interested. Naturally, they are.

    4) Niners do due diligence, as any team in their right mind would do.

    Bottom line: Alex earned his way to a 3 year contract offer, for an avg. of $8M year. Not too shabby for a guy who robbed the team blind for the 6 previous years and who also, by the way, had given him 2 contract extensions and opportunities to stick.

    He was efficient, but also terrible on 3rd down and in the red zone. He got them to the NFC title game, largely because he had a historically good defense, top 3 S/T unit, disciplined and un-sloppy team, and top-notch coaching behind him.

    Yet the 49ers margins of victory were narrow. If they got more out of Alex Smith, they could be scoring 35+ pts a game and nearly unbeatable.

    The question comes, is this likely to be replicated next year (13+ wins) if the QB position produces similar totals? Absolutely not.

    So now, Smith has a chance to EARN an elite contract, which he has done yet. Keyword: EARN.

    He has near zero market value outside of SF. He’ll be signed back by tomorrow, and not for a penny more than what the 49ers originally offered him.

    Time to get back to work.

  40. Alex, be a man now and be motivated to beat both Manning boys. We are all behind you.

  41. I’m sure their relationship is fine. Business is business. Smith should sign. The logical step for him is to improve on last season’s success and post more impressive numbers considering they’ve signed better weapons on offense (Moss and Manningham). After all, he’ll have the entire off-season to delve into their playbook and develop better chemistry with his receivers.

  42. How awkward was that conversation:

    Jim: Hi Alex!
    Alex: Hey Jim….so I was watching ESPN this weekend….

  43. I like Smith, and I think he can get much better, but he needs to show it on the field.

    Given current level of achievement, he should take the 3 year 24 million. That’s a generous offer, compared with what any other team thinks is right. He has some momentum with Harbaugh. Memories can be short in the NFL.

  44. Smith had his best year ever as a pro in 2011 but his career rating is 76.7.

    24 million with 10 guaranteed, is a pretty good deal for a guy with a very pedestrian qb rating.

  45. That contract is BS…Smith a fool if he goes back there.

    Peyton or no…the 49rs told him 1 thing, did another..and now he’s supposed to forget all & return??

    Funny…his option is Miami,,,where NO nFL player trusts the GM either..Cleveland???

  46. Their conversation may have went something like this:

    Smith: You hurt my feelings.
    Harbaugh: But it was Peyton Manning.
    Smith: I know, but still…
    Harbaugh: It’s not like tried to acquire Tebow.
    Smith: Good point, let’s spend the next 59 minutes drinking some Mike’s Hard Lemonade.
    Harbough: And then you’ll sign?
    Smith: Maybe…

  47. Yep, life is tough when your offered 8 million a year to be the starting qb on one of the most successful professional football franchises in NFL history. I’d walk away from that deal too… SMH…

  48. I find it incredible that he doesn’t see this is the best offer he’s ever going to get, from anyone, and that it’s really far more than he’s worth. What a dummy! The only sticking point I can see is that he may not want to play for Harbaugh anymore, but the money they’re offering him is way above his talents. Take the money and run Alex!

  49. Smith is lucky that Harbaugh salvaged his career and $10 million guaranteed for a guy that played like crap until Harbaugh arrived in SF is just right.

    Let him go to Miami and see how things go for him when he doesn’t see wide open guys.

  50. Its a business Alex, youll get over it. Besides as much as youd like to stick it to the 49ers theres no where else for you to go.

  51. If I’m Alex Smith, I’d be thinking three things right now:
    1. I’m rich;
    2. I’m not that good and really need to learn a few things about being a QB; and
    3. I’ve got several good years ahead of me.

    Then I’d sign with Denver as a backup.

  52. he should be happy his avg ass talents got him that much money..

    now if his D was garbage and they went 8-8 he’d be gone.. smh

  53. Why is Alex such a “victim” here? The 49ers tried to get a major upgrade at the most important position. Isn’t that what teams are supposed to do? Did we hear Alex standing up for his receivers when they signed Moss and Manningham to upgrade that position.

    If you don’t want your GM and coach to look at other players at your position, there’s only one thing you can do: PLAY BETTER!!

    Some players take things like this as a challenge, others pout and “get their feelings hurt”. Give me the former, and get rid of the latter. We’ll see which one Alex is.

  54. Guy made about $35M in his draft year.
    Played at a ‘discount’ last year.
    Averaged about a TD per game.

    Get over it and move on. He has Manningham and Moss… (yeesh) in the new toy category.

    Division still reeeeeks at QB.

    Matt Flynn? Kolb /Skelton?

  55. 9ers didn’t do a thing wrong to Alex. They offered him a contract that he didn’t accept and went on to test free agency. If he accepts that contract, which 1) is still on the table unchanged 2) is almost identical to Flynn’s w/o the bust history & 3) wasn’t improved by a single penny by Miami, none of this happens. But he became a FA which is his right, so the 9ers seemed the best FA out there, which is there’s. If its accepted by the majority that this team had the best talent for Peyton, then its the same for Alex.

  56. Alex has had plenty of opportunities to prove that he is the long term answer, but has not. He needs to realize that he is simply a short term bridge to the next QB. The Niners should not sign him to a long term contract. They do not owe him that, and should not tie their hands with a 3+ year contract.

  57. Well, well. Hairbow has to come crawling back, hat in hand, with his kneepads on. I hope he has to quarterback the 49ers himself, the overly aggressive a$$ clown.

  58. After all the Niners, have put Smith through. I’d tell the coach thanks for believing in me. It was a great run. Even though, the team and even most of the fans. Didn’t really ever, appreciate him. Smith, finally got a good coach. Only, to help him almost get to the big dance last year. To get stabbed in the back, again with a national glamour contest. Only, he wasn’t invited. Hell, had that been me. I would be on the phone with my agent. Saying, get me the hell out of here. These people, can be loyal to Montana. Oh, they couldn’t do that. Oh, they couldn’t be loyal to Rice. We’ll, how could they with Smith. Go to Phoenix, Smith. You can get back at them, with Fitzgerald. Nows, the time. Don’t go back, and let them try again next year. Or, next month.. Turn the page, for yourself. I wouldn’t, give them the satisfaction. No way… No matter, how many washed up pro bowlers they put on that team. It be like handing the robber back his gun, after he gave it to you. Don’t give them the chance, to do it again.. Sh..t man. Oh, my god..

  59. How do people say the niners did Smith wrong? You do realize the 49ers were the team WITHOUT their starting QB under contract. Everyone was fine with KC, Ten, Den, going after him, but not SF.

  60. “Who’s got it better than us? Well, the other three teams in the division are paying their QBs more, so…”

  61. At the end of the meeting Harbargh bent over and offered Smith his freshly bleached a$$h0le for Smiths enjoyment for making him feel unwanted during the manning courtship…

  62. It’s going, to be a difficult choice. Are you kidding, me!! Tell that team to “go to he..ll”. Better yet. Come to the Rams. This year, you can compete with. Badford. After, the third game. The third loss, of the season for the Rams. The coach, will put you in. Then, its off to the races. The team, the fans will embrace you. You’ll be, the new found Hero. You’ll have, Blackmon and a host of some very descent players. That have been starving, for someone who knows how to throw and put touch on the ball, who can be a leader and knows what it is like to come back from adversity. Get it done, don’t look back. You’ll, just go back to Moss riding. Manningham, screaming at you to throw his way. Your old pals. Saying, what about us. Your coach, riding you. The stares of the management, the stares of the disloyal fans. You’ll never, be able to live this down. Just say bye, to your great coach. Tell the rest, to kiss your as…

  63. Alex,
    You may be remembered most for what you accomplish next year. You have favor to be surrounded by talent and the support of the team that you helped lead to a 13 and 3 season and fans that still watch the Saints game with great joy,
    thank you!
    The past is just that.
    Money is not the issue, respect is and you are in the toughest business for that. I believe you will make the best decision for you, your family and the team.
    Go 9ers

  64. That conversation wasn’t as awkward as many of you think……

    Harbaugh: So, anyone offer you a fat contract yet?

    Smith: Nope. Manning turned you down?

    Harbaugh: Yep. Wanna sign that contract now?

    Smith: After we finish these beers.

    Seriously, who else are the Niners going to get at this point, and who’s knocking down Smith’s door to sign him? Hell, the Dolphins thought even Garrard was a better choice!

    Both sides are stuck with each other, and they know it.

  65. His feelings were hurt. omg This IS ‘big boy’ football Alex and if you had signed the contract when it was offered, Harbaugh wouldn’t have talked with Manning. It’s your fault for holding out. For what?

    Does this guy really think that 17 TD’s is super. He plays for a team that has a fantastic defense, some great receiving weapons. He did play very well in playoffs, but he’s been around long enough and has never proven he IS elite, or ever will be. All this pouting and whining is really not going to make his teammates very proud of him. He’s showing his immaturity and lack of true leadership.

    Manning visited TEN. Their 2 QB’s, Hasselback and Locker sat back and kept their mouths shut-acted professionally. Tebow has still not spoken openly.

    Quit your whining. Grow up and sign the contract. What they offered is what you are worth, maybe. You are making a fool of yourself in front of the entire NFL. Your visit to Miami was just that. They’ve already signed someone else. Didn’t see Moore stomping his feet either.

    You want to be a pro football player. Then grow up, act like a man not a spoiled brat.

  66. Alex Smith is acting like a baby his feelings are hurt give me a break thats business in the NFL 49ers feelings are hurt when Alex turned down 24million for 3 year contract (lucky to even get that any ware in the NFL)I am still scratching my head and wondering why the niners like this guy for some unknown reason he is totally a bust cant throw the ball within 5 yards to a open receiver

  67. For all the bashing some of you folks do on Harbaugh – He still knows a helluva lot more about football than any of you tools! Now listen to your mothers and go back to your basements!!

  68. This is all harbaughs fault because he went after one of the greatest qbs of all time after smith turned down a contract before this mess.. Get a clue you idiots…

  69. So the Niners are the bad guys here for offering Alex a contract (which he passed on) that was on the table for MONTHS? Whether you feel it’s fair or not is up to you, but he passed on it and they looked at Manning, the guy that every sports writer told them to pursue. “The Niners are idiots if they don’t consider Manning, Super Bowl favorites, blah blah blah”. They don’t get him so they go for plan B, Alex Smith. It’s Peyton Manning, who wouldn’t go after the guy if there was a question at QB? And if the Niners are bad guys, why aren’t the Broncos getting crap for getting him and trying to trade the golden boy Tim Tebow? How dare they improve at QB?! Your unnecessary hatred for the Niners and Harbaugh is starting to show.

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