Is Tebow headed to Miami?

Mike Florio talks to Armando Salguero from the Miami Herald about the Dolphins’ inability to land big name free agents, and whether Tim Tebow could change that.

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10 responses to “Is Tebow headed to Miami?

  1. If we get tebow we need to trade our number 1 pick for Wallace from pitts. That’s a better number 1 reciver then what we would get in the draft

  2. at 123 yards / .8TDs / 9 completions per game and dead last in sack yards lost in the entire NFL….Tebow stinks…

    and any real deal NFL player considering coming here knows that… they are not gonna become enchanted with the Phins because of Tebow…

    and Armando still is wrong with almost everything he says… at least he didn’t sound that drunk this time….

  3. Horrible fit no matter where he goes. You want to fill your stadium….WiN. Tebow is a gimmick who will handcuff a team for 2-3 years.

  4. Who is the last QB the Dolphins had that led a team to the playoffs and won a first round game?

    Tebow is a winner. I couldn’t care less about stats. Ask Dan Marino if stats translate in to championships. The Dolphins are a beaten, loser organization. No pun intended, but they need a guy like Tebow to exorcise the demons of losing out of there. That’s not going to start with their current front office. Perhaps it can start with Philbin (comes from a winner) and Tebow (always been a winner)

  5. Tebow is a winner you dumb asses…..bottom line, Im skeptical but put good dudes and a good line with him and we r fine in miami ….get wallace and ocho enough said we will be in there like swimwear…. smith or tebow as qb than do what I said and the whole yr. Fight to get marino as gm……no more iraland crap…how do u fir sprano and not iraland….never made sence

  6. Tebow enjoyed the benefit of 3 OT FGs , 2 major Defensive efforts, and 3 FG wins in the last couple of minutes…..

    he’s a joke… he just happened to be the right meat bag in the right place at the right time…. it will never happen again

    no matter how many times he mocks Christianity (which fellow Christians should resent) in order to rally you clueless Tebowmaniacs and switch the focus from him not being a QB…. in the end, he still isn’t one

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